Infinite Thoughts ~ A Poem

Infinite Worlds

Below is a poem I wrote a few months ago, as I spent a sleepless night mulling over the world in my mind.. I am being driven ever more to Connect our thoughts to help us realise that we need to alter our ways of being.. I know for most of my readers you are already on my wave length, But for those who may happen upon my post, I ask them to consider their choices, in contributing to a more balanced and harmonious Planet..

We not only need to look at our throw-away material goods and take-away eating habits, but we also need to understand the nature of our thoughts create the very world we live in..  By this I mean how we so easily judge and condemn, how we take what we are shown and never question or look deeper into facts..  We so need to start caring for our communities again.. and learn to live from our hearts with love.

Only through delving and digging do we unearth the truth.. And  many now are starting to see through the mist as they awaken from their sleep and the Illusions we have created.

Welcome to the World  of Reality  and May you add only Peace and Harmony


Infinite thoughts flit beyond time
Holding the matrix the spell of the mind
Creator of Cosmos and Spirit of Clan
Perfection was balanced until the dawning of man.
Custodians we are with free will to unleash
Our aim it might seem is our power to increase.
The populous in peril pollutants we thrive
While Our kingdom of animals take a nose dive
Ocean floors rock as the blood we bleed dry
Our birds drop from wing as we pollute all our skies
We microwave and signal with short wave and long
Oceans lay dead as the Whales lost their song
The Bees in decline as the crops are man-made
And  yet thousands still perish for lack of the rains
While ice-caps melt warming oceans high tides
As foolish wars kill for power and pride
Gold became King though I think mind forgot
We cannot survive eating gold in the rot
We’ve created the chaos with gadgets that rule
They do everything except keep our homes fuelled
Because the land left is Desert and the water is all salt
The Sun scorched our bones when we didn’t call a  halt
Our mad rush for Profit doomed Man and his Kind
Known as the  Race left with nowhere to hide.
Evolution will show it again and again
That Mankind did lose his supremo reign
And that Nature our Mother will dress us all down
As her infinite self builds back from Dark clouds.


So if you can change but one thing in your life

Then do it right now and end much more strife

It’s time we all stood together as One

And brought back the teachings of those ancients that shone


For their wisdom is etched in the rocks of the past

They knew we would travel our existing paths

We each have a choice in which road we take

Let’s choose the right one for our Grandchildren’s sake.

By Sue Dreamwalker


Please click then scroll down to find the above photo to learn more about the Hopi Prophecy in this picture ..and a lovely site I came across today while looking for this particular picture on Google.

Pressing the Reset Button


Reset Life

Most if not all of us have a TV set, and most people switch on the News.. My own home is no different, but one of the reasons I do not like watching the news is because 99% of the time it only reports Negative News items. These do not get shown once or twice throughout the day, but many times in one news programme as it repeats it over and over , ingraining in us those negative thoughts, which in turn affects our own vibration.

We all fall victim to the pressures our lifestyles demand, as we see the world under population pressures, economical collapse and we all know that our natural resources are running out.

On the surface it would seem the World is falling apart, as yet more troubles are reported in Egypt and yet more peace talks are on the agenda.. Wars and conflicts everywhere we turn. We hear all the time about natural disasters causing havoc, and we are all commenting upon our various weird weather changes as ever increasing storms ravage parts of the world bringing destruction and tragedy.

Are you depressed yet?

Have you switched off already from listening to me go on and on??

That’s why I reach for the remote and press the Off button to news, Not that I am not insensitive to the plight of the world, but because I choose not to dwell in the negative flow which bombards our homes hourly as we absorb and listen to the ever constant flow of tales of woe. When I know many Positives in fact far more are happening everywhere in every moment..

Every period in history when you look back has allowed us to alter our ways and change.. Many periods saw civil wars, plagues, world wars, and natural disasters on a scale that altered the weather patterns that brought about mini ice-ages .. Because we have achieved heights in technology does not mean we are super human beings immune to changes . Our world and the Universe runs in cycles, its constantly changing and so are we… 

We are now nearly towards another end of a cycle during which our planets and our Earth change position in space . The Moon for example in its last cycle drew ever closer in orbit around us. Changes are also taking place in relationship to the Sun, as science is intent on watching what happens as solar flares erupt . All of which are having effects upon our planet which will ultimately lead to our weather and effect how we grow our own food, as places become dryer and others become wetter.

It’s not by chance in my opinion that the monetary collapsing of systems is also under threat. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to understand that we cannot live on credit. And all these number crunching figures are generated by computer with no real monetary value behind them.. So would it really make a difference if the world debt slate was wiped clean? One has to ask oneself just where and who are reaping in the rewards of global finance, when countries and states collapse and go bankrupt.

We have based our modern day lives on competing with each other , Bigger Profits, Under cutting, We only think “ What’s in it for us”, “ What can we get out of it” We have to be Winners or Losers… But what happened to equality, or sharing? Why cannot the Haves give more to the have nots?

My feelings are that we are each of us through our various experiences being given opportunities to alter our set ways.

We can if we want, choose to Press the Reset Button of our lives

People are now seeing this way of living cannot carry on. People are standing up for the Freedom and rights.. Woman’s rights are at long last being addressed and exposed as the Feminine Energies are released again as more corruption and injustices are revealed.. The Male energies which have dominated are now fighting back for survival as the Feminine cycle is about to come into its own.

We are becoming more health conscious, people are beginning to adapt and alter their life styles instinctively wanting simpler lives as interest again is being shown in growing our own food. Even schools now are teaching infants and encouraging and embracing nature within their curriculum. We are at last beginning to see how important recycling is and conserving energy.

We each of us have an opportunity to look at our choices and ask ourselves some serious questions.

 What effects are my choices having on the world?

I keep saying it, WE are not separate, thinking we are alone, what affects one, affects another.

We have to understand everything is connected to everything else. One TV programme I do like watching is BBC 2 ‘A Night with the Stars’ Back in one episode Physicist  Brian Cox shows us a diamond and explained that when rubbed, it shifted the atoms within it into different energy levels. He said

Every Atom in the Universe shifts as the diamond heats up’ so in fact every time an atom’s energy level changes and that happens all the time. ALL the atoms in the Universe change energy levels.. We are all connected via the Universal Laws. Bringing home to us the law of Cause and Effect.

Interconnectivity Brian Cox.. Video just One and a Half minutes long folks!

What effect are our choices having, and how can we help heal the world?

Instead of those thoughts of “ What’s in it for me”, How about Resetting your thoughts to “ What can I contribute to it”. When we help someone else we help ourselves.

We all need to look at our life styles and we each have to take a deep look in the mirror.

Don’t wait for tomorrow or for someone else to change..

BE the Change

When we give out, so too do we receive.

The Indigenous Peoples have long known we are all one… They have long known how to balance within Nature. Now it’s time to once again Honour each other, We may not be able to change how another thinks or acts.. But it’s time to Honour ourselves and learn to Reset our own Lives to live less separately but more interconnectively  as we bring our communities to be more caring and united in their common goals of sharing with each other to sustainable projects that help bring us together, not drive us apart.

Is your Finger on your Reset Button?

~Blessings Sue~

Friday Facts ~ Service with a Heart~

We all of us say we want to make a difference in the World, but where do we start?

It’s often the small things in life which make a Huge Difference

If you watch this short 3 minute Video  you will see that when we do things with our Hearts how much difference it makes..

Working as I have done with Down Syndrome Adults you see how their ability to see through and beyond their disabilities capture our hearts as they give of themselves 100%

For One young man Johnny, He put into practice an idea he had..

And He Made a Difference not only to his place of work but a difference to the people who shopped in the store he bagged for.

Johnny the Bagger.

Recently it has been reported that a breakthrough in Downs Syndrome Treatment in the “research at at Queen Mary, University of London and University College London have been working closely with the team in the United States who have published findings that could eventually lead to the elimination of some common but devastating illnesses linked to Down’s syndrome.” 

Have a wonderful Weekend

 Smile And Pay it forward with a Smile Smile 


Waste Not Want Not

Well I have had a busy few days both enjoying the Sun, and gathering in some of the harvest and  freezing  some of it. First was the Peas,Freezing Peas to date we have frozen around 16 pounds in weight. Our peas are frozen straight to the freezer into bags once you have made sure they are clean and no grubs.. But all good protein Winking smile 

Next was the Broccoli which have grown huge this year Broccoliand I had come across a recipe for making Broccoli soup out of the stalks. So I thought I would give it a go..

The Full recipe you can find Here on my Recipe pages. With full instructions and photos stages in the making. Its delicious!

I don’t know about you but we put our veggie raw scraps and fruit into the compost bin, along with egg shells and salad waste, This is making a lovely compost which we will use next year dug into our Runner Bean row.

Kidney BeansHere are just a few of the many beans yet to come from our Kidney Runner Beans, Last year we blanched them before freezing.. But this year after seeing many more good results from freezing straight to freezer after washing and slicing, we have started to freeze on an open tray in freezer, once frozen then bag up, as they then don’t stKombucha Teaick together.

A drink that my hubby and I have with our meals is homemade Kombucha Tea  Its  so refreshing chilled especially during our exceptional hot Summer, and its good for you too.  My daughter bought me a starter kit in March of this year as part of a Mother’s Day gift. This tea is not only deliciously sparkly when brewed but has so many good health benefits, it is brewed using a scoby culture which you can find out more about Here, These cultures regenerate and multiply so now I have got quite a production line going as from my one jar I now have 4 jars on the go. So there is always a bottle ready for drinking in the fridge.

And between all of the Cooking, I have read another wonderful book by Paulo Coelho called Aleph Aleph Book Cover Click the Book to find out about it…  This book literally fell at my feet in a Pound store where I was browsing on holiday at the books  section a few weeks back, as two books fell from the shelves… A sign! you bet!.. I bought them both.

 Smile I always try to see the Signs the Universe throws my way. Smile 

Ok right Back to making the most of this afternoons Sun.. And I am gradually working my way around you all…. So if I’ve not caught up with you yet I will See you soon! 

Love and Blessings




Absence and Me Time

Smiling Buddha

Summertime is here in the U.K. and Wow its so good not to miss.. As we don’t get treated often to waking up day after day to perpetual Sun.. So while it is here I have been making the most of the outdoors, our garden and of course our Granddaughter..

Work also for me during the Summer months are one of my busiest times, as I now work as a Relief Support Worker, I fill in for annual leave and illness cover.. So with that combined with the Good weather has left very little time for anything else..

VeggiesThe Allotment is reaping its rewards now, and we are on a roll with picking peas, and tomorrow after I am back from working the evening/night shift, the freezing of Peas and Broccoli will be on the go along with the making of Soup from the stalks which I am giving a go this year too..

Our Granddaughter eating Peas among the Sunflowers

The Joy has also been had in looking after our Granddaughter . Who is just loving our allotment especially the Pea-picking and eating Smile .. She is a true outdoor nature girl and to say she is just over 2 and a half years old already knows many plants and weeds..

So in-between working and gardening I have been spending lots of ME TIME just relaxing and enjoying the Summer.. I decided to give technology a miss for a time.. Hence that’s why I have not been on Word Press in a week..

I really value my followers here on Word Press and I thank you all so very much for the comments upon my last post.. I have yet to answer them all.. and repay your visits.. 

But at times one has to be a little selfish and put Self first  so I may be absent a little while longer on WordPress as in Summer Lantern Lightmy spare time I will be busy with harvesting and some ‘Me-Time’…

So Take care and Love to you all… I will be back Soon to see what you have all been up to..

And thank you for your continued support you are all very special friends. 

Love and Blessings to you All..

~Sue Dreamwalker ~


Friday Facts~ Water~ Vibration~And YOU!

This is something a little different.. It requires a little effort upon your part, that is if you are interested about Earth Changes and YOU…. You are? Great! then carry on reading… All I need is a little of your Time and Patience..

Above is a 4 minute Video by well known Author Gregg Braden.. First you need to listen to what he has to say about Water.. And Earth Changes. ‘The Shift’

Second you need to understand we are made up of the Majority of Water. To further acquaint yourself with how water changes to our THOUGHTS.. now think about that!!.. if we are made up of water.. You need to do some homework.. So the next thing you need do is read Here about my post on Water.. and how it changes via our thoughts and vibrations affecting water..  More can be found about how Water reacts by an interview Here  with Dr Emoto.. With wonderful pictures too..

Done that?.. Good now you are getting the idea…

So if we are all affected by vibration.. What are we Thinking? How are our thoughts affecting us daily in our Actions? What are we witnessing daily? What are we Watching Daily upon our TV’s. What are we reading Daily in the News Papers?..

Did I get your attention? NO? YES?

Remember what I am always saying about Thoughts being Energy.. For those Really interested.. then you need to read further upon a post I did about the Universal  Law of Action  ..

And if you are still with me after all of this… Well Done! 

Know that those Earth Changes are Up to YOU..

We each have an affect upon each other.. The Whole! .. 

One Droplet at a time.. We are all of us small drops but together we create the Ocean of Oneness..And we can be the Shift we want it to be, But its up to each of us to start and create by our Thoughts and Actions the kind of world we want our Grandchildren to live in for our Future.. 


I may be a while before I get to answer you as I scheduled this post, But know I will as soon as I am able..

 Love & Blessings



How do we put the World to rights?

Confucius Sue Dreamwalker

There are many who walk this pathway on our Earth journey, who finds themselves lost. Unable to see a clear path of where their journey is taking them.. As they scramble over the rocks in life, dragging themselves out of the pits of despair, as they get sucked deeper into the mires of debt, drugs, and depression, as their world around them seems to collapse which pulls them ever deeper into the dark forces of negativity.

I see it every day on the streets, as I look into the faces of people who never smile, I see it in the devil may care attitude of some of our youth as they play havoc in a world where adults now seem to fear children for what they are becoming, with their ‘you can’t touch me’ attitude ‘I’m a minor’ and can get away with murder, which some do, and some have..

I look around at what the world in general has become, for the majority the rat race of who can accumulate the most in this throwaway society of food, goods, and that couldn’t care less attitude.

And I despair for the future of our children’s children, as our communities are full of strangers, who view each other with suspicion, who lock their doors behind them, and who dare not look another in the eye, in case they be offended and shout abuse or rob you at knife point.

Cities where we walk by those who stand begging, turning the other way, as we wonder if they are really genuine or do they leave their begging bowl and return to a plush home counting their takings for the day as we distrust each other and their motives..

Where have our Hearts gone?

When did the Care go from our lives?

When did we become strangers to one another?


And what can we do to put the world to rights?

First we need to take a good look at our reflections and put ourselves to rights then our communities will follow.. then our nations, and then our World… A tall order?

Confucius was a wise man when he uttered those words I quoted above..

Well  Today I got out the Mirror yet again.. … Care to join me?

Where would You start?

I know I can change no one other than myself! 

But I will keep sowing the Seeds…



Friday Facts~Veggie Power!

Veggies picked July 2013

We all know as young children our parents told us to eat up our greens as they were good for you. Well maybe in our modern day ‘Fast-Food’ society we have lost some of our basic healing knowledge in what our Great Grandmothers would have in their own Kitchen Pharmacy.. Which many of us now shun because we think they were ‘Old Wives Tales’..

And yet many of our everyday vegetables which seem out of fashion now with our Younger generation are proven to not only to be good for you. But extremely good for you..

I was reading an article from a study founded at Queen Mary University of London. that showed from its study of a number of patients and lab conditions that eating vegetables rich in Nitrates such as beetroot, lettuce, Cabbage, Fennel, etc could help Lower Blood Pressure. Another well known miracle worker is Garlic which is well renown for its healing work. (Click on the links for information about each healing property.)

When you think about how many now must be taking High Blood Pressure tablets in our high stress modern day world.. And you look at how our eating habits have changed.

Blood pressure can be lowered by changes in our lifestyles such as eating less salt, being more active and correct diet.. 

Professor Peter Weissberg said.. “ This promising study shows, that it may be possible to reduce high blood pressure by eating more foods containing large amounts of nitrates such as green leafy veg and beetroot.”

High Blood Pressure affects about 16 million people in the UK alone!.. increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes..

So this brings home yet again those interesting facts about Cabbages in my post What a load of old Cabbage in my other Friday Facts Here

While I am on about veggies  I may as well update you on how our allotment is growing.. Boy oh boy what a difference a week away made.. And you will see the differences since I last posted.. Here below is what the allotments look like this week.. taken July 4th.

Enjoy and I hope I have give you FOOD For Thought!

What we Eat does make a difference to our health..

Enjoy your Weekend….

Love and Blessings


Click the individual Photos to activate the slide show and see more information details..

Take Care..

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