Friday Facts ~Making a Difference

Sri Lanka 1997

Years ago in the 90’s I went out for a time to Sri Lanka to help train machinists and resource training qualifications with various colleges departments out there.  This was to set up standards like  NVQ’s which stands for National Vocational Qualification, for the firm I worked for  which had  3 textiles factories out there.  I have never forgotten the wonderful people and their kindness, or the places of extreme poverty I witnessed first hand. or at the other end of the scale the lavish hospitality given to our party by the Sri Lankan High Commissioner of the time… or being introduced to Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranike  

Later I was saddened to learn also that some of those who worked in the factory I was involved with lost their lives in the Tsunami of 2004  Which over 40,000 people lost their lives.. and the places I was once stood were  deluged under the wave that swept ashore.           

While many companies exploit those who manufacture garments by cheap wages and terrible conditions  and we all have in our memories the awful building collapse in Bangladesh.  I can place my hand on heart to say the conditions within the Factory Site of our group was in fact better equipped than the factory in the UK and was a new modern building on an industrial site built for purpose.. The trend in the 90’s was to manufacture overseas and the resulting years now has seen the once thriving textile industry of the Midlands here in the UK become almost none existent as it profit margins could not be maintained paying good wages in the UK..  And while ever the demand for cheaper clothing continues then there will be those unscrupulous enough to cut yet another corner to further a larger share of profit.

So when you next buy your next item of clothing, just take a second or two to look inside the label and see where it was made.. And spare a thought for the long arduous hours in often poor conditions some of these clothes were made..

I also want to direct you to another Blogging friend I have had for several years her Blog is called  Sweetie’s Space, Nothing Else Matters  Sweetie, is from Belgium and she and her Husband do remarkable work going out there to help orphanages and schools in many different ways.. This lady is really making a difference to lives out there. And she is doing it through her own steam.. I hope you click the links and see what she has been up to this visit..

What can We do to make a difference?

It may only be a small thing such a smile, or giving up your seat on public transport for someone in more need . Or it may be you are already making a Difference..

It may be you just make someone laugh.. Laughter is such a healer and bringing joy and company to someone’s lonely day, it makes such a difference to those who sit within their four walls or within residential homes..  

You May rescue animals, or like doing charity work.. or just making that much needed donation.

Are you making a Difference? Please share your stories how you made a difference small or large..

Love and Blessings



The Ocean is Calling.

Ocean View

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend… I am taking a short break for a while, So I will be back soon… I have scheduled some Friday Facts, fingers crossed !

In the mean time I will leave you with a few of my favourite quotes I found in a collection here.

Take care and will see you all soon Enjoy and be good to one another.

Love and Blessings ~Sue

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Friday Facts~ What a Load of Old Cabbage.~ GM Crops approved by UK!!!

Cabbages and long view of Alloments

Cabbage is one of the oldest vegetables in existence and continues to be a dietary staple throughout the world. It has been cultivated in the West for over 4000 yrs and many think it to be one of the greatest healers of the vegetable Kingdom.

Dr Valnet a French Natural Doctor cites many cases in which the application of slightly crushed cabbage leaves to gangrenous wounds brought healing. This was found especially in the second world war where application to wounds in some instances avoided the need for surgery or amputation.

Cabbage cools the digestive system and is also effective for indigestion, acidity, burning, inflammation as in gastritis and ulcers. The ability of Cabbage to heal digestive ulcers has been known for centuries. In 1557 a Dutchman Dr Dodens wrote-“ The Juice of cabbage sooths the abdomen and relieves constipation, cleans and heals old ulcers both internal and external. Mixed with honey, makes a syrup that cures hoarseness and cough”

Cabbage is high in fibre, vitamin C & K, and naturally fat free and cholesterol free.

Cabbage is a nutritional powerhouse that is an excellent source of manganese vitamin B6, riboflavin, calcium, potassium, vitamin A, tryptophan, protein and magnesium.

Different varieties of cabbages have varying nutritional strength: purple cabbage has more vitamin C, while the savoy has more vitamin A, calcium, iron and potassium. Cabbages are an excellent source of fibre and vitamin K, and a good source of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Why all these facts about this well known Food? Well in the News right now is the headlines that the UK Government is promoting Genetically Modified Crops… click the blue links for information.. Please educate yourselves.. 

I am against GM crops, we are told its to feed the world.. But the World is still starving while those who are behind the GM crops grow ever fatter.. Not to mention what effects the GM crops have on our Bees.  I hope that you too will look into the REAL effects and tactics of those behind the Genetically Modified crops and see how many Farmers have been ruined, and how more and more chemicals are being produced that are used in conjunction with these crops.

We are told that “  The introduction of GM crops in the last 25 years has not resulted in improved food security in most of the countries that have adopted them. In most cases there has been little or no change but in others the situation has clearly worsened.” 

So what is behind GM Crops? and why are we pushing to interfere yet again in what Nature has managed on her own for Thousands of Years?

What do you think about GM crops?

Just spend 7 minutes educating yourself.

Sources :-

How The Garden Grows !

Growing season is well under way and I thought for a change instead of me writing about Veggies here on my post you could perhaps if you are interested go read about them on the actual photos..

So I have added little comments to the photos which if you click will reveal more in-depth details of what we have been up to as it takes you to the slide show! where you can read more.  

So I hope you enjoy the Gallery of How the Garden Grows! 

Do You Choose Love Over Fear?

Love or Fear the Choice is yours. photo one_love_heart-1280x720_zps825d54a4.jpg

Remember those Prophesies of “2012” I posted many of my thoughts upon this timeline  which I thought was to mark the end of one era and the beginning of the Next- Maybe those ancients teachers didn’t know whether we would rise or fall as they marked the end of their calendar. Maybe that fate awaits us still depending upon our choices we make in the Now dependant upon our Next actions!. But as we read through those  teachings of ancient prophecy  you will see also they speak  of transformation. Transformation requires Change, and we are being urged now to Think! outside our boxes as our comfort zones are now being tweaked as we become ever more sensitive to the Energy Shifts within our World.

Whether we realise it or not we have incarnated with a ‘Soul Mission’ even though we caught amnesia after we were born.  But more and more of us are thankfully waking up as we begin to remember who we are. It may have taken many life times and lessons to align with our present purpose as we pass through various stages on our journey, often not understanding the reasons for painful events and experiences.. It isn’t until later that we look back and see the gifts and healing which were given to us through them as we learn to grow, letting go of the past as we step into the Now..

Giving Birth is not without pain, and our new earth is only now going through her own birthing pains. .. We see it in the spasms of conflict, the wars, Hunger, poverty, displacement of refugees and the destruction through pollution of Mother nature.  Pains which are now being experienced which we humans have carried with us over many life times which emerge as we have built up Fear and Prejudices.

The choices are simple we either choose Fear or Love. Even while writing this a sense of peace has swept over me as I smile to myself. I recently read an article which said […we incarnate with these wounds and at a soul-level choose to encounter those whose actions catalyse us to resolve and heal our soul wounding] Which made me smile even wider as I have long held the belief that our enemies are our greatest teachers helping serve our soul’s growth as we learn the various lessons such as patience, kindness, love, forgiveness, and compassion.

We are each of us now experiencing shifts in our emotions and lives, as we feel the ‘Shift’ in energy within our Mother Earth who is calling us to wake up and remember who we are as our vibrations alter.

When I first started my blog back in 2007 I stumbled almost by accident to open my blog page.. But it was no accident!, in fact my very first post was an experiment was called Smile I wanted to make a difference even if it was only by the words of a poem.

As we ‘Lighten Up’ letting go of what we no longer need we lift our vibration, higher,as we leave behind the wounds of the past. We are Energy Beings.. and its time now to realise we each are a part of the Whole, that Oneness that permeates all things with the same Energy.

We are now ‘Shifting’ from duality to Unity Consciousness, this was brought home again to me on how many of us are thinking similar thoughts even here on WP we see similar themes as we link into the Mass Consciousness as we join together our thoughts as we link subconsciously to the Cosmic web of thoughts..

We need to be aware of the Power of our thoughts and how we can assist in raising our planets vibration and our own collective Consciousness..  

Much has been spoken upon Ascension, but first we need to ascend through our own layers as we climb ever higher, leaving behind the things that no longer serve us.

We do that by not getting swept up in conflict.. by being more loving and tolerant and being compassionate rather than  being judgmental holding hate and anger.

We need to put the Care back in the world and if we embrace and choose Love over fear  and we stop looking who to blame, but start to set examples of living in harmony and unity, then the true magnificence of who we really are can begin to manifest that ‘Golden Age’ which was once prophesied to bring about Peace..

But its up to us to pledge to change our own lives, because if we don’t maybe those prophesies will come to fruition after all…

The Choice is Ours

Choose Well..

Love and Gratitude

Sue Dreamwalker..

Friday Facts~ Privacy and Poverty

I will be posting in this new header  from time to time I have created called Friday Facts.. But in it I want to bring awareness to particular facts that have touched me in some way. And these stories could touch our Hearts by making us Smile, Laugh or Cry…. I hope there will be more smiles than tears.. But sometimes I just can not sit by and do nothing. So I am adding my thoughts which I hope will also maybe just make those who happen upon my pages to ‘Think’! a little deeper as to the plight of others around our world as we venture from our own bubbles to view the world in a different Light.

Today I read several stories on WP and in my email box which deserve some attention.  First I signed yet another petition, this one I had no trouble in signing is this ~

Quote: This 29 year-old analyst just gave up his whole life — his girlfriend, his job, and his home — to blow the whistle on the US government’s shocking PRISM program — which has been reading and recording our emails, Skype messages, Facebook posts and phone calls for years. end Quote.

If you want to read more about how you can stand with Edward Snowden then go here


Second, earlier this week I caught a very powerful clip of music which has a very powerful message..This was first written by Bob Dylan and was a protest to Cold War arms build up of the 60’s. Here it is sung by Ed Sheeran  who interprets the Song beautifully in its presentation in  to highlight this years G8 Summit, in a Protest Song.
If our Politicians spent as much Money, Time and effort directing it to HELP the world instead of Destroying it, then we could indeed Help stop the suffering of millions of people around our world.. So please listen to the lyrics of this Song entitled Masters of War

Masters of War

On the 17 and 18th June, is to be held the G8 summit at Enniskillen, County Fermanagh,Northern Island at the Lough Erne golf resort.

Among other things the International leaders will  be discussing World Poverty, a fact is that around One in eight people in the world will go to bed hungry tonight. That’s 870 million people

There are so many things I could say about what I think about a group of Leaders who effectively are not in touch with the REAL World’s problems .In fact I will lead you to a Blog which has far more skill at informing you in detail over at Learning from Dogs with Pauls  post entitled G8 Madness .

And leave you with one more powerful Song. The Ghost of Tom Joad .

Elvis Costello and Mumford & Sons



With Love and Gratitude for reading ~ Sue

Change is the Air and You are It!

I’m always going on about how our thoughts create. How they can lift our spirits or they can be our worst enemy and bring us to our knees..

This weekend I managed to chill out.. Sunday my Hubby and I packed our ruck sack and drove out to enjoy the scenery and walks in the Derbyshire Peak District.. These are the valleys I walked as a child, where you could walk out with out fear and villages would leave their doors unlocked and everyone in the village would know everyone else. How times have changed!…  

As I  walked the tension of the last week slipped from my shoulders as I breathed in the fresh air and basked in the Sun. We walked passed endless wild flowers in hedgerows and meadows, seeing the blossom on trees and glimpses of nesting birds fetching worms and insects to feed their young.

We passed this wonderful Field full of knee high Buttercups, Here it is with a Horse Chestnut Tree standing proud in the Middle of a sea of yellow Buttercups..

Buttercup Field with Horse-Chestnut Tree

Another View of Buttercups in the meadow

And as I breathed the air into my lungs, I felt it fill me up with energy and it got me thinking. How the Air we all breathe is invisible to all, and yet as I looked up I saw the clouds drifting across the sky as the grass swayed in the fields. The birds and the insects and many butterflies I saw all using this same invisible Air all travelling, all busy creating new life to carry on their species..

Headstone Tunnel at Monsal DaleInside the Tunnel

We walked along a disused train track, that is now a cycle path.. A few years ago the  HeadstoneTunnel of this track was re-opened and I think it took us around 5 minutes to walk through its length around a long curve of 490 metres until we saw the light at the other end.  As we entered it was cold and damp, but there are lights installed in the ceiling and although very dark you can see your way… Children on bikes rang their bells and turned on their lamps and screamed and shouted to one another and their parents joined in the fun, as the echo of the Tunnel amplified their voices as they rode through the tunnels length…

It made me think again how Air is the element of communication.. How when we speak it travels, Our voices can be a mere whisper, or we can bellow… Like the Wind it can be but a breeze or a Tornado ..  Our words have power and we can use them to comfort or  to chastise, we can use them to Heal or to Wound.. and I know how often words can cut sharper than any knife, or soothe  like balm…

Air is also the element through which our thoughts travel, Our thoughts in construction travel out like radio waves into the ether using the element of Air to travel.  Our thoughts are Energy,We may not see them, but then neither do we see the Air, but its there!… Invisible just the same..

How many thoughts do we think in a day?. 

Are They Positive or Negative? 

We Can send out a prayer for someone as  we send out healing, and often we send out our compassion through our emotional thoughts. So too can we pick up on others thoughts, we often instinctively know when some one is feeling down.. Or happy, for the energy they emit travels through the air as we pick up those feelings . Some go one stage further using Telepathy or clairvoyance which are deeper levels of this ability which we all have, but have forgotten how to use.

While I was walking along I was thinking how wonderful this Planet is and how Nature no matter what the elements throw at it, It still thrives to bloom and grow to the best it can be…

Here are some wonderful views of Wild flowers and just look at those dandelions which are thriving high up on the Rock ledges..

Dandelions growing in rock face

Wild Flower Mixture

Our thoughts can create harmony or they can be destructive and even bring illness upon ourselves.. What ever we give out comes back.. Such is the nature of creation in its circular cycles.

Air is always in motion.. Air swirls and eddies and whirls back on itself.. It moves things along.. It whips things up, creating Change..

My blogging community  has become a global family, we communicate through technology, we are no longer isolated we are in instant contact across vast distances..

Never before have the events around our world been transmitted via satellite into our homes via the media and TV so quickly.  And in an instant our thoughts are affected with the emotions we are giving out with what we are witnessing as we think! and thus send back out into the ether either positive or negative thoughts! 

The Nature of our Communication with our global family is crucial for a healthy planet.  We are seeing Old patterns of living altering.. We are witnessing the breaking Free.. We need to move beyond Fear and we need to open up our thoughts in non-judgemental ways as we each of us take responsibility not only for our Actions..  We each need to understand the importance of the Power of Thoughts and how collectively they need to break free of old doctrines and embrace Unity and Harmony, that all are equal. And its time that this divide of Rich and Poor be addressed. 

We may not realise the power we all possess , but others do. and so our minds are constantly bombarded with Fear from those communication devices.. Learning how to meditate within our quiet places , going out within Nature and finding our own inner balance within ourselves, we are able to direct out thoughts and intentions. It may not seem a lot.. But our Thoughts DO make a huge difference to the Collective Consciousness.

The more we communicate from our hearts then the more others will want to do the same.. Sending healing love out into the world…

We too can use this Great Communication Tool.. And spread out our thoughts to create a more harmonious Caring World..

So when next you send out your voice into the Ether, Remember it is energy and remember it travels out into the air..

Remember also what we think is also sent out into the Ether. 

Change is in the Air

Let it begin with You!

Blessings ~Sue

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Support Work~ Self~ And Thank You Fellow Bloggers..

I would just like to say a Big Thank you for all who have taken the time and trouble to comment upon my recent posts. I apologise for not as yet having replied or visited your own Blogs in return. But I have read many   of your Excellent posts via email on my phone..  I am hoping to work my way around those who have visited very soon..

Working as a  Relief Support Worker, Life is often fraught with unexpected added hours of work.. I knew I had a heavy schedule already booked working through last weekend along with days in the week, But due to staff shortages and staff illness I found myself covering more hours including double back to back shifts  which left no time for anything else.

When you support people 24/7 like I do, they come first.. and then I had to put myself second, And WP came in last, as you need to switch off your brain especially if you have been on duty some 15 hrs from 7-30am to 10-30pm and sleeping on call…  So this is the first time I have opened my Laptop in 9 days…

I would just like to say once again to all of you who follow Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary on a Regular Basis and who visit and comment, how much I appreciate your comments, Please bare with me while I work through the backlog…

In the mean time, Here is a poem written about those with Learning Disabilities I did not write this one, but it was given to me by a friend.

I will be visiting you Soon! ~ Blessings to you ALL….

Thank you for your visit!


Waiting for my carer.

The falling leaves fall no more
The morning bell rings at the door
It’s not that I can really explore
My feelings remain locked inside for evermore
The bell rings twice and the door swings open
I listen intently waiting for my turn
From the bed I can see the sunlight streaming through
While I wonder who is at my door
I sit and wait no longer caring
For everything I do has to be sharing
The rustle of leaves circle the driveway
I cannot see yet, it’s still the middle of May
From downstairs the sounds of bacon cooking reach my avid senses
As I sit alone awaiting as my carer commences
I know she here, the clock struck eight, she will be mine at nine
My beds wet and the sheets smell rank
It’s not that I can help it, there’s no money in the bank
Everything seems so hopeless, when all I want to do is my thing
Go out to the shops and buy myself a wedding ring
To glimpse the dawn to hear the dear and the fawn
Wouldn’t it be nice to sit on my own front lawn?
The world goes by, passing everyday
Nothing I do or say makes any difference to my dismay
The leaves fall no more
The summers come I can tell
I am like an empty shell
Living in my own make-see hell
Everything will be ok at nine
It will all be just fine
My carer comes in and makes my bed
She washes my hair and sings to me
Tells me that one day I will be like an angel in heaven
Adorned in silk and satins with wings as bright as the sunlight
I am pleased she cares, even if it’s just four days a week
For she’s the only one who comes who speaks to me
My learning disability is really not my own
It belongs to all of us whoever we are
No matter how much I have grown
My thoughts are short as if on loan
At least I have my carer who never seems to groan
Up and ready it’s time for breakfast even if it is now cold
I guess it will be like this until I am very old
I hear the birds in the garden and the crickets
Where would I be without my carers?
As if I have a choice?
Still, I love my life, it’s my own
No matter how much people say to me
I am not theirs to own.

By L.D.


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