Walking, and Working in the Peace!.

This last week has been so full as it was a short-break Bank Holiday last weekend  here in the UK and although I worked through half of it, I made the most of the other half as I connected back to Earth through digging in the soil. Ok well not digging, Hoeing out the weeds.   I can not believe we are already here at the weekend again!.. 

When we go out into nature, whether that be walking or just in your own back garden or in my case in our allotments this weekend, its amazing how refreshed you feel after connecting back with Mother Earth. 

Making the most of fine days to plant  and knowing too just when to plant out those tender shoots which often can get caught out in those last days of frosts can be a bit of a gamble especially as the weather has thrown us some surprising turns as we’ve had some cold days and hail storms in one of our coldest springs in 30 years here in the UK.

Here is how all things in the Garden grow and you can see how Herbert is doing.

Click onto the photo’s to enlarge and start slideshow. 


Walking is also another Passion. Seeking out those silent places to walk and gather in the Peace in the  environment allows us to pull in our energies and reflect upon the beauty of creation.. We see so much beauty as we look at the cloud formations, the woods,  wild flowers along with the animal and insect life we encounter.

We all need time out to spend in Nature or just sit in our own space. And I am sure we can all find our Sacred Groves to gather and be closer to Nature and our own spirituality.  In the past a Sacred Grove consisted of Native Trees chosen for their wisdom. Oak, Rowan, Hazel, Elder, Silver Birch, Willow plus many more. There would have been a special connection to Spirit of the place through the Earths energies..

Have you a special place you enjoy to visit as you absorb in Natures peace?

By eating plants, we are linked to the plant Kingdom, the cycle of Life. Plants like trees hold their own healing properties.. How many of us are drawn to give flowers to someone who is feeling ill.. or as a tribute as a mark of respect or to give to show our affection and love..

Flowers give their life to enrich ours, have you thought of that?..

For when we pick them, we end their life cycle.

If you have flowers that have died why not compost them as they can once again be added to the cycle of growing. Flowers give so much that we can admire them for a few short days indoors…. So please resist picking the wild flowers and let them reseed in their natural environment so more who walk by can take in their beauty.

When we work with plants we are participating with Nature, we are interacting with Mother Nature. We regain our balance as we blend and feel that Oneness within ourselves again.  We must try in our Modern day world to take time out and give our thanks for Natures Larder and  growing your own veggies helps give something back as we nurture seeds and see just how marvellous Nature is in her wonderful miracles of life unfolding from those tiny seeds. We not only  see those plants we eat as vegetables, but those which we have long forgotten  how to use as medicines, such as the wild flowers and bark… All which science today substitutes with chemicals….. Plants work in harmony with our bodies.. and those ancient tribes of long ago knew so much about natural healing with plants.. 

Below are some places I went this weekend this was the picture of the woods with the stone cross,  along with some other favourite places of Peace I visited.  Please click each photo to enlarge and read the heading. 


“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”
― Albert Einstein
Enjoy your time in Nature this weekend.. 
Love and Blessings 

Detachment from our material world.


I remember well on Boxing Day December 26th 2004 the terrible news that a Tsunami had swept through South Asia displacing around 1 million people. Later the following year in the summer of 2005 we heard of a storm which for those who lived in New Orleans will never forget the name of Katrina whose fury displaced more than another 1 million people. 

These are just two major floods events which found major coverage via the media. There have been countless more floods and disasters around the world where people have lost everything including their lives.

Since then we have also major earthquakes, a recent one was in Japan in Fukushima as the Tsunami wave washed ashore destroying a nuclear plant. Which still is releasing nuclear waste affecting many people with radiation levels. A story which seems to have been swept under the carpet as we carry on installing Nuclear Power Plants around the world saying its Clean Energy! Hummm!..

So why am I speaking of such disasters when my Blog is to help promote thoughts of inspirational love, light and peace?

The Earth is constantly changing and for those who understand about how our vibrations of thoughts work, and for those that don’t maybe these posts HERE may help you understand some of these Universal Laws. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know we have to start and change our way of living and being, for on the whole we have become very selfish in our ways.. We consume, pollute, destroy, becoming throw-away societies that thirst for ‘Things’ to own, people to control. Many have forsaken People for Profit as we now place more value upon a Profit Margins and Consumer goods  than the value of a  ‘life’…  Another recent example of this was when the sweat-shop clothing industry building in Bangladesh collapsed as over 1,400 may be the final death toll, as workers were sent back to work in an unsafe building,so that consumers in the West could buy cheaper clothing..   

We may not realise it as yet, but we are being shown how to detach ourselves from our material world.  For Change to happen it often means we have to let go of old ways of being. Just like in the industrial revolution the horse and cart gave way to the motor car. Yes we call that progression!.

But what about Mankinds Spiritual progression? 

Each of us now instinctively ‘Feel’  something is happening within our climate, within our  very fabric of our existence.  We are not only witnessing this in the Violent Weather storms around the world, we are now seeing it in the disturbing outrageous  acts of violence around the world as well. We look on in shock as we ask ourselves what an earth is happening to our societies and our way of living?

We are now witnessing financial and economical depression, which is again is asking people to take stock of what they really need to exist on this Earth Plane..

Slowly as the frequencies alter they are showing us some major factors through our Earth Changes, Financial collapse and the wars which are displacing more and more as they escape  old dictators tyrannical rule. These are all causing Mankind to detach from his material possessions.

This is also true emotionally as people relocate turning back to simple ways of living as they embrace self-sufficiency and as they let go of relationships that no longer serve.

The Human race is evolving and we are all of us here at this time to help in the acceleration of this Change in the Earths vibration.  You will have noticed how ‘Time’ is speeding up, you will have noticed how your own energies have altered as you face your own letting go as we unclutter our aura’s of unwanted emotional baggage. Baggage that we may have thought we had long since dealt with will resurface confronting us to dig it out at its root.

The Mental Body is the generator of thought forms which eventually will take form as matter- the material in our world. If you doubt this then just look around your home right now, Everything was once someone’s thought put into action, brought into reality as it was designed and manufactured.

This speeding up is helping lift us out of the Fog of Materialism and selfishness. But often we do not like change and so we resist, as we cling onto the familiar.  What we have forgotten is that we are all part of the whole.. And as tragic as these various disasters are around our globe especially for all those caught up in them. They are helping us all draw together as we unite our energies in compassion and in our outpourings of love.

These energies are helping Unify and Balance as they bring communities back together. Because they are teaching us once again the art of compassion and caring..

The most powerful tool we each possess which is free to each and everyone of us, is the Power of Thought!.  We need no Weapons of mass destruction, we need no knives or guns..  We each hold this weapon within our being as we use it daily in our lives..  OUR MINDS are the weapon we are each equipped with as we deal with the various  battles of negative energy thrown our way.

We must remember we are not only  Responsible for our Actions, But we are Responsible for our Thoughts.. For it is so important that we Use our Minds in constructive ways as we remember Not to get caught up in FEAR!

If we allow our thoughts to dwell on the chaos, we only give chaos power. So we have to send with clear intent showing our love and compassion to these communities and yes even to the perpetrators of horrendous deeds. Because we must remember with each thought we think and there are no idle thoughts, for each contains its own energies……

We must be careful for what we think we create 

We can with our own thoughts generate our own battle as we transmute the negative darkness into forces of light.

The Mass Consciousness can reach more individual than any Mass Media. And our thoughts and healing prayers will help in the rebalancing of energies as we send out our intentions of love and healing to manifest on the Earth Plane.

~Love and Light.. ~Sue   

Precious Moments~ Make Each One Count.

Candles of Peace

Every disaster around the world makes us think how fragile we are. Each Life lost is a precious gem that has enriched our Earth and our lives. Every soul upon their path contributing to the Web of our existence. And still we ask that age old Question of WHY? Why is life seemingly cut short, Why do such disasters occur? Why do our loved ones suffer? Why are such tragedies occurring around our globe. Not only now in the recent Storm of Oklahoma, but in the many storms that man makes around our globe as he takes up arms against his own species in war.. not to mention all the other atrocities that happen to Man and beast.

Events such as the one we have seen in Oklahoma and others around our world such as the Tsunami’s, the Hurricanes, and Earthquakes around our globe, show us just how small mankind is in the face of Nature, and how in the Blink of an Eye all we held dear could be swept away. 

Below is part of a personal poem I wrote some years ago, I have adapted for this post, you can find the fuller first version of it Here .  So as you begin your day, as you send your loved ones on their way remember as you wave them goodbye All could change Because………….

In the Blink of an Eye

You never know when fate comes knocking at your door.

His calling card delivered a reminder to us all,

Enjoy each precious moment, as Mr Grim could pay a call.

For in a Blink of an Eye, all you hold dear could be lost

So Hug and tell your dearest you love them the most.

 Life could slip through your fingers, just like a grain of sand.

So reach out and hold each others hand.

For Moments are Precious they are the only ones we live

Embrace each other as we learn to share and give


My Love and Prayers go out around the world to whom ever is facing pain and loss… You have my thoughts……

Sue Dreamwalker 

Cosmic Seeds of Thought.

Last night I wrote this poem, its been a while since I posted one, so as my pen flew across the page I was inspired with these words.. Maybe due to the recent Solar flares, but my ears have been ringing ever louder as the energies have intensified.. The Silence space within is a place to reflect and absorb the peacefulness of Oneness with the Universe…. A place I often go, where we can just close our eyes to the constant noise as the Planet cries with yet more pain…  Meditation helps centre our minds. If you would like to follow a meditation I often do… You can find it Here on a post I did back in 2008 .


Silence booms in an explosion of sound

Splintering static high pitched and loud

Morse Coded downloads in intermittent bursts

The Cosmos is talking-Do you hear its verse?


I escape to the mountains and I run to the sea

But its chatter surrounds me as I long to be free

I hear cries of children, laments from the old

Each on a journey their stories to be told


The Elephants and Dolphin their cries go unheard

Yet I hear their low rumbles and clicks how absurd

Each voice in the matrix – every thought in the mix

A Planet in Crisis – will it ever be fixed?


So I turn down the volume as I shut the outer door

As I meditate inward finding higher-self law

Here I seek Peace in the stillness I find

The Key to the Cosmos we turn in the mind


All things are great and all things are small

The Mind gives them power and shall overcome all

The Universal Plan- I am part and unique

Each one is searching to fit the pieces they seek


And the answer is simple- but we make is so hard

With the choices we choose as we shuffle life’s cards

It seems we chose greed, possession is King

Forgetting how to love our fellow Human Being


But it’s never too late for we each have a heart

To alter our ways – To care is a start

So clear out your Anger, your hatred and greed

Listen to your heartbeat –Start sowing Love Seeds

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2013 All rights reserved.

Have a Beautiful Weekend

Scarecrow in the Making.

Scarecrow at the ready. I thought of making a scarecrow to help keep the pigeons from eating the green shoots of the brassica family such as the cabbages…Which many were stripped to the stalks last year.

So an old  pair of jeans and shirt were put to good use. I started first by sewing the shirt in the jeans and sewing closed the cuffs and the hems of the jeans except for a small opening. 

Scarecrow collecting the things we need

The next step was rummaging in my sewing box I found some odd large buttons, The gloves were dug out of the garage. The Hessian  sacking fabric was left over from when I ran a craft group with those I supported a few years ago with learning difficulties.  It was left over from backing a pegged rug I helped them make.  Anyone remember them? I well remember helping my Granddad make a wool one and cutting the lengths of wool.. And Rag pegged rugs were in his home from his Mother.  In fact I still have one of his home made rugs but its now stored in the loft or else I would have shared its image with you.

Scarecrow his face is from some old Sackcloth.

The next step was to sew the shape of the head this was attached to the collar and the gloves were sewn on.

“Hi there!!!!! Can’t quiet see who is looking at me yet!  It seems my Brain is some old stuffing from some old cushions.” Anyone got a Brain??


Scarecrow, his face is sewn in place as are his gloves“Hi there!!! That’s better  at least I can see you now.. “

Buttons sewn, mouth in place and Hat sewn on too,that too was a freebee found in the back of the garage!

Smile for the Camera!

“ Rhubarb!!!, er-hem sorry Cheeeeeeeeesssssse!!!!”

Scarecrow his legs are now taking shape


“Well Enough of this Yoga Practice………. “

“I may be smiling but I can’t rest here for too long, I need to find my  Brain, and although my legs are filled, I need some extra Stuffing for my body.”

“Has anyone any spare Rags?”

“Oh by the way my name is Herbert! for future reference. When they put me on guard duty!. “

“I hope you will join me soon as I meet the Veggies on the Plot!…..


Healthy Eating~Growing your own

You don’t need me to tell you we are in a critical time of our Earths History and thankfully many are unknowingly starting to reconnect back to Nature as they get back to their roots..

We are responsible for creating our Future not only for ourselves but for our future generations. And people are slowly awakening and becoming aware of our global responsibilities, by being aware of our environmental issues  and the pollutions we have unwittingly contributed to over the years.

We are also starting to see how important it is to eat healthily and are taking an interest again in Growing our own vegetables. Here near where I live allotments are full with waiting lists for vacant plots.  And its good also to see a local infants school with their own plot teaching children the principles of growing their own crops..You should see them, they just love being outdoors digging and planting..

Rising food prices and concerns over what we are eating are making more and more of us aware the importance of what we are eating.. What we put into our bodies does have an affect upon our well being. An article  my Hubby read out to me recently Here  stated that over 8 million Britons take Statins the anti Cholesterol drug with over 55million Statin prescriptions dispensed last year.  And yet many may not need this drug if they followed a more healthy eating plan.. Many are suffering from side effects such as muscular pains  from taking Statins, and yet in other parts of the world where they eat a Mediterranean based diet of olive oil, nuts, oily fish, plenty of fruit and vegetables and a moderate amount of red wine! Cholesterol levels are nowhere near as high .

Many in the modern world live on ‘Fast convenience foods’ which can contain high amounts of fat which the body is failing to break down. And hands up over the years I too have bought a convenience meal now and again, but we on the whole have been a family who sit down to an evening dinner of a home cooked meal with fresh veggies . 

As the season progresses  you may find that the Gardening Spirit takes  me over and when the warm weather finally re-appears the place I will be will be found is outdoors in the earth..

So how is the Allotment coming along?View from half way

Everything is coming along nicely.. Here are a few pictures Hold your curser over the picture to see what is growing there. 


Raspberry Canes, Rhubarb, and Runner Beans Poles in

Above is the Runner Beans poles to the left, this year we planted a couple of rows of carrots where you see the lines running underneath. The Rhubarb in the box, Raspberry canes which we transplanted and thinned out this year.. The Bush in the foreground is a Gooseberry Bush. the seedlings around the bottom are Marigolds. The Cloches  hold Curly Kale and we have since put in our Cabbages under another couple of cloches. The reason we spent on cloches this year is that last year nearly all our young brassica’s were eaten by the wood pigeons who laid in wait and stripped them row by row.  I have plans to make a Scare-crow too so watch out for that one!

Curly Kale 

Above is the Curly Kale, all we need now is the warmth to bring things along…

Happy Gardening All of you!..

So what are YOU planting this year? Are you getting the Growing Bug? 

Sources: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2322979/Suffering-statins-Stop-taking-Cholesterol-busting-medicines-causing-harm-good-heart-specialist-warns.html#ixzz2TIMjxBfb
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A Major Oak ~ Medieval Days

I have not been around Blog land all that much recently, partly due to the fact that as the weather warms up there is much to do outdoors..So for those of you who I have not been around to visit recently my apologies. I would also like to take this opportunity in thanking those who have nominated me for various awards this year.. Time is really flying and as good as my intentions seems to be, I have still failed to honour them, but you all know who you are and I thank you most sincerely for my nominations.

Thanks also go out to those New subscribers, the numbers are slowly swelling and I hope that you will not be strangers and make yourselves known.. I try to interact with all those who regularly comment upon Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary. I do hope you find my posts and pages of interest. 

This weekend has been a Holiday for May Day, and the Sun came out in all its glory for the weekend I thought I might share what I was up to.

So here is a glimpse into my day in Sherwood Forest.. Its right on my doorstep and I love going walks in the Woods around and about here.Trees are such wonderful beings, each one  as unique and individual as you are.

As well as walking I saw some wonderful Butterflies too which was a great surprise as some are out early. I will comment upon them and the variety I saw in a separate post to follow soon..

Please click on the photos to enlarge and find our more.

The Oak Tree has to be on of my favourite Trees.. The English Oak ‘The tree of courage and the doorway to inner strength’ representing endurance and self-determination. Known as ‘The King of the Forest’ and the King of the Trees it holds not only my heart but a special place of affection in many a heart.

The slow growing Oak can live for 1,000 yrs  and can hold over 500 species of insects, butterflies, bats, and birds, all making their home in the bark or branches. .. 

In the past Oaks were planted to mark boundaries as they are so long-lived. The Druids taught under them, and later the clergy would read the psalms and gospels under them as they walked the parish boundaries. The Oaks then became known as Gospel Oaks.

Special Oaks that were used for marriages became known as Marriage Oaks. The sky Gods were said to send  down their power through the lightning bolts, and we saw some Oak trees in the wood which had the markings of a lightning strike..

The Oakleaf was used as a symbol or longevity and strength and was engraved upon coins.. this was in later years replaced by the Lion. Oak leaves and acorns are often found on coats of arms and within family crests.. The acorn the symbol of immortality the strength and power of Nature . Mighty Oaks from little Acorns grow. Acorns were also carried in pockets to bring increased vitality and strength. Acorn bobbins too were hung on windows and above the fireplace as charms against lightning bolts. We saw many carvings of Acorns and the GreenMan in the craft tents.

You need to go and seek out the Oak when you are weary and you feel life challenges. Oak helps us reconnect with the pulse of energy, bringing its strength into your veins, it helps us let go, as it warns us about our own stubborn strength. teaching us that if we do not bend and go with the change we can break in the storm.. I love nothing better than to sit with my back against an Oak and feel its energy.

During the Middle Ages Oak became the main construction material for building homes and ships. Many of the Royal forests were planted with Oak trees to ensure the supply for British navel fleets.. Oaks were also cut down in vast numbers to provide charcoal for the Blacksmiths who worked making the armoury and weapons as well as tools.

Oak Bark was also used by the leather industry to process in the tanning of raw hides.

Younger Light Oak branches are still in demand for furniture making, doors, and coffins..

Oak leads the way when you need strength and courage to carry on. It brings deep calm and inner peace, helping you sort our  your inner turmoil’s. It restores your will and determination which may have been weakened through stressful situations.. It helps restore faith in our way forward ..

I could go on and on, and no doubt many may think I already have as I look at my word count. Below I will post a selection of photos some of the mighty Oaks as we walked through the wood … And the Major Oak in particular.. if you click onto the photos more information I hope will be there as you can view larger.. The other selection are of the medieval market and shows the armour and costume, skills of the past.

I do hope you have a wonderful weekend … Much love to you all. as I send you the Spirit of the Oak and my Day in Medieval Times!. 

Click each photo to enlarge and find out more information.

A competition of Longbow and Crossbow was had  A fine display of archery skills from both men and women

A competition of Longbow and Crossbow was had A fine display of archery skills from both men and women


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