Keep Going.

Today I wrote a long draft all about Easter and then I deleted it.. Why? Because we all know or should know the Easter Message.. I wrote a long enough post in the past about sharing that Easter message from our hearts to be found here called A Simple Message

No today I am only doing a very short post as I leave this meaningful  Video by Joseph M Marshall III with you to watch. Just over 3 mins long.

Those of you who are finding difficulties within your lives right now know that we are all of us coming through our winter storms.. Spring is inside each and everyone of us.. We each crave the Sun and longer days so that we can feel rejuvenated and energised.

The Spring buds are already pushing through beneath the snow and frozen ground to shower us with their colour. So too will we emerge through the storms of our lives with more energy and light. 

So Keep Going

Within each and everyone of us we can either open up like the Spring, and smile and give our thanks for ALL we have around us in the form of gifts we often take for granted such as our Health, just being able to See those beautiful flowers of colour as we walk, run, laugh. Or we can hide in the shadows of our winter storms of Fears and insecurities as we allow the external world to influence our thinking..

We should  each be grateful for the many Blessings we each have within our own lives..

I would just like to Thank You All for being here in Dreamwalker’s World, I said I would be around to visit you as soon as I can and I will. But Easter Weekend is already upon us and I am still taking time out to be with family and continue with my paintings which I hope to share with you very soon ..


Wishing you all Many Blessings this Easter Time..

Sue Dreamwalker


An Early Morning Walk

This morning We went a walk around 3 miles in total.. Below is a poem I wrote in 2010 and I added some photo’s of our Walk today… I hope you enjoyed your walk with me, It blew the cobwebs away and put a zing into my cheeks…This afternoon I am now going to paint… I will be visiting you all very soon… Keep warm and stay safe…  
Looking through the bushes at the sky

Looking through the bushes at the sky

The Track

The Track

March Snow 2

An Oak Tree

An Oak Tree

The snow blows off the fields in a biting wind

The snow blows off the fields in a biting wind

Hawthorn Berries

Hawthorn Berries

Bleak and cold

Bleak and cold

Snow clings on forming icicles Reminded me of seal :-)

Snow clings on forming icicles Reminded me of seal 🙂

A young Oak

A young Oak

A farm in the distance ..

A farm in the distance ..

Snow laden hedgerows.

Snow laden hedgerows.

March 24th 2013

March 24th 2013

The Snow Flake

There it came out from the sky

Fluttering softly, gentle as a sigh

First one, then two,

Then a million or too

Each one unique in pattern and form

Together they joined so perfectly

A Blanket so thick, building silently.

Children awoke with glee in their eyes

Gathering up their winter surprise

Adults too went walking afar

To place their feet upon Virgin Stars

Sunlight glistened on crystallised ice

Breath on wind, the feeling was nice

Red rosy cheeks, as icy winds felt

While dogs jumped in air catching balls that did melt.

Imprints of boots with sledges in tow

Trudging up hills, to slide and let go

Magical, glistening, sparkling pure white

A world it transformed, and all overnight.

And it all began with a flake or two

A carpet of white, just waiting for you

Winter wonderland, embrace and partake

In the beautiful gift of a humble Snow Flake..

© Sue Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.

I hope as you enjoyed the poem and if Snow is still about where you live
I hope that you will also wonder at the beauty of each snow flake.
Each one like us is unique in its form
As one little snowflake it may seem insignificant
But when its joined together with thousands more
Just look at the Transformation it makes..
Together WE DO Make a Difference..
Love and Blessings
Sue Dreamwalker

Spring~ Snow~ Outlook~ Happy!

I have to admit, that Spring here in the UK is still far from being sprung. And I also admit to have been feeling the chill of not only the weather but the chill of the collective thoughts out there.

Like the weather I was getting bogged down by the various energies I was  allowing myself to be exposed to… Which reflected in my venting in my last post..  Snow Man

From time to time we all of us need to take time out away from stressful situations. I know speaking to others I have not been on my own in feeling this way. Our state of mind can range from having no recollection of  where we put our car keys, or in my case last week walking all the way to the allotment gate with the key I thought unlocked the gate, to discover it was my patio door key I had in my hand! duh!!, to wondering if we’re seeing things clearly when everyone around us seems to be in denial of what’s going on right in front of their eyes.

Part of my frustration stems from others being so blind to what is happening right in front of them, as they seem oblivious to the workings of this world. This was brought home to be as a nudge from the Universe on The Liberated Way’s post entitled ‘You Are Significant’ I just loved the way he used the dialogue from the film Never-ending Story which again brought home the fact that its the way we each view our world which brings it either into a spring of growth or a long cold winter of despair.. Please go and read his post  HERE  It also brought home to me, that I often think my own small contributions to change is insignificant.. Alex’s post renewed my own faith, that we are all of us Significant Beings, we each just look through our own  windows of perception at life. 

For most of us, we just need to step back,  take a deep breath, and regain our composure. Then we can decide what course of action to take.

I read a recent post by my good friend Vision Keeper on her blog       One World Rising  post Beware! Information Overload and I so resonated with it, as I knew that was exactly what I had been exposing myself to. As I got caught up in the drama of the self same tool I tell people to avoid.. The Media!,,

When we feel out of sorts and in that overload kind of crazy mode of mind as confusion often sets in, it often comes as a wake up call that things are out of balance in your world. So taking time out for yourself to regain that balance is all important.

So many of us are looking forward to Spring, when everything starts to renew itself as the buds sprout forth from the hedgerows and trees and the Greenery once again comes to life.

We often look externally from ourselves to find that peace and happy space.. For me I retreated and painted, It worked for I found that balance within as I painted what had been on my mind.. Trees..  Trees are balance, they bring to us our very breath. Take a look here at the symbolism of Dreaming of Trees   I have had the urge to just paint spiritual impressions of trees recently… I was going to share it on this post, But I think I will wait until I paint another tree  first… I Painted this one some time ago which I entitled as above so below.. I intent to portray the seasons with the next four paintings.. So I will wait until I have finished them all before I share them..

Instead of my painting I want to share with you a video.. Its only 2  minutes long.. Enjoy! and Spring is inside everyone of us but that we open our hearts and let it spring forth..

Oh and thank you too for all my new subscribers I just looked at the number and it now stands at 333 Smile another significant number with meaning for me.. Oh isn’t Life Good! Open-mouthed smile 

Blessings Sue Dreamwalker

Shaking Ourselves Awake.

Being  a sensitive often renders me to retreat for a while as I gather my thoughts and energies. Spending time walking, painting, and reading still doesn’t remove this underlying feeling of a world on the edge of erupting. Much like Mount Etna at the moment as she vents her energy from within, I also feel at times like erupting and screaming my heart out over the many injustices within this world.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed at the divide in this world of the haves and have-not’s.  Here in the UK on the 15th March was Red-Nose Day, This event has been taking place now every year for 25yrs in a bid to raise money and awareness of those who need help. From children dying every second from lack of clean water and malaria to homelessness and poverty,disease and war landmine victims. 

Many different causes both abroad and here in the UK are helped. and yet in 25 yrs not a lot has changed. 

I was still witnessing those same upsetting images as I saw how Mothers loose their children and babies, and how children loose their parents and how in many of these countries citizens struggle just to survive, as children forage on rubbish tips for things to make enough money just to eat.The Dandora dumping site in Nairobi. (Simon Maina, AFP) And yet ask any of these children a simple question and most will say all they want is to be able to go to school and be educated ..

Click the photo for  news report on this image.

And those lucky enough to afford to go to school some walk for 2 hours from dawn just to get to their classroom, and 2 hrs back along rough terrain in scorching heat.

Most who read my posts know I try to keep my posts positive, because what we think we create!.. But sometimes I just need to vent and bleed my heart to the world.

Because all that we have gathered together in our spiritual awareness needs to be put to good use right now.. Not in the future… In 25 yrs down the line nothing has changed for these people..  Its time we saw the Truth of our society and how those in the seats of Power control and will continue to exploit the have-nots.

There are two subjects we are always told to steer clear of and that’s Religion and Politics .. Well since I last posted we have seen a new Pope elected and he chose the name Francis, a name to reflect the Church of the Poor.. Well I hope this new Pope can not just be a name and figure head, but I hope he can be an ambassador for the poor.. As the Church can well afford to help the needy..

We all know the economic situation around the world but just how bad does it get when the EU start to take your savings from out of your Bank account without your permission. Well that is what is happening in Cyprus  as a Tax levy is being introduced. And the Banks doors have been closed until Thursday!.. while their parliament decides to vote .

We will begin to see a shift yet again very soon and this time it will be the ordinary people in our streets who will be shaking themselves awake to the manipulations of those in Power. We are waking up to the Truth of our reality where Corruption is rife, where our Political arena’s lie to the public and to themselves 

When People stand up in their power, it Does count even if it may seem an immediate result isn’t forthcoming.

Collectively we are waking up!.

We need to now WAKE UP! in more ways than one. We need to wake up to what is real and what is not. Awakening means to discern with  your own intuition. We will all know deep down when to act and when to bide our time. We will know we have to change our ways and clean up our habits of a lifetime. That is the challenge that all this consciousness evolution may have been preparing us for. We now need to take a closer look at our ways of Being!

These are trying times which are testing many souls, but if we approach the changes wisely, consciously and positively in unity and harmony we may also see the future evolve to the World we have collectively been working towards creating.

Are your shook up enough to see the real world?


So Where Do we go from here?

The Planet is in our Hands

So, where do we go from here?

Quiet simply the world is in our hands.. Its all about our choices, not our neighbours or our governments, Its about the choices We make which make a difference.

My own thoughts are that we have to start and embrace a simpler way of living, we have to stop ‘Wanting’ all the time.. We Want what is ‘best for our children’, We want the ‘best Money can Buy’ We Want the ‘Best Education’ We Want the ‘Best Health Care’.. We Want ‘Peace’ We Want ‘Better Lifestyles’  We Want ‘our Freedom’! We want! Want! and Want! .And yet none of these are relevant if we haven’t the Planet on which to live and enjoy these Wants..  

I don’t propose we go back to primitive lifestyles, But we need to look at all the waste  products we create, What we buy, how we recycle. What foods we Eat. 

We can no longer bury our heads in the sand and hope it all goes away..We all need to rethink the way we each live our lives.. We are going to all have to take stock about what we Want for our future generations to come, and we are all of us in the future are going to have to adjust to living simpler life styles as the changes on our planet take effect. 

Our World is Changing before our eyes, we are all of us witnessing the ‘Shift’ in our awareness as we link into the mass consciousness of like minded thinking..

But how do we Change?

Where do we go from here to create these changes?

We need to start thinking differently about ourselves, we need to start and Live Consciously within our daily lives.. Those choices we make every day- We the consumer have impact in our societies,and we impact globally..  Its already happening Here  and Here it starts small, but its happening.

How many of us have seen our communities die as Big supermarkets come to town,.. We all want to buy cheapest, but at what cost.. Did you really look at your labels and did you support your local community? Do we really think about recycling  the paper and plastic we buy and throw away? What ways are we helping our environment and local communities? Did you look around your own Towns lately and see just how many boarded up shops are on the high street?   

I was so pleased with the responses from my last post The Domino Effect and all the comments. This post broke my record of the most likes in one day of 40 likes, and the comments were remarkable..

I want to share some of those comments here with you…

Livingsimplyfree Said—-….”If each of us took a stand for what we really believe in, staying true to our values, as I am trying to do I think we could make huge changes that the government and those corporations would have to listen to. For instance, my local grocer has listened to us ask for local and organic foods. During our growing season you will find the vast majority of the produce section set out with the signs telling you exactly which farm (and location) the food came from. That’s a huge difference from past years. I will only buy what I need from the local farmers in the store when available. That’s staying true to my values.

Duma Key  Said…………“The system is fundamentally flawed and the links are missing, the whole thing set out to provide and protect as become so lost, that it no longer knows what it is.
Its crazy that in this day and age, people struggle to feed their families, struggle to heat there homes….and yet day by day we churn out more and more rubbish that we don’t need………..”

DavidTenn Said ….” This internal change is only the start and once we have changed ourselves the world will begin to follow. As you say Sue when 100 of us monkeys come together in like mind Wow! Watch out world! Here we come.”

beverley Said … “There is so much noise in the world today that too many people do no feel or hear the rhythm of life that is going on all around us……………”

penpusherpen Said…..  “the choice is definitely ours, Sue, and some days it’s hits you like a smack in the face that things are not right, will never be right ’til we all face up to our responsibilities…….”

Bodhirose Said…… “I hardly pay attention to the news and media blitzes any more because what you place your attention on is what will expand in your consciousness. I’ve realized that I need only be the best that I can be..the most positive in my own life and that will trickle out by that domino effect and reach out into the world. I believe every vibration that we emit goes onward and outward into infinity. That’s all and the best I can do……………”

andrewmstevenson said…..  “………………It is possible, if desired, to live a simpler life. We lack only the will. I do believe there is a shift globally to put the future in more capable hands: our own!…..”

These are just some of a few selected comments, you can read them all in full and my replies on my Post. So what do we do and Where do we go from here? Have you  even stopped to think about it and see ways in which you too can help change our environment and ways of living with recycling and creating ways to make your earnings go further? I know many out there are now sharing ways in which they are doing just that.

As you know I am a great advocate of our Minds over Matter, and our thoughts DO have a huge impact as we send out our vibrations into the world.. I resonated deeply with Bodhirose’s comment in what we place our attention on it will expand in consciousness..

If we Fear the changes we see taking place as the Crisis’s seemingly escalate around our world then Fear is what we will draw to us and chaos will reign .. But if we embrace these changes and do things in our own lives to help sustain and benefit not only our own lives but our local communities we are sending out a ripple to open up our hearts to each other..

We need now to stop fearing and start once again to trusting in each other, instead we huddle in our homes, locking doors behind us, no longer do we even know our neighbours, We need now to pull together..

That is why sometimes it takes a disaster in our lives to bring the community together again.. Lets not wait for a disaster to do that.. But reach out with your hearts now…. Even a Smile to a stranger is a start..

Its the intent that you send out with your minds that ripple out into that domino effect.. Let them be positive and full of love….

So My Question is.. Where Do We Go from Here?

And I would love to hear your Answers..




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