The Sun, Our life-Giver~The Light

“Three things cannot be long hidden,

The Sun, The Moon, and the Truth”

~Buddha ~

Most people would say that the United Kingdom is renown for the rain, But never in my life time have I seen so much drop all at once in what appears tropical storms of torrential rain.

To say Summer has been more or less none existent is an understatement, with rainfall in June doubling that of pervious records. Here our crops are rotting due to the excessive rain water and flooded fields. And many places are being flooded, not only here but all around the world we are seeing these extremes in weather patterns.. And my thoughts go out to all those affected by such storms who have lost lives, homes and livelihoods.  

What ever the reason, here in the UK we haven’t seen much of the Sun recently.. only through the clouds,Until the beginning of this week, where it now blazes brightly in the sky..  But even when it was raining so heavy I have felt the Sun’s affects none the less.. For there has also been a lot of Solar Activity with massive Solar Flares reaching out their high energy particles into space, over the last few months especially. In fact some of these have been hitting our Earths atmosphere causing Geo-magnetic storms.

Usually the Earths own magnetosphere shields us from the most harmful effects , but for the last couple of years NASA, and other web-sites have been showing us how those Solar Flares have disrupted satellites and can knock out Electricity grids.   But what isn’t being discussed are the affects the Suns’ solar activity has upon our own energy and nervous systems.

Now many of us associate the Moon with various mood swings as it affects us.. If it can pull our tides back and forth.. We being water based, is it any wonder we too are pulled back and forth within our emotions.. So what effects do you think the Sun has upon the planet being so much more powerful. So what affects has the Sun got upon us?

Well researchers are now collecting data together and many are agreeing that the Solar activity during solar storms can affect our mental and emotional well-being. 

Our Universe is made up of electro-magnetic pulses, So too do we have electro-magnetic fields, which you can see through our Aura’s you can see some of our Auric energy in photos Here, And as the Solar flares put the Earths own magnetic fields under pressure, so do ours come under pressure as our Emotions change when the solar storms affects our brainwaves.. This affects our Pineal gland, our spiritual connection to our Psychic abilities an intuition, and regulates our melatonin production, which is sensitive to the magnetic fields.. When this is affected it sends our signals a bit haywire and so our emotions are all over the place.

I know from my own perspective and that of others who are aware of these solar flares and their influences upon our energy bodies . We have been going through our own personal changes and challenges. With many ups and downs..

Solar activity is bringing forward our subconscious fears and is shaking us up.. Some are releasing and letting go, while others cling to their addictions what ever it is we are experiencing we are all of us aware we are going through some sort of inner conflict as we search and try to make sense of our feelings. And our sixth sense tells us that our Weather patterns and some of our Human behaviours are not normal. As we see many doing Crazy insane things around our world.

The symptoms can be varied, from being extremely tired, achy, hot, with a brain that felt like its on fire.. With moods going from feeling happy, silly, sad, or mad within minutes. Heather Carlini of the Carlini Institute for Therapy and Research and Transpersonal Education has much to say upon the Solar Flares Symptoms Here

To read more of what Heather Carlini has to say about how the Solar Flares have an affect upon the Human Biological system you can read more Here The connection is also linked with the strong storms, winds, and Earthquake and volcanic activity which seems stronger after Solar activity.

From my own perspective, I know I have been feeling the effects and experiencing some of these symptoms, And I do believe as the solar energy is pulsing through our minds bodies and spirits, it is allowing new coding of our DNA to be opened, which is waking us up to our Freedoms .. We are seeing this happen around the world as those who have long been suppressed are seeking their liberty. And many are starting to question the establishment and those in control.

The Sun is in fact helping us clear out the Negative from our lives, This can often be a painful journey, as we try to adjust and clear out those emotions which we have carried with us for so long.

We need to be gentle with ourselves, and go within to ask our higher self to help us clear out that which we no longer need, as we rid ourselves of those things we rattle  our cages. It is surprising just what we hold within our stored memory banks, which we can also carry over from one lifetime to another..

What are your thoughts upon the Solar Flares?

Is this the first time you have heard about the connection?

And if not,, what symptoms have you been experiencing lately?

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