Finding Myself ~ I AM~

Tears of Consciousness

Have you ever looked in the mirror deep into your eyes and wondered just who you are? Knowing that you’re someone different from the face that stares back at you.

Do you feel within your being as you look deep into those eyes that you are not just your name?

Do you doubt who looks back at you?

Have you ever felt so alone, and yet at the same time so connected to everything, you at times think you are going crazy.

Have you ever walked down the street of your home town feeling yourself invisible as you observe all others in your path?

Did you ever dip your energy into theirs and feel their lives as you pass their space, as you watch young families connect and you smile in their joy. Did you catch half a conversation of those two old ladies as they stand there gossiping about their ailments and all their relatives problems too, and you think more woe is me…

Have you ever watched how teenagers and young folk sit in their own nervous energy as their knees tremble with foot constantly tapping the floor, as they sit texting on their phones?

Have you ever stopped to view the world as people hustle and bustle rushing here and there?

Did you ever feel like the world was spinning so fast as you were stood in the middle as it sent you dizzy as around and around you spin?

And did you ever feel your energy drain as the old gent with a bad cough accidently touched your shoulder as he passed you by, and yet you knew it was no accident, as he needed some healing.

And have you ever looked into a passing baby eyes to see their hidden smile to know instantly you were connected on their own wave length as recognition passed between your souls.

And have you ever driven the same route every day past a field with a tethered horse to feel their pain? As you see his head hung low..

Have you ever cried so hard you felt so empty and yet overwhelming full of love at the same time

And did you ever greet a new day full of thankfulness that you made it through to the morning?

Have you ever looked up at the night sky knowing you came from the stars?

Did you ever hear a thousand voices talk simultaneously and not hear one word spoken and yet you felt you understood everyone?

Me Age 5Did you ever look at that photo of yourself ages 5 and wonder where that child went, that face, hair, desires everything, ever cell has changed, and yet you still feel YOU!

Do you ever just wonder what happened to you within the Story of your life?

We are so often so busy looking for something else- we forget the ‘ever present’ consciousness in our lives, we forget who we are as we lost ourselves within a sea of emotions and the material ways.

We forgot we are whole and perfect, as we are so intent on finding something ‘Outside’ of ourselves to make us feel whole and complete.

We give ourselves labels-, I am successful, I am in business, I am lucky, I am never lucky, I am thin, I am fat, I am good, I am bad, I am Christian, I am Buddhists, I am an Atheist, I am Spiritual, I am Enlightened!

We are not the name upon our labels.

We are not the story of our problems and downfalls or successes. We are not the story of our Religion or Spiritual insights. We are not the Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Wives, Husbands or the labels on our Career Badges.

We may all of us look different, and appear different and individual, But we are ALL ONE. Each rain drop that falls from the sky is an individual sphere which falls to the ground separate, and yet they all merge back to the ocean.

We too are an expression, a drop of water, and we too all merge back within the sea of Consciousness.

It isn’t until we are seeking out answers to life questions as we try to make sense of our life’s stories that we begin to see that Happiness is a state of being and not dependent upon our life’s story.

These past few days I have been quiet and thoughtful, as I have gone through my own pain within the story of my life.

And today as I sat within the sun contemplating who I am, I understand perhaps for the very first time that it is ok to feel pain and hurt, just as it is ok to feel Love and joy..

Because we agreed to be all of it.

We are not separate- we are the experience of the Positive and Negative, we are both Light and Darkness, Good and bad, Pain and Joy..

And once we begin to see we are Beings of Light, we then see we can surpass our human emotions, for nothing can destroy us.. Not the real Us…

I have sat curled within my own pain of past hurts, holding them to me like a comfort blanket, wounding myself and others over and over again, as I buried them deep, only to have them resurface. Clinging onto a Mothers rejection- for many years past- and other hurts which ran so deep, seeking out the love of others, their appraisals and approvals as a substitute for the one true love I have always denied myself

I have reached out, given and shared myself, splitting me into  many aspects of myself and yet not really seeing who I was.

Today I looked in the mirror and greeted an old friend

no longer the stranger, but the perfect BEing.

Today I accepted myself for I AM ME!

And I AM Calm,

and I AM Peace I AM LOVE..





Mother Earth and Solar Eclipse

Mother Earth

While I am always upon my posts trying to promote the positive, sometimes it is necessary for me to touch upon the negative.

We reside within a world of which we cannot experience one without the other.

The Solar Eclipse 20th May 2012  presents us with a time of New Beginnings as some of our old patterns are starting to end. This new beginning is both within the Energy of our Earth Mother and within ourselves as the solar eclipse and its alignment of planets is allowing for greater energy to be discharged into our Earths Energy Grid. 

Many things are starting to escalate at an even faster pace, and I am sure all of you reading will have noticed just how much faster we are experiencing our Days, Weeks, Months, as our concept of time accelerates with that of the speeding up of our vibrations.

Our perception is the key to many things, so I want to ask that you now start to perceive within your own minds what kind of a world you want to live in the future. The future already is moving minute to minute right now..Those minutes are ticking away and  we are already within the past as we view them within our Linear time. But don’t get me started upon the concept of time for that too is not as it seems, but I will leave ‘Time’ for another Day.

Our Earth is an all wise Mother, who has transformed within her own evolution many times, And she is yet again coming to that time when once again she transforms as she ends another cycle and is ready to embark upon her New Beginnings as she takes those in alignment with her upon her journey. 

Our World is changing daily, we are living through these times of Change. We see it as people are starting to wake up to their reality. They no longer wish to be bound and chained by indoctrinated thoughts. They are starting to express and voice their feelings and can see ahead of them what their Governments can not.

Some years ago now, I was given through Trance states and through my Automatic Writing sessions information which at the time I thought would be way way off into the future and not within my own lifetime. Even I did not wish to believe my visions which were given and so very clear even to this day I see them as I hadn’t wanted to believe.

My guides and inspirers told me that the monetary systems would fail, and that chaos would ensue. They spoke of Floods and huge loses of life. and of Great Storms, all of which we can find else where in various prophecies I know.  They told me of the Mass exodus of our various  species of animal and aquatic life. All of which we see is already happening today.

I do not say these things to bring you Fear, But I do bring them to you so that you can open your eyes and be prepared. For once the First Domino starts to fall, so too will the rest quickly follow.

We are all of us tied within the Conscious Stream which is connected to our Earth Mother, She has been going through her ‘Birthing Pains’ for some time, as she is shedding her old form to bring about the new..

We are changing together and many do not realise that our energy systems within our own bodies are tied within that of our Earths. And as  we begin to see our fellow human beings around the world rebel and stand up for their freedoms as they want Change as they awaken to the reality of this world.. So too our Earth Mother is awakening and she too is venting off Steam as many of her volcanoes around the World start to awaken and erupt. And like the Domino effect we humans have caused, she too is getting ready to Blow as she will shake and rattle us to awaken us from this material 3D world as she shifts our awareness and consciousness to the next level of our progression.

We each of us need to understand that our thoughts and our Energy plays a huge part in the Grid of Energy surround ourselves and our Earth plane.

Whether you remember why you came here at this time or not, it is each of our responsibly to want to change our World to hold a better more peaceful future for our Children’s Children..

Use the energy today of the solar eclipse  to send out your thoughts and visualise the Light and Peace enveloping our Earth  as the Solar Eclipse helps with bringing forward more Light and information into our Consciousness that is helping us within the Changes at this time..

Set aside some of your time today to send our Earth some Healing, as you bring down the light and love into your hearts and into the centre of our Mother Earth.. We are upon this journey together..

Here are some of the Times where the Solar Eclipse can be seen..

I wrote a Poem for our Earth Mothers Big Day..

Earth Mother

We hear your cries beneath our feet

As upwards your blood rushes to greet

A New Dawn which begins to break

Earth Mother, oh Earth Mother We Awake


We feel your tears as you cleanse  our eyes

We feel your winds as your sky heaves sighs

Each day spins faster as you vibrate

Earth Mother, oh Earth Mother We Awake


We are united with a common goal

For we are One together One Soul

Each of us bound by the cords we make

Earth Mother, oh Earth Mother We Awake


We shall let go of Greed and Fear

And it may be hard as we shed our tears

But our love for you we’ll never forsake

Earth Mother, oh Earth Mother We Awake.


Our Wake-up calls have almost but gone

As we remember how bright we once shone

Renew our Hearts, teach us to Give and not Take

Earth Mother, Oh Earth Mother..


© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.



The Web of Life ~And Death~

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”
Chief Seattle

Spiders Web 1

Last year I took this photo of a Spiders Web..

I often marvel at Spiders and their Webs. Often appearing as if by magic over night as they weave away creating a master piece of intricate fine threads. I once watched the beginnings of the making of a spiders web as she spun away at first there is seemingly no method as lines are anchored here and there making you wonder just how did they attach them to such places.

Spieders Web2 I Marvel at its structure as it’s built to allow the wind to blow through and water droplets to hang from it as well as to catch its food. It is Strong enough to withstand a good wind, and yet all to often they get destroyed and the poor old Spider has to start again. I try now to avoid destroying anything, and especially a Spiders Intricate Web.. for I think just how long it took to make, all that effort as she starts again from scratch. 

So too is the Web of life with the many threads in which we weave, often we take various routes along our journey, not always understanding the direction our paths are leading us. And it often isn’t until we have completed various stages in our Life’s Plan that we can begin to see a pattern emerging.

I am often within my talks speaking about Energies, and how we are all of us connected within that Energy Grid.. Just like the Spiders Web, so too is our Earth connected via various Energy Grids and the Megaliths and Pyramids and Energy spots such as the Bermuda Triangle along with various other places are all now known scientifically to be connected via Grid lines around our Globe to specific points that are in line..

Many people are sceptical, But just because we can not see something doesn’t mean its not there. This is why many deny the existence of Spirit and Guides, etc. I can vouch first hand at saying without a doubt that our Spirit World does exist, and is not UP or OUT there, but is right here, among all of us and we are all of us connected via the cords of our Being, our Consciousness. We may not see the Breath we breathe in, but we cannot deny it is there.. It is natural and exists. So too do different Dimensions within this reality.

What we see and do not see may just be a matter of perspective. To the Caterpillar who crawls about the cabbage patch all day, his world is a maze of Cabbage leaves, he sees nothing much beyond.. It isn’t until he transforms and becomes the Butterfly that he then sees a whole new world. So too as we transform and alter our way of perception we will see many new things and possibilities unfolding before our eyes. As we begin to understand our Reality is not what we perceive it to be.

Some people are more gifted at accessing those realms which others cannot see, And many young children see through the veils of those dimensions until our well meaning adults tell us to stop imagining things,  telling us they do not exist as they play and talk to their invisible playmates.

All of us have the ability to see, given an open and willing heart anyone can tune into those invisible realms and begin to find their way.

The Web of Knowledge is there for all of us to connect to. Each of us when we use our ‘Intuition’ are tuning into our Ancient abilities we once upon a time all of us had.. As we connect within that Pool of Knowledge which is held within the Universal Grid of Consciousness of which we are all still connected, All still a thread within it. Just like that Spiders Web. We radiate out from the centre as we have journeyed to explore through our own  experiences.. But we are still part of that Gigantic Web, we are all upon our own various threads of life, but all of us are connected to the WHOLE the Centre of our BEing.

And just like that Spiders Web when its prey gets caught within the sticky web , the vibration of its struggle travels along the various threads as it alerts the Spider usually sat in the centre that she has caught her supper..

So too we Humans with our thoughts and emotions affect the Grid of Consciousness as it travels out around the world.

 “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it.”

and as Chief Seattle so wisely understood He knew that what we do to  others we ultimately affect ourselves.

  “Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves”.

“ All Things are Bound Together”

All things are bound together..such is the Matrix of life as we destroy our environment our Oceans, our animal kingdom is Dying, so too are we as we pollute ourselves with Poisons, Chemicals, and Additives, We see our Health in decline as our Environment is being destroyed as you can see in my page Environmental Issues. Just how much destruction we are reeking upon ourselves and our Planet. 

We need to see the Web of Life we are building, and we need to start to understand that we are each of us connected to one another.

We need to see what we are doing to our World and ourselves.

As we destroy our environment so too do we destroy the fabric of our own existence.. We will begin to see the Threads which have held our Web of creation together start to break..

One thread at a time.. they are breaking down.

“All things connect”

We may not all of us realise it, but the Signs are already here.. As the Wind howls and Earthquakes rock our foundations and our weather patterns eat away at our Earth. We are ALL of us Connected. Both to each other and to our Earth Mother.

We may not see the Threads Break as we pollute our World 

We may not see the Threads break as our Economy fails, and our monetary systems collapse..

We may not see the Threads Break as we Judge and Condemn, Control and Conquer.

We may not see the Threads Break as Wars and discontent break out around our world.. 

We may not see the Threads Break One by One.. Until The Web of Life we created is no more..

And we will ask, just as we ask now.. about those Ancient Race of Beings who built those Megalithic Stone Structures and wonder who and   

What Happened to the HUMAN RACE?

Will we Destroy our WEB of Life and Way of Living?

Will We have to start again from Scratch

Like our Spider?

Thoughts are Living Things..

Create your Threads of Thought within the Web with Care..


© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.



Natures Balm.~ Grow Your Own~

Runner Bean sticks

Here is another update as to the progress ofGrow Your Own. pages here on Dreamwalker’s.

When we connect back into Nature she never disappoints us. As in my last post toShine or not to Shine I explained how I had been feeling a little under the weather..( Maybe all the rain had also damped my spirits) But we all need the rain in our lives at times to enable us to grow and mature, as we appreciate the Sunny Days and those gifts we often take for granted. Just like our plants which wouldn’t survive if they had no rainfall.. Just like at the opposite ends of the scale, too much Sun and they dry up and wither, too much rain and they can rot and die also,.

So a Balance is needed both within Nature and within our own lives..

So after feeling quite low.. I took myself off to the allotments, we hadn’t been for a few days as it had been constantly raining. The weeds had quickly overgrown again, they always seem to flourish what ever the weather. My Hubby set too and rotavated, extracting last years parsnips and swedes which had gone to seed.

The Peas had been set and one or two had popped up whichPea Rows were pushed down again.. If the field mice get a whiff of them they can soon go down the row and eat most of them. The Onions I set a few weeks back you can just make out sprouting now to the right where the string is still across. 

The Top picture shows the bean sticks which have been erected for the runner beans/kidney beans. The Bean Plants are still in the greenhouse and will be brought out to harden off about a week before they go into the ground at the end of May.. This is usually when last of the Frosts have gone, but nothing is certain in Gardening, especially as the weather seems to be taking its toll around the world with horrendous hail storms.

Runner Bean Plants

After a couple of hours weeding in the allotments, I was tired and a little sore, but my Spirit was truly rejuvenated.

Its amazing how Nature sooths us with her healing Balm

When we are of low spirit, a walk out in Natures  Garden often is all we need to help heal our inner spirits.. I wonder just how many of us take Nature for granted..And how many in the modern day world understand that Nature is forever combating change, but she still goes on Growing.

As I looked at the Allotment, nothing much seems to be happening, but lots of things are going on under the surface, as the seeds are germinating waiting for that warmth to make them spring forth. Much is also happening beneath the surface of our Earth always its changing as Gaia too is Growing and reaching forever upwards in her vibration. 

So too we humans search throughout our lives for that warmth, that love in which  to feel nourished and nurtured . Without that love we too cannot grow in spirit..  So like all Gardens we need to weed out that which doesn’t serve us anymore and feed only that which we want to grow and flourish.

 So Happy Gardening both in your own Back Yards and within your Minds.. 

For we all of us grow towards the ‘Light’.

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.


To Shine or Not to Shine..

Sometimes in our lives we may not always feel our best. These last few weeks have been a little like that for me.. I always try to keep my smile and shine, but inside sometimes we get to feel a little low of spirit when we get run down and may not feel our brightest, as we let our thoughts impede our progress. We all of us at times have our Dragons and Demons within.

Because we are physical, mental and spiritual beings, sometimes our spiritual light is blocked. But we are the only ones with the power to dim our own lights. And we each have the key to unlock our thoughts and turn the key to shine that bit brighter.

This is what led me to write the poem Thoughts, for as we think so we create. We often allow our thoughts to make mountains out of molehills and we need to dig away at our inner being sometimes to clear away the debris from our minds that cast the shadows to dim our lights, so that we can feel the warmth of our inner glow once more to shine again.

Years ago when I would sit in trance state, my communicator guide would often refer to me as ‘his vehicle’ when he spoke to the rest of the group. And as we are vehicles for our mind and spirit, our bodies too require proper maintenance. Like the act of polishing our homes, we also need to polish and clear away unwanted thought patterns which when they accumulate can also act to clog up our systems making us lethargic and stop us from operating at our fullest and brightest.

A simple shift in our thought patterns away from a negative to a positive can greatly affect our mental health.. Workings as I do with people who have learning difficulties I always try to be positive for them, putting a smile upon my face, and trying to uplift them. I now work alongside those suffering in mental health, and often you do not realise the debris that you can also  be picked up within your Aura as energies transfer from their state of being to yours.

Thoughts are more than our mind making random decisions, they are Energy frequencies which are formulated and go out into the ether. Like Attracts Like. And our Thought waves follow the same rule. For there are many, many thoughts, but only two types of frequencies. Positive and Negative.

And like a Magnet they are attracted to like minded frequency of thought vibrations. And just like the radio waves, Mobile phone waves, TV signals etc. We may not see them but they exist none the less. So too our thoughts go out and are attracted to other thoughts of similar vibration.

I realised also that when going shopping in the town where I live, I often can come back depleted.. I often have to envisage within my mind a Huge Bubble of Light as I ask only Light penetrate its surface as I ask the negative thoughts bounce right off back to where they came from. But like most of us Humans I forget. And so again I know I absorb various patterns of thoughts, travelling as do in my support role on public transport you have people sitting next to you who just seem to be full of their own woe is me who want to tell the world their problems.. And often their instincts are to sit next to a Positive person as they sap your energy if you let them. And I usually get more than a few Woe is ME’s  as they bend my listening ear.

If you are in doubt as to feeling thought waves, have any of you ever walked into a room just after an argument? The argument is no longer taking place and you never witnessed it.. And yet you can feel it, as we say we could ‘Cut the air with a knife’ the residue of that negative vibration is still there within a room.

Also have you ever been talking to a friend or member of your family who moans all the time and you come away feeling low and down yourself? While at the other end of the spectrum, you may have gone to see a comedian, or watch a funny film which has made you laugh and laugh.. How much brighter and invigorated you feel when surrounded by positive energy.

Thoughts are so often dismissed as harmless; But Thoughts are Creation in Motion. We ALL of us Create our reality with our Thoughts, and this is why we often say this world is an illusion. You doubt me? Well let me ask you to look about you right now.. Look at everything within your room, your clothes, your furnishings, your walls, the paint even upon the walls, your ornaments, everything.. EVERYTHING was once someone’s Thought.. put into Motion Created into reality within their Imagination..

This is why a change of scenery is often just what the Dr ordered, as we free ourselves and see Life from a new perspective. This is why we need to put a little time away to connect back inside of ourselves.. We need to connect to our ‘Inner Light’ that generates our power and keeps us ticking over..

Like our Vehicles we drive, we need to keep ourselves in good maintenance and give ourselves an good overhaul, starting with our thoughts.

For our way of being and thinking can clog up our energy systems and stop our bodies from functioning correctly which leads to illness.

And all it takes sometimes is just to sit within the silence.. or put aside some time to just relax and listen with eyes closed at some relaxing music as we pull in that Light from the Universe to fill us up inside.

I know we can often find many different factors which pull us in various directions which siphon off our power as we spread ourselves too thinly. But as we practice our Inner cleansing routines we allow then our energy to once again flow freely. We then shine more brightly, illuminating not only our own paths in the process, but we make the world around us glow as well..

So I ask you as we are all of us part of the Collective. To pay attention to your thoughts. Many things are going to seem chaotic and confusing as energies are starting to change in our world right now.. I ask that you try to keep them positive and reject the Fear which often encroaches and swamps us in its negative net, as the Media is a dab hand at creating much of our Fear Factor, hence why I try to avoid much of the News broadcasts.

Live in Love and Light.. And Shine…

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.



Thoughts just wander this way and that
Jumbled together as higher they stack
Some of tomorrow and some of the past.
All of them mixed in the emotional flask.

A Vacuum of space as they swirl all around
All wanting to be heard and yet making no sound
Some make you hot while others make you shiver
Some you hold still and others make you quiver

Thoughts keep tumbling and holding on tight
While others you let go of but not without a fight
If only we could see the trail where they lead
As each one is planted and grows like a seed

We water and feed them until they become huge
Mountains from mole hills an emotional deluge
That soaks us in negative and primes us with doubt
And all that I want is to sing and to shout

That thoughts take us higher or they bury us deep
So throw out the bad ones and good ones please keep.
For we are what we think at the end of the day
So help me choose wisely and think what I say.

Help me to freedom and release all the fear
And stop me from choosing to shed yet more tears
For my thoughts they are jumbled inside my head
And help me remember I AM whom I said.

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Healing Moments~ Little Sparrow

This post is especially for Oceanwaves.

A Bird in the HandAs in my post Earth Day Thoughts, oceanwaves enquired about the picture in my slide show of me holding a sparrow. I took that picture along with a series of others from my mobile phone one day in 2010.

A small sparrow that day flew head long into the window where I was working, and I went outside to see what has hit the window at such force. I discovered much to my dismay a small sparrow laying on the ground.. It was out cold, and at first I thought it had broken its neck and was dead.. So lifeless was its small little body as I picked it up..

I held it in my hands for around 5 full minutes as I cupped my hands around its lifeless body.. I sent it Healing, asking the universal energies to revive the little sparrow, Praying that it would be alright..

I felt its move slightly under my hand after at least five minutes,as I could feel a faint heart beat, and removed my cupped hand expecting it to fly away immediately. But to my astonishment it didn’t, it sat there just looking at me, ( probably seeing stars ).. So I was able to take my mobile from my jeans pocket and snap a few pictures in the next five minutes

It sat there in my hand and didn’t seem to want to move, so I gently manoeuvred it to sit upon a small bush.. I had to place its little legs on the branch, and I kept sending healing and kept my hands there for a while as I thought it may well fall off its perch.. But thankfully after another 5 minutes had elapsed it flew off to join its family.

I have wrote a few words here in a Poem I hope you enjoy along with the photo’s


Little Sparrow

Let me hold you as you fall

Little sparrow hear my call

Let me heal your tiny heart

Little Sparrow please don’t depart

Wake up now from slumbered sleep

Let me feel those wings that beat

Let me hear your morning song

Wake up now and fly along

I can feel your tiny heart

Let it heal, let’s make a start

To fly on high with birds on wing

Little Sparrow let me hear you Sing

Hold onto your world top high

Little Sparrow try to fly

I asked for healing as I let you go

As last you fly…..

And my heart does Glow..

Sparrow on its perch

Putting the Sparrow back on the bush

IS worth two in the bush.

Dazed still but ready to fly..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

One World One Tribe

One World One Tribe.

Have you ever looked into a mirror and thought how unique your are

Did you not consider the marvel of creation to wonder upon that Star?

Have you looked at our Race of people, like busy Ants we rush around?

Did you ever seek that silence, as you sat upon the ground?

Have you ever spoke a prayer with words straight from your heart

Did you ever send out your thoughts to a world we all are apart

Can you see we’re not separate in our quest on seeking Life?

We are all upon a journey, we have our loves and strife.

Can you not see in other faces that yearning to belong?

We all have the same emotions as we embrace our own loves song.

Can you forget about our Colours, our Races and our Creeds?

We are all a Race of ‘Beings’ growing up from our small seeds

Did you not hear that voice which shouts inside your head

To follow Peaceful thoughts, did you listen to what was said?

Did you look into your eyes, look really deep inside

If you did you’d soon discover

We are One World One Tribe

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

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