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Why is it do you suppose that for many mediums who have guides, they say that they have a Native American Indian… I know for me in my early years of development I thought how come I didn’t feel a Native Guide.. The first guide I was aware of was a Nun… she came to me when I was a child and I know helped me through some traumatic times of unhappiness as a child…

Years later I was aware of others who would help me with various things, such as my singing… I was aware of a lady in long silk green gown, she would help me in the choir at school whenever I was asked to sing solo.. I was a shy nervous child, but I guess my choir teacher saw how she could bring out that something in me… I didn’t always understand why I would see this lady in green in my mind, until years later and realised she had once been an opera singer..

It wasn’t until I started my Spiritual Healers Coursein the early 90’s that I became aware of a Young Indian Brave who came to add his energy to mine… To make me aware he was near, his sign was to make my face itch down the left side.. It was sometime before I blended with his energy sufficient enough to be able to find out that he was killed in a battle and able to see him clearly enough to see that his face had been badly scared down the left side..

I asked why didn’t they show me themselves more often instead of just making me aware of their presence through my senses, I was told it took far too much energy and the energy was needed in my healing work.

So why is it, Native American Indians seem to be prominent in channelled writings etc. There are teachings of channelled words from White Eagle

And then there are the inspiring words of Silver Birch books which tell of this Native American Indians own life on earth and in the spirit realm. Books that are full of wisdom and light.. Many stand upon my bookshelves.

Native Science teaches us the relationships to the natural world and a way of life and being.. They are the first to admit they were not perfect. No Human Being is.. But Native Science teaches us about the cycle of time and space, they teach us about our individual actions through ceremony and their relationship with the Earth.. They teach us about responsibility in respecting All Nature, taking only that which is needed, and giving thanks for that which is given.. They respect the rights of other living creatures.. And they understand that the Land belongs to no one but our Earth Mother and is Free ..They understand the cycles of sowing and harvesting and how the Moon cycles all entwine within our own circles of growing seasons and our own growth.

They spread their knowledge through their story-telling, Indigenous science also understands the laws of the natural world and the plants and their healing qualities… Traditionally they understood that compacts should be made with the land and the natural entities there. Everything is considered to be alive with spirit energy.Even the stones are alive.. And to them everything is related and connected.. All things unfold, all events into the plan of the Universe.

This ‘Knowing’ is passed down, this relationship of Earth and Space and of the energy between living and non-living things, having their visions and dreams, holding that connection between the physical and Spiritual realms. They understand the importance of Balance with Nature and try to hold a moral and ethical code in which we should all walk.. They see the destruction we have wrought upon ourselves and know what it is to be destroyed as they themselves were nearly annihilated.

And so they come to teach us, and guide us with their wisdom of knowledge.. And those teachers still walk among the Native American Tribes of today, as they speak their Knowing to ALL who will listen..

It is time we once again listened to their Messages.. Before we walk our final path…

For The TIME is NOW..

when we need to once again open our hearts to the Indigenous Native Ways of Being..

And Live In Balance with One another and our Earth Mother.

“The Roots of all living things are tied together.

When one mighty tree is felled, a star falls from the sky.

Before you cut down a mahogany,

you should ask Permission of the Keeper of the Forest,

and you should ask permission of the Keeper of the Star”,


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