Open Your Eyes..


Where do you start? How can you tell?

That all is not right, and all is not well.

When will you listen, and open your eyes

And when will you see that I tell you no lies

Look up and around you see for yourself

Explore and research I speak of your health

We are the experiment, we are the guinea pigs

To unearth your information, you need to dig, dig, DIG.

Now I can tell you as it is, or say it in rhyme

It’s up to you now to seek and to find.

For I will give you a trail, and its up to you if you follow

I know that my findings are of truth and not hollow

So as the weeks unfurl, please don’t take offence

If my posts seem unusual and a little intense.

But my mission is NOW and the choice is all yours

You can read on further or shut all the doors

But if when you look up and you see all’s not right

Then join me and others in this consciousness fight

For this world needs our thoughts, it’s no time to be weak.

A Warrior’s place is to shed light and Speak.

A truth which for some, you will think it a lie,

But believe me this truth, I speak will untie-

You from slumber of slaves

To a brand new perspective in which we are brave

For our banners will fly, with LOVE at their helm

You need to awaken to all that’s been withheld

Come out of your Box, and lift open the lid

See how humanity has sunken and slid

For beneath our very eyes we are being misled

With falsehoods and lies each have been fed

So come on now take a leap of faith and behold

This journey of awakening is needed to be told

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Wake up Time!

Today I visited another Truth Seeker, whose  blog post I read today you can find here… She is Vision Keeper and her blog post is called Expanding our Vision   which can be read here..

We often rely upon others accounts of what is happening around the world.. and as if to confirm to me that it is now time to remove some of those Rose Tinted glasses and start and see the world as it is, and not what we are told.. Then no more so than todays set of coincidences have led me to believe it is now my own time to start and try to wake others up to our world.. 

As a nation we rely upon Governments to rule and supposedly know what is best for its people, and for the most part we are law abiding citizens who comply with rules and regulations because we know without rules there would be chaos .. But have you ever thought beyond what these rules are for? Have you not ever looked behind the scenes of what is portrayed as Real..

Various leaders and Gurus can tell us about the path to enlightenment.. But have you ever tried to enlighten yourself to what our Earth is all about?Have you never Questioned your role here? Did you never ask yourselves WHY are we here.. and What purpose we serve?

We process Data via those who tell us this is the truth, and we blindly believe them. WHY? because we would never think to believe that leaders would wish to harm us..

Many years ago I was blind to many things, and while I know there is a lot of Disinformation out there propagating fear tactics.. there are also a lot of people who know the truth of which I speak..

Now more than ever We need to understand that this world is going to go through some major shifts in consciousness, and its time for many who are sleeping in the bubble of ignorance to at least poke their noses out and take a peek at what I am saying..

Fine you can call me a Nutter, a weird one, who dabbles with those spirits in the after-life.. But those same spirits have also told us that our Earth is going to go through some major shocks.. and our way of living is going to be turned upside down..

This is why we need to start and come together and understand the beauty of our experience is that we are all evolving and growing.. While its sometimes good to let others decide for us what is real and true, its time now to come out of your cocoons and start to do your own research into what I am saying . and start and make up your own minds about our reality.. Question everything…. even me…. never believe what you are told.. dig deeper and unearth your own truth, your own understanding.. Don’t just dismiss it all as nonsense.. or Conspiracy theories either… 

We owe it to ourselves to investigate… I know that much fear mongering will begin shortly .. and so you need to keep an open mind, and listen to your own intuition, follow your own guts.. Don’t get swept up in the tide of media propergander .. If you feel you should be somewhere else.. follow that thought pattern.. If a nagging voice inside your head keeps telling you that you need to move and relocate.. that heed what it says..

For those unseen worlds are joining ours and asking us to listen to that inner voice one in which they repeatedly keep shouting to us for us to listen to..

love and Blessings Dreamwalker 

Chakra’s and Gemstones.

When I ran a development circle into opening our awareness’s to other realms of possibilities with our Spirit World. I put together several hand-out sheets of various information.. This is one of them that I did which a few years ago now showing how Crystals help our body in healing.. . 


clip_image002Here are seven main chakras on the body relating to certain gemstones.

1st Base Root–Bloodstone Carnelian, Garnet.

2nd Sacral –Agate, Amber, Citrine.

3rd Solar plexus-Amber (clear), Citrine, Topaz,

4th Heart—(Tourmaline (green).)

Thymus gland Kunzite, Quartz (Rose)

5th Throat-Aquamarine, Sapphire, Turquoise.

6th Brow Forehead-Amathyst, Sodalite.

7th Crown-Amethyst, Quartz (clear)

Crystals and Healing.

Crystals gain their incredible energy through the long exposure beneath the Earth’s surface. Crystals and gemstones can have a very beneficial effect on our lives, transferring some of their energy into our own electromagnetic field. We actually pick up the healing vibration of crystals and gems.

The main thing to bear in mind when you buy gems and crystals is that you need to look at them (which appeals most to you?) and touch them (holding a gem or crystal is the best indicator of which one to purchase—You will instinctively feel the one you should have).

Sometimes a gemstone or crystal will catch your eye immediately. Hold the stone and put it down. Then look at a few more—and if you are then drawn back to the stone that first caught your eye, it’s probably the one for you.

Using Crystals to enhance you life.

You can make up a set of crystals using a stone for each charka see above. Make a small pouch with a drawstring to keep them from falling out. Preferably made of dark soft material such as velvet. Just carrying the crystals with you at all times will allow you to yet to know them, and gradually be able to use them, as your circumstances require.

Try keeping a set in your drawer at work. When you are feeling low you can place them in a glass dish on top of your desk, between you and the computer for instance, so you can look at them and know that they are helping to protect you. Or use them individually, for instance put the clear quartz crystal in water for a few moments, remove the crystal them drink the water. You will feel instantly refreshed- your water having been energized.

If you feel a bit stressed out, reach into your gemstone pouch and take out and hold a stone, to help you get back into harmony.

A pick me up; Crystals can recharge and energize you. Simply holding a crystal in each hand-pointed end facing outwards from the wrist for the right hand, and pointed end facing in towards the wrist for your left. Do this exercise for a few minutes or until you feel completely refreshed. It is a wonderful re-energizer, particularly useful if you are travelling.

For healing the muscle tissue, hold a clear quartz crystal in your right hand and stroke the aura above the injury several times. Try to imagine the aura has little creases or flaws in it and you and your crystal are ‘ironing out’ these little imperfections. Holding the crystal in your right hand over the thymus gland energizers the body and the repair of muscle and tissue.

For combating low-level radiation, collect several rose quartz crystals and place them around your home or office. Don’t forget to collect them up each week, wash them with warm water and a little salt, place them somewhere near sunlight to dry them befog using them once more. If you like, place them on pink material. They will soak up the wonderful pink energy ray of colour.

Adrenalin rush: this happens when we are in a stressful situation, suffering from the pressures of work, after an argument, or driving in heavy traffic, especially on a motorway. Adrenalin rush can sometimes occur long after the event. Remove the clear quartz crystal, leaving the other six in their pouch, placing it inside your bra at the front, or in a shirt front pocket. Holding your clear quartz crystal massage your aura, (see below), using circular movements, for as long as you are able. Finally, drink a glass of water that has been energized with your crystal. Remove the other gemstones from your pocket.

The Crystal Massage.

Take a clear quartz crystal.

Move it in a clockwise motion about six inches away from the body. Imagine the aura as you work the entire length of the body, and the front, back and soles of the feet. This is very calming. If you have very little time say only five minutes, use large flowing circles to get round the whole body. If you have more time, use smaller Circles as you move along the aura of the body.


TIRED EYES. – Emerald, Malachite, Aquamarine. Take a saucer of water, lay one of these crystals in it for a few minutes and then remove it. Take some cotton wool and gently bathe your eyes with this water. Repeat every few minutes.

SORE THROAT. – Ware a crystal for a necklace all day. Opaque stones generally tend to absorb their surroundings; semis –opaque are absorbent, but can also transmit energy. Match the colour of the stone with those that relate to the throat charka

INSOMNIA. – Sodalite, Emerald, Yellow Topaz, Sapphire, Zircon.

ASTHMA. – Amber, Tiger’s Eye, Malachite, wear these crystals close to your chest, cleanse them regularly.

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Keepers of the Keys.

Golden Mean Spiral

Have you ever split open an apple to reveal the Star inside?

Apple Stars

And did you ever begin to wonder about Life? Do you Know about the Flower of Life?, and wonder about how and why it got imprinted into the Pyramids? And did you see the Hieroglyphs  With Helicopters, Planes and Tanks calved within their walls  Click Link to see them.

Did you ever Study Sacred Geometry? and The Golden Mean Spiral?

Did you ever think of the Garden of Eden and the story of Eve..

The Bite of the Apple!..

  Did you ever connect the Dots?

Have you ever search for answers that you will not find in the History Books?…

  Do you want to dig deeper?… Have you really looked close to find your own Answers?

Do you really want to understand about the Real World?

Do you Know who you are?

Where you are From and Where you are Going?

Have you any Idea of what I am talking about?

Keep Reading! You will find more Coming Soon in my Pages Sections.

This was a poem I wrote the other night, Often I cannot sleep and words often just flow into my mind with no apparent thought and each line that comes I leave as it is there is never hardly any correction added only punctuation if needed ..

Keepers of the Keys

From out of the mists of aeons past

Walk the keeper of the Keys

Holding their secrets locked within time

When all was one and No locks did bind

The Keepers knew our thoughts and held them Free,

For they would speak Telepathically.

We were those Keepers of long ago

But we lost our way-now like sheep we go

Herded into Pen’s of Self

Condemned with Greed and thoughts of Wealth

We travel blindly led by fear

Losing our Roots with the passing of years

Listen now and Listen well

For our Ancestors once more do tell

Its time to open up all our Minds

And discover again the Key and find-

Within yourself a wealth of knowledge

Facts you’ll never find within any collage

Follow not blindly what you are told

Seek and find and soon you’ll behold-

A world you thought was real with fact

Was distorted and tainted,

Look for the Cracks

The Truth is out there, you all have the Key,

Just open your minds,  look and see

Stop bleating your woes, and following the herd

Be Daring, Be Brave, let your voice be heard

Start looking back, trace the flower of Life

Look into the Apple, cut it open with knife

Take a bite, reveal the Real Sin,

Research beyond History, delve and look in

The Keepers return they watch and wait

To see who will awaken and open the gate

We all hold the Key- It’s held in the Mind

Look Beyond what you see

Seek and ye shall find…

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Gratitude and Honour…

Wow, what a beginning to a New Year, with 3 more Awards all coming in on the same week.. I have to say Many thanks to you all who have nominated me for various awards. While I have been blogging..

I am greatly appreciative of you considering me for such wonderful awards, but  I must shelve them within my pages for now.. Before accepting.. But Many Thanks for to the following


First May I say a Big thank you to a fellow sister of Spirit Raven of Leyla at

Road To Ravenwood for her nomination of the Versatile Blogger award  If you visit Ravens Blog you will be delighted by her humour  and sensitivity and you will never fail to visit without coming away with a smile. Congratulations Raven for receiving this wonderful award.



Secondly I thank Christyb

of Poets Parfait  for her nomination of this prestigious award, I haven’t known Christyb for very long, but Christyb is a young freelance writer and Blogger, who is refreshing to read, and she well deserves this award..



And Thirdly, Many thanks to Becca, who well deserves her own Candle Lighter Award, over on On Dragonfly Wings With Buttercup Tea 

Becca writes beautiful Haiku poetry, a gift she does extremely well. So please give her a visit..



Thank you again to all of you for thinking of me, I can’t tell you how thrilled these awards have made me feel when they landed upon my blog.. Love and Gratitude to ALL of you who have thought my Blog worthy of an award.. I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness..

Love and Gratitude.. Sue~ Dreamwalker


Resolutions to Affirm..

As we go into another New Year I wonder how many of us have stared out with New Years Resolutions? and I wonder just how long did we keep those we made last year?

We all start a New Year with good intentions as we endeavour to change to more positive and healthier Life styles. But I wonder just how many of you will embark upon a New Year in which you change your Thoughts!..

Many do not realise the importance of thought and how our thoughts influence our lives. Many think its our Actions which bring about change, but each ‘Action’ is preceded by a ‘Thought’ put into Motion

I’ve often told you in previous posts that our thoughts are energy and hold a vibration.. ‘Like Attracts Like’ Thoughts are like Magnets holding both Positive and Negative energy.. Our constantly repeated thoughts/statements we make about ourselves whether positive or negative enter our minds like a computer.. Our minds accepting data without discrimination

We are all of us connected to the Universal Mind, and the Universe delivers that which your mind believes..

So when you constantly repeat a negative statement or recall bad times, we attract to us similar energy vibrations of negative energy.. This depresses our energy fields and we find our Aura’s literally ‘De-Pressed’ as dense energy is attracted to us, Blocking our Chakras and energy flow.. We then can be depressed and feel as if we hold the weight of the world upon our shoulders..

Breaking these thought patterns can be hard, many of these beliefs we hold about ourselves are ingrained in us from childhood, believing from a young age we are ‘not good enough’ –‘Stupid’ or we are told “ You will never amount to anything” or to “make something of yourself you need to work hard”.. Belief systems we don’t even realise we take on board as these statements take deep root in our subconscious mind as we grow up feeling unloved, not clever enough, or unworthy..

One way of strengthen our belief systems and un-programming our minds to attract more positive things our way including better Health, is by saying Affirmations…

Affirmations are thoughts or words we constantly repeat until they enter our subconscious mind.. When you choose an affirmation remember to say it as if you already have it in the present tense as if your are already there.. Make them simple and not complicated.. and try repeating them out loud.. If your having one of those days when you are feeling down, try humming these words to yourself..

 I am Happy and Bright~ Everything is going right!”

Make sure that your affirmations contain positive words and speak them with Intent… Affirm what you want to be.. and try not to use the words ‘Want’ for the Universe will deliver that and you will always be ‘wanting’… Remember Negative words imprint into your unconscious mind as do positive.. If you are constantly saying to yourself.. “ I refuse to be unhappy” the mind registers ‘Unhappy’  So change that to ‘I am Happy’.. 

Here are a few Positive Affirmations

I am Happy and Healthy..

My life is Full of Joy and Laughter..

I love myself..

Remember Our Thoughts Create…

My own New Years Resolution is to  watch what I think… For our Minds are incredible tools which hold so much power and energy.. We have forgotten just how powerful thoughts are.. For they do indeed Create the World in which we live..  

For those who are  not familiar with The Secret’  you will find more information on the links.. And here on Louise Hay’s Affirmation Website … Start your Year as you mean to go on..

Love and Light to you ALL..



2011 in review ~ Many Thanks for ALL of your Visits

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 14,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Friends, Awards and 2011

Thank you to all of you over 2011 here on Word-Press that have made my experience here so rewarding. Thank you all of you who have commented here upon my blog in 2011, I appreciate each and every drum beat you added, for it goes out far and wide into the Universe as we spread our ripples of Friendship and opinions back and forth.

To name separate individuals would mean I have to name you all, and by the time you read to the bottom of the list I’m sure your attention span would certainly have gone into Hyper Space.. Smile 

But I would like to Thank all of you for making my first year on Word-Press wonderful, I transferred my whole blog over via Windows Live Spaces as theirs no longer operated, Some friends I lost, but many New ones I have gained, and I thank you all of you for keeping my Blog alive and Me on my toes as I struggle some days to keep up with all of your most interesting posts..

Know that I will eventually get around to you, and hey, don’t be shy either, I would love a comment even if you may not always agree with my views and thoughts.. to be the same mind would make for a very dull world..

I have to thanks all of those who have given me awards over the last few months.. Some of you have taken the trouble to give me various awards and although I accepted two Versatile Blogger Awards and followed them through, I have also declined a few others..To all of you who offered me awards Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. But I graciously declined due to Time  So Many Thanks again to ——-

The Liebster Blog Award x2

♡ The Tale Of My Heart ♡ Thank you for the

Tale of My Heart award I much appreciated that you thought of me.. Your Blog is one of beauty and Love.. Many thanks for thinking of me..


Also to David, thank you too for the Liebster Blog award .. David’s blog is full of channelled insights and beautiful Hanukah The Scribe

 The Versatile Blogger x 3

Thank you to Franchesca Aviva  in her artistic Blog

The Devil Beneath’ For her nomination of the Versatile Blogger..Thank you Franchesca 

Also to Learning From Dogs  to Paul for his nomination His Blog is so very interesting not only on his love of our four legged friends but for his own versatile way of reporting interesting facts that we all should be taking heed of.. His Blogs take us deeper into understanding our reality and how we should be thinking deeper into saving our planet .. 

Also for this award I must thank pointsthruprose  for her nomination of this award  Pointsthruprose  Blog is a beautiful collection of various artists works in both art and poetry and is well worth a visit.

The Candle Lighter Award

Thank you now to Warrior Poet Wisdom for his nomination of the Candle Lighter Award made by Kate Kresse  .. The Warrior Poets blog is a treat to read as his inspirational poems  send us a message of Truth and Light..  Many thanks for this Award and nominating me Miro…

 Thank you All of you once again for All of these wonderful Awards, I accept the honour of them most graciously, that you thought to give them to me… And while an award swells the heart and the ego, I give you Great Thanks for all of them, but due to time commitments and a slow PC.. I accept them to keep in my heart, but will not be following any more awards through… As much as they would mean for me to display… I will however add this post to my Pages on the awards Page, with Much love and Gratitude.. 

May you all Have a wonderful 2012.. I intend to start and Blog on different topics that for some may open doors of knowledge while others may wish to close them.. I do however Thank each and everyone of you who visits here.. And would like to wish you all a Very Happy and United 2012 ~May Peace be in each of your hearts, And May you all walk in Harmony..

Sue ~Dreamwalker 

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