The Time is NOW!

Now more than ever is the Time we have to join together and Unite our Thoughts. I have been sensing for some time that I need to up my game as I need to get a message across..All of my life I have felt as if I had a mission to accomplish. With each passing day I feel that more and more of us are joining in on that mission..

One of my new friends I have met on WordPress is Vision Keeper  I am promoting her Blog here as she speaks with amazing wisdom on her Blog posts One World Rising She has recently opened a page for shared ideas as to how we can go forward in helping each other go forward and make our world a better place..  you can visit her by clicking the links..

We all of us need to Send our thoughts of PEACE and Unity into our Earth Plane and we need to sit in that silence  space within ourselves and…

‘Feel’ that ‘Peace’ and send out with our Hearts Love to the World

This is one way ALL of us can help Heal our World and help heal ourselves into the bargain as we Meditate and go within. As we once again balance ourselves with those energies of peace. 

Our EARTH MOTHER and Mankind Need our

Unity of Oneness like at no other time.. 

This world is on the brink of change.. and each of us are aware of Rumblings of our Earth Mother are gathering momentum. Both in the Seismic activities around our globe, weather patterns, and seeing the mass exodus of various species of our Nature  

I am a great believer in synchronicities and straight after posting my last post “ Fitting the Pieces Together”, I opened this Video update in my YouTube account.. Please I ask that you watch and use your own thoughts to create a peaceful bubble around that part of the world. And around yourselves and your families…

One of the ways in which you can help is by

Staying in the Point of Love… Feeling Joy and Laughter.

Focus on the positive in your life not the negative..    

And know that all is as it should be… But we can by adding our collective thoughts to the consciousness It will help this transition be a smoother ride..

Love and Blessings to you ALL

And thank you for all of your contributions with your continued support and your most welcome Comments.

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.


Sewing Seeds~ Synchronicity And Your Heart.

Gregg Braden on Consciousness.


I have sat on the Bottom Video for a few days now pondering on how I could add it to a post.. It is 30 minutes long and for some of you 30 minutes may be too long for you to view..  So I also found one of 10 minutes long which may suit more of you as you go around your busy days.. But I  do urge All of you who are interested in finding those pieces of the puzzle  we talk about,to listen to the Longer Interview with Gregg Braden below, in “Something Big is About to Happen”

Even though this interview is 3 years old, much more has been discovered and each day we gather yet more seeds of knowledge as we discover the reasons for our existence and how we all of us are connected…

Gregg Braden can tell you more in this 30 minute interview than I could in several long Blog posts. For many years I have been finding my own scattered seeds of information and planting them, deep within my own thoughts as I spun them around.. and I am now sewing them in your directions for you to pick through, water and nurture…

Synchronicity seemed also to be at work today as well,for just as I saved the video on external draft and later pressed the search button for ‘seeds’ of my draft title, this document jumped out at me,which I wrote in 2007 in my automatic channelled writing days. So I will also add it here.. as it seems very apt.

The Seeds of Knowledge  come to us in many ways, just like our jigsaw pieces making little sense on their own.. But when we plant nurture and tend them they grow and flourish. 

We are all seeds….. each of us upon our own journey each of us appearing as separate, and yet we are all of us linked together.

It is now time to gather together and spread out our own seeds of love compassion and understanding, and sow them and nurture them. For our Earth and our Brothers and Sisters around this Earth need to feel that love.. We really do now need to start and visualise and live from our hearts as to what type of world we want to live… It is as simple as learning to live from your Heart.

Please keep love alive in your hearts.. Live from your hearts and do not adhere to Fearful traits ..For we need to help our Earth in this Time of Change to Shift our Awareness- our Consciousness into that of Love, Unity and Peace.  Once again embracing the love of Nature and each other..

Below is the document that jumped up at me..

January 20th 07.

I had started to doodle upon the top of the page as I tried and thought unsuccessfully to link in. I doodled which ended up looking like a string of pearl like beads like so.



And then I started to write.

You may think you are doodling. But are they not tiny beads? A sphere, perfect and round and each one looking the same? But each is individual. They are beautiful in their own right, and yet when they are linked together with similar beads, does not there beauty increase? And does not it then become something for someone to treasure, to adorn their person.

You are gathering to you at this time seeds of knowledge. On their own, they may not appear to make sense, and seem worthless bits of information. But if you link it all together, you will see a story unfold. Gather unto yourself those seeds, link them together, and then be proud to show the knowledge you have adorned upon your person. Be proud of who you are, of all your achievements of you goals, and most of all, be proud of yourself.

We who are sending those seeds of knowledge, we will be proud you shall wear the beads of truth.

Our love and Blessings, your Brothers in Arms, once more bids you welcome and asked that you hold you high your light. And let no man extinguish it. Be proud sister, we are with you at all times. Call upon us and we hear, trouble yourself not, and do not be afraid to lead. Stand tall, be firm, and go in peace.

We aim to serve, which is what you and your group have also agreed upon.

Serve well, and so it is as it shall always be, in love truth and light.

Our Blessings,

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Interview with Gregg Braden.


Fitting the Pieces Together.

None of us need to be a genius to know that something is  shifting within the Human Consciousness . Each of us are sensing these changes.

Many more now are awakening to the possibilities that there is more to our physical ‘Being’ than mere flesh and blood as more and more of us get in touch once again with our intuition.

In this modern age we have pushed aside and stopped the flow of our natural abilities in favour of a world that relies upon its Gadgets.  Take all those Gadgets away from us and we wouldn’t survive very long if  only we had was  the skin we are living in to rely upon. Unlike our Indigenous tribes around the world today, whom modern man may term ‘Primitive’ in comparison, And I also wonder if such a machine were  ever invented to measure our Awareness and Happiness factors, just how Primitive we would compare to  our Indigenous brothers to their own Conscious Awareness. For they have long known the things which we have long since forgotten.

Throughout time we have lost touch with our inner selves as we gathered together our gadgets, bigger homes, faster cars trinkets and ornaments, accumulating more debt in order to gather yet more ‘Things’. And still when we think we have everything money can buy, there is still something Missing…  We keep on searching, driven to that higher paid job, the next relationship as we each search for that which makes us feel complete and whole, as we search for the meaning of Life. 

JigsawEach of us are searching for their own piece of the Puzzle, and yet if only we could realise that we are all of us part of that Huge jigsaw puzzle.. ‘The Puzzle of Life’ 

But unlike the Jigsaws we buy we don’t get to see the ‘Big Picture’ on the box lid.

We travel along in life as that little separate jigsaw piece searching to fit in, looking for that connection to more pieces as we slot our lives together.

When we start our puzzle making, we start by looking for all those straight edges pieces, we need structure, a place to start from. It may take us some time to put the boarders together, especially when there are so many pieces to choose from. But we sift through them, gathering together the one’s we need.

We may have to scrabble around the ‘box of life’ trying many pieces to fit with ours. We start by following similar pieces, those with straight lines, whose colours match our own, and gradually we create the perimeters, a structure, rules, a base from which we can then start to fill in more missing pieces.

So too in life we start by congregating with similar people as we join various groups, whether that be education, social, or spiritual. That part is easy, we can see which piece is sky-blue, or Green-Grass and so we huddle together knowing we are going to fit in somewhere. But what about all those mingled colours, the pieces in the box that could be anything.. If we had the picture box lid, we could make more sense of it, but as we don’t, we scratch our heads and wonder as we hold that random jigsaw which represents our self, just where DO we fit in? Often we can drop it/our direction and pick up another/following a different route hoping this one we’ll have better luck with. So to with our careers, our relationships we swop and change forever searching for that perfect fit. 

And you know it when it slots into place.. How?  because it ‘Feels’ right, and when that happens, just how much more quicker do the rest of the pieces then start to slot into place.. For once again we are following our intuition, as we ‘know’ we are then on its correct coarse again. 

universe we are OneLife is like that Puzzle, all the pieces are there right before our eyes, and yet we miss what’s right under our very noses. We are constantly being given signs from the Universal Mind , the source of creation, but we have been wrapped up for so long within our Material world, we no longer see the signs that naturally occur and point us in the right direction.

The first part of putting the Puzzle together is to see yourself not as separate from anything else, we are all part of this huge picture called ‘Life on Earth’, We cannot function as a lone piece. We need others to connect with. Each adding their own colour creating the whole. It would not be Earth if we didn’t have the Flora and Fauna and each of us are inevitably connected via that same Life Source of Energy which permeates through each of us.

The indigenous tribes survive because they function as a whole, they connect to Nature and the Universal Mind serving each for the good of the whole working within the natural laws of oneness.

To find the answers of “ Where do I fit in?” and “What is my purpose?” we need to understand we are connected to a “Whole” lot more, and that the time is now, whereby we need to start and dig around in that Box of Life  and turn over some of our own jigsaw pieces as we discover the make up of our reality.

We need to see that by adding our Conscious awareness to that of others piece by piece our memory of just who we are will return.

I am reminded of that saying.

 Together we stand, Divided we Fall      

This is why our Lights need now more than ever to join together to bring Illumination into the world..

Keep searching, for the pieces are coming together, ~ One by one of us are seeking to understand and Wake-Up..But first we need to  re-discover ourselves 

Now is the time to reach out with your Hearts and send each other Love, Pray for Peace around this word… For this world needs YOU.. for You are a vital Piece of the Puzzle..

We need to Unite each other to complete the task we came to achieve.

We Are One

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

We can Make a Difference..


Today I haven’t as much time as I would like today.. so I am reposting a poem I wrote some time ago..

Many gathered yesterday to send our their unified thoughts of love and peace to the world, I had a wonderful meditation,as I felt the peace.. So too at other times around our world others have sent out their thoughts.. Thoughts for a brighter and more peaceful world.

Visiting Blogs around WordPress, I see many such thoughts sent out for Peace and Unity..

Together we can make a difference.. by uniting our thoughts in unity and love.

We all of us see the changes around us happening, and yet many do nothing, as we get caught up in the emotions of it all.. Often it comes out in moans and groans of our lot in life, and often it comes out in anger as we wage war with others who feel exactly the same as ourselves..

Well there is something you can do about it..

 We Change the way we THINK….

Stop our Moaning, and start to see the Gifts we Do have..

appreciate the world around us, and those who are precious to us..

And use the power of our minds and Hearts 

Only by living from our hearts will we change the world we wish to see our children inherit.



Look around the world, what do you see?

Changes coming thick and fast for you and me

Time that whizzes faster than the pendulum swings

Changes are upon us in everything.

I’m sure you’ll agree as you see the Climate change

How everyone comments the weather’s gone all strange

With fires and floods and almighty winds

Changing lives forever as chaos reigns

How many get caught within the game of Life

Embracing the negative that causes such strife

Video games that zap, bash, and kill

Nullifying minds and the Human will

Look around your world and look into the sky

Have you not seen what they spray from on high?

When was the last time you felt really well?

Come on now think! Are you Happy! Can you tell?

Changes are upon us in everything we do

Less Jobs, Higher Bills, Oh and let’s not forget the Flu

Listen well, Changes will never stop

Do you really understand what it is that we forgot?

Have you ever thought about changing the way you think?

Do you not see this is the missing link..

The poor me, the have not’s and the endless moans and groans

Have you not thought to change the record and alter your tone?

Get out of the rut and release the heavy load

That we all chose to carry along our different road

Look around your world what has changes for you?

Have you given up? Or got strong, what do you do?

Changes are a part that makes us move and grow

But we need to change the seeds that we all sow

Look on the bright side see your glass half full

Think brighter thoughts, cast away the dull

If we want the world to change then we all need to see

It starts right here, as we change both you and me.

So Change your thoughts and add a little light

And for once just trust everything will be alright.

© Sue Dreamwalker 2010 All rights reserved.

The Journey Begins.

The Journey has begun~


Life leads us forever along a journey, have you ever wondered how it is we seem to travel along our different paths, often oblivious to the whys and wherefores of our existence.

Have you never thought back to all those people you met and wondered how they came into your life? I am a great believer that people come and go throughout our lives as our pathways cross, each of us bring something to the other, even though we may never see what that is…

Nothing is ever by chance…

Looking back at my childhood years I remember little, and yet I remember much. I remember my Maths Teacher, Miss Lomas, a buxom woman who retired the year after I left School.. Miss Lomas was also my Music Teacher. Now in her maths class, I was below average, especially in mental arithmetic, ( No Calculators in my day it was long division) and all that working out I often got lost and would peer over my class-mates shoulder in the hope to find where I was going wrong.. But in my Music class I played the recorder and sang in the choir, In my last year at school age 15 I was presented with the music prize on Speech Day, it was the book of music ‘Handles Messiah’ a book which still stands with pride upon my bookshelf today.

Miss Lomas could be a really strict teacher and she scared the living daylights out of me in her maths class, as she would grumble at my results and I would strike red pen through my work as she told to correct my mistakes.. But in her Music class I sat near her piano, and she would always come to ask me to sing Middle C which I would sing in perfect tone, as I’d follow the Music from the music scripts. She taught the class to always wear a smile when we sang, but I don’t think I need to be taught, for I loved to sing and I had a permanent grin in Music Class.

We aspire to the things we love in life.

The school I went to was the Secondary Modern School for Girls, girls and boys went to different schools back in my day, it was only the Grammar Schools where they were mixed, the Grammar Schools were where you went if you passed your 11Plus exam, where the brainy kids went, this exam we sat aged 11 to determine which school we went to for the rest of our school years, needless to say I failed…

I failed I guess because I wasn’t bright at spelling or maths, But I was very good at drawing, and artwork something I took after my Dad for.. This system later got abolished, as Comprehensive schools came in later.

Where Am I going with all of this? Well it’s all about people and Language, and how they come into your life and set your path, and when I arrived at my Secondary Girls School I was shy and a bit of a loner, I wasn’t one for conversation, and didn’t easily mix. In fact, because our family were not well off, we couldn’t afford the proper uniform, something I would always be getting pointed out in assembly as I was told to go to the headmistresses office for not wearing correct uniform, as my Mother had handmade my summer dress and she thought to put a lace collar on my red gingham dress, her sewing machine couldn’t do button holes, (it wasn’t electric but a treadle machine, you older generation of ladies out their will remember some of these) So I had press studs all the way down the front of my dress.. This dress was made three sizes too big for me, and lasted me 3 yrs, as the hem and seems were let out and out. So too were my shoes, Big black ones, that were miles too big, I had cotton wool in the end of my toes, and my legs looked like Mini Mouse out of Disneyland. These too lasted me years and I jumped for joy when the soles wore out, and cried when my dad re-soled them again.

One of those childhood memories looks back with fondness at my English Teacher, Mrs Woodhouse, Now she saw in me something I think, for she would give me tasks to help her, and she saw my love of listening to the stories she would read out..She gently encouraged me to read out loud in class, as I’d turn red faces she saw how I would struggle with words that I didn’t understand and could never spell.. She introduced me to Books, she would take me to one side and take me into her library of books in her store cupboard and pick one out and say –‘take that home, no need to tell anyone else, keep it and read it and let me know what you think when you have finished’.. I would devour those books, they would transport me to a different world.. I would read and I could shut out all of the arguments in my reality, and I would devour their words as the pictures flew across my mind as the characters came to life from their pages.. I would bring them to life, as I would laugh along with them; cry their tears, as I journeyed along their life’s paths, feeling their sorrows, sharing their joys.

Language can take us on remarkable Journeys.

Language communicates our thoughts as we speak and as we write them down. Language is a tool as we weave our stories, share our information and experience, Language throughout our world holds many similarities, as different countries even hold similar words and meanings.

Words get altered in dialect, shortened, lengthened altered added to, omitted, used as slang.. Words are the means for us to communicate.. Whereby in other cultures use their stories as they pass them down verbally through generation to generation, some using pictures and paintings to help explain their past. Some calving out symbols in stone.. While others in History have decided to write and record what they have seen or been told.

Just as my teachers touched my life, I am now touching yours as you read my words, I weave my own images across your mind as I use my words to describe my events of my past history.

I may not have remembered it in accurate detail, as my memory remembers only the good bits and the bad bits,, other bits in-between have got lost. The bits I don’t want to share with you I omit, I don’t tell you.. Or I could just be making it all up and telling you a load of fiction..

You have to decide… What feels right to you?

So too we are taught in school, we are given the tools of language, and told this is Truth, we believe it because we have no cause not to believe it.. But what if some of our History was mixed up when written down, distorted, omitted, added to, and moulded…

Historians, Archaeologists, and Scientist can’t explain some of the greatest mysteries of the world.. We think that Pyramids are just in Egypt, when they are in Peru, Mexico, China, all over… In fact in China they are letting trees grow over them so no one can see them.. Pyramids have been found under the ocean..

Ancient Mysteries are the key to unfolding our Answers

It’s a little like those sailors long ago thinking they would sail off the edge of the world… With knowledge we perceive things differently.. I have always felt a little different.. apart…. something I cannot explain.. This has led me to search, I am still searching.. But I have always had an open mind.. I want those who travel along with here to open their minds, to other possibilities, Nothing is cast in stone.. History is being made every day… I am asking you to take another look with me and

Question The tools we are taught with..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2012 All rights reserved.

Join the World in Unity of Thought.

I have just come from Vision Keepers  Blog and read about a Global event staged for Saturday 21st of January 2012 at 5pm GMT to send out our thoughts and prayers for World Peace and Unity.. Details of which can be found here  where by you can visualise a world  in which we want to live.. In beauty harmony and peace..

If you remember for the date the 11:11:11 I also asked  for your support in adding your thoughts for a Meditation Prayer to be send out, which can be found Here 

So I ask that where ever you are in the world,, You can use the words on the links or choose your own simple thoughts of Peace, Love, harmony and Unity to add your Light into our World..

For it is the INTENT that our Thoughts are sent out.. Not the exact words… Our Intentions of thought are what generates the energy… So we need to generate, Love, Unity, Peace and Harmony.

What sort of a world do we want to pass down to our Children… We want a Peaceful World, A World Free from Fear and Tyranny, We want to see our Planet our Earth Mother cared for as she cares for us, as she gives us our very Breath…

We need to start and live from our Hearts and care for each other,, It is up to us… NOW to realise that we cannot let this world carry on in the same way… Full of Hate.. Greed,  Control and Fear..

Please take five minutes out of your busy day to watch this Video

and on Saturday at your collective times around the Globe, send out our Earth Mother your collective Thoughts.. For Prayers are Thoughts.. Thoughts are Living Energy as I keep telling you.. Our Thoughts Create.. Create a Better Future a Better World in which you want your families to grow and flourish..

This is something we all can contribute to  so please… Send a Thought to Heal our Planet and its Inhabitants… for Humans and All the Animal Kingdoms.

Thank you..

Sue Dreamwalker x


A Vision of A Beautiful New World

Mathew Hart of Los Angeles, and Pearl Lee-Ora Landsman of Jerusalem Invite you to attend a One Hour World Wide Visualisation/Meditation on January 21st 2012 beginning at 5pm GMT time.. For more information about this event, see the information on YouTube with this Video.

Many thanks…. Love and Gratitude.. to all who join in to add their light around the World.. ~Sue

The Beginning.

The Journey~

Where does one start? I’m told the best place to start is at the beginning.. But just where did it begin? Did it start when I was a child who went into her shell, the one who spent time alone inside her head. The one who was the eldest child of 5 who was nicked named ‘Little Mother’.

Just when did my searching begin? Was it through the bed time stories I would make up to my siblings as I lay in our bedroom shared with 3 other sisters, and my brother across the landing that would spin a little magic each night. Or was it the nights I lay with curtains wide open looking up at the Moon and Stars? Feeling alone, and just wondering about all those different planets out there.Yet at the same time feeling a Knowing within that I couldn’t explain.

Maybe it was the Night when aged around 12 when out playing on a winters evening with friends as it grew dark and yet the snow made it lighter on the ground as it sparkled like diamonds, reflected by the Moon  and with one sparse street lamp, when we saw something flash in the field next to our homes and the street lamp and electricity failed for a few moments as the power cut out. And we all felt something eerie.. and we ran on home.

Or could it have been when my Father came home in a panic  saying something strange had followed him home down a lane he often walked at night, saying he felt he was being watched and that something seemed to hover above the trees, as he heard a low hummm .. I remember how spooked he was, and Dad was never one to be spooked.

Then again it could have been the time around 13 yrs old when I was walking up our stairs and saw a Nun in full habit cross our landing. I was told not to be so silly.

Perhaps it may have been when I got all emotional aged 11, I was allowed to go to with a Chapel Day outing for a long long day out at London Wembley Stadium, when I joined in the hysteria of others who cried out loud at a Billy Graham Crusade.

Or was it when my brother  came home to not quite believing what he had seen, as his mate had died aged 18 in a lone car accident on a lonely country road, and yet two days after his funeral, he and 2 others saw him as large as life standing on the Village Cross, as he waved to them all then disappeared.   

Then again it could have started when I would lay at night with ear trained to the floor, with heart in my chest beating loudly as I waited for parental arguments to start.

When ever my journey started, I learnt to pray.. I learnt to send out my thoughts. For Prayer is sending out our thoughts into the Cosmos as we link with that which we are one with.

I would pray for the arguments to stop, I would pray that everyone would be alright.I learnt to pray for lots of things.. I learnt to send out my thoughts and Listen back, for I wanted to know my prayers were being answered.

As a small child to 15yrs old I went to Sunday School at our local Chapel. Religion, Bible study as a child played a Huge role in my upbringing. And as I’ve mentioned before in other posts I thought of GOD as this white bearded man in a heavenly cloud, listening to all I had to say..

Today my perception of our Creator has changed, so too has the world grown with knowledge gained.  We now know that we don’t fall off the edge of the ocean as we’ve discovered the world is no longer flat. But long ago, such were our beliefs.

It isn’t until we are given knowledge and like those first explorers be brave enough venture a little further into the unknown, that we make new discoveries. The boundaries are being pushed all the time, as our view of the world and our perceptions change. To those that sailed off into the unknown, many thought they would fall off the edge of the earth, for such were their perceptions given the knowledge they had at that time..

Now our perceptions are based upon the knowledge we too glean from our parents, our surroundings, our History books etc.The Media, our Newspapers, We all assume that what we are being told is the Truth….

I remember too when my Mother told me I was born under a Gooseberry Bush, and I got into a heated argument aged 6 with my best friend defending my Mum who was right, and said No! I didn’t come out of my Mummy’s Tummy as her Mummy has said..beacause  MY MUM was right and Her Mum was wrong..

You see we get into this indoctrinated way of thinking, for we have always been told its this way or that way, and why would we need to question it.. When our parents pass down their thoughts and beliefs. This has happened throughout many generations.. 

 I have known from a young age that I needed to seek the Truth, I needed Answers, I have to explain that I have always looked up to the sky and known I come from Way up there somewhere… there is this connection, even as a small child I felt I was on a kind of Mission. I knew that there were ‘others’ out there, listening, Watching, waiting.. So maybe that was the beginning of my journey, as all of these life experiences made me think, question, and sit within the silence of my own thoughts and just wonder.. Why are we here?

The Journey of discovery first starts with oneself.

And to find oneself, sometimes you have to lose yourself for a little while in order to find yourself again. I did that too…. Many years later experiencing A  nervous breakdown… through stress, over work, juggling career, family, guilt, inadequacies, rejection from my Mother, a whole range of emotions..

It was then that my real journey of self began.. when I asked the question..

WHO am I? …in fact just who are WE? …and Where do we come from, and What are we doing here, and Where are we going?

Questions I know Many more are now starting to ask.. and as we Wake up to the Truth of who we are, we see that what we have been told we need to Question. And find out those answers for ourselves..

The journey has begun~ As  in coming posts I will share my own thoughts… and I hope you too will share yours, and remember you don’t have to agree… For YOU too are on your own Journey..

Together I hope we find some Answers.. 🙂

Gratitude and Thanks To ALL ..


Before I do anything else today, I must thank my friends for nominating me get again for various Awards, some as Yet I still have not got around to following through, though they are pasted in my Awards pages waiting for that time when I can give them my Full attention.. Some of them require certain rules to be followed and I want to be able to do them justice when I post them..

Others have been given with no rules attached and I know I will be forwarding on these awards in due course to very worthy Blog sites that I visit..

I’d like to say a Big thank you first to Warrior Poet Wisdom for nominating my blog for the One-Lovely –Blog –Award

Thank you Miro.. for this award as some of you may know Warrior Poets Wisdom is indeed a pleasure to read with all his enlightening poems which hold so much for everyone who visits with his wise words of poetry. In fact Miro has just had another volume of poetry published entitled Warriors Poet Vol IV: Intensity  Congratulations Miro..


Also a Big thank you to Connie Wayne over at A HOPE FOR TODAY after reading the qualities needed to be awarded for this Hug-Award I was very humbled in accepting Connie’s nomination.

Connie’s site is all about HOPE and has to be viewed to see how her articles promote Hope, Peace and Unity for all.

Many Thanks Again Connie..



 Also to Nikki, over at Beautiful Chaos  for her nomination of the Candle Lighter Award .. Nikki’s creations of her wonderful graphic designs with poems and various themes are a delight..

Thank you Nikki.. for your friendship..

And Last but not least.. May I thank Everyone who visits and leaves me their drum-beats here upon Dreamwalkers Sanctuary .. Awards are very nice to receive,But I Welcome ALL your contributions here,And LOVE to read and answer your most welcome thoughts,  for it is your contributions with your thoughtful comments to various subjects which have kept this Blog Alive.. 

You all of you have made my blogging experience here on Word-Press a most enjoyable journey and I hope that we will shall travel further into those realms of Thought.. Where we may learn much more from each other..

Blessings to you x ~Sue Dreamwalker  

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2012 Acrylic Painting Acrylics Akiane Kramarik. Allotment Allotment. Self Sufficiency Allotments Ancient Secrets Angels Answers art Arts and Crafts Ascension Automatic Channelled Writing Avaaz Awaken Awakening Awards Awareness Balance Books Butterfly Caring change Changes Children Choices Climate Change Community compassion Consciousness. Consciousness. Community Consciousness. Illusions Conservation Crafts creativity Darkness Diving Deeper Dreams Earth Earth Changes Earth Day Earth Mother Earth Shift Elder Tree Emotions Energies Energy Enlightenment Environment. Faith Family Fear Flower of Life Flowers Food Freedom Friends Gaia Garden Gardening Gifts Gratitude Gregg Braden Growing your own Grow your own happiness Harmony Healing Health Heart Hearts Hobbies Indigenous people Inner thoughts Inspired Intuition journey joy Knitting life Light Lightworkers love Mankind Mass Consciousness Matrix Mayan Calendar Media Medicine Wheel meditation mind Monsanto Mother Earth music Native American Indians Nature New Earth News New Year Ocean Oneness Painting Paintings Pastel Drawings. Peace Personal Responsibility Planet Earth Planting Poem poems Pollution Positive Positive Thinking Prayer Scotland Seeds Self Sufficiency Shift Short Stories. Signs Soul Sound Spirit Spiritual Spring Storms The Great Purification thoughts Time Trancend transformation. transformation. Energy Travel Trees Truth Unity Unity Consciousness Universe Vegetables Vibration. Vision Quest Walking War wars Watercolour Painting Weather web world World Peace

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