A Circular Path

Cirlces of life

This past year has flown, and I’m sure many of you too will have commented upon how ‘Time’ has speeded up.. In fact TIME has speeded up and along with it many of our karmic lessons have also been coming around faster also, as what goes around comes around…I feel Karmic debt is now playing out faster, giving us this last chance to redeem ourselves from those injustices we have committed and carried out both in this and past lives..

Life is a circular journey in which we often encounter issues that seem to repeat until we learn and grow.. I know from my own experience in life the reappearance of old habits or fears often crop up.. Sometimes I believe they come to test us in our resolve to achieve mastery over our lives.. Challenges that seemed too difficult to overcome when we began our journey , on looking back have given us a new depth of courage.. We will always be tested, but it’s also important to stop and take a look at the ground we have covered, honouring our achievements, courage and persistence..

It’s not all about us… we have to think of those whom we meet along our journey, the ones we may not even realise our lives have touched as theirs touch ours… I know from my Blogging experience, many thank me as I do them for that kind word or enlightened post which sets me on yet another train of thought, I never stop learning and growing, and I’m always thankful for those insights and lessons upon this journey of life..

There are times when we may not always feel at our best or brightest , I know there have been many times this last year where my own light has grown very dim, and if it were not for my inner knowledge of understanding that as workers of Light we are often attacked and dragged down… But that Knowing also has shown me, that it is only I that has the power to Dim my own Light..

I have had to work away from the inside many years ago to build myself up from dark void I found myself in, and this year I have been on the edge of falling off that cliff face once again.. But I grasped hold of myself and shook myself by the scruff, and started to work on my energy centres again.. Clearing my chakras of the physical debris that keeps us from functioning at our fullest capacity..

To do that we have to shift our thought patterns, from the woe is me syndrome and shift it to one of gratitude and apply love to any shadowy thoughts.. I took myself out for walks, I hugged trees, I played with my one year old granddaughter..I started to do my Qui Gong every morning..I started to love me once again..Often we do not realise how little we love ourselves, as we neglect our needs as we chastise ourselves as we beat ourselves up with our thoughts..

Once we free ourselves from our own negative thought processes and connect to the power of creation, the centre of our being.. For we are our own creators.. What we think we create in our own world, we then take the steps of our journey back to that full circle.. The one which each of us are striving to find.. The journey back to the Light.. The only obstacles in this journey is ourselves .. I know it can be difficult to find that stillness within as our minds and bodies as the material existence gets in the way..

But Practice we must.. We need to keep our thoughts focused away from all the negative bombardments that the media throws out to us each and every day as they are creating a world in which we are being sucked deeper into the abyss of despair and terror as they use Fear tactics to control and hold our lights forever dim.. As many get sucked deeper in debt, buying things they don’t really need.. As they work harder to provide ‘Things’ for their children.. When all the Children really need is LOVE.. and their parents attention span for more than five minutes…

We need to keep our energy flowing freely , without these obstructions of destruction in the form of TV, Games, and Films .. How many parents plonk their children in front of the TV and don’t monitor what they watch as violence spills out as the norm.. Then we wonder what is wrong with the world?

We can all shine our lights and make our paths shine brighter and at the same time we can help illuminate the world..But it has to start with us… Me and you.. simple… in order to change the world and bring our own lives to that completion- that full circle, we need to start with self..

Only then can we begin that circular journey with more understanding of where we are coming from..

Love and Light to you all upon your own journeys of Life… May your roads always be straight,  and the  curves you encounter will always bring you that which you need, may they be smooth, and Bright..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.

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55 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Visionkeeper
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 15:06:55

    Good one DW….It all comes down to one thing over and over again. Doing our own work within for if we don’t we cannot find the truth. It is time to listen to ourselves not the dark forces psycho babble. The old cliche, one needs to listen within, is still around for a very good reason. It is so true, that is where all our answers lie. Thanks! VK



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Dec 29, 2011 @ 15:12:16

      Thank you Vision Keeper… Yes that inner voice at times screams out to be heard among all the babble we listen to.. But its always there inside just waiting for us to turn our attention to listen… Many thanks for taking time to comment VK…keep your own light bright :-) x



  2. Paul Handover
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 15:56:02

    Lovely words, Sue. A few weeks back, I finished a short story with the sentence, “If you don’t get lost, there’s a chance you may never be found.”



  3. marciento
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 16:09:52

    Hello! Best Wishes for the New Year!




  4. davidtenn
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 16:38:01

    So true Sue, only with practice can we hear the voice within … that is our truth.
    Love David



  5. prenin
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 17:00:10

    There is a feeling of balances shifting in the world Sue, not only in the Middle East, but across the globe.

    Whether for good or ill I do not know, but change IS coming…

    Love and hugs!




    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Dec 29, 2011 @ 17:09:21

      Hi Prenin, yes Change is coming, it has to.. We cannot keep on destroying our planet and each other with Greed as the tools of destruction.. There has to come a time we need to readdress the imbalance we have caused as a species to Mother Earth and to ourselves.. We need now more than ever to understand that to change the world we first need to change ourselves, our thoughts for we have become very selfish in our ways controlled by Fear and Greed.. We have lost the ability to share with each other.. That community spirit is lost as we become fearful of each other and their motives.. We need to once again Care and Give and Trust .. Words which we have long lost the meaning of, in this throwaway society of both goods and values.. Thank you Prenin for your comments here



  6. prenin
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 17:05:30

    Hi hun! :)

    Just caught your comment! :)

    Despite a fierce wind I dodged between showers and got everything done WITHOUT getting wet!!! :)

    Love and hugs!




  7. lorenna
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 17:20:24

    Long ago I read something interesting about our indigenous peoples and this circular path.They call this the entangled Earth and see they weave away at this and create this woven heaven as it is known,,
    Everything is perceived to be sacred no matter,even their living quarters and the villages and habitats as they build from a circle outwards,always incorporating this spiral and its design into life.
    Fascinating as humans today live in a very right angled boxed world both in material and conscious sense..
    Applying this structure of life was the symbiosis of both life and consciousness and the great beyond as you breathe life in many ways,And to except the path you are on you must construct the tools both consciously and with the material world to journey this same path.
    Humanity has forgotten this for the most part and fail to recognize that we have become a creature not of this ancient habit but instead we have tried to become its masters.Who can rule the house of consciousness and rise above it is as mute in form as those who try to conquer this planet and its resources,Both the mind and the material world have merged into a humanity that cobbles crudely a very disturbed pattern.These the material trappings ,and the boxing in of this consciousness are our downfall.
    Going back to the land ,and going back to the conscious light and merging these like our ancients of past will not happen.Hence this precession of time they measured out so well and lived within.Both you see in everyway they lived.
    I am not passionate about humanity as I once was as I can see the so many misgivings we have created as we have done nothing but draw a straight line with our ways.
    Had we learned the value of life and these same principles of this scared circle and how it is applied in the conscious and material way “life” might..would be much differant.Those who disagree would be wise to look and up and see this same heaven as it can only be attained by forsaking the wealth of this earth and weaving their own circle within the “self” that is the path outwards.



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Dec 29, 2011 @ 17:38:07

      Lorenna, your words of wisdom echo strongly within my own circle of thought my dear sister, Our Ancient teachers knew the path to walk.. we have long ago strayed onto the narrow ledge of Narrow Views with no heart… But it gives me hope that as I travel around the web those same ancestors spoke of long ago, that there are many who still have Light within their hearts and are now trying in their own ways to readdress the balance.. Even though I know deep within Mankind has still much turmoil and lessons to learn before we can be unified with the light of love that Oneness we have all become so separate from. Many thanks for dropping in today Lorenna my friend..



  8. alison111111
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 18:42:53

    This made me cry because its all very true and so helpful,Sometimes we dont see the energy within ourselvers just drain away before our eyes…we then are left with having to restore the light that needs to burn brightly to continue to touch the lives of those we can help.
    I myself sit and think….why am I so tired and drained.Thankyou for your inspiration.Its always a lovely place to pop in and feel like Ive dropped in an old very good friend for a pot of tea.
    Love and light my friend and wishing you a light that burns brightly in the future.



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Dec 30, 2011 @ 11:48:56

      Arrgh Alison, Many thanks for dropping in, I Often think of you and how you are doing, I hope that you update you Blog spot soon, as Im sure you have more wise words for us all… Wishing you all the Best for the New Year, and a Big thank you from me and all those whom you help Alison, They may not know they have an Angel supporting them.. But they do.. Love and Light.. xx



  9. Sabina Brave
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 22:51:23

    The way to inner peace is long and not easy, but worth trying. I know, that moments of doubts will come… and that I’ll survive like you did. :)

    Love and Light to you too Sue :)
    Happy New Year!



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Dec 30, 2011 @ 11:50:50

      Doubts are good, its always good to question our thoughts.. Its the ones that you just feel in your gut are just right that we need to follow.. Happy New Year Too xx Love to you Sabina..



  10. Rosemary Monteith
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 23:33:55

    Wise words Sue, and change for all of us is coming soon,it is always darkest before the Dawn.



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Dec 30, 2011 @ 11:57:51

      Yes Rosemary, Change is coming, and for many it will be a shock, as I feel situations will change quite dramatically in 2012, We are all upon a knifes edge where the monetary situation is concerned and people do not realise the knock-on effects that will cause.. The things we have to realise is not to Fear and get caught up in panic.. For the TV will certainly play its role there.. I hope you and W have a wonderful Happy and Healthy New Year Rosemary.. Love to you xxx



  11. Raven
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 01:57:31

    Aho dear Sue,
    I have been practicing, working hard at it. I was sitting today for over an hour the sun had began to set and I was alone. I heard the ducks out in the river below my window. Time goes by so fast, so fast. Odd lately, relatives and old friends have been visiting my dreams…most dead but some living. They try to tell me something but nothing except their deep emotion comes to me. I think I am missing something.
    I shall find what it is soon…but your words are always encouraging to me. Thank you so much my dear friend.
    Warm feathery to you with love and smiles,
    Raven of Leyla xx



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Dec 30, 2011 @ 12:10:55

      They draw close as the veils lift.. Sometimes all they need you to know is that they are there with you.. So just acknowledge them back with your love as I’m sure you do Raven.. My Dreams too have been more vivid of late and old relations have cropped up, Some have taken me back to childhood days .. I think I have to start and learn to live and treat that inner child in me again with more compassion and love, as I’ve been quiet hard on myself recently.. I think too they may be telling you to just Be.. and know ALL things have purpose even those dark days. For they let us see the beauty of the Bright ones as we spend them with our little ones.. Im sure you yourself felt that when you got lost in all that Christmas cookie baking with those little ones whose fingers were into everything.. Time Flies when we have Fun.. Time flies when we let ourselves Drift through life and worry not what the morrow brings… For tomorrow never comes, and it always takes care of itself.. Keep beating your wings Raven and FLY HIGH…



  12. Raven
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 02:04:05

    I went to click post when I saw the graphic…white dragonfly, 2 eagles the crystal bubble… I see eagle vision-double, magic light of creation-dragon fly and blessings of Lakota wisdom…dragonflies always bring news to me.
    I love this graphic Sue…magic is all around us.
    love and hugs,



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Dec 30, 2011 @ 12:14:57

      So pleased you spotted the Graphic Raven its an optical illusion one.. Dragonflies to me are Very special, and Magic is All around.. For we can make our own, every day if we but think magical thoughts… Miracles do happen Raven.. we have just forgotten how to create them… Love and a special Hug back.. xx



  13. WordsFallFromMyEyes
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 09:01:14

    This was a great review of the year, & very positive. I hadn’t felt time speed up myself, or karmic debt, but I absolutely agree things have repeated in life until I’ve faced them. That’s so very true.

    Happy New Year to you :)



  14. Uncle Tree
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 12:01:16

    Now those are some wonderful wishes!
    Thank you! I pray that peace, love,
    and joy invade your household
    and stay throughout 2012.

    Nice to meet you! Peace,
    Uncle Tree



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Dec 30, 2011 @ 12:20:04

      Hello Uncle Tree…. Now trees are the life giving force to this world.. So love your logo .. Such a friendly smile …. Many thanks for adding your well wishes to my post and so very nice to meet you also.. Blessings to you and yours for 2012 also :-)



  15. Warrior Poet Wisdom
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 20:50:18

    Congratulations, I’ve nominated you for the Candle Lighter Award: http://warriorpoetwisdom.com/2011/12/30/warrior-trophies/
    Peace & grace,



  16. zolemia
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 21:23:46

    Your words echo through my heart and my soul as I read them today, it is as if they are coming from inside of me. I have had a year of darkness that has finally as it comes to an end shown me that there is light that I can walk toward. I will not give in, I will not let it define me. Practicing Qui Gong opens the sky for me.
    Thank you for your beautiful words- from my heart…wishing you the best in 2012!



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Jan 01, 2012 @ 12:30:08

      Hi Zolemia,

      “Qui Gong opens the sky for me”..

      Yes it sure does that… Im happy that my post has helped.. wishing you a Very Happy New Year and never look back always forward.. :-)



  17. jussaraluna
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 02:45:59

    Hello my dear Dreamwalker!!
    Happy New year!!
    Much peace, love, serenity and happiness!!
    My best wishes to you and your family in 2012:))
    many hugs to you~~~love always~~Jussara



  18. aussieian2011
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 08:06:04

    Wishing you a great new year Princess
    One filled with prosperity , love and happiness
    Here is 46 degrees so into a warm welcome for the new year
    Go into 2012 with a smile on your heart
    Ian aka Emu



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Jan 01, 2012 @ 15:13:21

      Ian and Emu, thank you very much for all your much looked forward too comments my friend.. I hope that the Humour never leaves you and Emu never loses his feathers ;-) Happy 2012 Ian..



  19. Androgoth
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 14:23:15

    Time is rushing ahead Sue but guess what?
    We have lots of wickedly fine times to follow,
    and sharing friendships, whether here in our
    WordPress or in the real world is something
    very worthwhile and I thank you for beind a
    very good and wicked friend to me Sue :) ;)

    Happy New Year 2012
    and don’t be too good :) ;)

    Androgoth XXx



  20. Androgoth
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 14:26:06

    ‘Beind’ is Ghoulish for ‘Being’… hmm, time certainly rushes
    by but keyboard skills get worse don’t they my great friend? :( :) ;)



  21. Samanthamj
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 18:01:01

    Thank you, Sue, truly.
    Love and Light to you and yours in the new year too.



  22. kenny2dogs
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 18:47:13

    Hello Sue.
    No image of you has been observed, only those that people imagine in their minds. To some you may appear as a golden haired slender nimph of the forrest. Darting here and there through the x/mas trees twinkling and glistening .
    Some may see you as an old lady, sat at her great oak table gazing into a misty globe, with a Raven perched upon your shoulder and an Owl in the rafters. But I, I envisage you as a Star, shining high in the sky. Brighter than all other celestrial bodies, yes the unreachable and unteachable Star of the world of word press.

    Long may you delight me so with your words, regardles of the fact that I do not always believe them. I bow to your inner beauty.
    B.T.W. Have a most wonderful new year. :))



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Jan 01, 2012 @ 15:22:05

      Wow! Kenny my old friend of WLS days… I thank you from the bottom of this Old Nymph’s Heart as I send my Owl to hoot back at you and Cherno, and set the Raven to fly from Ravenswood I know she visits often.. .. Thank you for that thought.. For We are ALL of us made from Star Dust Kenny, and One day, I hope we will all return and see just how bright each of us have shone.. Many thanks Kenny for your Comment and I wish you my friend a Very Happy Healthy New Year, I will be around later to say Hello in person.. Happy 2012 :-)



  23. Renee Espriu
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 06:53:36

    Thank you Sue for all of your wonderful insight into the human condition that enables me to view the humanity in a more passionate way. We do seem to live every day as it we have done it all before and it takes strength to enable us to see that it isn’t always the same.



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Jan 01, 2012 @ 15:23:55

      Many thanks Renee for all those beautiful reads of poetry I am always delighted to read when I visit your own wonderful blog my dear Renee, Life is always changing Renee.. to stay the same would never do, we would never grow, learn or progress.. Happy New Year! :-)



  24. giselzitrone
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 12:53:30

    Happy Neu Year lieber Gruss Gislinde.



  25. cat.
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 15:16:12

    My very best wishes for the New Year, my friend. Thank you for sharing your gift with words with me. So much a part of my life. Love, cat.



  26. zendictive
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 16:08:29

    we are candles. illuminating the world of blogs and yours shines bright



  27. granbee
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 09:06:07

    Connecting through the power of creation–that is my strength and the light for my path as I move out to more and more people in joy and working for peace and understanding.



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Jan 04, 2012 @ 11:01:07

      We each of us are connected to that higher power of creation Granbee, and we are all endevouring to travel back to that wonderful source of Light. Some may take a detour, while others know their route others lose their way, while others roam aimlessly… But all roads however they are chosen all lead us right back to the beginning of that starting point.. We all come Full Circle.. Back to that Higher Power of Creation.. FOR WE ARE ONE…
      Love and Blessings my dear Granbee… xxx



  28. Unsungpoet
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 09:30:21

    Again, I couldn’t agree more with all you say here, every last word. Time IS speeding up, and karmic issues ARE becoming more and more intense and compact…We DO kill our own light…ah just everything, everything you speak of here rings so true to me…Thank you, and God bless…



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