A Circular Path

Cirlces of life

This past year has flown, and I’m sure many of you too will have commented upon how ‘Time’ has speeded up.. In fact TIME has speeded up and along with it many of our karmic lessons have also been coming around faster also, as what goes around comes around…I feel Karmic debt is now playing out faster, giving us this last chance to redeem ourselves from those injustices we have committed and carried out both in this and past lives..

Life is a circular journey in which we often encounter issues that seem to repeat until we learn and grow.. I know from my own experience in life the reappearance of old habits or fears often crop up.. Sometimes I believe they come to test us in our resolve to achieve mastery over our lives.. Challenges that seemed too difficult to overcome when we began our journey , on looking back have given us a new depth of courage.. We will always be tested, but it’s also important to stop and take a look at the ground we have covered, honouring our achievements, courage and persistence..

It’s not all about us… we have to think of those whom we meet along our journey, the ones we may not even realise our lives have touched as theirs touch ours… I know from my Blogging experience, many thank me as I do them for that kind word or enlightened post which sets me on yet another train of thought, I never stop learning and growing, and I’m always thankful for those insights and lessons upon this journey of life..

There are times when we may not always feel at our best or brightest , I know there have been many times this last year where my own light has grown very dim, and if it were not for my inner knowledge of understanding that as workers of Light we are often attacked and dragged down… But that Knowing also has shown me, that it is only I that has the power to Dim my own Light..

I have had to work away from the inside many years ago to build myself up from dark void I found myself in, and this year I have been on the edge of falling off that cliff face once again.. But I grasped hold of myself and shook myself by the scruff, and started to work on my energy centres again.. Clearing my chakras of the physical debris that keeps us from functioning at our fullest capacity..

To do that we have to shift our thought patterns, from the woe is me syndrome and shift it to one of gratitude and apply love to any shadowy thoughts.. I took myself out for walks, I hugged trees, I played with my one year old granddaughter..I started to do my Qui Gong every morning..I started to love me once again..Often we do not realise how little we love ourselves, as we neglect our needs as we chastise ourselves as we beat ourselves up with our thoughts..

Once we free ourselves from our own negative thought processes and connect to the power of creation, the centre of our being.. For we are our own creators.. What we think we create in our own world, we then take the steps of our journey back to that full circle.. The one which each of us are striving to find.. The journey back to the Light.. The only obstacles in this journey is ourselves .. I know it can be difficult to find that stillness within as our minds and bodies as the material existence gets in the way..

But Practice we must.. We need to keep our thoughts focused away from all the negative bombardments that the media throws out to us each and every day as they are creating a world in which we are being sucked deeper into the abyss of despair and terror as they use Fear tactics to control and hold our lights forever dim.. As many get sucked deeper in debt, buying things they don’t really need.. As they work harder to provide ‘Things’ for their children.. When all the Children really need is LOVE.. and their parents attention span for more than five minutes…

We need to keep our energy flowing freely , without these obstructions of destruction in the form of TV, Games, and Films .. How many parents plonk their children in front of the TV and don’t monitor what they watch as violence spills out as the norm.. Then we wonder what is wrong with the world?

We can all shine our lights and make our paths shine brighter and at the same time we can help illuminate the world..But it has to start with us… Me and you.. simple… in order to change the world and bring our own lives to that completion- that full circle, we need to start with self..

Only then can we begin that circular journey with more understanding of where we are coming from..

Love and Light to you all upon your own journeys of Life… May your roads always be straight,  and the  curves you encounter will always bring you that which you need, may they be smooth, and Bright..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.

Wishing you Love At Christmas and Throughout 2012

Christmas time is upon us once again, and the season of good will is supposed to abound…

And suddenly people spring into life as they remember the Christmas Spirit.

I often wonder as they quickly wish you a Merry Christmas greeting as they rush through the shopping Malls, do they really and truly understand that the true gifts are not the ones we buy, but they are the ones we take for granted each and every day.

Why is it we can’t hold onto that Spirit of Christmas all year round?

Why is it we have forgotten to GIVE,

Not the material gifts we buy with our currencies

But the gift that each of us carries Free,

The Gift that comes straight from our Hearts

The Gift of LOVE..

Merry Christmas to all of my friends who visit..

And Have FUN

Love Sue~Dreamwalker


A True Story from 2008 Re-Post


A True Story..

Many years ago, I was privileged to sit as a guest in a physical phenomena circle. Of a renowned physical Medium. Where upon I witnessed the materialization of the Spirit Form, from the world of Spirit.

I was privileged to shake hands with a man named Walter Stewart Stinson who was the spirit helper of the Medium. He had been in the world of spirit at that time for just over 80 years..He had died in 1911 in a railway accident.. His hand was warm and full of life, his grip was firm and strong, and as solid as any handshake I had experienced upon the Earth plane.

Walter spoke in the broad drawl of his American Boston accent and was full of charm, and he definitely had an eye for the ladies when alive, and he hadn’t changed as he paid the ladies in the circle his compliments.

I had sat in various circles of physical phenomena witnessing various manifestations from spirit hands being formed from ectoplasm, to hearing the crackling of an old gent’s voice as he projected his voice box into ectoplasm contained within a trumpet shaped device to enable him to speak directly to his grieving daughter . Such has been my experiences as a Spiritual Medium. As well as linking with my own guides to deliver messages from the Spirit world to enable their love ones move on or to help see them through their earthy problems.

And now I have come full circle, and for several years I have run my own Spiritual Development/Awareness circle, helping to bring out those gifts that lay dormant in many of us, helping those who wish to develop these gifts, by training them how to reach out to the Spirit world that many upon our Earth plane still doubt the existence of, and yet whom all wish to go heaven when they die.

I wish to tell you a story of a young woman… A girl called Jane.. Jane came to talk to our group.. Jane was dead.. But came to talk to us via me, as I went into a Trance state… She was also seen in an overshadowing and sketched by our Artist Medium in our group.

I want to tell you a story of Jane’s Heaven..And a Story she told to us.


Jane was a young girl who when alive lived in Wales in the U.K. She came and spoke with the soft lilt of the Welsh accent and first introduced herself to the group with a beautiful singing voice. She told us of a place of beauty where she resided now in the spirit kingdom and of her life when on the Earth plane.

She spoke of the period of time she lived with long dresses and bonnets, her father was a pastor they lived in a rundown rectory with leaking roof, she spoke of the poor of that time, and how she would go out with her mother with baskets of food and try to help those in their parish. She told us of how her Mother had got sick and passed over, and how she was scared of her father who was a man of God, but whose ‘wrath’ he preached and feared.

Jane told us the day when she too became ill and passed at a young age, she never married, and how she joined her mother in the Spirit realm.. She described the cottage that her mother lived in on the spirit realm, she said that her mother had built that cottage, by her love and deeds, the group were told how beautiful it was, an how her Mother had now moved on to higher level, but she still came to visit her.

Jane was asked by the group members of my circle, what she did to pass the time in the spirit realm, She told us of her tutor, and how she was learning all the time, she told us that she helped to make the flowers bloom..

Jane described how in the spirit realm where she resided there was no decay as on the Earth, she said the flowers were a creation of love. And that the colours were so beautiful and different from those upon Earth. And went on to say how she tended the flowers in peoples gardens, helping them bloom, she said she sang to them and loved them and in return the flowers opened their blossoms responding to the vibrations she and others gave them. And they would change their colours according to mood and surroundings.

She was also chosen with others to go down the valley as she described it.. For she reminded us that ‘In our Fathers House are many mansions’.. [many levels] and each of us reside at the level we have attained for ourselves. For Like attracts like.

Jane told us of a time she and her tutor and friends went down the valley into the ‘Mists’ where those souls who were not happy lived.. In this place it was cold, and dank. People were suspicious of each other, and their dwellings reflected the conditions of their hearts and minds.They were sparse hovels, with no furnishings. They were grey and damp shacks, and people would fear, be full of anger, bitterness and hatred of one another.

It was part of her job, to seek out those who wished to change their ways, who showed remorse, or who asked for help, and it was her job to help them back up the valley into the light and love of the place where she resided upon her level of existence.

Jane spoke of an old gent, whose home was a hovel, she said he was a very lonely Grumpy old man, and he were full of bitterness. When he was alive he would shout at the children on his street, telling them to clear off, he wouldn’t spend his money, and would hoard his things, and he hated his life. But most of all she said he was just lonely. His dwelling place he had built for himself reflected this. For Jane said that we each built our own piece of heaven, with the things we bring with us.. All the grumpy old man had brought with him were sadness and bitterness, emptiness and hate. So his surroundings reflected his heart and Soul.

Jane told the group that over a period of time she gained the old man’s trust, and as he started to like Jane so his heart expanded too, he came further out of the mist, His dwelling place began to improve, he noticed that he now had furnishings within his cottage, until the day came he moved from the misty place at the bottom of the valley and he emerged to live in his own beautiful cottage, surrounded by flowers and meadows and orchards.

The group laughed as they were told he sometimes still wished he was still deaf, as Jane sang her songs to him. But he now could see how his bitterness and hate, had twisted his thoughts and so coloured his surroundings.


We were taught that day, that when we take our final journey, we cannot pack our suitcase full of our possessions, we take not our houses, cars jewellery or money.. It matters not what we have gained in power or privileged life style..

What we take with us simply is what we have within our hearts.. our love, our compassion, or our hate or bitterness.

What have you got packed in your suitcase, for your final journey?

Christmas Tree Séance

As most of you know by now I often join workshops and physical mediumship séances. For a number of years now I have sat as a guest in Scott Milligan’s Physical Circles in various venues around the UK.

Today Sunday18th Dec 2011, I was privileged to join Scott again in his end of the year Séance in which we were asked to bring a small toy each (ones with no batteries ) for Spirit Children .. We wrapped them up in the séance room  and placed them around a very small tree in the centre of the circle..  there were 18 of us in the circle… I took a small tambourine, others had taken soft toys, squeaky ones and one  present was a tin of that spray string in a can.

The Séance was an end of the year thank you to the spirit world and was a special opportunity to those who had supported Scott in his previous workshops to join together in the special Christmas Tree Séance which would allow those children in spirit to come forward  to play with the toys.. And donations were going to one of Scott’s Charities he supports that of The Teenage Cancer Trust

For those unfamiliar on how this is achieved  this is done by the use of Ectoplasm   information can be found on the net about this, … I ask for those who maybe sceptical to listen to a testimony given about another Great Medium  David Thomson who Scott actually started out as sitting for in the UK before David emigrated to Australia.. David was scientifically tested and a link here can be found on  YouTube about those tests..

Getting back to today, we spent a wonderful 2 hours together and were rewarded as several Spirit Children used the ectoplasm at the same time as their hands were felt on sitters knees.. as they ripped open presents and proceeded to shake and rattle them around the room, I was squirted with spray string as one came up behind us and I was covered in string..There was none stop laughter all around. as these children had such fun.  

There are always strict rules for those attending the circles, we are all searched, no shoes or jewellery, this is to ensure no one can say their has been an Apport, or throw things out of pockets etc.  This was all done as we held each others hands around the circle and those on the end of the circle next to the cabinet  placed both hands on the person next to them. and Scott was securely tied in a secure wooden chair with four plastic ties to hands and feet held around the chair to other ties, The ties were checked by independent sitters and the end of the ties were cut off at angles and the ends were asked to be kept by different sitters until after the séance.

Messages were brought through from relatives in the spirit world with evidence known only to the sitters receiving the messages, showing proof of survival of Life After Death…

Scott was lifted still tied to the chair out of the cabinet several feet into the centre of the circle at the end of the séance by spirit  and the four ties were then asked to be matched up to his still tied limbs before he was released so as to prove Scott hadn’t moved from his chair..

We sang and we laughed so much our tummies ached along with our jaws from smiling so much… Another wonderful experience that will last along while with me as being one of those rare and special memories I have witnessed as we join in love and light with the spirit world.

I have been very privileged in  my life to see several brilliant Physical mediums… Bill Meadows is one and Stuart Alexander  is another.. I have for over the past 20 years sat in different physical circles of development and  know as a platform medium myself that Life is Eternal. but Séances like these shows even those who need to see it to believe it that there is Life After Life…

I just had to share my day with you .. Smile 



Have you 15 minutes to spare?

If you have then please give this video your attention and listen well..


Think Carefully..

And Create a






Love and Blessings to

ALL my Friends

Have a Relaxing




Gateways And Spirals.

Gateways, Tunnels, Spirals and Time

Leading us forward, beyond as we climb

Evolving, progressing, Following the Light

Life to experience was never meant a fight


Density of matter holding us down

No longer flying our feet touch the ground

Separate and lost, minds disengaged

With ego and greed, possessive with rage


Direction diverted, mutated and changed

Only a tenth of us working, DNA rearranged

Controlled and herded lost like the sheep

It’s time to awaken and come out of our sleep


Remember the Game- The Plan that we set

The Elders now gather, releasing knowledge they kept.

Crystals in Caverns , it’s all held in the sound

It’s time to look skyward and lift from the ground


Listen within to the Om’s of your heart

Now is the dawning, A new future to start

Remember your dreams and let go of your fears

This is the Time we’ve waited for years.


Possessions will flounder, like Whales on a beech

Earth will remind you, to each she will teach

Material Wealth will take second place

Until we remember to live with good Grace..


© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.


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