Painting with my inner Vision.

Butterfly Sunset.

Over the Weekend I had time to relax, so on Sunday I did no more than get out my paint box and set myself up under the shade and start to paint..

I knew I wanted to paint a Butterfly.. they have been in my mind a lot recently,the symbol of Transformation, Freedom, and beauty–  so out came the Acrylics and spare canvas. and I painted for 4 hours solid and this was the result..

I had seen the most wonderful sunset the night before and hadn’t started with the intention for there to be a sunset on my painting. But as I squeezed the tubes of paint to mix.. I just let my Inner Vision guide my brush strokes..

I wondered what it must be like to stand on a cliff top and look out to see such a beautiful sunset over a vast area of land.. So right at the end, I painted the figures, one resting in the shade of the tree, as the other looking out at his homeland in the distance.

We have such a beautiful World.. and yet within it there is so much Suffering.. That night as the news was turned on I saw the thousands of homeless in Somalia as they marched searching for food water and shelter as again rebel Armies forced families to flee their homelands as war is still rife there.. And Crops failed due to lack of rain.

When will we as a Human race come to know Peace? and when will the Children stop this needless suffering of starvation..

Below is another Poem I wrote many years ago  in which the same part of the world suffered great starvation..


Large brown eyes that stare straight ahead

No clothing or possessions not even a bed.

March ever onward to the next reservation.

Searching for food, trying to stop their starvation.

Large brown eyes that have done no harm.

A bittersweet land so difficult to farm.

Crops that fail for the lack of rain.

How does anyone survive in this terrain?

Large brown eyes that have lost their shine.

Children that are fed on a sugary brine.

Who will help them solve their plight?

It’s not only the climate, but also tribesmen they fight.

Large brown eyes so full of despair

Will any one help them, does anyone care.

Half of the world that has so much to give

Yet they need so little to enable them to live.

Large brown eyes that have shed there last tear

To a land of plenty gone, with no fear.

A never-ending circle comes around to repeat.

That it ever should happen is beyond belief.

Large brown eyes that survive another season

Enduring so much from mans lack of reason.

Calling all nations with mountains of wealth

Bring forth the grain and knowledge of self-help.

Plant the seed of hope, bring forth the grain

Large brown eyes one day will smile again.

Written when watching the plight of African nations starving amidst the tribal wars.10th march 1993.

If You would  maybe like to help some children Click the

Save the Children Link below.. this is one of the charities I support every month..

Save the Children

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