Light Verses Dark!

Light verses Dark..

Many things in our world seems to be of that darker vibration at the moment, or is it perhaps that we just get to see all those darker elements as they filter into our homes via the media of TV channels and Newspapers.. And let’s not forget all the many DVDs and the Xbox games etc. which all seem to thrive on the Darker themes of blood and violence.. It seems we are experts at Killing on this planet, not only ourselves, but we are also succeeding to Kill our very Planet! Our very own habitat.

I’m sure to those who work in our medical professions on A&E would also say especially on weekends that violence spills out of the Pub doors into their hands as Humans by nature seem hell bent on Darkness and destruction of one another.

For some it may be they have neighbours from hell, or have experienced the rip off cowboy merchants or maybe it’s street crime, as we have had a spate of burglaries around us at the moment, not to mention our own allotments being picked through taking not one but rows of home grown vegetables at a time etc.. And you think what is this world coming too..My Elderly Aunt says this world has gone Mad..

But then you look back in history at the wars waged, the lives lost, and how people have always seemed to have waged this battle of Light verses Dark, Good against Bad.. The difference is now is the speed at which all this Bad news is brought to our Doors.. Via the TV, Radio, and Tabloids.

We have to understand that we are living within a Free Will zone, a planet we chose to occupy and inhabit..All of us have a choice.. No one tells us what we should or shouldn’t do, all be except the laws of the land which we have to conform to, to avoid yet more chaos.. But we are governed not only by the laws of the land.. But more importantly the LAWs of the Universe..

I’m going to side track here a little, and say that when I grew up I was the eldest of 5 siblings and was called the little Mother, as I worried and clucked over my brother and sisters, and we were brought up within a strict home with very little frills, and if rules were broken you expected to be disciplined. The same went for School and the policemen on the beat on the corner of the street wouldn’t be afraid to give you a sharp reprimand to if you were caught doing something you shouldn’t..and your parents would give you another clip around the ear if they found out..  And yes I may have gone scrumping a couple of times with my brother as look out!, I was a tom-girl and loved to jump the local brook and climb a few trees… and get up to the childish mischief most youngsters do as they explore growing up.. But I never put another life in danger or bullied or beat up someone as many find themselves victims of today.. The Do-gooders of society have now made it illegal for discipline to be administered affectively today, and we are now reaping those results in our homes our schools and on the streets of our communities.

Today many youngsters seem to want to see bloodshed or crave daredevil stunts such as play Chicken across the road or on railway tracks.. or mug and steal..Many I am sure don’t see the consequences of their actions..

I’m not saying all youngsters are like this, just saying that for many their ideas of thrills have got a lot Darker.. and one can’t help but wonder about the violence they watch and accept as normal with TV in bedrooms and video-games watching late into the night. As the pull of TV advertising allures the young mind to WANT more of life’s gadgets and the Credit companies tell you how easy it is to get into debt to buy them.And they watch such violence of how one can bully and steal to get what they want on these films of TV and computer games..

The other weekend I was driving home from a weekend seminar with my hubby and friend in the car, when we approached a Footbridge over the dual carriageway. On the Bridge stood two youths in hooded jackets aged approx. 12 to 14 yrs, they proceeded to throw stones as big as golf balls from the bridge at cars passing underneath.. How the stone missed us, I still don’t know, as I saw it come in slow motion towards the windshield and then disappear thinking it would hit the roof of the car,… looking behind me through the rear view mirror the lady driving the car behind had slowed down considerably to miss it also.. But a Van the opposite way wasn’t so lucky and had obviously been hit and was on the phone to the police by the looks of it as we passed.. If that had hit and come through the windshield the horrors of it are too horrible to contemplate.. I probably wouldn’t be here typing to you now if it had..

So getting back to the Universal Laws… and to one which most of us do every day without realising it, is Creation of Thought, we are the creators of our own reality, by Free Will Our choice, we chose our pathway, and as we think so we create it into being. But by the same token as we get bombarded with thoughts, over and over replaying the negative over and over Like the TV News Bulletins repeating the harrowing events of tragedy, we become like magnets for Like attracts Like.. so the more we get pulled into the negative/bad the more we attract and visa versa…

 Our thoughts are Energy i.e. positive or negative, and as such go out into the ether creating the vibration of the collective consciousness Creating more of the same for our experience.

What is happening around our world at the moment is that we are escalating the negative, we are being sucked into that Dark Hole if we keep viewing it, listening to it and letting it take hold of us, it will drag us down with it. So that we too  will then feel ill, and get caught in the same trap of its negative web, feeling low and depressed as all of it spills out into our living rooms every day… and to think we sit our young children in front of the TV every day.. They absorb it in ..

So Please Turn off your TV’s once in a while and Go spread some Light in the world and join and walk in Nature and give thanks to many of her blessings, send her some thoughts and start to heal her wounds and as we think, so shall we create..

Let us start by trying to create a Better more harmonious world in which our future generations can grow up in a more positive peaceful world.

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.



The Top Video you can I have discovered only view on YouTube.. Maybe this Video of Greg Braden will help you  understand how we are all connected.

What most of us on this planet forget is that we are Spiritual Beings experiencing a physical experience here on Earth.

This Earth is a place of total Free Will, and this sense of disconnection  with each other is the Basis of much of the Negativity that has evolved within our societies over aeons of time. As we build up mistrust and jealousies and hatred and greed. As we have been led to strive for power and control and possessions.And those in control try to keep our mass consciousness from rising to think for ourselves.   

At this time on this planet over the last few decades in fact, we are going through the greatest shift in consciousness that has ever been.  It is time when we  shall have to gather together in remembrance of our connection with ‘ALL That is’ Whereby our Consciousness will expand and grasp the opportunity to Unite and express their Spiritual self within their physical experience.. As we are now being asked to broaden  our awareness to see that we are more than the physical body. That our Minds and our memory will soon shift as we learn to let go of ego and fear..

Our collective Consciousness has needed to go through some adjustments to sort of realign or recalibrate its frequencies in order for this shift to take place..this adjustment started way back 1960’s and many ‘Light-workers’ I was amazed to find out on Earth agreed to move forward in their work of enlightenment  as waves of dimensional  energy entered the Earths Matrix around 1992, which was amazing as it was the early 90’s when I began my own explorations and journey within the Spiritual Realms and teachings..

Now for those who are not familiar with any of this you will think what the  heck is this woman talking about… well, as you know I communicate and on occasions receive messages from Spirit. They all are saying the same type of thing… That this Earth plane is going through a Shift in its vibration to align within the Cosmic Universe from the 3rd/ 4th Dimensions which is the Visible world, of our bodies and emotions and the tangible space of thought in which we send out and manifest into the physical world, this dimension also contains our perception of TIME,and our memory stored in order to ‘know things’. And is going to change to the 5th/6th dimension  which is the World of Light where through a higher wisdom of Love, peace and harmony.. Which is what as Light workers we are striving to attain..

Many of you may have noted and commented that TIME seems to be speeding up? well it is… in a sense, for as we vibrate at a higher rate or frequency so our perceptions change..

I read recently that the final adjustments were completed in February 2011 and everything that has disconnected us from that Higher divine nature and creative love force of the universe will have to be dissolved and  be eradicated. This means moving the Dark, dense energy of fear which the Controlling systems of Ego which govern our planet such as wealth and power,will start to dissolve away. 

We are already seeing  the change as people start to unite against oppression such as we have seen in North Africa.  Compassion is being brought to the fore with disasters around our globe also.

Revelations are exposing those in governments and the tabloids as the walls of deceit and lies are being broken down.

The Debts in which Nations find themselves, as Banks go bust, and we will find that the Material way of living will alter as the wealth of nations will be no longer paramount, for global changes will transform our way of life to be structured on survival and working with nature again, rather than the material possessions we all aspire to collect. 

Many are Feeling the vibrational changes, as they become forgetful, day dream, as they feel they are loosing the plot…. Some may even be thinking I have lost the Plot! lol…. I read that these are temporary symptoms only.. Arrgh thank goodness for that!

The Earth too is going through her own changes in her geographical transformation. as she realigns her own energies.. Our Earth Mother is a living breathing Conscious planet and she is challenging us to look at how we treat her, and ALL life forms on this planet as we look at how we have treated her and abused her over the centuries.

We have to understand that we are all interrelated All of us affecting each other.  The Collective consciousness is being altered around the entire world as old systems will fail while new and enlightened ones will replace them.

How can you help!.. Simply live from your Heart! and listen to its voice and believe in yourself and all will fall into place.. ..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.


Part Two Past Life Regression


To understand this story you need to read part one first previous post!

I was very traumatised by the regression that had revealed I was a young man on a slave ship who had contributed to a young girl’s death to save his own skin. I never did find out whether that young man made it back to shore or he too was thrown overboard, for I never revisited that past life again in that way.

Instead my friend took me on a healing Meditation in which I found myself on a beautiful Sunny Sea Shore where the sky was blue and ocean was lapping gently upon the sands, the sun was hot and I felt at peace.

My friend told me to walk along a sand bank where wild grasses blew in clumps in the breeze, swaying back and forth as I breathed deeper into the meditation feeling the freshness of the sea salt air enter my lungs..

Now unbeknown to me at the time, My Friend had asked for Spirit to come forward and help heal the guilt I had been experiencing as my heart felt so heavy and I couldn’t get the images of the Vision of the regression out of my mind as they would surface often and cause me great anxiety.

So she told me to sit upon the sandy shore and wait, and see who would come to speak to me..

I remember sitting looking out to sea sort of elevated up on a Sand dune in a very exotic place, where there was greenery and small shrubs with beautiful Hibiscus flowers in reds and oranges.. When a  Young Caribbean lady with a blue Kaftan and matching head dress walked up the path.. She didn’t speak but seemed to communicate telepathically, as she held out her hand to me, I held out my hands palms up as she mentally requested.. she reached up and took a necklace of blue turquoise beads from around her neck. She held them up to the light and I remembered thinking how the light shone on them capturing their beauty… I also remember thinking they reminded me of worry beads or a rosary. She then gently untied the knot and took off one bead at a time from the rows she had woven in her necklace and upon my open palms she gently placed one bead at a time balancing a bead on the ends of each finger of both hands, while I stayed perfectly still while they balanced there..

She then passed her hands over the beads and then took back each bead one at a time, to rethread into the necklace. She tied the necklace secure and then placed the necklace over my head.. giving me the necklace as a gift.

It was then that to my amazement I looked into this woman’s eyes for her eyes were the same as the young slaves girls.. And she smiled and mentally said this

“ I have forgiven you – Now you have to forgive yourself!” She said this with such love and compassion and with that she was gone..

I awoke from my Mediation with tears streaming down my face as I realised this was the girl from the slave ship in the past life regression..

My friend and I discussed what had taken place and my friend who was very good with her mediumistic skills also confirmed a lady in blue had been present within her field of awareness.. From that day, my hands made remarkable progress and I set about forgiving myself.

I can also recommend a book which I  had at the time been given called YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE by Louise Hay and set about reading and following some of its exercises.. I can say that from that day the healing process started and the Reynaud’s became less and less…. As I learnt to forgive the past! And live in the now..

This disease totally disappeared and to prove a point this year one of the coldest ever on record here in the UK.. I never even thought about Reynaud’s ..And haven’t felt its affects in  several years now.

As a footnote to this story, since then I often wear a piece of Turquoise jewellery in a large stone around my neck. This necklace triggered a memory within a friend, who knew nothing of this story…..But told me all about mine entwined within their memory banks encompassing this very same Slave ship drama. . But that’s another Story for a day way into the future!

Life is truly remarkable in its intricacies, synchronicities, and remember nothing is ever by chance… in this well orchestrated world we live which is entwined with Life’s Mysteries, Marvels and Magical Moments.. …

Be good to each other and treat each other with kindness.. for what goes around comes around sooner or later!..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.

Past Life Regression. Part 1.


Heart, Love, Sunset, Shape, Sign, Silhouette, Symbol


It’s strange how events play out in one’s life. Have any of you when perhaps meeting someone for the first time take an instant dislike or it may be that you only just have met and yet you feel you’ve known them your whole life? This could be due to our Aura’s feeling balanced as theirs and our energy interacted or repels like a magnet. Or it could be due to a memory locked inside us from past lives. Or have any of you ever been to a location you have never visited before and yet it felt very familiar, or you were able to describe what was around the next bend, never having been there?

After visiting a friend’s space this week and seeing the graphics of Galleon Ships, it nudged a memory within me which took me many years in overcoming. As a past life memory came to the fore once again..

One of my Blogging friends suggested my readers may be interested and to be honest I was reluctant to share, as it reveals a part of a past life I was far from proud of the things I did.. But then as synchronicity seemed to nudge me again today in my email box I got my ‘Daily Om’ email in which its title was ‘Memories of the Soul’ the subject! Past life regression! no less.. So here I sit and write upon what started out as a simple experiment many years ago with my Best Friend Pat, who was also a Medium, sadly now no longer with us .. As we set about talking each other down into an altered states to recall past life memory.

Now the reason I wanted to be regressed was that I had at that time very bad Reynaud’s disease. Plus you can see if you type in Raynaud’s Disease into Google Images just how bad it can be,  and my hands got that bad too.

This caused me severe pain in my hands as I lost the circulation in all my fingers and I felt the cause of my hand trouble was seated in the past. Yes I know I’m strange, but many books have been written upon this subject and the effects of past life traumas can manifest in lots of different ways in the present through physical problems, phobias, fears etc and past life regression has proven to many seeking help that once the past life trauma is faced the present ailment can be relieved, so this was my intention when my friend and I worked upon each other this way.

Off I went the first week we tried this, and I found myself within a Vision where I was walking alongside a wagon. The wagon was like those you saw in the western movies. I was a young woman wearing a long grey dress with shawl wrapped around my shoulders and a bonnet upon my head. I can’t say for definite where we were, except I felt it was America, the weather had turned cold and It was snowing.. We were I think trying to travel across a vast distance and we had travelled along way already. We had small shrubs in the wagon their roots wrapped in sacking I knew they were important.. I know I was so very sad, and when I was asked to look at why I was sad, I saw myself holding a lifeless baby which had died and had been buried out on the trail. I couldn’t look at the man who was riding up front in the wagon, I knew however that he was also the cause of my misery and pain, I don’t know if he was a husband or what, just that he was dressed in Black and stern and cruel, and I didn’t want to be there any more..

I saw myself walk off one night in the snow, full of grief just clutching the shawl around me which had been the babies shawl and walking off into the snow storm, where I think I froze to death..

Now this made sense at the time as Reynaud’s is a condition where by cold temperatures trigger the symptoms as it cuts the blood supply to the extremities.. So I thought this must be the reason.. and we worked upon releasing this past life recall.. But my symptoms seemed to get worse not better.. So we tried again maybe a month later..


This time the Vision was different in the fact that I no longer felt myself within my friends home on her couch but I was literally elsewhere, with sounds and smells that were so strong…

I was a man maybe in my early twenties, and I knew I was in Cornwall.. When my friend spoke to me I even answered her in the Cornish dialect with broad accent. I would drink more than my fare share of Ale and one night got really drunk.. I remember looking down at my footwear and seeing pointed shoes with buckle and leggings.. I felt as if I could read and write I wasn’t just a street waif. I remembered wandering along a jetty harbour after that I woke up on board a sailing vessel.. I think the term used is Shanghaied.. I had never been on board a sailing ship before and when I woke I knew I protested vigorously that I shouldn’t be there. And was violently sea-sick. But the ship was full of roughens and I was there to make up the ship’s crew and was put to work.. I soon learned the penalties for not complying with orders much to my cost..

The Ship set sail and I found out it was on a Slaver- where we went to collect African slaves to bring back to sell on land.. Once the vessel landed, Villages were raided and slaves were unceremoniously packed liked sardines below decks chained to bunks that were stacked on top of each other. Now in my vision I also received the stench of this prison where these poor people who once were going about their family lives were ripped from their homes, men murdered who fought to protect their families, and where Woman and children were raped and abused..

If you can imagine the horror of finding yourself being captured with men who didn’t speak your language and being ripped away from your homeland to find yourself imprisoned on a sailing vessel with no sanitation, your bunks were where you stayed. I saw these horrors and smelt the stench of it….

I was put in charge of handing out rations to some of these slaves and emptying the swill buckets that could be reached. I caught the eye of a very beautiful girl, Her eyes were so wide and deep I can still see them now.. ( and this I think held much emotion in my poem Large Brown Eyes ) Her hair was short and I kind of developed a soft spot for this young girl who may have been only 14 to 16 yrs old.. So I would slip her extra rations, such that they were mostly dried biscuit type things as I recalled This went on for a few weeks. Until I was caught..

I was held up in front of the Crew who were not best pleased as I had been giving some of their rations to the slaves, But it was the girl I was caught giving food to.. So the crew thought they would have a little sport.. Saying the penalty for this was to have your hand chopped off.. But I could save myself if I did the deed to the girl.. If I didn’t I would be thrown overboard anyway..

So to save my own neck I did the deed and severed this young girls wrists who was then thrown still alive into the ocean.

I came too very distressed and wished I had never part taken in the regression as the guilt and visions even the smells stayed with me for many weeks after wards, and still my hands were very bad even going from one room to the next as the temperature fluctuated sent them into a Reynaud’s attacks seemed to worsen more.

It was several months later when I finally admitted to my friend how still deeply disturbed I was, we tried a deep mediation exercise where my friend called upon the Spirit World for assistance…

I will tell you what happens to me in my next post..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.

Summerland of Lost Dreams. Final Episode for now.


Muna recovered from her injuries sustained in the wood quicker than the one’s inflicted on her heart.

She hadn’t realised how much Josh had meant to her until that summer. Now thinking back to the very first moment she had laid eyes upon him as he threw stones into the lake, she understood there had always been that special connection but it been masked in teasing torments.

Josh had written her several letters that she would open up every night to read over and over. Josh had told Muna that his Mother who on top of her delicate mind condition had caught a chill, which even though he said the Drs had treated had left her very weak with a persistent cough. Josh told Muna that his Father was going to get remarried and had invited Josh to stay with him and his new family for a while, as his Aunt Maude had to return home. He repeatedly told Muna how he missed her with all his heart. His Dad who worked for the Local Newspaper had secured Josh a job where he worked during the holidays as a general errand boy. But Josh said he was General Dog’s body but as he needed some money to find his feet and independence, he was also studying hard to pass his final exams..

Aponi had kept a close eye on Muna over several weeks since her fall in the woods.. That bang on the head had worried Aponi, she’d asked Muna questions about that day she had fallen but Muna was evasive and vague saying she had got scared of the dark, tripped and fell and had awoken prior to the rescue party finding her. Muna hadn’t told her Grandmother about the bear or Joe, this had in a way made her feel guilty for Joe had saved her life she was sure of it, but it was something in the way Joe had held up his fingers to his lips to say be silent and the way Joe disappeared. Muna found it hard to piece together in her mind. Was Joe really there? or had she been hallucinating? And yet Sally’s friendly lick of her hand and the pain in her shoulder had felt real enough.

So Muna decided she would find out, after several weeks of Aponi’s smothering her in protective love, Muna had said she was going to go and see Joe. She wanted to write back to Josh and tell him how the plants they had planted together in Joe’s garden were doing.

Sally Greeted Muna with wagging tail and small sharp barks which let Joe know he had company. Joe was delighted to see Muna and signed to her to ask if her head and shoulder were better

Muna instantly knew that it hadn’t been a dream or her mind playing tricks. Muna smiled broadly and thanked Joe and said she hadn’t told anyone about him finding and helping her.. But Joe just smiled and took her out back where his magical garden in containers tubs, kettles, pans, baths and tyres was well into bloom. And Muna spent a happy couple of hours pottering about tending weeding, transplanting and watering.

After she had finished her tasks, she walked over to Joe’s man-made pond and sat upon one of Joe’s homemade seat. Joe was an expert carpenter and along with his weird creations of Metal Sculptures made out of man’s left rubbish such as bikes, old mowers, etc he created some beautiful furniture.

This Double seat Muna just loved, simple in its construction except for its back where upon each post on the back rest Joe had calved two Owls. One was sat with eyes wide looking away from the seat, while the other was calved holding a small mouse under her talons…

She sat looking at Joes beautiful water wheel which he had cleverly made of old empty tin cans which he had painted in bright colours. The flow from the stream filled the cans which tipped water out into channels of half drainpipes and bamboo which elevated the water around the garden via a series of a criss-cross maze of tunnels and pipes..

Sitting looking in the water Muna looked at her reflection the water shimmered as the sparkles of light broke the surface as another can full of water tipped breaking her reflection into a thousand pieces out just as Joe came to sit by her side. He signed for Muna to hold out her hand, thinking Joe was about to place something in her palm, but instead he pointed for her to watch the water… Joe closed his eyes and held up his own hand to the sky, while a soft hum came from his lips, but unlike the note in the Forest Joes hum held a different pitch… Muna sat expectantly waiting and watching over the water, when all at once one by one they appeared as if by magic.. Wings glistening as they darted over the pond it seemed the air was thick with them, Beautiful Dragonflies swirling and danced around their heads.. Joe encouraged Muna to make the sound as he stopped his humming, Muna joined in to make the same sound. And as she gently started to hum to her amazement a dragonfly landed upon her open hand…

Joe smiled even wider, Today Muna’s second phase in Earth Lessons had Begun..

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.

Due to the contents of this Story and Copyright Issues I have with people copying some of my works this will be the last of the episodes of Summerland of Lost Dreams published on WordPress.  Sue Dreamwalker

Chasing the Sun


Chasing The Sun

Following my sign, along the road

Learning how to shed my load.

I skip with joy through trees of gold

The Sun I’m chasing as my future unfolds

Angels close their eyes and breathe

As at last I discover me

The past is gone, the future is now

At last I’m living, I’m learning how

To sing with bird song at morning rise

To look in the mirror what a surprise

I like what I see for the very first time

And My Angel is with me, giving me a sign.

His feathers of Love he showers on me

Filling my heart, making me see

That Life on Earth is all about Love

Holding my heart hand in glove

Knowing you’ll always be beside me

Between us I know we’ll always be

Perfect words with perfect tunes

Soaring Hearts with mended wounds

Calling me from afar

Joining my heart to the heart of a Star

You whisper your Song of us long ago

It melts my heart like the falling snow

So Angel of mine, My Spirit Moon

I come to you, you’ll hold me soon

Mirrors in the Sun we brightly shine

Together, forever for all time.

© Sue Dreamwalker – 2011 All rights reserved.

Painting with my inner Vision.

Butterfly Sunset.

Over the Weekend I had time to relax, so on Sunday I did no more than get out my paint box and set myself up under the shade and start to paint..

I knew I wanted to paint a Butterfly.. they have been in my mind a lot recently,the symbol of Transformation, Freedom, and beauty–  so out came the Acrylics and spare canvas. and I painted for 4 hours solid and this was the result..

I had seen the most wonderful sunset the night before and hadn’t started with the intention for there to be a sunset on my painting. But as I squeezed the tubes of paint to mix.. I just let my Inner Vision guide my brush strokes..

I wondered what it must be like to stand on a cliff top and look out to see such a beautiful sunset over a vast area of land.. So right at the end, I painted the figures, one resting in the shade of the tree, as the other looking out at his homeland in the distance.

We have such a beautiful World.. and yet within it there is so much Suffering.. That night as the news was turned on I saw the thousands of homeless in Somalia as they marched searching for food water and shelter as again rebel Armies forced families to flee their homelands as war is still rife there.. And Crops failed due to lack of rain.

When will we as a Human race come to know Peace? and when will the Children stop this needless suffering of starvation..

Below is another Poem I wrote many years ago  in which the same part of the world suffered great starvation..


Large brown eyes that stare straight ahead

No clothing or possessions not even a bed.

March ever onward to the next reservation.

Searching for food, trying to stop their starvation.

Large brown eyes that have done no harm.

A bittersweet land so difficult to farm.

Crops that fail for the lack of rain.

How does anyone survive in this terrain?

Large brown eyes that have lost their shine.

Children that are fed on a sugary brine.

Who will help them solve their plight?

It’s not only the climate, but also tribesmen they fight.

Large brown eyes so full of despair

Will any one help them, does anyone care.

Half of the world that has so much to give

Yet they need so little to enable them to live.

Large brown eyes that have shed there last tear

To a land of plenty gone, with no fear.

A never-ending circle comes around to repeat.

That it ever should happen is beyond belief.

Large brown eyes that survive another season

Enduring so much from mans lack of reason.

Calling all nations with mountains of wealth

Bring forth the grain and knowledge of self-help.

Plant the seed of hope, bring forth the grain

Large brown eyes one day will smile again.

Written when watching the plight of African nations starving amidst the tribal wars.10th march 1993.

If You would  maybe like to help some children Click the

Save the Children Link below.. this is one of the charities I support every month..

Save the Children

© Sue Dreamwalker 1993- 2011 All rights reserved.



I have just come from my friends Summers Blog and great minds must think alike Summer, for I was about to blog about Butterflies, and how they too seem to have been less this year..The pesticides we use on crops I am sure are killing many larvae  off as they kill the weeds and nettles many like to lay their eggs upon..   A Butterfly’s life span is so Short, and they need all the help we can give them.. This year I have deliberately kept a Wild Patch with a corner of my garden, with Fox Gloves for the bees which have been swarming all over them, and nettles and wild flowers seeds I had sown.. Many haven’t flowered this year but hopefully they will come through next year.

The Poem below is one I have already submitted but a while back now.. so I hope you enjoy as much if you happen to read it the second time around..


Peacock Butterfly

Walking and taking in the beauty of these Peacock Butterflies


Butterfly, Butterfly, Dancing on the breeze

You flit through the heavens, and among the trees

You fly through the air, like a leaf upon the wind,

Tumbling and turning, beating your soft wings

The meadow is your haven, with flowers of nectar sweet,

I watch you fly to heaven, while I sit upon my seat.

Your message of transformation, as I let go of old

And I watch your new freedom as I ask to be bold

My sorrows held within me, as again I give a sigh

You hypnotise me with your beauty, as you fly on by

You whisper in my ear, to trust in all that’s good

For your lifespan is so precious, so live it as we should

You never waste a moment, searching for your mate

For time for you is limited, yet here I hesitate.

Teach me to trust and let myself fly free

And push away the dark clouds, and let myself be me

The Daisies are many, gathered all around

Each one pure perfection, pushing through the ground

They nod their heads together, all in unison

Their fragrance on the wind, smiling at the Sun.

Nature at her best, she neither worries nor does toil

She just keeps on growing, and pushing through the soil.

And even when the ground is hard with all the frost

The flowers push on upwards, and nothing is ever lost.

And so my Butterfly, as at last you’re flying free…

Of caterpillar’s drudgery, of munching under tree

I know you hold a lesson for all of us to share

Your wings are made in heaven and are beyond compare.

And when we see your beauty, we’re reminded of all good.

How each can transform our lives, learning how to love.

So flit around the world, and spread your love and light.

For when I see you on my path.. Then I know I’m alright.

© Sue Dreamwalker 2010- 2011 All rights reserved.


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Each of us, carries within us the capacity to change the world in small ways for better or worse. Everything we do and think affects the people in our lives, and their reactions in turn affect others As the effect of a seemingly insignificant word passes from person to person, its impact grows and can become a source of great joy, inspiration, anxiety, or pain. Your thoughts and actions are like stones dropped into still waters, causing ripples to spread and expand as they move outward.. I hope that I can send a few ripples out via the web of life, as we each of us weave the threads together... Welcome to my Sanctuary of Peace and Love... May we each spread our Lights around our World....Sue Dreamwalker

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July 2011

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Part Two E-book of True Awakening Experiences, complied by Barbara Franklin and WordPress Friends.


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