State of Mind, State of Well-Being!.

For those that know me, they will understand that within me I’ve always said I feel like I have a Mission to fulfil. And yet if anyone of you were to ask me what that ‘Mission’ was I would still be unable to tell you, except to say I want to help and make a Difference in this world..

Sometimes it takes us the better part of a lifetime to discover our life’s work, even though we may have been doing it our whole lives without necessarily realizing it.

I remembered one of my Aunts who died many years ago now always calling me the ‘Little Mother’ as I looked after my siblings, one brother and 3 sisters. Being the Eldest I always thought I had to look out for them.. My middle sister still says I’m her Big sister, Mum and best friend all rolled into one.. As we both suffered lack of motherly affection at various times in our lives.. She will often remind me of the games I would invent and stories I would make up at bedtime. And says very often how much she loves me.. Some of those things I remember, but many I have forgotten as Life takes us upon our different journeys. I am always grateful for the pathway I have travelled, even though at times it had its twists and dark corners in which Ive had to climb over hurdles and obstacles just like everyone else upon this learning curve called Life.

Our life’s work is not always what we do to make money, although we often think it should be, and sometimes this way of thinking prevents us from seeing clearly what it is. It may be the work of having children, caring for them, and running a household. The way we know our life’s work is by how we feel when we are doing it.
When we are doing our life’s work, we feel an uncanny sense of ease and alignment. This doesn’t mean that the work is always easy, and it doesn’t mean that it’ the only work we have to do; it just means that there is a conviction deep inside us that tells us we are in tune with our innermost self. When we are engaged in our life’s work, our bodies feel more alive, because our energy is devoted to a cause that, in turn, feeds us. We may be tired after engaging in our life’s work, but we are almost never depleted. We feel grounded in the world, knowing that we belong here and have something important to offer.

I never felt better than when I changed my own life’s path to that of caring and supporting of others, even though my sister says that’s exactly what I always did. I never saw that I was doing anything special..
We can all get deeply unhappy, depressed, or subject to one illness after another, this may be due to a sense of disconnection from our life’s work. I know from my own perspective it took a nervous breakdown and long illness for me to eventually change my Career path, and once I made that transition and I dug myself out of the hole of negativity that I had dropped into it became a time of great inner healing.

Most of us remember a time when we felt fully engaged in some act of work, service or creativity, that made us feel good. And it is here that we may rediscover the work we are meant to do now. Since being out of work for well over a month while I waited for my new employment to start, although I was resting I became very lethargic, and tired, my bones and muscles began to ache again.. And I was worried that another flare up of FMS was going to start. But since having purpose back into my step the aches have subsided again..

A friend of mine who still hasn’t found the job she requires has quickly gone into a state of feeling low and depressed.. It reminded me that our state of mind helps to keep our bodies healthy too.. We can all too often fall into that trap of feeling worthless and rejected when unemployed and find the downward spiral of depression setting in.

If you should ever find yourself in this situation there are always I find many who are much worse off than ourselves and it may be time to explore what inspires us through volunteering, taking a class, going back to school, or just doing whatever it is we long to try. We all have callings, and when we find them, we owe it to ourselves to nurture and protect them, because while they may or may not be our livelihood, they are the keys to our wellbeing.

We are what we Think!… So I wish all my friends a Happy Weekend.. with Happy Thoughts and Good Health…

© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

Ocean of Love


Our Love is like an Ocean as deep as it can be

Waves crashing to the shore, I love you, can’t you see

The spray of salty droplets like diamonds on your skin

The rhythm of your breathing as I sigh and let you in

Caressing every curvature, hugging coastline sand

Melting sandcastles, built by your own hand

Your name I write over and over on the shore

Surrounded by the shells that you found which I adore

The Sun is welcoming us as we enjoy another day.

We laugh and we frolic, among the waves and spray

We move with the tide that has its ebb and flow

And I dive with the Dolphin, as in ecstasy let go..

The whale too will sing you my lover’s tune

As we float among the stars by the light of Silver Moon

So remember well my love, as you watch the waves at play

For my love is like the Ocean and its sent to you this day..

Dedicated to Currie, I hope you soon find some Romance in your life my dear friend..

© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

Crimson and Clover.


Crimson is the Sun, as she sets above the lake

Reflecting the mountains as my breath away she takes,

Shadows receding as fire flies do their dance

And I sit to dwell upon the moments of pure chance..


I hear the drummers rhythm as it sounds its steady beat

Of the native land I love and in my dreams I greet.

My heart beats to the song of a long ago lost tune

And deep within my soul, I know our meetings soon.


For long ago on windswept deck, overseas I sailed

I waved goodbye to all I knew, and trusted not to fail

For held within a knowing came that one day soon would be

I trusted that the Crimson Sun would lead you back to me.


And as the Night now draws on near, I hear that same old song

I bend to pick a Clover leaf, and know where I belong.

Crimson and Clover together they go well

For My love… I know where I shall Dwell…



© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

Thank you Crimson and Clover – Tommy James & The Shondells One Record I love to listen too which inspired this Poem…… From a Long Lost Memory…….. 

Time has all but Run out.

Tonight I sat thinking listening to some music, the music was the Theme from the Pacific, this music as is the Film sent shivers of admiration to those who served and serve in our Armed forces. Not that I condone War in any shape or form..

But that Men and women Volunteer to serve and give their ultimate sacrifice, their lives in service to their Countries where ever they are.

The Reason for the title of this Blog.. Well maybe I’m in a melancholy mood..  I have recently done some Blog Hopping and came across some very good posts.. Some  you can find on Europasicewolf’s Blog Where I read about the many thousand of Animals,pets, dogs,in particular which had to be abandoned during the  Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear disaster zone due to the Tsunami, and then about the disaster of Chernobyl 25 yrs ago now.. And still Man hasn’t learnt how to cope with things when they go wrong.


Mankind seems Hell-bent on Destruction, If not through his own hand, as we senselessly kill each other with weapons of war, But by the unseen weapons we use every day As we pollute the Earth every single day..

Time is Running out… We see it and yet we still think our Earth-plane will last for ever, Well its time… we thought about our future generations who will inherit this awful mess we’re leaving.

So as the Music played in the back-ground.. I wrote these Words as all things tumbled into my mind..

Time has all but run out

Time has all but run through the hour glass,

The Sand has all but trickled to an end

Faces on the clocks of different zones

Ticking, Ticking,

Calling us home.

Cracked Earth, parched souls,

Empty pockets, hollow hearts

Crying rivers, flooded Tears

Feeling Separate,

Through Aeons of years

Waking to the Bell of Alarm

Ticking minutes upon your left arm

Ruled by Time a day goes by

Head bent in work and Sighs

Wishing Days and weeks would Fly

Then wondering where was time spent

As Sand did trickled on

And Days did turn

While Man and Woman Yearn

We have much to learn

Time is almost Done

Before A life has begun

As new-born cries

We shower pollution

From our Skies





Sound Track The Pacific

By Sue Dreamwalker

© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.



The Beat of My Drum

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Above you see a Slide show of my Drum, which I painted. 

I decorated the Drum and drum stick, painting the animal
totems that are close to my heart and that I know are around me.

 A friend made me this drum from scratch With sacking cloth glued to a wooden frame in which he
covered  it in a Resin, inside it has a crossed over brace of wood made from Hazel wood to give it strength.

 The Bear,TheWolf,  The Eagle, The Hawk, and The Fox,  All mean something Special to me.. Click to see meanings of Totems

Drumming from the Ancients ways to the present day has been incorporated
into every culture. To drum is to connect to that Rhythm, that Heart Beat of
Life. The Drum has the ability to change you, literally it can alter your brain
wave patterns, and Scientist will tell you this through verified research. The
Drum has the ability to alter consciousness, from rousing Warriors, to Healing,
and performing Mystical Voyages of the inner realms.

The Native Americans would call their drums ‘Canoe’s’ or ‘Horse’s’
as they would enhance their ability to travel to the Spirit Realms..

The Drum can intensify your intent.. So if you are sending
out a request for healing either for oneself or for a member of your family or
for the World in general then your drumming can amplify and intensify the power
of your thought in a Powerful way.

Sound is a Wonderful Healer, Its Vibration is what we are
all made up of, for we are all of us Vibration resonating at a certain frequency.
If you ever get chance to Drum using a hand drum then hold the drum close to
your heart. Feel the sound resound inside of you use whatever beat you wish, just
let yourself become one with your drum and ‘Feel’ its beat, match it with your
own heart beat. Just allow its natural rhythm to evolve..

And if you haven’t a drum find some drumming music and close
your eyes and listen, sway to its beat.

Below I have posted a Video of the Cherokee Morning Song. I
play this music Regular and I Drum along to it. I sing as I now know all of the
words to this song, And will take myself off very often into my special little
room and drum and Sing this Song..

I hope you enjoy.
And I hope you’ll go and find your Beat, And join in with the Rhythm of the Drum..
©Sue Dreamwalker  2011 All rights reserved.

Eddie Kidd interview: Disabled stuntman’s heroic London Marathon walk goes on –

Eddie Kidd (Pic: DM)

Eddie Kidd. Picture Daily Mirror..

I have been following the efforts of Eddie Kidd’s courageous
walking of the London Marathon, still putting his brave one foot in front of the
other as he is raising awareness of Leukaemia in Children. And the Eddie Kidd
I remember watching his Dare devil Stunts such as soaring over
 numerous Buses and  cars in one stunt, and jumping over the Great Wall of China,..
It was in 1996 when a Stunt went badly wrong which left Eddie severely Brain
Damaged with serious injuries . Now he painstakingly walks around three quarters
of a mile a day..on a good day..  You can see his story here via link to the Daily Mirror via
their Share it link..Here If you wish to donate to help Eddie’s Charities.. see the links on the Daily Mirror site.

Eddie Kidd interview: Disabled stuntman’s heroic London Marathon walk goes on –

 I have enclosed a video of him here trying out
his Bike to help aid him walk for the London Marathon. He has been walking since
the 17th April 2011…And He’s Still Walking..

This just shows the strength of will Eddie has.

Come on Eddie.. And Well Done..

Medicine Wheels.

Medicine Wheel.

Medicine Wheel  I made .

This was inspired to be written from a Question from a friend, dogkisses. 

In the past the Native American people have honoured the Sacred Circle by building their homes in circular fashion, Rituals of purification were done in circular sweat lodges. And it was in a Circle the Elders came together, all being equal to have their say.. The circle is One, never ending continuous And it evokes a feeling of Wholeness and completeness. Sacred Dance was and is also done within a circle.

Jacob Boehme, a sixteenth Century mystic wrote , “ The Being of God is like a Wheel, Wherein many wheels are made in another, upwards downwards, crossways, and yet continually turn all of them together. At Which indeed, when man beholds the Wheel, he highly marvels”.

The Hopi Indians have a word: Tuwanasaapi, which means a place of Belonging. The place where you are your true home, the Spiritual Axis of the Universe,

When Native Americans made their Medicine Wheels to help him in their Vision Quests, it became their centring place, their Tuwanasaapi. Making a Sacred place an opening for unmasking your true self, love, sincerity of heart, of giving thanks, transformation, and reaching the stars… Connecting back to those Ancestors.

A Medicine Wheel is also a circle of protection. In Ancient Europe the Magi put a circle shield around himself that sealed him from his surroundings. The power of the Circle protected him and was a place where energy could be built.

By using Ceremony, Intent and Love, a medicine wheel can be a protected sanctuary where a vortex of spinning energy can build.. And as the energy builds your prayers can ride to your higher self and to that God source of Creation.

You can find out more on the internet about Medicine Wheels.. I was asked how I chose my stones?

First you need to locate where you want to build your Medicine Wheel, use your intuition as to what ground feels right and where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Close your eyes and ask yourself what you are feeling, if you are not comfortable move to another spot.

The Earth is a living Force, and there are places upon this Earth where you are strengthened and weakened. Feel the Earths Energies. Connect with Mother Earth,

Next Chose your stones.. the Ancients understood the power of the stones and often used them in ceremonies and rituals, they believed they held living Spirits with healing properties, even though you may think a stone is an inanimate object it still holds living energy. Native and Ancient people saw a world beyond the material and acknowledged that Rocks held living Spirits.

When you chose your Stones always ask Nature, “ May I take you for my Medicine Wheel?” in fact you should always ask natures permission to what ever you take, be it veg from your garden to picking flowers.  I liked a  sign I read while in Canada many Years ago now, it read..

( Take only Pictures, Leave only Footprints) and that has stayed with me a long time.

You can find many places upon the web to see how you set your Medicine Wheel  and many will vary. Follow your own intuition, Always  Enter your Circle from the East,  And be guided by your inner thoughts and prayers to honour your Sacred Circle, and send out your Intent and Prayer..

In most traditions the Medicine Wheel is divided into Four Equal quarters

East ……. South…… West ……. North.

and the Different Elements of


then you have the

Mental …. Emotional…Spiritual…. Physical.

Spring…. Summer……. Autumn… Winter.

Dawn….   Noon………Sunset….. Midnight.

Waxing Moon… Full Moon… Waning Moon.. New Moon,

Yellow…… Blue…….. Red…… Black/White.

Birth…… Childhood…. Young Adult…. Elder..

Activation.. Nurturance..Experimentation.. Consolidation.

Inspiration.. Intuition…. Transformation… Introspection

Eagle/Owl.. Frog/Dolphin… Phoenix/ Snake… Bear/ Turtle. 

There is no right way or wrong system, ALL Medicine Wheel Tradition hold Beauty and Truth. And many can vary.  The Value of the Medicine wheel is in the way that it gives understanding and in honouring of the Inner cycles within each of us.

The Medicine Wheel can be used to go on your own Vision Quest to discover your waking Spirit, to heal emotional wounds,to experience your connection with Nature, or just to develop your peace of mind…

The Nest post I  do on Native Americans will be  on Drumming….

© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

The OM….

Many years ago, before I understood what was happening to me I lay in bed drifting off to sleep.. When from what appeared to be from the far distance I heard a humming sound, deep and vibrant like that of a bee, but much deeper.. As it got closer it seemed to envelope me in its vibration, and as the sound grew louder in my head, all there appeared to be was this Sound. Because I didn’t understand it, I became fearful.. and the sound disappeared..

During this  Experiencing  of the vibration of Sound, it was as if my whole body was paralyzed and the only thing I could move was my head…as I felt myself moving out of my body..Which at  the time made me even more fearful.. 

Now I understand much more, and know this Sound was nothing to fear, but to rather embrace it.. and run with it.. The reason my body didn’t respond was that I was out of my body.. Floating up above it.. around my head.. And yet I  still felt  inside my body if that makes sense..with arms and legs to command?

This happened several times to me.. But each time I pushed it away because I was fearful, for when I heard the sound I knew I was about to experience the same sensations again of which I was unsure of.. 

Have any of you experienced  the Sound of the OM.. ? and do any of you now repeat this wonderful sound.?

Or do any of you hear any sort of Music as you drift off to sleep, as  you touch and float through that veil that divides the dimensions we reside in. ? For in Dream state we often travel Far. And meet old friends..

The reason I am posting now, is that I am again beginning to hear Music and I am again experiencing O.B.E. once again. As I fly out into the Universe…. And No…. I Don’t class myself as Crazy.. Weird maybe Smile LOL.

I often send out this powerful sound, when Drumming, when meditating with the sound.. Even when I walk out in Nature.. If you hold out your hands to either side as you walk with your finger tips open wide palms face down and Ommmmmmm the sound.. See how you seem to vibrate,Feel your heart centre vibrate in your chest and your fingers begin to tingle..

We are All of us made up of Vibration…

I came across this powerful Video using the Sound of Om with its beautiful images and Spiritual Messages, With Beautiful Music that lifts one the moment you begin to listen..

This Video is only 5 mins long… So Listen to its Vibration… and have an Om of a Weekend… 

Sue Dreamwalker

By Butterflygris

© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

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