Storm of Turmoil


As we witness the many changes around our Globe, not only in the Natural disasters but in the way we as Human Beings treat each other, I find myself wondering just what we HUMANS are, that we can treat each other so dreadfully.

So many terrible things we Humans do to each other in different guises of justification of what we perceive as retribution, or in the name of GOD!… Or in many cases just for the macabre shear hell of it..

I do not wish to clog up my page with negativity, But I do want you to spare a thought as you go around your day for the people who are suffering, Those who are caught up in wars, as they flee their townships, those  adults and children hurt, orphaned, killed, raped, and worse.. Those whose way of life has been turned upside down in Natural Disasters as they have lost family and loved ones and everything they hold dear.

Our way of Life and living has got to change if we as the Human Race want to carry on in its existence on this Planet.. We have got to start and live from our hearts and start to care for each other and our Planet..

Time is running out for the Human Race. And we have forgotten the basics of living in harmony with each other and Mother Earth. As All we have become is centred on Greed and the Value of ownership of the material.

Money soon I feel will take a huge plunge.. and people who live by the value of it in their bank accounts and pockets will soon have a Big Awakening… We have Got to start and think how would we live if we suddenly had a world where all that is Material is gone..

How would you  survive?..

I have reposted one of my Poems I wrote sometime ago..

Storm of Turmoil

The storm of turmoil has just begun

With paper money like tissue gone

Panic and Anger, Hate and loss

The storm does rage, like rag dolls were tossed

Leaders of Nations to whom we all look

A material world in which greed overtook

The balance addressed the dark and the Light

Brace yourselves for we’re in for a fight

Not only in Dollars and Pounds Sterling

But values of Life at every turning

The prophecies tell us that that in end of days

We should see changes, in many a way.

Watch out for the storms of river and sea

Hold onto your hats as the wind she’s mighty.

Open your hearts to those in foreign lands

As all they have to eat are grains of sand.

Where is the Love of our fellow man?

Is this life real? Or is it a sham?

Tell me my father in whose name we pray

What do we learn, what do we say

To those whose families are no longer here

To those whom they lost, in all they hold dear

Compassion is all that I have to give

Survival to those who learn how to live

With love in their hearts held out to each other

United in grief of a world under plunder.

In corruption and weapons, drugs and disease

Starvation and homeless, when will it ease?

I know it will end, for the New Age to follow

But please give us hope, for all our tomorrows

Help me to help those, to lead to the light

Help those in need, Put an end to their plight.

Send me a sign so that I may sow seeds

Lets join together united in need.

To bring about change we first must let go

Of all that is harmful for the Soul to grow

It won’t be the same for each one you see

For each has to grow, like branches of a tree.

Some are straight and have spurts of growth.

While others are twisted and slow like the sloth

Others are dead and break at the end

But each branch of the tree to heaven ascends.

And just like the Tree whose leaves she now sheds

In order to survive her roots deep embed

Into the Earth her energies link

Her life giving breath in which we all drink.

For we are all one, upon each we depend..

I wait for your calling… I wait to transcend



© Sue Dreamwalker 2011 All rights reserved.

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  1. summer breeze
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 18:18:48

    Snap! Today I was cycling in the lovely warm sunshine with the breeze blowing through my hair…enjoying all of nature around me, when suddenly a vision popped into my head from the news yesterday, a vision of a woman running this way and that trying to dodge bullets in libya. I thought just how lucky we are! just to be able to go out in peace and enjoy our world. unlike so many countries at present. Things really do have to change… and soon. great post my friend.
    Love Summer



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Apr 08, 2011 @ 22:16:51

      Yes Summer my dear friend, its a sad world we live in, I belong to several Charities one of them is ‘Save The Children’ that are asking for Aid not only in Libya are atrocities being carried out, But on the Ivory coast.. Tens of thousands of children have made their way to camps on the Liberian border, many arrived alone without parents some had walked up to four days to reach safety. My Heart goes out to All of them.. and Yes I cried tears too.. We have much to be thankful for, as we take our freedom for granted.. Love to you.. xxx



  2. Angelwings6
    Apr 09, 2011 @ 06:28:16

    The earthquakes we are experiencing over here are a bit worrying, I must admit… I’m on an emotional break at the moment, so haven’t been watching the news etc…
    I always hope things will turn out better for mankind…
    Have a lovely weekend Sue.



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Apr 10, 2011 @ 21:40:23

      Yes the Earth is trembling AngelWings.. Thank you LJ.. and let us all hope that she settles soon, and our thoughts of compassion and healing are heard and help balance things out in our upside down world which for many seems to be spinning faster and out of control at this moment in time..



  3. natswans
    Apr 09, 2011 @ 11:29:31

    As each day un folds Dreamwalker we hear of Nature taking it’s toll on this Beautifil Earth. These castrophies can’t be avoided but the anger and fighting of the human race will continue to go on , till I’ m sad to say the end of time. Yet we are surrounded by such Beauty and Nature so we can survive , we should give thanks . Lovely words each with feeling, lovely. Take care my friend hugs Sheila x



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Apr 10, 2011 @ 21:44:46

      Sadly yes Sheila it seems that way, but we can only send out our thoughts and hope that healing and adding some ‘Light’ into the negative mix will shed a few Rays of hope and I live in hope that those who live in ‘Darkness’ now will soon have light shed upon their pathways to enable them to see that the pathway of Greed and control needs to be shed, and that each of us needs to embrace each other regardless of colour or creed as brothers and sisters upon this planet..



  4. Serena
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 16:24:43

    Ein Engel für dich
    ……. ……… … _……._
    ……………. .~………..`~.
    ..?..,_….. / ……………….`,
    .,_?..’-.., ?……… _.’`~.~./
    …?’-.-,._…`{._,}…….. -.(
    …… ‘….`-.`?..-.-,.___.. -’_
    ……. ‘._`../……….. |_ _.{@}
    ………… / ………..`.|-…..Y
    ……….. / …….?….. /…..|/
    ……… / ………..’-…-;…_
    …….._? ……………. ..`,?.
    …… /… |`-…..___…….

    Kiss and hugs****Serena,,,



  5. Androgoth
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 17:43:17

    There are many that wish for a better, fairer world
    but unfortunately greed always seems to win over
    the poor and while the Earth is rich in minerals…
    Man only seeks to plunder in any way possible in a
    hunger for riches, and forgets the real life hardships
    of the many… It is sad but the filthy rich do not care
    about the helpless and needy… One day this may be
    changed or is this just a fantastical thought to ponder,
    while in the reality of this world, all we swee is the
    suffering year in year out, only time will tell my friend.

    Androgoth Xx



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Apr 10, 2011 @ 21:48:09

      Hi Androgoth.. thank you for dropping in to comment.. The days of the filthy rich I see as being very soon to be numbered.. as money will also go through its own transformation that many would never percieve as possible.. And that ‘one-day’ you speak of Andro is fast drawing to its conclusion..



  6. eclipseofthemoon
    Apr 11, 2011 @ 08:13:47

    It seems that humans do not deserve the beautiful home they’d been given, the pearl of the Universe…not other known planet is so perfectly suited for life, yet all we see through our greedy eyes is how to repress and crush another human being, showing the disgusting and totally groundless superiority….able ony to destroy…so extreemely sad…and it has to be changed….



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Apr 11, 2011 @ 10:06:01

      the pearl of the Universe … Yes my dear Eclipse we seem intent of distruction in everything we touch.. And IT HAS to change and it Will..and maybe the Earth will allow a few with good intent to enjoy her beauty.. and live in peacefulness once again…



  7. aussie emu
    Apr 11, 2011 @ 13:25:22

    The days of fiscal security are beginning to close , the financial world will collapse and global anarchy will arise through the ignorance of those in pursuit of political domination , this is beginning to emerge in the Arabic/Muslim worlds at the moment , maybe through this turmoil the Muslim world may awaken to the need of global tolerance of their fellow man and the religious and racial bigotry will be exposed for what it is , a manmade sickness that has no bearing on the spirituality of all man.



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Apr 11, 2011 @ 14:35:17

      Yes true words spoken here Emu my friend, this is only just the beginning and the truth of Spirituality has long been lost in the minds of those controlled by teachings which has no baring of Loving each other.. .. But which are riddled with rules and laws to keep the masses under their influence… But that is changing.. and the breakdown will come not only in religion but in the Material aspects of the foundations in which many build their ideals upon.. That of Greed, Control, and And those who hold the largest Money Pots will find that they cannot battle against the tide that is now turning.. For Planet Earth will change our way of being.. For we have as a human species lost our way.. And will find that no amount of owning the material of this realm will save us from our own Fate..



  8. eddietwohawks
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 21:14:03

    a message from an angel



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Apr 15, 2011 @ 21:30:54

      Arrh…. Bless you…. I have no doubts that those in the realms of Spirit guide my words.. 🙂 Im sure they do.. for when I write such poems as these, I pause not to think, each line flows into the next and I never correct them.. Blessings to you Eddie..



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