A Bird in the Hand.

Spring this week is well and truly in the air. The Sun at last is shining  and Nature is waking up to the warmth of it..

Bee’s are buzzing, and Birds are singing merrily away.. My sister even saw a couple of Butterflies in her garden, wow are they out early.. and the blossoms are out and the green shoots are budding, the daffodils are showing us their proud heads, and the pansies are smiling their beautiful colours.

The other morning I was stood baking, looking out my kitchen window to see the sparrows busily picking up the dried vegetation of dried small grasses and thin twigs ready for nest building. One bird is busy building a nest in a small evergreen bush in the garden.. And I’m hoping its high enough for the Cats not to have spied it.. It was amazing to watch these beautiful little birds as they chewed their twigs into shapes they needed, chopping bits off the ends and bending them just so before they hoped into their nest to weave it into shape..  

Spring Time has always been  one of my favourite seasons as the Miracle of Life once again sets out to show us that even after the harshest of Winters, which for us in the UK this year was one of the coldest in decades, Life Springs back with such vibrancy and colour.

Last Summer as the young birds were flying there nests, One unfortunate little bird got blinded by the sun and flew into the window pane.. I went out after hearing an almighty thud to see it laying lifeless on the ground.. It was out cold.

I picked it up, and could still feel its little heart beating, so I cradled it in both palms for around 5 minutes and sent it some healing energy… It eventually came around and sat in my palm probably still stunned, and no doubt with a headache… I gently stroked it still giving it energy…

Thinking it would fly off from my open palm.. however it just sat there quite content and I held it in my open hand a further 5 minutes or so, before I walked over to a bush and gently coached it to hop onto a branch…

I stepped back and waited to see if it was ok… another 5minutes passed by before it flew off with a chirp…. and a cheap…

I had my mobile phone in my pocket at the time and I was able to take these pictures as I held it…

a bird in the hand


IMG00007-20100618-1843    IMG00010-20100618-1845

IMG00011-20100618-1845    IMG00012-20100618-1846

I just love Spring, and the Miracles in Life we see each and every Day. We may not all get to hold ‘A Bird in the Hand’…  But we each of us hold that Miracle of Life within our own… So lets not waste it, let us embrace the Spring within our own lives, as each season passes us by so quickly and before we know it we have come through our own Seasons.. The Spring of our Youth, Summer of our Adults years and like me now in my Autumn, those glorious Golden Moments of Time…And it is often in these times, when life passes us by, when we are not looking, in the silence of Nature’s embrace that the Miracles of Change happens..

I am embracing this Spring knowing that I hold its Key within my own hands Worrying not, Like the Sparrows who worry not where there next meal is coming from, But they get up each day to Sing out their hearts giving praise for A New Day..

Wishing all my friends A beautiful  Season of Spring!…






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