Brazil judge blocks Amazon Belo Monte dam




Great News for those who are fighting to stop the development of the Huge Dam in Brazil. This is another step in stopping the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest and the displacement of Thousands of Indigenous and local people along the Xingu River.

Thank you for all of you who signed the petition, this is only just one step, in a long chain of procedures.. But it is a Victory none the less….

Celebrities such as Singer Sting, and Film Director James Cameron from the Film Avatar among others supporters are behind the campaign against the building of this Huge Dam that will flood 500 sq km or 190 sq miles of the Amazon Forests Resulting in making a possible 50,000 indigenous and local people homeless. And that is not mentioning the hundreds of thousands of animal and insect life that will be lost.

More information Courtesy of BBC World News.. 

“A Brazilian judge has blocked plans to build a huge hydro-electric dam in the Amazon rainforest because of environmental Concerns

Federal judge Ronaldo Desterro said environmental requirements to build the Belo Monte dam had not been met.

The dam is a cornerstone of President Dilma Rousseff’s plans to upgrade Brazil’s energy infrastructure.

But it has faced protests and challenges from environmentalists and local indigenous groups who say it will harm the world’s largest tropical rainforest and displace tens of thousands of people.

Judge Desterro said the Brazilian environmental agency, Ibama, had approved the project without ensuring that 29 environmental conditions had been met”


Read more following this link below  Thank YOU…

An Evening with Spirit.

An Evening with Spirit.

I would just like to add a post here on my evening with Spirit.. As some of my old friends are aware I am a medium, and each week I sit with friends to communicate with those across the divide..

We have been sitting specifically to develop these communications via trance, which has taken over 5yrs of dedication of sitting each week to get the level of communication we now receive our various Spirit visitors, who speak through our Trance Medium. The range of personalities, different voices and energies that come through now are truly awe inspiring as they communicate with us on topics close to our hearts as well as telling us from their perspective what life is like Spirit side.

The reason for today’s post is that as the world seems to be going a little crazy of late, our good friend ‘David’ on spirit side came to give us some philosophy. David when on the Earth-plane was wheelchair bound and Autistic and couldn’t speak.. His distinctive voice has grown stronger over the years from the faint feeble hello he first greeted us with 4 yrs ago, to the words you will see written before you today… This communication was given to us on the 31st of January 2011. My own comments are in Brackets ( )

David speaks—

“Good evening, indeed it is a great evening for we are seated together in that universal power of unconditional love that binds us together as one. No matter how far apart we may be situated within our realms of existence. For in truth and reality shall we say we are only a few inches away from you.

We are not a million miles away from where you’d need some space craft to travel at the speed of Light to be with us. For the thoughts contained within your physical mind travel faster than any space craft. I don’t like to say we are at your beck and call, but once you send that thought out and of course we pick up on its vibration and we are attracted to it like a moth to the light. For those surrounded by the light can only be attracted to more Light. As of those who shall we say work in a denser atmosphere it is the.. I do not wish to use the term job, it is the process of enfoldment within each and every individual soul to try and open themselves up to the Light of the Great Spirit the creator of All.

Through their earthly lives they are given the opportunity to be attracted to the light just like the Moth. But through their own Free Will and indeed many times peer pressure they turn away from that Light. And it is our wish, it is our hope that they turn back towards it whenever they are able to.

We have told you many times about the ‘Great Plan’ and what is needed, and it is still unfolding as it should be, but as you are in shall we say in your Winter season, when not much of the flora blossoms and flora blooms. Let us say there is more work being done behind the scenes than that you can see on the surface. We are calculating what needs to be done at this present time. For there is a great amount of Anger being given off, erupting and filling your air. Filling that vibration in which you are encased. And like many volcanoes that erupts on the earth’s surface will have to spew its malt and lava along the earth plane and rid what is built up inside on it.

That is what is taking place at this moment in time. There will be more eruptions my friends, as Mankind sees, shall we say what is rightfully theirs being taken away from them, what is rightfully theirs being withheld, all that they have worked for is kept from them. I suppose you could say they would be a little grieved at what is happening. It would take a very calm soul not to have an opinion and show anger at this moment in time.

If someone was to pop along tomorrow and say your humble house in which we are seated in would have to be flattened to the floor but we can only give you a very small amount of money which you would have to use to re-house yourselves, I think the air may turn a little blue. Because of course it would be your Anger that would be coming out of you my friends. And this may seem very unspiritual, but nobody is to be walked upon either. Let us remember that.

You have not been placed upon the earth plane to be somebody’s lap dog, to roll over at their command, to walk to heel when the master would beat you. It is not a very nice situation for those to be in. But it is what is necessary to over throw the power of those that just live in Greed alone. I think we could say that the Ying is evening out with the Yang. In perfect balance it shall become.

( at this point I said yes I understand that there will be much chaos around our world before that happens.. and David continued by saying)-

Oh there will be many lives lost, I think uprising maybe too much of a strong term, I would like to it would be togetherness, a union, a coming together of likened minds to spread that much needed knowledge to those who are still in their slumber. If we put it in this form you can see it is part of the Great Plan that you are All living in.

It does sadden me to look down upon, and see the beautiful Earth plane going through such a transformation at this moment in time. But in order for your crops to grow in your little allotment, you have to turn the soil over do you not? Then we are merely watching the Soil being turned over for new seeds to be planted, for the benefit for ALL to feed upon.

In time to come when they are ripe for taking, remember we cannot reap the benefits every day, there has to be many days when we are out in the fields sowing the seed…. I suppose we could say the Great Spirit is the Farmer, and he is tending to his land, and he is trying to weed out all that is not necessary and required in his field anymore for his new crop to grow.

(At this point I said what a very good analogy and thanked David for bringing the message to us this way)

David spoke more upon several topics personal to our groups progression and said his farewells..

I am posting this now as we see around our world the problems escalating  as people want to have their freedoms back and not be downtrodden anymore.

What we have to ALL realise is that this is how Mass Consciousness works as we see the Anger bubble over in these nations.. Let us not be complacent and think it only happens in foreign lands.. For Mass consciousness spreads what ever the thought behind it.

Let us all at this time send some LOVE and LIGHT and send our thoughts out of compassion to such places in turmoil of people who are standing up to fight for their rights to live more freely .

And let us not forget our sisters and brothers in New Zealand who have also suffered during their earthquake the loss of life and love ones Send out your thoughts and let us try to heal our world by adding love into it with good intent, rather than adding to it with more negative thought which only comes back around to its source of creation…

Here is a topic I did ages ago called the Train of THOUGHT! another message from our Spirit friends.. explaining how our thoughts which are energy go out to create our world.

Spinning Threads



Spinning Threads

I’m spinning a spiral of threads to catch the light
And each one I weave brings new insights
Many years in this cocoon I’ve been caught
But soon my wings will fly fearing nought
For the life that I led has been transformed
All will be revealed in this New Dawn

Freedoms at last as we all escape
Flex your wings don’t hesitate.
We shake off the shell of the cocoons grasp
To become that which we are at last
For once more we return to that from which we came
As this is the finish, the End of the Game

A mortal serpent coiled in its ring
To spiral on out to leap up and Sting
Look to the skies for your answers lie their
Which were always within you so do not despair.
To unlock the spiral hold light in your eye
Let go of illusion be ready to fly.

For this world that we know will soon spin a web
To stop all the hatred that’s killing her dead.
To combat the Fear spin your own nest
Out of love and forgiveness just trying your best
Help up your neighbour don’t be selfish or mean
For the chaos around you is soon to be seen

Believe not the powers but follow your hearts
For WE spin the web and make a new start
Free your Mind of the indoctrinate thought
Break free from the shell in which you are caught
And embrace the threads of goodness and Peace
And Help Mother Earth and ourselves to release

A new Dawn is coming be ready be brave.
For your web of thoughts will set a new stage
And we are the people with one common theme
So live from the heart and follow your dreams.



© Sue Dreamwalker  2011 All rights reserved.

Laugh and the world Laughs with you.. Cry and you Cry alone!.


Yesterday I sat  watching people for quite along time, everyone was caught up within their own thoughts, their own problems. And I caught a refection of my own face in a door, and my own  face mirrored much the same.. And then I heard a little voice inside my head..

Last night I wrote a poem, reflecting my day,

Shine your Light Girl!


Sitting on my seat, I watch them by the door

Gloomy faces set in stone, eyes held to the floor

I melt into the background of a sea of discontent

Of thoughts they cannot hear, as their energy is spent


A cloud that settled just above my head

Pressed its weight, until I remembered what you said

Shine your Light Girl, Light a beacon in the Dark.

And don’t worry if some days all you give is but a spark’

‘Remember a spark lights the biggest of all fires

And I know Girl, of your inner most desires’


So I looked up to the cloud whose colour was all grey

And I used my thoughts to send it clean away

Getting up from my seat I walked towards the door

And I smiled into the eyes of those cast down to floor


Some gazed back unsteady, as they hadn’t seen a smile

Others lips did quiver as they hadn’t used one in a while

Who was this strange woman, whose eyes were sparkling bright?

As she smiled and said hello, to everyone in sight

Heads did turn, murmurings were made

And someone shouted, ‘Maybe she is insane?’


But I laughed now out loud as the sun shone down on me

As I thanked my higher-self, for filling me with glee

Happiness is all a state of mind

So bring out the smiles for soon you will find

You too can add your spark and brighten up your path


So come on now SMILE! And Choose to Laugh.


© Sue Dreamwalker 2010 All rights reserved.

What Have We Become?


What Have We Become? 


What have we become that we cannot begin to see?

The Damage that we’ve done to our Ocean land and Trees,

We belch out pollution, pumping veins in Mother Earth

Spewing out our poisons that pollute around her girth

Her Ocean floors we’ve blackened, turning all to red,

And blood is on our hands as our sea-life is now dead


What have we become that we cannot begin to see?

The damage with we do which affects both you and me

The aerosols we spray like the Chemtrails across our sky

Leave a trail of poison and no one is asking Why?

Rainforests disappearing a hundred species every day

Some we’ll never see, for we wiped them clean away.


What have we become that we feel we need to kill—

Everything around us, Is this Free Will?

I often shed a tear as I feel our Mother’s pain

For I know it’s now the time as she screams with wind and rain.

It’s time that we were shaken to realize our mistakes

How we’ve pillaged, raped and stole and Take, take ,take

Never do we honour or give her back respect

We just take her life for granted, abuse her and neglect.

Can we not see as we cut down all her trees?

We cut the very air that each of us do breathe.


What have we become as we kill for greed and power?

Our Mother now chastises in this our final hour

Her anger is just beginning to make her presence felt

For mankind is just an insect, as we reap what we have dealt

Her sigh is now heaving on the Winds of discontent

As she reflects all of our Anger over the centuries we’ve sent.


What have we become that we cannot begin to see?

We are destroying our Planet along with it you and me.


© Sue Dreamwalker  2010 All rights reserved.

Xingu River Brazil.


My Dear Friend Jussara from Brazil sent me these words

I hope that you will read why flooding this vast area of over 400,000 acres will have such an impact on these Indigenous peoples lives not to mention the untold wildlife.

The words below are from my friend.  

I was very happy with your important support for the cause
Xingu and with your wonderful post on WordPress .

Your act  makes a big difference in this fight:))
My dear, I send here a picture of the region
Xingu River, where the government wants to build the hydroelectric,
so you see the size of the territory that will be destroyed…
This is an indigenous territory, live here more than 15 groups
Ethnic Indigenous ( thousands of indigenous people) and also
there are traditional populations (non-indigenous groups).
I also sent photos of the Kayapo ethnic group, which will be
one of the hardest hit.

Xingu River

These ethnic groups along the river are forest people,

Kayapo TribeKayapo Tribe 1

they do not know life in cities.
When constructing the dam, these people will be uprooted,
the forest will be flooded forever…
thus, the entire forest and local wildlife, including numerous types
mammals, birds, fish, insects that exist only there, all
will be destroyed.

Kuikuro Tribe

The remaining trees in the surrounding areas will
their roots rotted by the change of water level and also
die. Indigenous peoples shall be taken to prefabricated houses,
lose the land where they live and live their ancestors, finally lose
everything and will not survive.
I have high hopes that the pressure from international groups
can make the government abandon the project, this is our hope …
Thank you for your solidarity, Dreamwalker,

 You Too can make a difference..

Click to sign the petition here  


A Message from Pandora, STOP! the Destruction


A dear friend of mine who lives in Brazil, sent me an appeal today, to sign a petition to stop the Belo Monte Dam project from going ahead later this month.. Here are her Words..

“Stop Belo Monte Dam!

The Brazilian government approved the environmental license for the controversial Belo Monte Dam in the Amazon. The dam, slated to be the world’s third largest hydroelectric project, would devastate an extensive area of the Amazon rainforest, and threaten the survival of indigenous and traditional peoples. Construction could begin this year.

 The decision has caused a national and international outcry. It’s time for urgent action! The government has just given a license to start cutting down trees and clearing the construction site for the Belo Monte hydropower project. The decision has already triggered strong reactions, and the Federal Public Ministry in Pará has publicly stated that the license is illegal, and cannot be issued without prior compliance with environmental requirements.

But, President Dilma is turning a deaf ear. Only a massive wave of protest from citizens across the country could persuade her to review the decision. We’ve done it before! If enough of us call, we could protect our precious environment and get her to immediately revoke the illegal license. And, if we don’t act now, the forest will be cleared this month”


I was shocked to learn of this project whereby 40,000 indigenous people and local people will be displaced and lose their homes and habitat, not to mention the thousands of Species of Animals, Wildlife and unique species of animals and insects.

The Dam will flood 400,000 acres of Rainforests and the project is Bigger than that of the Panama Canal. Please watch the video and visit the links listed here.. and add you vote …
Where do we stop in destroying our world.. It has taken hundreds of years for these trees which give us our Oxygen to breath.. There are I am sure alternatives to this 
hydroelectric Belo Monte, which will destroy the entire region of the Xingu river,in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Watch a Video here

And sign the petition here.. Use your Translation tool to translate

Help stop the Bulldozers from moving in to leave a huge scar on this land and in the heart of the Amazon.. and sign the petition now!

Thank you .. Dreamwalker


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British Red Cross

Please Support the Red Cross, Help Others.

Speak Out Against Nuclear Power

Speak Out Against Nuclear Power

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