A Moments Reflection


After being at work all afternoon and evening, supporting those with learning difficulties, as they sat and watched their ‘Soaps’ on fighting families, murder plots, violence and love triangles, and News on T.V. belching out figures of high inflation, fuel rises, and record Value Added Tax ( VAT) on goods bought to a record high of 20%. It was good to come home and kick off my shoes and chill.

I picked a leaflet up dropped through the door which informed us our street lighting was to be turned off in 2011 and Crime rates were set to soar as a result.

With Kettle boiled and herbal tea in hand I sank into the sofa turned on some relaxing meditative music, closed my eyes and breathed in deep and pulled in that Universal energy and sighed.

I looked at the blank screen of the TV set in the corner of the room, and remembering my evening of all the doom and gloom on TV and listening to people getting wound up in the dramas of their Soaps and the repetitive bombardment of the news channel, along with the constant chatter of those I support, I wondered how many of us sit and yell at that little or as now is the case, the BIG black box in the corner of our lounges. Letting the negative vibration take a tighter grip as we become memorised by ‘Game Shows’, ‘Soaps’, and the violence that spills from the screen.

I closed my eyes again, to listen to the soothing music and I drank in the peace as well as my herbal tea. And even though in a short while I too will become one of the government statistics, as many are losing their jobs who work for local councils and I’m no exception. As the Cutbacks dig even further into the Caring of these wonderful people I work with, as they become another number on someone’s spread sheet.

But for that one moment… everything fell away, nothing mattered, for in that moment I felt such peace as I surrendered myself to that vibration the music offered, and let my mind be still… For all is a state of mind.. We can either let the turmoil boil like a stormy seas, or we can be tranquil and still as a lake..

And in that moment of reflection, I thought how simple life can be, if we would just surrender to that vibration of Peace and love. For we are all vibration, resonating out our thoughts that add to the music of the world. We can either be angry, irritated, mean with each other, and discontent, like a discordant note. Or we can be calm, kind, sharing with each other and be at peace, adding our harmony to the world.

We have forgotten how to surrender to that moment, even out in nature do we ever stop to listen to the harmony of the bird song, to listen to the wind rustle the corn, or the music of the babbling brooks or our Ocean waves..

So in this moment of reflection, where I listen to the point of hearing the Pin Drop.. I become the Pin, as I tumble into that silence space of thought, where I am all, and yet where I am nothing, as I surrender to that space, that vibration of peaceful harmony where I join as one with everything and yet I float alone content..

We are the Pulse of Life, and life reflects back which tune we play..

I choose harmony… even if we can only find that space for 5mins in our day, we owe it to ourselves to find that space within, and become the Pin that drops in that moment of reflection.

So my friends Listen to that silence space within and be content with who you are, for you add your music to the world by the very sound of your thoughts.. and become the Pin…..

Love Light and Peace


© Sue Dreamwalker 2010 All rights reserved.


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  1. aussieian2010
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 10:33:36

    The world of peace , quiet and contentment is purely self made Sue ,months ago I achieved what I thought was a dream , a 55 inch blueray tv , is all its done is amplify the violence , politics , soap operas and everything depressing that didnt overtake my lounge room before , well its still the same stuff but now appears to be a box of bombarments of negative vibes , now we days when the tv is not even turned on , for meditation or relaxation we find our own music we have on the com and if we want a movie we mainly go back into the past , yes I have seen mary poppins again and the fred astairs and ginger rogers , mickey rooney and all the old ones that bought joy and a sense of happiness , I was born too soon , I wanted to be one of the brothers in the movie seven brides for seven brothers , wont tell you which bride I wanted , or brides hehehe



  2. eclipseofthemoon
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 11:21:39

    …well they say that the quiet man is a man with many thoughts; it is true dreamwalker – we can really find an amazing harmony in our silent moments and those can actually “mend” us for a day if we find the right way to do that…..

    it is a very nice entry
    stay well my dear friend



  3. natswans
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 13:55:13

    I do hope your work continues Dreamwalker it is such a shame . Care and Day centres closing here to , I am at a loss as what to say about this . I know how you love your work to lose it and the loyalty you give to these people. So very sad I wonder what will become of them.
    Stay safe and well.



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Jan 05, 2011 @ 14:02:25

      Yes Sheila, A very sad day, which will have many knock on effects those powers that be haven’t even concidered.. But All is as it should be, I shall miss the service users greatly after seeing them come out of their shells for the past 7yrs, but not the uncaring organisations that make such decissions, I trust I will find a job placement where I am meant to be, and I take each moment, One step at a time…:-)



  4. Alison
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 19:20:20

    Hi there Dream walker

    I’m reading a book at the moment about a single parent who rents her house out,buys a camper van and sets off to go traveling….If only
    We live in a world that we get pulled into.Its a world of modern gadgets,work work and more work,money,greed,fear.
    I myself shut my eyes and would love to live somewhere that I grow my own food and feed my own animals because with the basics for survival comes he beauty of this world and the realization of what it is we do actually need.
    We all need time for reflection.There is no wonder the world is like it is because we are all guilty in some way of causing the outcome.
    Fantastic blog my friend
    Blessings and peace always. xxx ali



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Jan 06, 2011 @ 18:41:28

      Awww Ali.. so pleased you dropped in. You are so right, we all contribute to the energy of this world and the vibration we are in… And its our responsiblity to try to change it.. And we can all do something positive, by just allowing our thoughts to find that Peace within.. Love and Blessings to you 🙂 xxx



  5. lorrena
    Jan 09, 2011 @ 03:07:33

    I will listen within for the sound of the pin dropping Sue ,and it is true as silence inside ones spirit ,the very quiet moment can bring about content and show us all the direction of our light.




  6. serenityunicorn
    Jan 15, 2011 @ 16:22:12

    I’m with you. I don’t even start my day with the news. And I’m much happier for it.
    I know all that crime and horror is out there, but why start each and every day of you life reading it? Taking it in? Negativity….. not the way I want to start each journey! 😉



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