The Greatest Gift Ever.


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The Greatest Gifts

I hope that everyone has had a good Christmas Day, that you’ve received all you wished for and more, and have eaten until you feel as stuffed as that Turkey roast we’re all so fond of putting on our tables at Christmas time.

I wish I could say I was vegetarian at this point, but I’m not, I was meat free for 2yrs, but either I wasn’t eating correctly, getting the right vitamin supplements but I ended up feeling quite ill. That and the call of the ‘Bacon Butty’ got too much so I became a carnivore again.

I say ‘at this point’, because I think of the millions of Turkeys who gave up their lives so we could enjoy Christmas Dinner!

Today I can start and chill out and relax as yesterday Christmas Day I went to work along with many others who give of their service to others, not only the carers and medical professions but those too in the catering industries who give up their Christmas day to serve others for people who wish to holiday and not cook their own Turkey Christmas lunches.

This Christmas for us as a family has been both joyful and sad, joyful in the fact that we have our first grandchild Isobella’s first Christmas with us. And sad as Isobella’s other Granny died this Christmas Eve after losing her battle with Cancer. Isobella being their first grandchild too.

My thoughts here go out to all those who suffer loss of loved ones at whatever time of year, the pain of such is heart-breaking but more so it seems at Christmas time.

I got to thinking why is that? For during the last year I have heard of many old friends and acquaintances who have passed to Spirit, and many who have lost their battles with Cancers.

The answer for me is that at Christmas time our awareness opens us up more to giving, as we buy presents and visit loved ones whom we perhaps haven’t seen all year as that closeness, that bond of love builds up in what we term the ‘Christmas Spirit’ as we smile and wish everyone a Happy Christmas leaving tips and good wishes for their New Year to come.

At Christmas time our senses are heightened, as for once we have to stop and think about others instead of ourselves as we madly rush around thinking of that perfect gift to give them. And yet what is that perfect gift? It can never be found within the material gifts we toil all year long for to attain.

The perfect gift for me comes absolutely free, Its the gift of ‘Giving back’ giving of yourself to serve your fellow man, and it may come as simple as a smile to a stranger or a helping hand to a young mum getting on the bus loaded with shopping, pushchair and toddler in tow. These are the gifts we should share all year round. Yet we have become so caught up in the wheel of toil and debt in this so called ‘Modern Age’ of keeping up with the Jone’s, we rush around in our own little worlds blinked to others needs.

I often think back to what maybe termed the ‘Good Old Days’ when things were much simpler then. Friends have often said to me there was nothing ‘Good’ about those days without the time saving gadgetry we rely upon today.

But I say this; to me they were the ‘Good Old Days’ for we knew who our neighbours were in fact whole communities came together. We didn’t lock our doors behind us as we entered our homes or view every stranger with suspicion. We pulled together helping each other out, We used to have time for one another.

The Gifts we have forgotten in these so called Modern times is that we have forgotten how to give of our time to each other.

And time is a gift we should all give ourselves. For time is running faster for every one of us. Just where did last year go? And what, as you look back did we actually achieve?

Isn’t it time we ALL gave ourselves that perfect gift? As we move into yet another year. Let us spend time with ourselves if only for Five Minutes in our busy days. Go into that sacred space of silent thought. Spend time with yourselves, and listen to those inner most promptings that ‘Inner Voice’ .

Stop and think of all those material possessions we all have, and think for 5 minutes of your day which one you prize the most…

And then give thanks for the one you’ve had with you all your life which has cost you absolutely nothing to buy but without it all the toil and sweat of your labours would mean nothing.

That is the Greatest gift of all..

The Gift of Life.

The Gift of Health.

And the Gift of life our Earth Mother gives us Free Every Single Day of the year..

Thank you…

Dreamwalker .

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lady Jude
    Dec 26, 2010 @ 23:20:16

    I gave up meat for about two years and I started eating it again, but I have to close my eyes and I never have very much of it, just enough to stay healthy, I had roast leg of lamb for Christmas dinner and Pavola for pudding decorated with whip cream and Kiwi fruit and then had my most painful gallstone attack ever, got those 4 years back when I was ill and lost 25kgs so rapidly in 6 weeks.
    I’m still feeling off colour.
    I hope you remain open Sue, as I said to Ian we will just have to make new friends up here I’m willing to give it a go.
    Hope you enjoyed your Christmas
    Hugs Lady Jude



  2. Brenda Guarisma
    Dec 26, 2010 @ 23:43:57

    Super Hi Dreamwalker!!!

    WoW! I Am Enjoying Reading Your Super Interesting Post, and at the Same Time I Am Meditating in What You So Clearly Explain Here!!!

    Super Thank YOU Because You Give Me Wonderful Gifts when You Write Your Nice Words in My Space!!!

    All the Best for You and Your Family in These Holidays and in All Their Precious Lives!!!

    A Super Hug Sue!!! 🙂



  3. lorrena
    Dec 26, 2010 @ 23:50:12

    Hi Sue,I read this and thought about what your saying.well my friend ,what your always saying with those perfect shining words.Bless you and may the light of oneness shine from within you and may you keep willing the good intent as my friend it is your destiny .



  4. aussieian2010
    Dec 27, 2010 @ 21:55:07

    Greetings dear Sue , as you know my friend I take time out to read and appreciate the thoughts of the person behind the words in your posts and again in this post I see the spirit of the soul writer , you have encompassed completely the true spiritual reflections we all should aspire to understand and live by , this time of the year we become more sensitive to others as you say , we feel joy and sadness much more so now than other times of the year, this coming year will be the last year for many of our friends and family here on this earthly plane as the progress in their spiritual travels,we will feel their loss but experience their joys as well having known them in this life.
    I too have a great belief in the good old days without the gimickry of modern day paraphanalia , the days of shared love and happiness , tolerance and acceptance and most importantly mutual support and trust.
    Your writings always are an inspiration and one thing I know for sure is that you will be writing for us for a very long time my friend as your words are a teaching for us all that you are charged with sharing.
    Wishing you a happy new year Princess filled with love and happiness , may all your dreams and hopes be realized
    Ian aka Emu



  5. Sue Dreamwalker
    Jan 12, 2011 @ 14:56:31

    Thank you Linette, Leatrice and Tien, or are you all one and the same??? I think so… Keep reading for the greatest gift is yourself.. Many Blessings to you and yours… and thank you for taking time to comment upon my post Dreamwalker 🙂



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