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How does one convey a knowing, that runs deep within your soul, that has been with you since time as you knew it began?.. How can you explain a feeling that has grown with you since the time you looked up at the stars and wondered what they were.

When I was a child I would sit and look up at the sky and I remember asking my Dad what they were, he said they were planets, just like ours and he explained that it took millions of years for their lights to even reach our planet Earth.. and for some, those planets may now no longer be existing, but their light still travelled for us to see..

At the time I guess I didn’t understand it fully.. and it wasn’t until the Moon Landings in 1969 when in my last year at school in Science we took great interest in outer space and the universe that once more my stirrings of a knowing came to light.. That was the only year I came top of the class in science.

But how do you begin to tell anyone or even explain it to yourself. That you know beyond anyone’s teachings that you feel you belong ‘Out There’..

I used to talk to the Stars..Well, maybe we call that talking to God… But what is God? But mans attempt to put into our thoughts the magnificence of creation in all its glory of encompassing love. As we try to conceive not only the magnificence of the workings behind the creation of all living things on our planet, but as we look out at the Vastness of the Universe and see how infinite the endless star systems  are within the multiple Universes we now know exist, as on and on it goes…

We see now how we are but a spec, a grain of sand within the scheme of things, and yet we are part of the whole, we are part of this huge creation… I often think of the micro organisms within our own bodies.. We now know they exist through the power of Science and the microscope..and we need them to exist within our systems to keep our bodies functioning as they do.. they carry out their duties swimming around inside us, some helping with our digestive systems and others who fight mightily in defending our immune systems as they fight off strange bugs within their midst..Some of these organisms being helpful while others are destructive as they multiply and destroy the good cells around them. Many are part of us, but many irritate our systems as we search out ways to rid ourselves of their infestations.    

 As we populate our Host the Earth Mother which too is now infested with many such destructive organisms, the Human Being, as we destroy many places around this planet, with pollution and deforestation, wars, and selfish acts of greed and evil intent.. We have to realise we are Energy beings who transmit both positive and negative energy frequencies into her midst..And the way in which we think creates the realities in which we live..  I feel now is this time we will see many changes as we begin to see how we have lost our true purpose as we have become enslaved to the material world of possessions, and our Earth is now showing us that we are irritants upon her back, as she cleanses herself. She will not allow us to destroy her, for she is part of a much wider picture as she holds her place within the Universal jigsaw puzzle , and her cycles of evolution.     

I have come to understand many things, and one of them is that we are multidimensional beings and we have come to experience Life on this planet, in its physical, material, density of matter, and along the way we have lost our way. … But if we search, listen to that inner voice long enough and see the signs which point out the truths, and learn how to decipher them, we then begin to see, how through many life times we have been searching  for those answers, and now my own searching is making more sense to me. Holding up the individual pieces of a puzzle often make no sense at all, but Piece by piece as we fit the jigsaw together, gradually it starts to make a picture, but when you don’t have the box lid to work too, it can take quite a while to find which piece fits which. 

 I read a book many years ago and I only remember the title, ‘The experiment is Over’ when I read it, I dismissed many of its teachings as nonsense, and other books too, passages I too have dismissed and thought ‘what far out nonsense is this?’  But there comes a time, as you put the pieces of a jigsaw together you begin to see the whole picture as you start to work your way around from the edges filling in the gaps .. You understand that inner knowing you held inside all those years,  that intuition, that inner guidance and light that if you but follow will never lets you down, and that we know more than we think, and we have forgotten even more..

As we walk this Earthly path we are given snippets of Truth to enlighten us along our journey to see the Truth of who we really are and Why we are here, and what our Earthly journey is all about… And from whence we came, and to where we shall return..  

These new pages I am adding on Dreamwalkers Sanctuary  are about that Experiment, and about Who we are, and how many such ‘Light-Workers’  are now wanting others to understand that ‘knowing’.. and I hope with aids of videos and others teachings as well as those truths from my own guides and inspirers to post them on the Light-Workers Tools page I have created for this purpose..

Maybe you too who have been seeking answers will find a snippet that resonates a little truth into your Puzzle , I hope so, and I hope too if you have found another piece along your journey you can share that knowledge  with the rest of us, as we are ALL of us on this journey together.

To check out more go to my New Pages on Light WorkersTools, on the top bar on my header. Where where you can read more of my own Story as I began my own journey , and see the sub pages I will add containing Videos and links I will add in the future.

Who are  Light Workers ?

Sue Dreamwalker



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lady Jude
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 05:29:31

    Hi my friend
    I’ll go check your link
    Hugs Jude



  2. eddietwohawks
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 22:17:47

    beautiful; like the fregrance of fresh followers…
    well written dear Dreamwalker!



  3. natswans
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 14:42:41

    Its always fasinates me the vastness of outer space, each star that shines brightly. Everything has a meaning , and I to often ask why we are here. Given this beautiful planet which happened by accident , to live. It’s a shame we have indeed distroyed life and the planet along the way. One day it will burn out , but not for a long time yet. Or we help it on, even more quickly lets pray we will all see sense , and be thankful for we have got. Although this is just a small hope I hold on to.



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Sue Dreamwalker

Sue Dreamwalker

Each of us, carries within us the capacity to change the world in small ways for better or worse. Everything we do and think affects the people in our lives, and their reactions in turn affect others As the effect of a seemingly insignificant word passes from person to person, its impact grows and can become a source of great joy, inspiration, anxiety, or pain. Your thoughts and actions are like stones dropped into still waters, causing ripples to spread and expand as they move outward.. I hope that I can send a few ripples out via the web of life, as we each of us weave the threads together... Welcome to my Sanctuary of Peace and Love... May we each spread our Lights around our World....Sue Dreamwalker

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