Poem: The Wanderer.




The Wanderer

I’m wandering home along the dusty road

Leaving all my baggage, carrying no load

Looking at the Stars that form the Milky Way

My thoughts beam outward I’ve said all I have to say


Words are but Sounds we create with our thoughts

The Cosmos is infinite and in its web we’re caught

Gazing now upon you I stand and let you in

As I wander no more, seeing where Ive been,


Home is all I seek, and Peace is where I dwell

And the wanderer within me has a story now to tell

Of Ancient lands of beauty, Where no sickness you could find

For Man became diseased within polluted mind


The plan now is ending as I gaze up to outer space

With Messengers of Peace, of Star dust trails I trace

I pick out my guide star as I plan my great escape

And remembered who I am, in this vast landscape


So take me homeward to the Stars of Love

I’m ready to leave this planet and join you up above

So take me back home, where I wish to be

Let me leave these bones, and at last be free.


Knitting Project.

Home Projects.
What with work, and home projects underway such as knitting for my forthcoming grandbaby I havent had much time to visit folks, but I had a couple of hours spare this evening and so thought I would take a photo of my latest
 creations . 

A hat to match the last cardigan I did.

A lemon Jacket in Basket Weave stitch. and little hat. The colour not shown up very well here.
Have a Good Week and if I didnt get chance to visit you this evening you are on my list for visits next time.
Have a great Week all of you. Stay Safe.

Stone Circles


The Other weekend we went walking into the Derbyshire countryside that I so love, being brought up a small village in Hope Valley Derbyshire Peak District, I try to take every opportunity to revisit these wonderful Hills and valleys, which are rich in views and history.

Recently I seem to have got the itch to seek out sites of ancient stone circles and I am sure most of you are aware of the most famous one, that of Stonehenge, But there are many of these stone circles scattered around the UK, Ireland and many places around Europe. So off we set to find Arbor Low which is often referred to as Stonehenge of the North. This stone circle is situated in the Derbyshire Peak District only a few miles from where I used to go to secondary school in the Market Town of Bakewell. And Yet I had never visited this place before.

As I approached the stone circle one thing I noticed was that the wind picked up and seemed to blow that bit stronger within the circle, despite the circle being encased in a rise of earth. I since found out that the wind always seems to blow here.

I walked around the edge of the circle and in my mind I asked permission to enter and did so at the far side, where I sat upon the centre stone absorbing the energies one could clearly feel.. I felt absolute peacefulness as I looked out to the surrounding countryside the only noise being that of the wind in my hair and the occasional bleating of the lambs as they had lost their mothers and nuzzled for more milk.

The Cows too were silently grazing and the whole landscape took on a quiet peace that as I sat in the silence enveloped my whole being, bringing calmness and peace.. I closed my eyes and gave thanks for this peace and thanks to our Earth Mother as I touched the stones.

I meditated for a while and as I did so it was as if I was no longer separate from the stones, but I had become part of them, and I felt myself belonging to the Earth and all that was in it. With it brought memories of ancient times flooding back to a people who lived at one with Nature and who knew how all things both on Earth and in the Celestial realms were all inter-connected.


The Stones now all are fallen like dominoes are huge stones, which when they were standing must have been a wondrous sight.

Further along about a 5minute walk is a Barrow, a huge mound which was thought to have been a burial site. But still much is not known about the reasoning for these sites and we only presume the reasoning’s behind many finds such as these.  For not many bones were found here and it is thought that some of these barrows were only used later as scared places and used for burial purposes. One thing though is that they are all placed in alignment with the celestial bodies the stars. Our ancestors had more knowledge than we in precisely aligning and predicting eclipses etc along with catastrophes such as the appearance of Comets.

One thing that always fascinates me is how some of these huge stones weighing many tons could have been moved in some cases hundreds of miles from where the actual stone was quarried from, and I suspect they had gifts we have since lost through time.

Time certainly flew by that morning, and I was reluctant to leave, but I will be back…

Enjoy the photos.


Arbor Low Stone Circle



Looking out from the centre stone over the Derbyshire Hills

The Circle viewed from above. with the Barrow or burial mound to the left.

Stood on the Burial Mound.


After I left the circle the Sheep moved in.







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