My Night with those in Spirit.

As most of you know I am a Spiritual Medium, and have been for many years. This I do part time as I give my services voluntary around various Spiritual venues.  It has also been my privilege over the years to visit well known Physical mediums séances who devote their time to bringing proof of the afterlife in a very tangible way. For those of you who are not familiar with physical mediums they can sit for years within their own home circles developing energies either using ectoplasm or energies from the ether’s and  the sitters themselves to allow spirit to form so that they may be seen and touched by their loved ones on the earth plane once again. A site that has much information on such phenomena here is a LINK
It has been my own good fortune in the past to be able to shake the hand of such a spirit gentleman called Walter Stinson a Spirit operative who controlled Stewart Alexander’s circle who at the time of shaking his hand had been in the spirit realm for 80 years..This was back in the 90’s
Upon that occasion Stewart Alexander was the medium and we travelled some distance to North Yorkshire to be part of his séance.

To understand how the mechanics of such a séance works, you have to understand how dedicated these circles are, as many sit for years in weekly sittings building up energy to a point where such phenomena can occur.  I myself hold such a circle and although we are at the moment getting very good spirit communication via trance and the mediums own voice box manipulation, which define different personalities who come and speak though our medium, using totally different voices from that of the medium.  

This is how most circles start in their development, before the energies are manipulated Spirit side to form ectoplasm to be seen. My own circle has been sitting for 3 yrs and we are only just getting results in energy manipulation that we can discern with our physical eye.. Although our spirit communications are excellent and clear. Many circles can sit each week from 5 to 10 years before they have enough phenomena to take their circle out to the general public demonstrations. 

Many of these circle are members of the  Zerdin Phenomenal for the safe practices of physical mediumship. This is so that when these circles go public, those that attend have the uttermost respect for the mediums safety at all times.  Helen Duncan a well known British medium who practiced such

phenomena during the second world war died from injuries sustained when her circle was raided by the police..Causing the ectoplasm to rush back into her body which resulted in causing her death.

I will set the scene as we attended Bill Meadows Circle ..

 There must have been at least 30 of us, who attended on Saturday night. Including 3 members of Bills own circle,.

Bill who I’m sure will not mind me saying is Mature in his years was tied with plastic cable ties via both his hands and Velcro ties around each wrist and ankle securely to the arms  and legs of the chair, around the staves of a chair. This was done by visitors to the séance who were strangers to Bill, each member attending was body searched before entering the room, to ensure not only for the mediums safety, as if say some sneaked cameras into the séance rooms and the flash photography affects the ectoplasm and could in fact Kill the medium if a kick back occurred, and Mediums have in the past been seriously injured or died as a result of this, so sitters were not allowed jewellery, watches that may bleep and were asked to remove their shoes , and gentlemen to empty their pockets prior to entering the room.

The Medium was seated within a cabinet which consisted of a solid frame construction with one continuous curtain from top to bottom. The room had been checked along with the cabinet also. The room had been totally blacked out and locked . In front of the cabinet around 8 ft away from the medium was rigged a red light which was situated on the floor to shine when put on with a dimmer switch the front of the curtain and cabinet. 

The séance began, and after a short opening prayer, we all held hands and their members of their own circle were placed so they were seated to hold hands with strangers attending the venue, so again to verify that they did not move while any of the phenomena was witnessed.

The Medium has around 6 regular communicators come through, and all the history behind these was explained to us prior to us entering the séance.

We all began to sing to tapped music and songs, to lift the energies and allow them to build up within the cabinet. We were very soon rewarded with Marie a small girl who had died during the second world war, in a concentration camp. She was now a regular to Bills home circle and would direct the evening. She was full of fun and laughed and joked with us all, and picked out one of the younger visitors to the séance a young woman called Sally-Ann. She asked her if she would like to participate later, Sally-Ann agreed,..

More music and singing took place and the Aluminium trumpets with luminous tape started to move around the room , remember all of us were holding hands and this was a large room with high ceiling. The trumpets two of them moved in opposite directions and then a Drum which had also been placed upon the floor also began to be played at the same time, Marie told us that this was being played by Ralph, and it was expertly played as well, with two drum sticks. The child spirit Marie then asked for the red lights to be turned on and for an independent member of the séance to come and check the medium.

A harmonica was also played next to the tune of Waltzing Matilda while a small bell was rung which had been placed on a table with the harmonica and a Luminous board. The board around 6inches in diameter flew around the room.

This took place for several minutes and again Marie asked for the Red Light to be turned on after the phenomena had stopped. When the red light was turned immediately, the small table had also been moved to now be in the centre of the circle.

Marie asked the mediums brother to remove the table and the drum back to their positions on the table.. at the side of the circle..

Once this was done More energies were again lifted by singing, and holding hands, Sally-Ann was then asked as the red-light was turned on to go to the centre of the circle.. We could see that the Trumpet had been lifted, and had materialized half way in and half way out of the continuous curtain. Sally-Ann was then invited to come forward to the cabinet. She walked carefully around the outer circle of people as she was sitting at the back of me, She was given the signal when she could hold it , Sally-Ann laughed as it was a bit like a game of tug of war she said, as the trumpet was being held onto by Marie the Spirit child, Marie laughed enjoying her game.. as the trumpet came through the curtain fully.  More music and trumpets flew during the two hour séance, and at 10 to 15 min intervals Marie would always ask the mediums ties to be checked..

Two twins were also friends of Marie on Spirit side, they were still perfecting their energies and stood behind the curtain and impressed their shapes into the curtain so we could see their height and stature. Also the curtains were lifted by them to reveal the medium still seated in Trance state tied securely .

In between all of the phenomena Marie would come to various members of sitters, and give them personal evidence of loved ones who were in the spirit realm as well as tell them about their various personal issues.  Also Sadeek another spirit communicator came to speak he was in charge of safety both for his medium and to ensure the energies were ok for communications..  

As the energies built up towards the end of the séance we were all asked again to join hands and sing which we had done throughout the evening. Sally-Ann was then asked as the Red light was switched on again, in bright glow, to come to the centre of the circle again and stand in front of the curtain.   There then came out the hand of a Gentleman and I have forgotten the name of this Spirit side gent, But I saw a fully formed hand come from the bottom of the curtain, He raised it to thigh height and Sally-Ann was told she could shake hands with him… She immediately did so and expressed how warm and how strong the grip was and how wonderful it felt to shake hands with him… Marie then told her to step back.. the hand went behind the curtain and again Maries voice told us to check the medium..Sally-Ann then leaned behind the curtain to check on the medium who was still in trance and tied securely. Marie’s voice by the way could be heard behind the curtain and at various times at different points around the inner circle as she moved around..

Another sitter Jean was asked to go up and shake the hand, and the same process was repeated..

More music and singing, and Marie finally said goodnight When the red light was put on for the final time.. To our amazement, the Medium Bill had been moved lock stock and barrel still in trance state tied in his chair about 6ft from behind the curtain into the middle of the circle.  It took two gentlemen of the visiting sitters to cut his plastic cable ties, which took several minutes and remove the Velcro straps with ripped loudly in the silence from both his wrists and both his ankles.. We waited while Bill came around, He stood  up and we heard two loud cracks as both his knees cracked due to the stiffness in his joints…

This was one of the best demonstrations of Physical phenomena I have witnessed and I too know how wonderful Sally-Ann felt, for I too many years ago was able to shake the hand of Walter, although Mine was not in Full red light.. But at that séance I and my husband were sat with our back and chairs up against a solid wall, we were both tapped strongly on our shoulders from behind in that séance.. no one physical could get behind us… and we had our knees slapped by spirit children.. Remember all were holding hands…

This is just a glimpse into my world.. and I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that these were real solid Spirit Form.. There is LIFE after Death.. For there is NO Death as such, We just leave one dimension for another…

Blessings to you… Dreamwalker



8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Happy JAK
    Mar 05, 2010 @ 07:48:13

    Hello Dreamwalker … And what a wonderful glimpse into your world : ) Blessings to you, dear friend. Love, Kerrie. xXx



  2. Angel eyes
    Mar 05, 2010 @ 11:56:13

    fascinating angel eyes



  3. Summer Breeze
    Mar 05, 2010 @ 12:47:45

    This is SO facinating Dreamwalker, it must be great to witness this, thank you for sharing glimpses into your world… Hugs and blessings to you also xxx



  4. Sheila
    Mar 06, 2010 @ 20:45:24

    This is fasinating Dreamwalker amazing experience .Breath taking. xx



  5. Lynn
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 01:29:03

    I really believe there is life after death Dreamwalker, I have witnessedThis many times and sometimes it scares me, it\’s hard to understandThe unknown especially when it frightens such as me to death, lol…I really love reading your blogs as they facinate me so much…All the Best for a wonderful week, hugs and love…Lynn xxx



  6. Sarah
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 10:47:23

    Personally I can hardly wait to see the larger reality, though I will ;0)………this is the plain that scares me, but I work/play each day to not let that fear be my focus, \’cause I know "It\’s all Good"–just doesn\’t feel like it sometimes, eh? Thanks for this post.



  7. Sweet
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 15:14:13

    so very true i believe exactly the same there is no death, and i believe in the power of mediumship thanks for enlightening us into a bit of your life xxx



  8. Rosemary
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 18:18:26

    This is a fasinating and informative Blog Dreamwalker. I believe as you do, there is no Death for the Spirit.



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