I give you a ROSE… Of Life.



I give you a ROSE of LIFE.

Over the past few weeks I have beat myself up. Told myself off, and tried to justify why I have felt tired, depressed and low on self esteem. I am a person who gives 100% most of the time. And I expect others to also give 100% of themselves. But I forgot one basic thing.. That to all be the same would serve us to learn nothing. For we have to have opposites in all things.. With the Good we must also experience the Bad.    

Depending on what stage we are in our lives, we can sometimes feel like we ought to know more about who we are or how to live. We may even beat ourselves up for making the same mistakes, or for just not understanding. We wonder how our lives would be now, if only we had “known better.” During moments like these, it is important to remember that none of us are born with instruction manuals and that learning lessons is a lifelong journey. And that each of us only progress by learning. And until we learn the lessons keep on repeating.

Our being born is that we are here to observe, learn, and grow. Accompanying this is a built-in guarantee that there will be mistakes and misadventures along the way. We must also realise that there are those who come to bring to us those irritations in life in order for us to learn and grow. So our enemies in a way should be thanked, for they come to allow us to grow and progress. And so therefore are there any mistakes?  

While it is only natural that we may sometimes become overwhelmed, especially when the lessons keep coming, it is important to remember that learning to understand yourself and your world. Every lesson is intended so you can become more aware of who you are. And as you grow through this self-discovery, you begin to create your own instruction manual. The "how’s" and "why’s" are yours to discover, and part of the beauty of being alive is that these rules are always changing.

Sometimes Discovery of Oneself comes with harsh lessons. And we become harsh task masters upon ourselves as we beat ourselves up for our mistakes.. But are they mistakes. Or are they the thorns that lead us up the beautiful stem of life to that perfectly formed Rose.  

Today is the day many give their loved ones Roses on Valentine’s Day. Next time you look at that Rose, take note of the Thorns. For the thorns of Life are there for a purpose, they allow us a choice to chose the smooth or rugged road.. They show us that the purpose of learning compassion means someone has to suffer. It means that to learn to care, someone has to be in need of caring. It tells us that if we chose the path of the light.. there has to be also that Dark path.

So I give you a ROSE……. with all its thorns and lessons…….


Happy Valentines to all my friends.

p.s. I posted this yesterday but my space playing up again..



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  1. commander
    Feb 16, 2010 @ 05:43:57

    Wonderful piece,well conceived and well written .quite the philosopher in many ways.I don\’t think life is always the perfect learning curve though .bitter experiences or personal tragedy can change these ideas that you believed were part of your basic character as you grew older and learned the problem here is our lives are finite andb one can die in anger and bitterness without the time to remember or learn those lessons again .we will not all blossom to a rose before we run out of life and it\’s lessons .



  2. Angel eyes
    Feb 16, 2010 @ 06:19:07

    Well expressed and we do learn so much through living thanks for the wishes angel eyes



  3. darner
    Feb 16, 2010 @ 08:41:11

    …The deeper you slip into the shadow of your thought,,the closer you will be to the eternal knowledge of light..and the oneness of all..the gift beyond…..peace



  4. Sherrilynn
    Feb 16, 2010 @ 10:06:55

    This is beautiful, thank you for the" Rose"



  5. ¤
    Feb 16, 2010 @ 16:03:48

    Sometimes it feels like the experience is a hard teacher giving us the tests before the lessons…..You put that really nice Dreamwalker, thorns are the part of life as well and they are indeed many on the stem.But everything that matters is to reach the petals on the top of it.Thank You for sharing this…Much love/Lenore



  6. Kingfisher
    Feb 16, 2010 @ 17:13:04

    Thank you for sharing Dreamwalker , Lord knows ive had my share ..bless you xxx



  7. Rosemary
    Feb 16, 2010 @ 21:12:43

    Life is a hard teacher, and all Roses have thorns. There is a price to be paid for every thing in life



  8. Dark Sorcerer
    Feb 17, 2010 @ 00:20:59

    Very well written post and loaded with some deep thought and self-reflection upon the author. Wonderful and as thought-provoking this piece warrants, it is something that we all should draw and reflect from i our day to day activities in living. Thanks for sharing.



  9. Eddie
    Feb 17, 2010 @ 21:39:33

    A well written and curious posting. First saw it yesterday but unable to respond at that time. It is filled with deep thought and meaning for me. You see whenever I hear the word "lesson" my mind instantly recalls the many "lessons" there have been in my life. Self examining is one way I have for growing a healthy body and spirit.



  10. .
    Feb 20, 2010 @ 21:37:48

    Life has many thorns, but how else do we learn if we are not caught by a thorn now & then. Winter this year has took its toll on alot of people, it has been so long & cold but spring is just round the corner now so hopefully many spirits will be lifted with just a little sunshine.A great blog as always my friend, Warm hugs…lol xxx



  11. Lynn
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 12:43:47

    Lovely, really lovely Dreamwalker, glad I came here today as I\’ve been so run down lately, sometimes I blame myself for everything and have no confidence at all, you truly shed light for me, thank you dear friend xxx



  12. Aussie
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 15:17:10

    A very in depth analysis of life my dear friend , full of very pertinent observations that are applicable to us all in our journey in lifeIan aka Emu



  13. T
    Feb 27, 2010 @ 18:16:16

    Very good post. I should share this with people who are despairing.Hug,T



  14. dogkisses
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 10:46:09

    Well, it only took one post for me to want to comment 🙂

    What does a person do when the “lessons” crush her spirit? When the “lessons” drain the life out of her? When the “lessons” keep on keeping on, as if she never did learn? And how to know when you’ve learned the lesson?

    Dreamwalker, my heart is full and much of that is good, but much of it is hurt. Not only for the planet, which I hurt for, and humanity, but also for my personal life, me. I hurt because of something that happened and I don’t understand how to understand or what it is I’m supposed to learn.

    Let’s say I’m supposed to learn to listen to myself. Let’s say I did learn. So why does the lesson that taught this to me still hurt me so much? I know you don’t have all the answers, but it is early morning when all that is in me flows freely. I always take a chance reading a blog before around 10am.

    And then of course, there is a lesson I simply cannot think of anything to learn from it, which is the way life has treated my son.




    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Feb 03, 2011 @ 16:11:07

      You sound as if you have been through the Mill and then some dogkisses, First we have to step back and look at ourselves.. Always a hard thing to do, and see WHY we let things Crush our Spirit.. and to admit to seeing that we/ I am in charge of my emotions, no one else is.. I chose to be either Happy or sad I chose to let a person’s words hurt me or not.. I chose to let my spirit be dragged down or not.. Now , First let me tell you, I have been to the Pits of despair and back, having suffered a nervous breakdown … Ive also suffered a Chronic Illness Fibromyalgia since 2002, coming from walking with sticks to not being able to climb the stairs without several pauses to catch my breath such was the fatigue, and depression and pain..( And believe me I have known Pain..) to now being able to walk out in the countryside for long distances with much, much less pain with the aid of self help, healing, and regular Acupuncture treatments, and Breathing Techniques such as Chi Gong exercises.
      I have learnt how to put my MIND over Matter, teaching myself I AM whole and well, I AM happy and content and that we can overcome anything.. It’s our perspective on it. Our Attitude to it.. and our determination to overcome it.
      We Chose to carry the load we carry… But we can off load it anytime.. It’s all a matter of how we ‘LET GO’ of it.. I chose to LET it go.. and yes from time to time I need to remind myself as I fall into the same trap of feeling sorry for myself.. So in this Blog, I guess I was saying we all have our thorns, but they all make up who we are.. For if I hadn’t have had my illness, or breakdown, I wouldn’t be who I am today.. Each of us in life comes to learn, I find particular lessons repeat over in my life if I haven’t learnt from them… it takes courage to take stock of one’s self and admit that we are not perhaps all we would like to be.. We are none of us perfect.. for thats part of being Human to learn and grow in this form we house within the material realm.
      And yes I hurt when the earth hurts, and feel compassion and anger too, but I try to Balance myself, give her healing as often as she gives it me.. By sitting out in nature and breathing in her air giving thanks for her abundance, Mankind has yet much to learn…. First he needs to look within and heal his own spirit before he can heal another’s. …and we all have a longs way to go including me… Love light and Blessings to you..



  15. dogkisses
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 18:01:06

    Hi Dreamwalker,

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply and also for sharing about your personal history with pain.

    I guess, I know what I am supposed to have learned –respecting and honoring myself and who I am –as not having done this brought much pain into my heart. I simply don’t know what to do with the left over pain. I wish I could just say okay, I’ve learned, now let’s move on and some days I can.

    It would be hard for me to say, as I write, I chose the pain. I used to believe that was always the case, but now I admit to being confused.

    Sometimes, I think people must be like Mother Earth. We get hurt. Sometimes others tread upon us in harmful ways, leaving deep wounds. I know that we can choose to stop allowing a person to harm us, but the holes and damage left behind sure can be devastating. I guess that’s where I get stuck.

    (I think when the days get longer, my heart will feel better)

    “It’s our perspective on it. Our Attitude to it.. and our determination to overcome it.” (Dreamwalker) –I do agree. I pray for what I need inside to overcome the pain.

    Acupuncture has helped me too. I need to be getting treatments.
    Thanks again for sharing with me.




    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Feb 04, 2011 @ 11:01:38

      Yes dogkisses, the long days of winter and lack of Sunshine can help drag us down a little, And we all need the medicine Mother Nature give us free… Try connecting outdoors my new friend and pull in the energy of a tree, never be affraid to ask for its energy to help give you a boost.. you will be amazed how much more energy you will come away with, which will brighten your Spirit. Love and Blessings.. xx



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