Numbers and Sound Are they Related?



Sound and Numbers are they related?

Has anyone noticed How Numbers are cropping up in their lives? I know I have spoken to a few people about it and numbers especially double and triple numbers crop up in their lives over and over again..

For several years now I have known that they are messages from the Universe, Angels, the Divine, Guides, call them what you will.. But we are being shown these signs, some realise that they are signs and are learning how to read them, while other as yet see them and don’t understand their meanings, or pay no attention.

For a while now I should say for nearly  a Year my numbers have been 111, these numbers crop up from 11:11 am on clocks to 11 on number plates, To even having a till receipt that came to £11-11pence.. Once you take notice the numbers crop up all over..  My numbers are changing but they are crop up again and again.. They go now into triple 222 and 333’s, as well as my regular two digit numbers.  You have to pay attention to your thoughts too at the time of seeing these numbers..

Ive Had Doreen Virtue’s PhD and Lynnette Browns, Little handbook on Angel numbers a couple of years now, and so have become accustomed to some of the numbers reference meaning, But I also instinctively seem to understand ‘ that’s my message!’

I was also interested as in another book this phenomena was also discussed, in Drunvalo Melchizedek ‘s Book Serpent of the Light 2012 and Beyond, an excellent True account of his experiences ..  In it he also experienced seeing triple numbers

Basically 111 = energy flow or a gateway New Beginings.. 222 = A New Cycle, depending on which next triple number you see.. 333 = Decision time.. 444= The Mystery School, such as what is occurring around you, its learning about reality, so study comes with this number. 555= Unity Consciousness, this is the number when someone has mastered the Mystery School. 666= Earths Consciousness, This is also the number the Bible refers to as the Beast representing pure Evil, But its also the number of mankind and life. I was also interested to learn that Carbon which I knew as the basis of life, has 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. Generally this number means  to watch out for physical events that are presenting themselves at that given moment, so it asks that you be careful. 777= The Mystery School, but this time not just to study reality, but to practice it.. 888= Completion of a particular lesson within the Mystery School,  999= Completion Phase ending of cycle  of events.

Now Also in the serpent of Light Book he relates numbers to Sound.. and says that the Universe is sound… Well that made sense to me, For this came to mind.. ‘ In the beginning was the WORD and the Word was GOD.. The word to me being SOUND..


Now I’m no musician,  But in Drunvalo Book he  says “”” that numbers relate to music, and that all notes separate themselves in an Octave  by 11 cycles per second, so the separation of each note is 11, 22, 33 and so on..And multiples of these numbers represent a moment in Time, since the entire Reality was created through harmonies of music”””…


Now I can understand and relate to that, Music is a powerful generator of energy and feelings. And I know that the Barefoot Doctor.. another author said when he was very young he heard the Deep tone or hum of the Universe.. Because its vibration and we are all ultimately Vibration..

So my question is this.. Have any one you been aware of re-occurring numbers cropping up in your lives or have any of you had weird sounds.. of vibrations you heard but don’t understand where the sound was coming from.. I know I have lots of like high pitched singing  that sort of downloads in my head every once in a while, and No its not tinnitus .. lol .. And I know I have had a low pitched hum, many years ago now that came from a distance and then seemed to be in my head.. at the time of hearing this noise I couldn’t move any of my body .. I was sort of paralysed.. Has anyone out there had similar experiences..






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  1. Teira
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 05:12:49

    999 is the number sequence i have used to build and achieve all my work…As a musician i agree that numbers and musical notes combined in certain patterns can indeed become life changing…There is indeed a low hum and a high hum normaly not noticed or just put off as your ears being silly…We call this the earth turning…"All things that move create vibration"….111 to our way of understanding means that the three founding principles of creation are strong within you…Love and Light for you….xox



  2. Rosemary
    Jan 13, 2010 @ 21:30:19

    No as regards the numbers, but yes as regards sound, but not on a regular basis



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