I wish that I could convey to you the things that I have witnessed, that I can say beyond any shadow of doubt that this life is not all there is… That Life goes on.. and that there is Life after Life..

I have had proof after proof given me, and those who disbelieve, all I have to say is you’re in for one ‘Big’ surprise as you take your last breath from this world to take your next breath in the next one.. For that is how simple it is, as we take that step across the threshold we call Death.

I have witnessed 3 passing’s in my life, being there at their transition. The last one as I held hands with my Father as he took his transition, The transformation upon his face was one of peace with a hint of a smile to his lips, as I talked to him, encouraging him to leave us, as he laboured painfully fighting for breath after another long day in his battle against Lung Cancer as I felt and knew his loves ones were waiting at the foot of his bed, just waiting for him to relinquish that battle of staying with us.

He and I used to have these long conversations, as Dad, wasn’t into my ‘Spiritual World’  Saying I was spooky!!!, he was a very practical, no nonsense man, who called a spade a spade . My Father had lived on his own for the best part of 15 yrs, he was very in tune with nature and said he far preferred animals to humans.. He didn’t go to church, and he’d made it quite plain one day, as in the weeks prior to him coming home for his last days with us, when a Hospital Chaplin paid him a visit on the ward. He told him to clear off and where to go.. and it wasn’t to Heaven he sent him lol ..  Saying he wasn’t ready for no pine box….

In one of these conversations we would chat about God, this infinite Creator he believed in, as he acknowledged that there was indeed this infinite power, that we called GOD and although he didn’t understand the mechanics of that power, knew he’d witnessed his own events around what is termed the supernatural to believe that there was something unexplained and that we didn’t know everything in this world.  

His Mother, my Grandmother was the seventh child of the seventh child, and used to be able to read palms and the tealeaves, I think that is what had him scared from a boy, as his Mother had been able to predict  uncannily accurate events, and she would never read his palm. Though I know he’d asked her to.

I caught sight of him one day as he’d come home from Hospital to spend his last days in his own home, looked after by my sister and myself.. He looked long and hard at his palm tracing his life line.. and we got talking again about Life after Life..

My sister joined in saying “well Dad when you go, you will have to come back and give us a sign”.. he laughed and said he “would haunt us all”.. But he said if there was such a place “he’d give us a sign”.. and make himself known..

Dad took his last breath one February, as I held his hand, as he’d struggled all day to breathe. While my sister had gone from the room I spoke to Dad, telling him it was ok to let go, that we would be fine, and didn’t he see his brother there, as I was very aware of him standing nearby, along with another beautiful lady I just sensed as Light.. I talked to Dad and said Dad, if you battle through this day, you will only have the same battle tomorrow, so it’s ok to cross over, We all love you, and there is so much love waiting..

At this point my sister walked back into the room, hearing my own words she too then with tears in her eyes, joined me, saying it was ok to cross over.. and laughingly she said, and Don’t forget Dad, you promised to give us a sign you’re still around…  

With that, Dad seemed to relax, unable to talk, no longer did he fight for each breath. But each breath got further and further apart, slowing down, until finally it stopped. His fight over, he gave his last sigh as the peace replaced the pain etched in his face, and his lips formed  into his usual crooked smile..

I felt the love from my Uncle who I sensed at the foot of Dads bed, he was a younger brother who had taken his transition many years before, and I acknowledged them and gave them thanks, as I felt Dad leave his body.

The undertaker and Doctor were called and family came and went, and my sister and I left everything neat and tidy with his slippers together at the bottom of his bed. We made sure all the doors were closed upstairs apart from the room Dad’s Cat slept in. We left this open for it to come down to feed etc.  

Dad’s  Cat was another story, But it was a wild ferial cat he’d had since it was a kitten, markings like a tiger, it had a temper to match, and no one but Dad could get near it.. We put food down and left it alone, and it would skirt around us hissing, and fuss Dad purring and rubbing her head around his hand in delight..

While he’d been hospitalized we had fed and watered it and changed the Cat litter box , the food would be gone the next day, and it would hide upstairs until we went, Dad would ask us to bring in a shirt to the hospital he would wear then ask us to take it back  so the cat knew he was still around and wouldn’t fret too much as it smelt Dad’s scent..

When Dad come home from hospital. He’d given us strict instructions for my sister and I to keep the airing cupboard doors open as the Cat would also like to sleep among the blankets near the hot water tank… Dad couldn’t climb the stairs, so my sister and I kept the doors to these cupboards firmly closed, as we didn’t like the idea of the cat sleeping among the blankets. What Dad couldn’t see we thought couldn’t harm…When asked by Dad we would tell him what he wanted to hear.. saying yes we’d left the doors open..

After the undertaker went that night , as I said we left Dads house tidy with his slippers together at the foot of his bed in the lounge, all doors but one closed, and we went home to spend the first night back with our own families the first time in 3 weeks as my sister and I had moved in with Dad to look after him in his last days..As we lived a fare few miles away…

The next morning I called to pick my sister up with our husbands in tow, and we opened up the house… The first thing we noticed were Dads slippers, no longer were they together at the bottom of his bed, But one was at the top and one was at the bottom.. My sister went upstairs to check if the cat was around, I heard her squeal, as I went to investigate… EVERY door was open all three bedroom doors wide along with the 6 doors to all the airing cupboards in the landing…

Well we did ask Dad for a sign….. we definitely got one.. and he was obviously telling us he was not amused at the doors being closed lol

Since then I have felt Dad around, and my friends who are mediums have given me more evidence from him… Strangely I haven’t been able to do this, maybe the emotions would be too great if he drew too close as I feel emotions very strongly … as I am Clairsentient..  

Next time. in ‘My Life with Spirit’.. I hope to tell you of the time I shook hands with A gentleman whose hand materialised who had been in the land of spirit for 80 yrs….


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