Corn Dance— Seeds Of Truth.


Corn Dance… Seeds of Truth…….


Native ceremonies Help people to remember their responsibilities to nature around them and to the Universe.  In Australia the Aboriginal people speak of ‘Dreaming’ and again these stories are passed down word of mouth through generations.

When Western science meets the stories of the indigenous peoples of both cultures, the Western approach fails to understand that native stories are stories of origin, which are a creative interpretation of the experiences of peoples within places, which are interwoven with metaphoric meaning.

We tend to not understand, because many refuse to open their minds as to any other possibilities than their own meanings of man’s origin.

To the Native everything is considered to be “alive”, and imbued with ‘Spirit Energy’ even the pebble has its own form and energy. And everything is interrelated to everything around us.  They understand the relationship of Time and Space between living and none living things. Understanding not only the physical, but the psychological and Spiritual, which involves ‘Dreams’, ‘Visions’ and that ‘knowing’.  And Know that life is a circle of learning..And to help remember and create harmony, between Earth, Sky, and its peoples, many ceremonies and  blessings of gratitude took place and one of these is the Corn Dance ..  

The Corn Dance rituals were performed at particular times of the year during various growing cycles, bringing their community together to celebrate and remember the sacredness of Corn and all plant life upon which they depended.. In which we all depend upon today..  The indigenous not only expressed the relationship between plant and animal world, but they built great canals.. The Hohokam people built these canals in the Tuscan Valley, long before the arrival of Europeans. The Hohokam systems were able to supply the irrigation needs of over fourteen thousand acres of cropland.   They understood agriculture and how to maintain key plants such as corn. The ceremony associated with Corn showed the community how important it was for all to work together in order for survival.  

Native People loved their gardens and grew Corn, Tobacco Aramanth and quinoa and were spiritually symbolic of  Native myths and cosmologies.

The Following Story is of the Tuscarora Corn Spirit.

In a time long ago, in a village that was well known for its plentiful corn harvest, became negligent of respecting the Corn Spirit. The people had become so used to the bountiful harvests they took them for granted. And they let the weeds grow  in their gardens, and didn’t store their seeds correctly, nor did they give thanks for their harvest to the Corn Spirit.

They soon found that the mice ate the Corn they had carelessly stored. So the men began to hunt, but found they could find no game, and so soon the people began to starve.

There was only one man who kept the covenant of respect to the Corn Spirit, his name was Dayohagwenda , and his garden produced rich harvests of corn.  One day when Dayohagwenda was picking herbs, he came upon an old man dressed in rags and weeping. He asked the old man what was wrong. The old man said.” Your people have forgotten me, I am the Corn Spirit and I will soon die”

Dayohagwenda returned to his village and told them that the Corn Spirit would soon die if they didn’t return to their ways of honouring him, through careful planting, weeding and harvesting and storing their corn. So they immediately began to do this and their corn once again thrived in abundance, as they gave thanks to the Corn Spirit for blessing their food..


Morden Native peoples and farmers are today under threat by huge corporations that are genetically altering seeds so that they will not germinate unless a particular agricultural chemical is added. This technology is spreading to other seed suppliers which would prevent farmers from harvesting seeds from their own original seeds, thus requiring them to purchase new seeds each season..  This move is to gain control over the Worlds Food supplies..   Below is a modern day farmer who has tried to fight the system.. ..


"Kelowna Organic Festival had guest Percy Schmeiser, a Canadian Farmer. He related his experience with Corporation Monsanto Canada Inc. and The Canadian justice system. It’s frightening. See if you agree with what’s going on with our food supply! And the Control of these Huge corporations which are taking land and have patented Seeds.  




A story. Scar Face. Part 2.





Blackfoot Legend– A Cosmic Journey.

The hero of the story is Scar Face, and it’s about the journey of ourselves, and overcoming obstacles, and interacting with Nature.. “Face” is the character of our true selves. It tells of the Journey to    “that place” where Spiritual gifts and knowledge can be obtained, and how  one must learn to look for those signs in this beautiful Universe that we live

Scar face was born with a birth mark upon his face, and was brought up by his grandmother, as shortly after his birth his Mum and Dad died. He was constantly ridiculed because he was different and was bullied and taunted by other children and whispered about within his tribe. 

So as he grew older he withdrew into his shell and spent much time on his own, befriending the animals of the Forrest. And in so doing he learnt their ways and how to relate to them and speak their language. He understood that all of nature was related.

And as Scar Face grew older, he had great respect for all life, and treated it with reverence.  And as all young boys do he fell in love. Her name was Singing Rain, she was the chief’s daughter.

Singing Rain was also a very special person, and her gift was that of insight, and although she had many admirers, it was Scar Face whom she respected because of his Good heart. .

One Day Scar Face asked Singing Rain for her hand in Marriage, but she had to tell Scar Face, that she had long since made a pledge in a sacred vow to the Sun to never marry. The only way that she could marry was if the Sun was to release her from her vow.

Upon hearing this, Scar Face was determined that he wanted nothing more than to marry Singing Rain, and so embarked upon a journey to the place where the Sun dwells, so that he could ask that Singing Rain be released from her pledge.

And so it is said, that Scar Face began his Journey to the Star People.

He didn’t know where the Star People lived, only that they lived in the direction the Sun set each evening, which was beyond the Great Waters of the West.

Scar Face’s Grandmother helped him prepare for his journey to the land of Spirit. Soon the familiar land he travelled, led him to lands he and his tribe had never set foot in before.

The snows began to fall, and many paths became open to him, and he got confused as to which one he should go..

He met a Wolf on one path, and with great humility he asked the wolf for help.. The wolf seeing the Goodness within Scar Face’s heart spoke and guided him to the right path. He journeyed a great distance until he met another series of paths, and once more he became confused.




He stopped and set up camp, and prayed.. it wasn’t long  before a Bear and her cubs appeared on his path, and again he asked in great humility for guidance. The bear spoke back with kindness, and showed him the correct path. He followed this path for many days, until the path ended. Now there was only a vast Forrest in front of him.



And as he stood and wondered in which direction he should go, Two Snowy Owls landed on a pine tree in front of him. And so again he asked for direction. The Owls knew Scar Face’s heart and of his quest, and they too responded with great kindness, They flew and guided him through the Forrest until he reached the Great Water.. This was a long journey, and he arrived exhausted and set up camp. He thanked the Owls as he had thanked each of the animals that had helped him offering them a song and a gift of tobacco. In the distance he could see the twinkling lights, and knew that these were the Star People.


He didn’t know how to get across the Great Water, and find that place his people talked about, but his was determined to find a way. He prayed and fasted for three nights and on the fourth day a path of sunlight appeared in front of him leading him towards “that place”.  The path led him higher and higher until it led him into the Sky. When at last he reached the end of the sunlight path, he came to another beautiful Forrest and another path of great width, as if this path had been made by a thousand people’s feet travelling upon it for a long time.


Scar Face walked  upon this path and he noticed a richly decorated quiver of arrows lent upon a tree. He wondered who these arrows could belong to, and waited to see… after a while  coming from the other direction appeared a warrior who was extraordinarily dressed in a richly decorated buckskin. As the warrior approached, Scar Face could see this warrior was the image of perfection. The warrior asked Scar Face had he seen his quiver and arrows, and Scar face showed him where they were. Grateful  the warrior introduced himself and said.. “ I am Morning Star” and asked Scar Face his name.. Scar Face told him his name and that he was seeking to find the lodge of the Sun.. “Come with me”, said Morning Star, “For the Sun is my Father, and Moon is my Mother”.



Scar Face soon arrived at the lodge of the Sun, and he saw that the walls were painted with the History of all the people of the world. Morning Star introduced him to his mother the Moon, and his father then entered and with him entered a great light also. .

Scar Face was so impressed with the Sun, Moon, and Morning Star and the land of Star people that he felt he couldn’t bring himself to  speak of the reasons he’d  travelled to this land. Over the coming days Morning Star showed him many paths in their beautiful land. But there was one path that the  Sun had warned Morning Star and Scar Face never to go near, this was in the  distant mountains. At the top of this mountain lived a flock of seven huge birds which the Star People feared.

One morning Scar Face awoke to find his new friend Morning Star gone, So he quietly left the Sun’s Lodge and took himself off for a walk pondering how he might ask the Sun to release Singing Rain from her pledge.. He thought maybe he should ask Morning Star for advice. But as he walked he felt something wasn’t right, and the more he walked the more he felt something was wrong, and he realised that his walk had led him nearer the mountain where the giant birds lived, and he knew somehow that Morning Star had gone to the forbidden mountain.

Scar Face knew he must find Morning Star and so climbed to the top of the mountain where he found Morning Star in battle with the giant birds. The birds were fierce and were ready to overcome Morning Star when Scar Face joined the battle, where he soon helped to turn the battle around and one by one the seven birds were killed. They took their tail feathers in token of their accomplishments and returned back down the mountain to the Sun Lodge to inform Sun and Moon of the defeat of the most feared enemies of the Star people.

Sun and Moon were impressed and greatful for the courage shown by Morning Star and Scar Face. And in return the Sun offered Scar Face any desire and he would try to fulfil it.. And still Scar Face couldn’t bring himself  to speak of his greatest desire.. But Moon had seen into Scar Face’s heart and so she told Sun of his desire to marry Singing Rain and of her vow to the Sun.. Immediately Sun touched the face of Scar face, saying that he released Singing Rain from her vow, and the Scar that Scar Face had borne all his life disappeared. .. Morning Star also gave him some special personal gifts revealing also that he was his “ Spirit” Father.. confirming a feeling that Scar Face had long thought.

Then Sun and Moon began singing songs in praise of Morning Star and Scar Face, they gave him many gifts, including rich clothes and a special shirt. And renamed him “ Mistaken Morning Scar”, because now without his scar he looked just like Morning Star..

Sun taught Mistaken Morning Star his own special dance, the Sun Dance, and said that if the Earth people wished to honour him and bring well-being and health to their tribes they should dance the Sun Dance each year when the Sun reached its highest point.

Morning Star led his Earths Son to the path called the Wolf’s Trail, ( Milky Way) and placed  upon his head a juniper wreath. In an instant Mistaken Morning Star was back on Earth and on a familiar path leading to his village.


Singing Rain was the first to greet him, he told her that Sun had released her from her vow; she was so happy that they could now at last be always be together. Mistaken Morning Star called his people together and taught them the rituals of the Sun Dance, and he showed the women how to build the Sun Dance Lodge and he taught the men how to conduct the Sweat Lodge ceremony and raise the Sun Dance pole. He taught them about their individual spirits and the nature of scared visions. He taught them from

“ that place that Indian people talk about”..




Native American Indians: Story Tellers. Part 1.


Native Americans, Part 1. The Story Tellers.

I have been reading a few books recently, One which a dear friend of mine sent me From Great Falls USA..  The Book is called “Native Science, Natural Laws of Interdependence”, By Gregory Cajete..

It is a book full of wonderful information from Native Stories of Creation and the Metamorphic mind, Philosophy of Native Science, Ecology, Medicine, Plants Food, Animals, and Astronomy. A very powerful Book which opens your eyes to many things..

A few years ago I was blind to many things about how this World was governed, thinking that those in power had our best interests at heart… Boy!! Was I wrong… The more I searched, researched and listened to my higher self, I realised that is far from the case..

I have always been drawn to the Native American Indian and their ways, perhaps as I have a past life memory recall of being part of their culture, I have for as long as I can remember collected artefacts and decorations in the Native American thyme..


During the next few blogs I intend to write about some of the information I have found out, not only pertaining to this book, But what is happening in our world today. And how you and I can help this world..

The Indigenous People still have tremendous problems in the terms of abuse, and exploitation, perpetrated by governments and others.. As do other cultures around our globe which hold Knowledge of Natural Laws…

Westerners are now realising that great wisdom is contained in their Indigenous Science and their indigenous ways of respecting Life and Mother Earth.. And they will soon realise that the those ways will have return if we are to survive in the future..

Native peoples have their own stories of the Earth and how the world came into being; these were passed down through generation via story telling. They reflect the importance of the relationships between Human and Non-human, and the intermarriage with animals, both Earthly and Celestial beings.

These stories related the process of those born into this world, both human and mammals, emerged from the darkness of their mother’s womb into the spacious open Earth.

Understanding Native Science begins with being able to decode the meaning of symbols, which has been used for thousands of years. And also in enabling one to open one’s mind to look at things in new ways.

They understand that ALL things are interconnected to everything at all times.

I am not qualified by any stroke of the imagination to tell these stories, The Myths and stories are woven within each tribe.

Each telling a tale of evolution. and a journey of discovery and about responsibilities to each other and all creatures upon Mother Earth. With each generation adding to their experience.

The Mayan’s also talk of 3 worlds or the three levels of reality in this world. At the Bottom is the Underworld, “Earth”, The Middle world is the physical world where we live and work. The above world is the Sky or the Universe.. And things happen within each of these levels, which interrelate to each other as the boundaries between them are not rigid.

Humans live in all 3 worlds, but are conscious in only one. And many Native ceremonies are intended to make those taking part in these rituals aware of the 3 levels and the overlaps between them..  These rituals alter consciousness allowing them to obtain knowledge from the Underworld,  “Earth”  and the Upper Word “Universe”, which then promotes understanding of what goes on in the Middle World  where we live.

All humans cultures have these same basic understandings but it is only the introduction of Western Science with its systematic ways, of separation and indoctrination of belief systems, which has separated ‘man’ from understanding these Natural Laws and living in harmony with Nature and Mother Earth.

Today many are now awakening to these long ago known concepts, and the Earth once again is being perceived as a living breathing entity. .. And many teachers are emerging and using some of these traditional ceremonies all be it that they have been adapted to the Western ways.. in Meditation classes, visualisation techniques, and psychic awareness, and Healing.

 There are also those who take these abilities and knowledge for their own use of power and explore ‘Mind Control’, and along in my research I have come across much that our governing bodies are doing in this area, as they now know that mind can be separated from the physical form to travel and bring back information, using Astral thought projection as a spy tool. And in my research I have found how they take young minds of children and develop their psychic awareness using horrendous means to extract that potential.

The Native American had many different ways of accessing creative Universal knowledge, which was sometimes called a “Vision Quest” in which one would gain knowledge about one’s Soul purpose as well as the forces of nature and his/her environment. Indigenous peoples have long understood that creativity manifests into reality.

I hope to show in the series of blogs about native culture, as I have come to understand it.. ( feel free to correct me at any time if you think I have got it wrong, for this is my perception gleaned from my pool of knowledge )..

We need to come together and understand, that children are brought up in our world with concepts that have been ingrained within them by others.. And when we become adults how many of us always seem to feel that we have something missing in our lives?.. And they have no idea of what, or how to discover it.  They have lost that ability to follow intuition, relaying on data they are told is True..

What if I told you that some of that Data we believe to be true, is a lie? …

To be a creative artist, or writer, one has to have imagination, One has to be open to what other people have to say.. I am asking you to open one’s mind … And to start and Think! Outside your boxes.. For each of us are guided every day by symbols and signs.. We just have forgotten the ways, We have forgotten how we are all interconnected.. and we need to once again  unite and embrace the knowledge of the Indigenous  people of the world..

For if we do not… we are lost.


Luther Standing Bear Oglala Sioux



The American Indian is of the soil, whether it be the region of forests, plains, pueblos, or mesas. He fits into the landscape, for the hand that fashioned the continent also fashioned the man for his surroundings. He once grew as naturally as the wild sunflowers, he belongs just as the buffalo belonged….


Out of the Indian approach to life there came a great freedom, an intense and absorbing respect for life, enriching faith in a Supreme Power, and principles of truth, honesty, generosity, equity, and brotherhood as a guide to mundane relations.


The Golden Rule


I have been away for a little while, just popping on now and again to make the odd comment now and again on peoples posts Ive seen on the Home pages..

I would like to thank everyone for their visits and comments they have left me along with your wonderful pictures..

I have had some time to myself while I’ve been healing and so when browsing the web I came across this YouTube Video.

 I just wanted to share with you all…

There is so much conflict within our society and prejudices and divisions created by religions, who differ greatly in their beliefs and practices..

Even within my own work place I find it so commom when those whom I look after are judged by their disabilites. And are treated as second class citizens in the community

And yet a common thread runs through  all of these religions… The most common version of all is known as the

The Golden  Rule


We are ALL One…

 ALL wanting the same things at the end of the day…. We ALL want Love

and we ALL wish to Find Peace…

 SO Lets start with ourselves..

And start and treat others as you would wish to be treated..  



"Every religion emphasizes human improvement,

love, respect for others, sharing other people’s suffering.

 On these lines every religion had more or less the same viewpoint and the same goal."
~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama ~

End Quote


A time to work and a time to rest.


Hello my dear Space friends..

Apologies for not getting around to you all as often as I would like,

But ‘Life’ has just got in the way at the moment..

And I’m trying my best to ‘Live’ it…

 But you are all still held within my heart..

And I feel your love…

Thank you for your friendship and visits.

Sending you all some

Peaceful Thoughts



Crying For Love..



I read a passage of a book today, by Mary Summer Rain, it said “ Just because Nature does not speak the human tongue—does not form verbal words— does not mean it lacks a communicable language of its own.  Man is merely ignorant, deaf, to Nature’s exquisite language, Her ancient Wisdom of the Ages”

How True.. Nature gives us what we need. Our food, water, and let’s not forget the very air we breathe that we take for granted..Mother Nature gives us plants for medicines; you name it we can find it in Nature…  Every can you open from your supermarket, where do you think the tin or aluminium came from? The steel, Iron…. Minerals from the Earth.. Gold, Silver, Copper..Gems.  Not to mention Calcium, Magnesium, and all the other minerals and Vitamins you need in order for our bodies to be healthy..We are dependent upon Mother Earth for our very existence in this our Physical reality..

 And Yet what do we give her in return?.. We rape and plunder her, gouging out her treasures, for fuel, sucking her dry of her oil, cutting her deep with greed as cutting tools, as the mass deforestation takes away the habitat she spent so long creating as refuge for the flora and fauna that lives in harmony with her. She gives us everything we could want, and what do we give her back?

Pollution of her rivers, killing and poisoning the fish, we use the Ocean as dumping grounds, As testing grounds for Nuclear weapons, We send planes into her skies with chemtrails trying to alter her atmosphere and adding pollutants that are causing untold damage to the health of populations. We add pesticides to her furrowed fields; we play God by altering her genetic structure of her plants, we torture her animals for testing of Drugs, Not to mention what horrors are being created in the Eugenics field of exploration…

And then we wonder why when our weather patterns are altering, we wonder why we have so much rainfall.. We wonder why when houses are built so near the coast and on her natural flood planes that homes get destroyed in floods..

We cry when we lose the very home we spent a life time building, making perfect, with each item so lovingly placed, with hard work of long years, to have it wiped out in one fell swoop…

 While all of that is awful for those who are experiencing the Floods,, This is how Mother Earth Feels… She is Crying…

She is crying, torrential outbursts, trying to cleanse herself as she wails with storms the power as yet unseen, She is Shaking with sobs of deep throated groans, as her heart bleeds and erupts in volcanic explosions of anger.. As the hot winds blow from her fires.. and as the Earth beneath our feet tremble with the rumblings of her tremours…We have seen nothing yet of her emotions as she shakes the irritations of all the human sores from her body..  

It’s time we listened to her calling, and harkened to her words, and listened to the voice she speaks..

For the Earth Mother knows best for her children, she is about to give birth to a new age and as we mothers know.. Labour is a Painful process. Chaos may reign for a time in the labour room, with much screaming and yelling…  But as all mothers know.. Once that new child is held with your arms, all the pain was worth it…..

So brace yourselves and help the Earth and yourselves through this painful process She is Crying out for Love… So help her with her birthing process and take deep breaths, of Love and Peace..

Start to love one another, and share,

Let us  not take,

Its time to give back some of that Mother Love she has  given to all of us.. 

And create a world once again of



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