Secret Deal on Swine Flu.

Secret Deal on Pig Flu Vaccine.


The hype here in Great Britain over the Swine Flu is escalating, with news bulletins constantly telling us that cases are increasing dramatically, and not surprising if people are being diagnosed over the phone hourly, by  the NHS (National Health Service) Tel Help Line. People who man these phones, who most probably have no medical training other that reading off the symptoms list in front of them..

            My own great niece and nephew who are ages 8 and 5 were last week diagnosed over the phone, never seen by medical professionals and were prescribed Tamiflu each. Even though I tried telling the family that Tamiflu hasn’t been trialled enough.  The Mum relying on the Medical advice followed the instructions, like many more who are being led to panic..

Reading the Newspaper today, “The Sunday Express” I was pleased to at least read that the health editor Lucy Johnson also thought the same, as she used the headline “ Secret Deal on Pig Flu Vaccine”

She said that Drug companies have been told by our government that they will accept liability for any side effects of the flu vaccine when it is administered in the Autumn.

The Sunday Express reported Scientists claims that ministers were rushing out vaccine before it was safe. The Health Secretary Mr Burnham said he would never take risks with Swine Flu jabs, But despite his reassurances the Government has secretly promised to indemnify manufacturers.


Scientists have warned that the vaccine could have side effects that could claim more lives than the flu. Vaccine specialist Dr Richard Halvorsen said, “I am not surprised the Government has promised to protect manufacturers from claims over any serious side effect. Rushing the vaccine out at this speed without long-term safety trials means it is impossible to do anything but give a minimum safety test, We’re taking  a massive gamble if we intend to immunise the whole population. I wouldn’t have it or recommend it”.

Professor Robert Dingwell director of the Institute of Science and Society has advised the Government on managing the Flu pandemic. He said it should administer the jab only if it could be give a “Clear statement of a proper vaccine compensation scheme for anyone who may be damaged by it”. He added, “Any vaccine carries a theoretical risk of side effects. At the same time as the vaccine programme is rolled out a compensations scheme should be offered”

Earlier this month the Government announced it has ordered 60 million doses, enough to inoculate the entire population of Great Britain in a vaccine programme that would be the biggest for half a century. End Quote..

Also in the same article it stated that Exeter City Council in Devon may use 19th century burial chambers beneath the streets to store the bodies of Swine Flu victims if the toll worsens, Again scaremongering..

In another article by Jade Sermon in the same paper the Sunday Express, her headline states “ Don’t Panic! Flu is a Terror Con”.. She highlights that some organisations benefit from scaring the living daylights out of us, Who could they be? 1, The Government, and 2 the Drug giants.. Roche Holdings ( Tamiflu ) and GlaxoSmithKline       ( Relenza)  The makers of the flu swine vaccines…and anti viral-flu drugs She said she is usually not one for conspirator theories, But this has left a bad taste in her mouth.. She suggests that there is no better way for  pharmaceutical  companies to get through a recession than to create a pandemic. The bigger the pandemic, the bigger the demand for drugs and bigger and better profits..  She says” you will not catch me or my family rolling up my sleeves”.. ..And that goes for me too..

Jade also reminded readers  that back in 1976 in America  when the government there predicted a Swine Flu epidemic after the death of one soldier, the epidemic never materialised but the fast track vaccine  that was injected into 46 million people resulted in litigation from those who suffered serious side effects to the tune of £3.5billion. The vaccine was also blamed for 25 deaths, two thirds of the claimants suffered neurological damage and many were left paralysed for months, never fully recovering..


So friends do your homework.. and investigate..



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