Healing Powers of Lightworkers



Healing Power of Lightworkers

Lightworkers are those who volunteered before birth, to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of fear.

Each LightWorker is here for a Sacred Purpose

Very often, however, life on Earth with its material focus creates a form of Amnesia in Lightworkers.

They then forget their divine and perfect identities, and also their abilities, and also their abilities to miraculously help the Earth and all Living creatures. When Lightworkers forget their true identity and purpose, they feel lost and afraid.

You are a Lightworker if you:

Ø  Feel called to heal others

Ø  Desire to resolve the worlds social and environmental problems

Ø  Believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation 

Ø  Have mystical experiences, such as psychic  premonitions or angelic encounters

Ø  Have endured harsh life experiences that eroded the knowledge of your divine perfection

Ø  Want to heal your own life as a first step in healing the world

Ø  Feel compelled to write, teach or counsel about your healing experiences

Ø  Know that you are here for a higher purpose, even if you are unsure what it is or how to fulfil it

Everywhere on the planet right now, Lightworkers are awakening to faint memories about why they came to Earth.  They hear an inner calling that can’t be ignored. This call is a reminder that is now time to stop toying with the material dreams and get to work

We need to follow our intuition, our gut, and follow the signs we are given.. It may come in the form of book falling open at a certain page..  Or music we hear on the radio.. 

Many Lightworkers are discovering innate Spiritual Gifts, such as psychic communications skills and spiritual healing abilities. You need to follow the signs as to where you are being guided. 

These are the gifts that we volunteered to use to heal the Earth and her populations during the crucial decades surrounding the Millennium.

Prophecies predicted our coming, and now it is time for us to fulfil our divine purpose.

The World Depends upon Us!

We, who are lightworkers, don’t necessarily need to add anything to ourselves to prepare for our mission. We already have innate abilities even if they are presently dormant.

With our focused intent, thought and spirit, we can heal anything. There are no limits upon our healing abilities.

We can definitely heal the Earth with our Spiritual approach

In fact Scientists have recently demonstrated that people can change water and air temperature and also cloud structures, purely  through their thoughts.

We, who are lightworkers, are already aware of the power of our thoughts. What we are continuing to learn however, is that our thoughts are even more powerful than we suspected.

Lightworkers’ Collective prayers and healing thoughts can avert prophecies of world trauma.

There is only ONE spirit and ONE mind, and we are all part

of this collective intelligence and love.

Miraculous results in scientific laboratories are demonstrating the factual basis of the


We cannot fail, when we accept the Mission we chose for ourselves prior to incarnation,

 The Power and the intelligence of the


Makes NO Mistakes.

We would not have been assigned to our lightworkers role, were we not perfectly qualified.

Since we are made in the image and

of the ONE who is ALL-Knowing, ALL-Seeing, and able to heal anything, we can relax in the sure knowledge that we were born to Heal.

Thanks to Freeyourmind4ever for these words on the Video.


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  1. Kingfisher
    Jun 17, 2009 @ 03:32:41

    Great post here Dreamwalker xxx



  2. Happy JAK
    Jun 17, 2009 @ 07:37:28

    Hi Dreamwalker, thank you for this imformative post. God bless. xXx Kerrie



  3. LiL'Kt
    Jun 17, 2009 @ 18:31:45

    Fantastic post Dreamwalker, You have hit a note with me. I go through stages of feeling very lost and afraid, like the whole world is a massive threat and my only safety is to channel, go to a place of inner solitude. I feel threatened very easily and struggle so badly to tell people about my gift, it could be because it\’s so intense, or that i just dont like pressure … But either way, i really needed this post, so thankyou so much for helping me feel part of existence again, helping me to remember why im here and helping me to accept who i am xxx



  4. Rosemary
    Jun 17, 2009 @ 18:42:22

    Very enlightingluv R



  5. freckles
    Jun 17, 2009 @ 21:28:52

    thank you for such an interesting post – i have seen a lightworkers place on myspace but didnt know what it all really meantthank you ope you are well ~x~



  6. Romeo
    Jun 19, 2009 @ 01:18:09

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  7. She Wolf
    Jun 21, 2009 @ 04:41:15

    Ø Feel called to heal othersØ Desire to resolve the worlds social and environmental problemsØ Believe that spiritual methods can heal any situationØ Have endured harsh life experiences that eroded the knowledge of your divine perfectionØ Want to heal your own life as a first step in healing the worldØ Feel compelled to write, teach or counsel about your healing experiencesØ Know that you are here for a higher purpose, even if you are unsure what it is or how to fulfil it These are the points that hit my heart when reading, i will never forget the time when i told you about the tree, nor when you told me about the meeting with Xena, it was always prominent in my mind, then i let it become dorment.Dreamwalker, you, your writings, abilities and energy have always been there with me in my heart and i have to say that it is so good to be back where i belong. Thank you for never giving up on me or being upset for my abcense. Your Spirit is much Stronger now and i can feel it…does that make sense?



  8. T
    Jun 21, 2009 @ 23:11:13

    Interesting theory, must be true. Person feels that, doesn\’t need to ask, right …And who are those, 4400 of them, who were returned to help the earth? Do you know something about that?Hug,T



  9. Dreamwalker
    Jun 22, 2009 @ 02:18:45

    Hi Tanja in answer to your question…In the UK The 4400 is largely unknown, of imported US action/sci-fi dramas, being available exclusively to Sky\’s pay TV channels and therefore permanently unavailable to any free-to-air audiences First broadcast in 2004, The 4400 told the tale of 4400 people who had apparently been returned to Earth after having been systematically abducted over the previous fifty-odd yearsUpon their return, the 4440 are put under the remit of NTAC (National Threat Assessment Command) and by the end of Season One it became apparent that not only had a number of them been returned with some remarkable powers, but that they had actually been abducted by people from the future and sent back in order to avert a potential catastropheI think that many of those Lightworkers I speak of are the healers helping alter ur Earths Vibration. and those who send out their thoughts of good intent into the Earths vibration, are helping to bring the Earth to her next phase in the Cosmic scheme of things. Each thought has a ripple effect, and alters energy of the whole.. If we get caught up in the negative vibrations that the media and film makers portray of violence , Plus as we see our Governments and Banks falling prey to corruption, they are adding to the downward spiral of the Earths destruction as we know it. So we need to be very mindful of our thoughts..Such as yourself Tanja you are helping heal those upon the earth which have such a low vibration, and negative outlook. You I feel are part of those who have chosen to come to Earth at this time to help heal.. Healing the Earth takes many forms, from healing her people to healing her shores, and the working with Nature.. Long may we work together in our own unique ways to heal Mother Earth and the Human Race..Peace…



  10. T
    Jun 22, 2009 @ 19:26:22

    Thank you very much for the answer Dreamwalker!Take care,hug,T



  11. Anjay
    Jun 22, 2009 @ 23:48:59

    Today Is the first day in a long time I have come and sat by my computer looking for answers for my own personal feelings of feeling lost and sometimes fearful and low and behold guess where I was guided.. once again Dreamwalker.. Thank you so much….Love and Light.. xxx



  12. Sarah
    Jun 23, 2009 @ 21:35:04

    Appreciate your spelling it out for everyone, Dreamwalker. This awakens the memories in people who are still wondering, of course. There was a major shift in my life when I recognised that this is my path, and suddenly it was like walking out of a cold dark damp tunnel into a bright sunny bird-chirping day. What an awakening. It\’s still confusing sometimes, but not often, and once one wakes up to it, choices are easier to make and actions more fluid, aren\’t they…….thanks for being out there, Beam of Light Dreamwalker! ~OneBeam



  13. Teira
    Jun 25, 2009 @ 04:57:06

    Again you have lifted my spirit and my day…T…xox



  14. Donna
    Jun 26, 2009 @ 01:16:38

    Hi Dreamwalker!Thankyou for visiting my Space!I like this message and believe if more people tried to make the world a better place, it would be like Paradise.Thankyou for sharing this Blog.Bye for now, Donna XX



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  16. Mia - Lights of Clarity -
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 17:02:06

    This post was very helpful to me, Sue!



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