Return of the White!

 Many Animals are now being Born White
Miracle and her mother

The birth of the white buffalo "Miracle" coincided with the revelations of the Spirit World.

“In the legends of Native Americans, the birth of a white buffalo calf is an omen of universal significance. The Cheyenne, Sioux, and other Plains tribes believe that a White Buffalo Calf Woman once brought a sacred peace pipe to the world. Her return, they say, would signal a time of unity and goodness among people of all nations and colors.

The odds are against it. At their peak, the American bison, or buffalo, numbered about 80 million, and the chances of a white, nonalbino, buffalo being born were about one in 10 million. Today, there are only about 130,000 buffalo.

Still, on August 20, 1994 a white buffalo calf was born on a farm in Janesville, Wisconsin. For Native Americans it was the fulfillment of their legends, as significant as the Second Coming of Christ.

Their legends also say the buffalo would change color four times in its lifetime. By the time it was a year old, the buffalo calf, named Miracle, had already changed once.

Floyd Hand, a Sioux medicine man from Pine Ridge, South Dakota, said the birth would affect all human beings, not just Native Americans. "It’s an omen that’s bringing a change and a new world. The twenty-first century that is coming is going to unify all of us

Some historians claim that Lord Jesus Christ was born around 6 BC. if that is true then the birth of Miracle 1994 marks exactly two millenniums since His birth. It is as if the Great Spirit wishes to bring hope and harmony to all nations and people of many tongues by giving them a common vision of the Eternal Oneness


“Comparable to the second coming of Christ in Anglo culture, Brown Bear said the white buffalo calf should not only be a symbol for Native Americans, but for all people.

"Look around. There is much dissent in the world today. Mother Earth cannot tolerate all of the dissent. This is a time of preparation. This is a time to decide which road to take. This is time to heal the anguish of Mother Earth. This is a time to look within yourself for goodness and the goodness within others,” he added.

While all cultures have religious beliefs that are similar, Brown Bear said Native American beliefs follow the basic path of all religions — love yourself, love others.”

Neal White, Beloit Daily News (Sep. 2, 1994.)




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  1. account closed
    May 18, 2009 @ 20:55:12

    The white buffalo has finally arrived! Blessed be the birth of Miracle. I know the legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman and the story is published on my Space, so reading this brings me great hope and a sign! Thank you for posting this. PS my daughter was born in 1994. Jen x



  2. Teira
    May 19, 2009 @ 07:07:45

    I just saw a white non albino Kiwi bird the other day….Extremly rare….The elders say just like the Buffalo it will change colour several times during its life….We say it is the sign that the new age is upon us…Hope will be found in the little things and faith will be restored to those who know how to live with the earth and sky….We ignor the beauty and mirical of life at our own peril….Have a wonderful day……much light and love……T…xx



  3. ECE
    May 20, 2009 @ 18:14:33

    Yess dear, some of religion men say the same thing about an omen that\’s bringing a change and a new world, in muslim. I heard before. And but, ı can only one theory :))) Don\’t hate to me:))) I think that big omen can be internet and brings hope and harmony to all nations and people of many tongues by giving them a common vision of the Eternal Oneness… Don\’t you agree with me. I believe you are a real person and a very good friend. I know who you are? I know yr feeling, I know, I know… I know you, he, she….Just because internet???? Sure, everytime you maj travel, or spend your time some other country, etc… And you may know so many person…Buttt, look it\’s so easy to meet people in net? I think in the near future, internet and teknology going to be human!!! And, human , I mean we are going to be a machine:))) That means, no love, no feeling, no sadness, nothing….We \’ll all going to be same and I think this \’ll start a new world in the world…İn another hand, I love your story (I am saying story but it can be true…I don\’t know… Our religious people has so many story….I don\’t know which one is real, which one is not…But thank you so much for giving positive energy to me…Everytime, you found very interesting point and than share them with us…I appreciated to you… Loves…ece//



  4. ECE
    May 20, 2009 @ 18:24:49

    I hope, ı express in the right way what I am thinking about? I never want you unhappy… And I am so respectful against all religius. believing.. And, I like to read everytime this kind of story or sign story…İn my religion or other… as you know, I am very open view person.. I am so related spirit, …. reenkarnasyon…I mean all kind of thinking, sience about unknowing things and universe. I just want to write to you…



  5. LiL'Kt
    May 27, 2009 @ 01:07:07

    Very interesting post …. xxx



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