Have you seen that Little Boy?



Have you seen that little boy, the one that’s only three?

Have you found him tell me please, for he belongs to me.

I search this land and back again, in time along the road

I thought he was attached to me, and walked the path I strode


But every night is empty, as I search for his tiny face

And each morning as I wake up, I see the tear stained trace.

Somewhere in life’s big Nightmare, His innocence was lost

A Mother’s love is missing, as into life he’s tossed.


The memories of childhood, was snatched and torn apart

The day that War came and stole that young boy’s heart.

For a Soldier he was made, and to battle he did go

And now his dreams are echoed, in empty nights of woe.


He searches for that moment before the smoke did rise

And prays that the morning will bring its long lost prize

That place of peace and forgiveness, of all that war does bring

As he reaches for that bottle, as the early bird does sing.


He wants to forget that soldier and deeds of War and Gun

And find that long lost youngster, and see that Yellow Sun.

And so he fills his Wake time, with words of Love and Dreams

For nothing in this world, is ever what it seems


He wants to find his sweetheart that held his heart so tight

He wants to close his eyes, as the memories he does fight.

Of a Love of tender passion, and a spell of happiness

When around him Hell was breaking, he found such tenderness.


And so he walks the trail.. with head bent in deep thought

As he searches for that Boy, whose memories are naught.

But one day he will find him, as to the stars he’ll gaze

Memories of a childhood .. and the bad they’ll be erase.


By Dreamwalker

Dedicated to a  Dear Friend



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sue
    May 17, 2009 @ 19:29:30

    You write about so many I know in this poem, so many are lost on the road homeTake careSue



  2. Zeynep
    May 17, 2009 @ 21:16:46

    I like the poem that dedicated to a friend Dreamwalker. Life is not easy for some people and there are a lot of tragedy in one life sometimes. Thanks for stopping by. I can rest for the last one or two days and hope it goes like that always. Have a peaceful sunday, cheers, Zeynep xxhttp://www.wondercomments.com/days/sunday/sunday_comment_18.jpg



  3. ECE
    May 20, 2009 @ 17:40:42

    He wants to forget that soldier and deeds of War and GunAnd find that long lost youngster, and see that Yellow Sun.And so he fills his Wake time, with words of Love and DreamsFor nothing in this world, is ever what it seems….What a sad … Everything for us, in this world…Hard to forget something that was happened as war, soldier and especially gun…Thank you for this beautiful sharing and nice poem… You are so kind my friend and share beautiful but hard text with us everytime. I like yr view:) Take care…ece//



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