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Can you bleed to death in a Hospital waiting room? Would anyone care?? Probably a slight exaggeration, but that’s how I felt Monday when I rushed Hubby into A&E after slicing off the tops of two of his fingers in a gardening accident..

The Hospital is undergoing major structure extensions, and the grounds of this Hospital is a nightmare, Nowhere to park, as the car park is taken up by construction site blocks.

So after a nightmare car journey where all the lights were against me.. I have to drop hubby off at A& E walk-in casualties while I have to find a parking place.. 15mins later I join my husband who is sat in the waiting room with hand still in the blood soaked dressing we put on at home..

I said to him ‘What did the reception desk say?’ He said.. ‘Oh they said ‘ “Oh Yes partial amputation, there is a three hour wait, go and sit down and wait!!!”  WHAT!!!!!…. I couldn’t believe it.. He said clenching his hand so tight to stem the flow of blood until it clotted on its own accord.. and Two and a half hours later he was seen by the triage nurse,  Who asked him had he got the missing finger parts.. And was told no… and she didn’t even give him a clean dressing, but told him he’d have to go back in the waiting room to see the Dr..

Another Hour and he saw the Dr.. who was a very nice man, Who gave him a clean dressing to hold over his wounds while he sent him to the Xray dept as he thought he’d sliced the bone..  another 45 mins in Xray, to come back to reception to wait another 1hr 20mins so he could get his wound dressed…  over 5 hrs in total… From start to finish.

We were told to come back next day so the Fracture clinic could take a look at the wound,, another 3 hour wait even though we had a booked appointment..

At least now he can go daily to his GP nurse to get the wound dressed daily

I sat in that waiting room and saw all the children crying, that had come off their bikes the elderly that had fallen.. I thought if there was a major accident God Forbid.. But this A& E would it cope?? Because from My point of view and many others who were sat waiting these Drs and Nurses who rushed about, were so very over stretched..

I wonder why that is??? Couldn’t be because we no longer cater just for our own citizens, but the influx of all from every nation.. I am not prejudice in any shape or form, But WE the British have paid into our system of Health Care all our lives.. And to see our Elderly, and Young sit and wait and suffer affected me greatly on Monday..

I know we are very privileged in the UK to have the National Health System compared to the private sector in other countries. Who have to take our insurance. But I saw people on beds in corridors waiting for a ward space.. Not Good..

This is a hospital that has just been almost build new from ground up around the old existing one, The corridors of the new building are so high and wide.. so much wasted space.. And yet the Nurse in the Fracture unit told my husband as she was dressing his wound on Tuesday that their unit had been promised a window… They hadn’t one, and it was so hot and claustrophobic in their.. She had the door wedged open with a piece of wood.. My Hubby laughingly commented “Couldn’t the hospital buy you a proper door stop then”.. The nurse said “No were aren’t suppose to have the door open for Health and Safety reasons, So I kick the piece of wood out of the way when anyone comes who shouldn’t see it”.. And she proceeded to kick the piece of wood to show him.. As she did her shoe flew across the room and she banged her toe!!! “Ouch!!!”…. “ Good Job you’re in the fracture Unit” my hubby jokingly said… He’s still smiling!!!….






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  1. Sue
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 18:59:51

    Oh Dreamwalker,Thie is not good, i hope your hubby hand ok, it seem to be the same the world over, our hospital need more Doc and Nurse,and they need more bed,Every one should be able to see a Doctor when they need to they should have to wait 5 hours like you did, people die in that time it just so so wrong, and i cant see things geting any better any time soonTake careSue



  2. Queen
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 19:35:18

    Hi i know i work in a hospital but i do agree with you it a disgrace how long you are kept waiting, but i do hope your hubby will be ok, When i had my bike accident i had a head injury and my mother had to hold a towel to my head so tight because all the right side of my head was open but because i finaly become consious and not taken by a ambulance i had to wait my mother was going up the wall, and when it came to getting seeing to they never took any xray wich i think a head injury they should have done then they started stitching my head up and never give me any anesthetic so oh boy did i feel that needle going in talk about scream, but they did keep me in i was under obsivation all night so i was woken up every half hour just incase i sliped into a coma i was so glad when i was aloud out lol, any way hope hes ok take care Jo xx



  3. Zeynep
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 23:36:39

    Hope your hubby gets well soon Dreamwalker. Hospital rooms, hospital waiting rooms are difficult places. After an experiment like that, you shared this entry with us, thank you. Love and peace, Zeynep xx



  4. Sweet
    Apr 24, 2009 @ 02:14:41

    i do hope your hubby feels better soon and his fingers heal quickly.. quite agree with you about hospitals,,is isnt just urs our freind cut her hand open the other week.. and she waited 4 hours to get it stitched.. At the moment the NHS is my pet hate as june is still in hospital..and there are some points of treatment which i do not agree with nevre mind my moan over best wishes to you both xx



  5. Kingfisher
    Apr 24, 2009 @ 05:25:10

    Oh Dreamwalker how is your dear Husband ? seems these days you can wait for long periods ? my friend and elderly Lady fell and hurt her hip and was taken into Hospital and waited and be seen ans waited and waited and when she was eventually seen she was told to go to her own Doctor ? she could not walk ….thanx for this post hope your husband heals fast xxx



  6. Aussie
    Apr 24, 2009 @ 05:56:59

    Hope your hubby is improving , sadly what you went through in the waiting room is becoming the normal practice in many hospitals , not only British hospitals but many overseas ones including here in Australia ,it does make you wonder what would happen in a major situation , probably cases like your husbands would be put on the back burner with an extended waiting time , makes me think of the system of priorities that must be in place in war torn countries and what cases would they have as top priority and what would have to waitIan



  7. Polly
    Apr 24, 2009 @ 12:44:07

    How is your hubby today my friend, what a shock for you both …yet he still kept a sense of humour didn\’t he ?…sadly it seems the norm these days, or do we just accept what is thrown at us, and dont complain….you look after him, and yourself dreamwalker..hugs xx



  8. Jayne
    Apr 24, 2009 @ 13:05:40

    Baffles me why a so called medic was asking TWO and a half hours later " have you got the missing parts " ? Even if you did have them, unless they were packed in ice they would have been next to useless by that time !How is he now ?



  9. Sheila
    Apr 24, 2009 @ 16:36:29

    Hi Dreamwalker this is appalling and to keep him waiting so long as if it was a minor scratch. poor hubby hope he is doing ok you must have been sick with worry. Don\’t know whats happening to the world no-one seems to give a hoot anymore. Do they really care anymore or is it all down to targets , etc..many blessings to you and your husband. xx



  10. LiL'Kt
    Apr 24, 2009 @ 23:04:01

    Hi Dreamwalker, i totaly agree with you on the hospital situation, it just seems to get worse and worse everywhere… Glad your hubby is doing well now xx



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