What we Reap is what we Sow

What are the Universal Laws?

Everything in the Universe reflects Divine Law or Order, without laws in our society everything would be chaos, and so too the Universe has its own laws.

These laws govern all planes of existence, and provide order in the universe and keep things running in perfect order. All these laws are interrelated. When you learn to look at these laws you will then begin to understand their importance in our lives.

No one can escape these laws of the universe; I hope to show you a little about some of these laws, starting with Energy.



In order for you to understand how the laws work, firstly you must acknowledge that we are all particles of energy, In Human form yes, but energy none the less.

Once you understand the principle of energy and how it works, we then can start to see how the universal laws also work.

For you must first realise that everything is energy, and energy moves in a circular fashion, for example, Look at our planets, and star systems, all are moving in an orbit, a spiral , the Earth is constantly moving around the Sun every 365 days, notice that all the planets move in this fashion.

Next look to the Earth’s Magnetic field, these magnetic fields also move in a circular motion.  And finally look through your microscopes and on a microscopic level if you were to see your own cell tissue through a high powered microscope you would see electrons spinning around the nucleus of atoms also in a circular fashion.

Taking this to an even more microcosmic level, we would be seen as nothing more a whirling mass of energy, seeing ourselves in our true forms, as energy beings of Light. Emitting sounds that are inaudible to the human ears and our electromagnetic fields would be spinning around us in a circular fashion and our Aura’s would be shining brilliant.

Where is this leading? ..


And if we are energy beings of Light, and if energy moves in circles, then we are also the generators and creators of all that occur within our lives, And in the words of the Master Jesus who once said.


And many of us have heard the saying:-


So if everything in the Universe is energy, and the principle of Physics says that energy can neither be created nor can it be destroyed, Energy can only be transformed from one energy to another.

Everything in the Universe is energy including ourselves; this means we are all connected within the sea of energy.  The Ascended Masters called it the ‘God Force’ or Golden Liquid Light. This God force is the Prana, the Chi that holds everything together in this Universe.  

And if we understand now that everything is energy, and energy moves in circles, this brings me to the next point which is


We are a mass of energy and it is our Spirit and consciousness that moves that energy, In terms of energy, we are the sum total of four forms,





This shows that we were all…CREATED EQUAL. For what we say think and feel and do in each moment sends out a frequency of energy into the Universe, that comes back to us to create our realities.  It is our consciousness that drives this energy, and we programme this consciousness by the messages we send out to each other. But remember that energy is energy, and it will follow the least course of resistance.(( Remember my Blog Train of thought!)) Therefore when we focus of the results we want, our energies will support us in obtaining those results, and this is a metaphysical law.




And we have seen that because energy moves in circles, ‘What goes around comes around’.


Now since we are now responsible for creating our own reality and since we now understand that all energy moves in circles, from what point in Time do we originate our reality? Where do we begin? There is only one such answer.


What we do with each moment in time creates our own destiny. For those who have read ‘The Secret’ you will now understand that we each of us can Manifest our own Destiny, and if we wish to have a brighter better world, we must each of us start with ourselves. And change our own thought patterns.  This is why I do not watch the news and the negative energy generated.  Each time we replay a negative thought within our minds on a regular basis, we are in fact drawing more of the same towards us, thoughts like these rob us of our Dreams and weaken us, ‘Like attracts Like’ but I will leave the ‘Law of Attraction’ for another day..

The world seems at this moment to be in turmoil, but we are all constantly bombarded with the negative from the media, so is this not the seeds we have sown?


What are your Thoughts?..

© Sue Dreamwalker  – 2012 All rights reserved.


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. H
    Jun 16, 2008 @ 21:05:14

    Hiya Dreamwalker … thank you for posting this … I believe that the Universal Laws will also take care of anything that is Karmic in our world. We all face a review after death and it is in that review where we see the cause and affect of each of our actions and reactions. This is why I fully believe that the man who is responsible for abusing so many innocent kids, myself included, that prison on earth was not enough justice .. Karmic Law will take care of it all and that in itself is a great comfort. Take care of you always, love H xo



  2. Lynn
    Jun 16, 2008 @ 21:42:07

    Hi Dreamwalker my friend,
    I to believe there is more reason to change our way of thought and do feel
    so much negative energy around me every day…
    I recently went off spaces for over a week through negativity in my own
    life…My server started to play up so I decided to keep off spaces until I
    felt well enough to feed positive energy back….
    Thanks for this post Dreamwalker, I really missed reading ur blogs, big
    hugs and love….Lynn xxxx



  3. T
    Jun 16, 2008 @ 21:49:58

    As soon as I started to read this post my thoughts were with "The secret". Yes, you mentioned it too. 🙂
    I totaly agree with you. It\’s all about the energy. Stay positive!
    Thank you for comments you left in my space, I appreciate all.



  4. Zeynep
    Jun 17, 2008 @ 01:43:08

    Yes, I believe in our thoughts are energy too. Sometimes I pump my brain for this idea. Now and here are two great words. But we can\’t stay that point always. If there is a happiness, it surely pass from that point. I am afraid I need an excellent English to express myself about some subjects like this. I like your entries… Have a great week to you too!! xx



  5. Melanie
    Jun 17, 2008 @ 10:32:45

    I love your blogs so much, you have such an interesting mind. I am trying to learn how to meditate,thank you for the answer you left on my blog, about how you meditate. I was brought up very strict \’Bretheran\’ it is difficult for me to relax, I feel so uptight all the time, I want so much to learn how to relax.
    Sending you hugs, Melanie xxxx



  6. Moon
    Jun 17, 2008 @ 21:07:21

    Its wonderful here because its like a meeting place, perhaps that is what it will become, if what we sow is what we reap! I understand this, because i love the teachings of christ, therefore i feel at one with you this day. I have to admit this , I read the Secret, its precise harmony with nature and the universe, with God and spirit is very good, excellent really, and i still watched the news, but little by little, such things are taking a turn for the better, its easier now to keep one eye on the events of the world with a focus on the things that are good in life, Ask and it is yours, and i do ask, but somethings are well, not not possible, perhaps that is because not all things are good for you, so i ask only for guidance, and this is where i get it from, thank you Dreamy, my heart is just so beating aloud, thank you xx



  7. Kingfisher
    Jun 25, 2008 @ 14:58:30

    This is all true and good to put into practice Dreamwalker I love it !  Now for ( Living In The Heart)



  8. Hayat
    Jul 02, 2008 @ 16:32:44

    Well said …I`ve got a question Dream:
    Do you think there`s a connection between horoscope signs and sources of energy??
    I mean for example some signs are siad to be of equa as: Cancer and of the sort…do you think those of water are more likely taking their energy from water , and those with earth take their energy from earth…??
    I know complicated but your article inspired me>>>



  9. ECE
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 03:04:54

    Dera, I exactly believe that there is a cosmic energy and run cırcles.And ı know what you are saying about In Human form yes, but energy none the less. I am thinking just like you.But ı am not sure, is it right or not?But in other hand, ı think everybody has a reason thats because they are here, in this world, for this time.I want to write more but not sure am ı express myself?That s why enough ı guess.Thnx for yr interesting blog.That s why ı want to be friend with you.Sometimes ı have problem that what you are saying but usually ı understand you very well.Take care dear….ece//



  10. ECE
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 03:06:15

    oh sorry ı forget, yr picture is wonderful, ı love that and ı think it is good for the topic.İt cover very well.



  11. jacksjottings
    May 21, 2013 @ 10:24:26

    This post has crystalized my ideas. This is logic you have explained perfectly what I feel but lack your talent in explaining it. My life is full of joy and as I practice and gain understanding doors and insight opens. Our sensory perceptions prompt our thinking and our thoughts and as we think so we are. If we feed on rubbish we suffer. I think you will agree, looking forward to more of your thoughts.



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      May 21, 2013 @ 19:48:03

      You have grasp what I speak of here, and that is why our thoughts are our first responsibility… “What we think we create”… And we have only to look at our world and see how the shape of it is being controlled via our collective thinking.. The media we watch is contributing vastly to the energy we are now experiencing.
      Many thanks for you comments



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