Love Thy Self


Before I post my writings I will just give you a little background information. And this is not easy to share, But maybe then when you have read the writing I was given, you will understand what was being said to me in this writing from across the divide.

For 10 years prior to my Mother’s passing, she did not speak to me, this all started as a quarrel over my daughter. Despite constant attempts within the first year, a nervous breakdown and counselling I gave up, because the only person I was hurting was me, her rejection had cut me deep.

This however wasn’t the first rejection, for at the age of 18 she had sent me packing, as I argued over the right to have decent  Snap-‘lunch’ packed for my lunch box, as I tipped up nearly all my wages and worked 40hrs a week in a factory. And virtually looked after my younger brother and three younger sisters, getting them ready for school while Mum lay in bed.

My boyfriend now Husband took me to stay with my Aunty for 3 weeks and then  I ate humble pie and went home… So Mother and Daughter relationship was never that close, but when Mum did give affection I would lap it up.

This next piece of writing is when I was asking Spirit for guidance as to what to say in a speech I was going to give at one of my demonstrations of clairvoyance, as the day was a Sunday and it was Mothering Sunday, and All would be expecting me to at least touch on the subject.

25th March 06.


Hello again to those out there in the land of spirit.


Welcome to you once again. How may we assist you? For we know you have a question to put forward.


Yes well I have, but it’s as though I am going over the same ground once more. As I am giving a demonstration tomorrow with in a Spiritual Centre. And I am doing philosophy. And the date tomorrow celebrates Mothers Day.

Now you know the relationship I have had with my mum. So as a friend said. It’s hard to not bring one’s own even though unintentional prejudices forward.


When ever have you been stuck for words on your philosophy talks at your services.? We say never. You may have wandered a little in subject matter on occasion. But the theme has been overall complete has it not?

What we wish to say to you is this. Touch upon the subject of love yes love.

For love have many forms.

Understand that all are loved, whether they are in your ego’s eyes, criminal, evil, jealous, greedy, or the like.

All in Gods eyes are perfect.

Now this you find hard to except. We see your brain kicking into its thought pattern.

But wait and hear what we have to say upon the subject. For I see another lesson developing for you to take and ponder.,

All have come from God, the source of unconditional love. God has allowed, but allowed is not the correct word for in saying that God allows implies that he disallows also and that is not the case.

You have chosen to live separate from God, and experience all that there is. You see your selves as separate. And yet you can never be separate, for you are God.

And God is every thing and in every thing.

‘And God so loved the world he gave his only son.’ So that they could see the error of his ways.

Now we say this.

Jesus came to the earth to show mankind that he should love. ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’

He taught that as he could create miracles, so can mankind also shall go forth and do the same.

‘By the power vested in me.’

You all have the same power. You hold the same key to unlock the Devine wisdom and power within all of you.

You have but forgot. And in forgetting. You build walls; you put limits upon your miracles. You do not believe you are worthy of such miracles.

But we say this. All are God. As God, all are capable of such fetes of miracles.

Love is natural, and love has to come from within .

You cannot measure love.

But it comes in many forms.


You have your physical love.

You have the love for a child,

The love of a Mother and Father.

You have the love of the animals, your pets.

You have the love of your hobbies,

You have the love of Nature of Mother Earth.

You have love in all these different themes.

Tell me this.

How do you explain the feeling of love?


It’s a feeling inside of you that overwhelms you or makes you feel good inside.


Exactly, Inside. In side of me is love. In side of everyone is love. Inside the criminal there is love, in side of those who you label as evil there is love. In side of every one is Love.

It just doesn’t always show on the outside.

You have learnt to send your own mother love.

You send her a kind thought and a pitying thought. For she finds it hard to show her love. This does not means however that she loves you any the less.

Again the ego takes control. For the ego wants to take control. To feel important, to help them cope with guilt and their feelings.

The ego will blame and resent and finely tune the mind to trick it into believing they are right and every one else is wrong.

In some respects you too have been like this. With many situations with in your life.

‘Those with out sin cast the first stone?’

All have come to your plane of existence to experience love. And the emotions of life and its illusions.

You create your own pain, and you create your own happiness.

For all are states of mind.

You chose to Love, you chose to feel the emotions, of jealousy rage anger hatred, Joy happiness peace.

This is why we have said before. Know thy self; to thy own self be true.

This is why it is important to Love thyself.

For the emotions that you will find reflected back at you are very often the emotions and difficulties that you your self have problems releasing or dealing with. That is why they reoccur again and again.

Trust little one that you are loved. And that we love you.

Love thy self. See the qualities with in and believe in them. For we know that your path is strewn with love for others. That is not the problem. Learn to look within and love yourself.

For then you can truly Love.

It matters not what you think if others love you or not, for you will have within your soul love everlasting that knows no bounds. And you will rejoice.

We leave you in love

We bathe you in that light and fear not for your philosophy will be loved.

Your Brothers in Love.

xxx Dreamwalker xxx


Be True to yourself

Welcome to all my new friends and of course to my regular dear friends who have sent me messages of love and healing I say thank you. For they really do mean so very much to me, and have lifted up my spirits when I was feeling under the weather.

Today I have been pondering whether or not to post one of my Automatic Writings from my journal!

I read it the other night and thought I would post it, because many people I have met recently have been going through their own personal emotional traumas.

Yesterday I stood up for what I believed in, I said what I felt, all too often I keep silent on issues I think are not within my control, and say nothing biting my tongue, and wishing later that I had spoken out, shying away, standing on the fence. But yesterday, in a team meeting at work, the words just flowed out of my mouth, and I said what I thought, All looked in my direction, some with opened mouths and my Team leader, ‘thank goodness!’ said she agreed, and my views were recorded accordingly, and I hope they find their way back to the source, For our Team is a good team, so good we are always being sent to help out other teams within our organisation, with no thanks, and often left short of staff to manage our own Base.

Today I spoke to another friend and the conversation turned to speaking our truth.

And I thought of the writing in my journal I had read the other night that I was debating whether or not to post. And then this morning read my stars, something I do rarely these days, and truth pops up again, along with loving yourself.. Again these were more signs to follow as this is what is contained within my writings so I will post it shortly..

Some times I am in two minds as to post My automatic writings, as I am worried about what All of you may think!… [is she a raving loony?]  Well I can assure you I am quite sane!. But do you know what, it matters not, because I am following what I feel to be right, I am being true to me.. so watch the next space, for it is talking of Love and to Love yourself and to be true to yourself.

Love and Blessings



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