Animal Guides and Totems


Have you noticed here on spaces how many of us love our animal pictures? None so more than I, who adores the wolf, Bear and Eagle, along with our more normal pets of Dogs and Cats..

I know that our animals have more of a sixth sense than we  do, My own pets, have always known when  to give me that extra healing love, and known also when danger is around..

It was said that in the last Tsunami in Indonesia that fateful Christmas time, that the elephants and animals took themselves off to higher ground before the wave struck and so were saved.

I know that I have a Bear totem, which protects me, I have seen him, all be it with my third eye, but I know he exists never the less.  This for some of you may be a hard to believe, but the concept of animal guide is not a new one.  Long before our ancestors arrived on the continent of America, the Native Americans believed that All life was sacred, and that animals played an important role in daily spiritual life. History shows that many cultures believed in animals and messengers or deities of the Gods, Including Ancient Egyptians, Africans, Aztecs and Mayans, and don’t forget the Mytholigical animals, such as Dragons, Unicorns, Pegasus, and the Minotaur.

But in modern life we push these ideas to one side saying that they are superstitions of myths.. But many of our ancestors looked to the animal kingdom and knew of the connectedness between the Earth and our Creator.

How do you know if you have an Animal Guide? Chances are you have several. Often, the easiest way to find out what creature is your spirit animal is to think about an animal that you have a particularly strong connection to. Many people have a favourite, maybe one they completely obsess over. Is your home decorated with dolphins, Wolves  etc? Does a friend’s normally shy cat instantly come to sit near you? These animals are probably connected to you on a spiritual level.

It may surprise you to know that if there is an animal you absolutely hate, or has you running from the room . . . that animal more than likely has a spiritual meaning or a message for you. If you absolutely can’t stand this creature, ask yourself what aspect of your life terrifies you, or what about yourself have you been avoiding? Often coming to terms with the message these animals bring will bring you some relief from those strong reactions.

Here are some ways to interpret what your guide may be trying to tell you. First, think about what that animal means to you. Write some words or phrases that come to mind about that animal. Now think about how those traits might relate to you. Are these things you could stand to work on, or do you feel that they are your strong points? You can enhance your knowledge of your spirit animal by studying its behavioural traits and social structure, along with its mythology and history.

There are no hard or fast rules to meditation.. Trust your intuition. When you’re working out the specific meaning of your animal and you feel that one trait or behaviour suits you more than another, go with it. Keep a journal, writing about the animal to get in better touch with them.

Enjoy the journey

Gaia—– The Earth Changes..


Tonight I have been once again re-reading back through some of my automatic writings that I typed up last year.. I have still many more that need transferring to my Pc from my journals..

As I read this piece once again, this was transcribed on October 28th 2006. It occurred to me that what was said, has since come to pass.. and/or is still in the process!

Below are some of the excerpts from the transcript.. and further below still is the Communication in Full.



“The first wave has begun. A cleansing, a baptism of fire,” This I thought back to the fires that swept the USA and other parts of the world..

“Followed by storms”,How many storms of more powerful magnitude do we now get. The Tornados the Hurricanes and the Cyclones… Burma came into my mind..

A stirring deep within the core, and a bleeding of hearts, shall pour forth and shake all to dust. China so fresh in my own bleeding heart I thought of instantly.

“Gaia shall then reform and after clearing her throat, shall drink of the waters, drowning her sorrows. But emerging a new virgin land. For the Light to shine forth and blend once again in All things. For ALL for each to be as one”. Is this yet to come I ask my self…  as the waters rise, the Poles Melt?.. Or could it be a Flood that we could not envisage?

I will leave you my friends to Ponder… But this is what I received it is unaltered except for punctuation and paragraphs as the writing came all joined together..

This I received on the date below.



I welcome those from the world of light, as I sit and await your communication from the realm of spirit.


We welcome you again amid the clutter of your thoughts.

Your desires and wishes are at this time beginning to materialise much quicker, have you not been aware of that?

We ask that your thoughts be monitored for the frequency of the energy waves of thought are magnified 10 fold at this time.

Many times we speak of Earth changes and we say you are aware of them. But in discussion amongst ourselves, you know very little, only that change is upon you, and your planet.


Throughout your Earths History the world as know it has gone through many changes. This is no different within the evolution of the Earth.

However the difference comes because at this point in time the Earth’s evolution, mankind is also at the point in the Earth’s evolution.

Mankind is also at a point of change within his/her evolution. And like all humans—when confronted with change, it creates fear. For fear of the unknown change leads one to be fearful, afraid of the unknown.


As a child within the human form—you are, if you are born within your civilised society, protected and nurtured. Fed and clothed. Sheltered and schooled are you not?

 Feeling the umbrella of Love and comfort of family surrounding you at most times.

Only a minority of humans are left to fend and defend themselves in childhood.

It is accepted that as a human—children need that protection and love, to help their development.

And for centuries now as humans, you accept and have become accustomed to your way of life. You have adapted to the modern developments that are labour saving and assist in your living life at a faster pace. This includes your method of travelling, to your communication with each other across the vast distance, and your technological developments.

You have become wrapped up in these processes, moving forward in your technology, but stagnating on the whole, in regards on not developing on the spiritual.

You have as a race—become to regard your possessions as your priorities. Your possessions have taken president over Life.


Your regard for Life as expendable, to gain Property. You take Life, for Control, you abuse Life, for Power. This you do not only to yourselves as a species of the human race, but you destroy the Life of your co-habitants; That of your animals with out whom yourselves or the earth need to exist.

For the earth to be balanced needs the flora and the fauna in order to flourish.

As a species, you were meant to progress. You were allowed free will. But in the process you have forgot the nature of the experiment upon the Earth plane.

You have forgotten who you are, from whence you came, and where you are going.


More are awakening, more are remembering, and saying I Am, I Am All that there is. I Am a Devine being, I Am Eternal. More are recognising who they are, whence they have originated from, and to where they will return.

And that Light permeates All things.

The stages of evolution once again are set. Mankind will be witness to this next stage. For many this stage will be Transition, for others Transformation, for others it will be Travesty.

The earth changes have begun. And for many it will be the end. But for those who are awakened and truly embrace who they are, and say I Am, and know beyond doubt, I Am All. They shall receive the Light of God in ALL things.


Be not fearful of the Earth’s changes, be not the Child. But behold, bear witness, that you little sister will help spread the Light. Do not doubt your part, have we not stated previously. We gather our warriors of Light to do battle with the negative?


The first wave has begun. A cleansing, a baptism of fire, followed by storms, A stirring deep within the core, and a bleeding of hearts, shall pour forth and shake all to dust.

Gaia  shall then reform and after clearing her throat, shall drink of the waters, drowning her sorrows. But emerging a new virgin land. For the Light to shine forth and blend once again in All things. For ALL for each to be as one.


And  so it is.



Prayers and Healing to China.


My prayers and thoughts are with all of those caught up with the EarthQuake in China’s Sichuan Province.. it is reported that from the town’s population of  10,000, only 2,300 have been found alive..
We cannot even begin to imagine the grief, turmoil and tragedy of such a catastrophe
To All I send my Healing Prayers.. and I am thankful that my space friend ‘V’ China is safe and well.



To All in Sichuan

We send our thoughts and prayers your way

As we saw our News today.

The devastation of your land

Amongst the rubble in clouds of sand,


My tears of sorrow I do weep

As buildings crumble in a heap.

Your cities that once stood with pride

My thoughts are with you at your side.


The Earth this day her voice did shake

And gathered to her, the souls she’d take

Reminding all of her mighty power

And how all can change within the hour.


For your suffering, my heart does ache

Brothers and sisters we need to awake

That Mother Earth is powerfully strong

Take heed we must, and hear her song.


We build up high upon her back

And have no shelter when she cracks

She shows us that we are but ants

If we don’t respect her world, her plants


The warnings she is now giving out

If the rules again we flout

Her heart it bleeds along with mine

For needless suffering, through this time


Man must learn to live in tune-

With nature and learn to love and soon-

If all mankind could learn to Love

And bring that Peace as it is above.


I am but one voice, but I send my love

To all those caught in the Earthquake above

And Healing Prayers to All I send

And hope that Lives are soon to mend.


Looking Skyward.

The weather has been glorious over the last few days here in the U.K. and the warmth of the Sun has also been like the warmth of friendship that my friends have shown here on Spaces..
This week has been even more special to me as not only is my Hubby now recovering nicely, and thanks to all for your well wishes, but also a dear Waggi Tailed friend has returned, whom I thought was lost.. Welcome back dear Lonewolf…..
This weekend has been a busy one, with me working and all.. But today is my day off, and I have made the most of it, catching up on a few chores and my space friends..
A couple of nights ago.. I wrote this poem.. it was sparked off by the beautiful weather.. and it took me back to my childhood, when One could roam freely among our countryside  and fear nothing more than the Cow’s and Sheep that may charge you if you walked through their field..
I would walk for miles, looking up at the sky and talk… asking questons…… seeking and Listening for answers…
Something that I still do today… For I always Look Skyward.. and Know my voice is heard…


Looking Skyward.


When I was young and carefree did I roam,

Around our Village I would dream alone

I’d walk for miles in valleys of green

With never a care or so it seemed.


Escape would I were bird song would thrill

Forgetting all my childhood chills-

Of parent who would lash with tongue

I’d roam the hills in search of song.


Finding places in the grass-

To lay my head, a confused lass

Searching high up in the sky

I knew that there was more to I.


Conversations in my head

I’d read the Bible and break bread,

To satisfy my thirst for more

I knocked upon sweet Jesus door.


And he filled my heart with Joy,

Until this girl did meet her boy

And then in romance life anew

Family life I did pursue.


But never in my heart did I

Forsake the calling from the sky

And conversations once again

Did constantly bombard my brain


Of what am I? And Why? You see,

Is there suffering in front of me

Several Paths now have I took

But there is one which now I look


For all are equal, can’t you see

It matters not what name give thee-

To your maker up on high

I still look up towards the sky.


For when I pray, I know he’s there

Our Spirit Father, beyond compare

His loving hand he guides me safe

This little girl, His little waif.


For though I’ve grown and have matured

Within somewhere is the little girl-

Who sought his answers from her pain

He talks to me, I’m not insane.


So when you think your path is rough

And life to you is not enough

Remember to look upon the sky

As rainbow follows, as storms pass by.


We each of us have our cross to bare

Just like Jesus, Crucified there.

But know, that no one is ever alone,

For in our footsteps, ‘He’ does roam.

Choosing and Directing Your Crystals

I will be adding more information on Crystals and thought that I would first of all explain a little about programming your crystal..

First of all You need to select and buy the crystal that appeals to you.. I have always found that your crystals though will pick you..

Many times I have seen wonderful looking crystals and yet when I have picked them up and held them, I just know they are not for me.. So when you go in search of your crystal, I prefer to handle them. Pick them up and turn them over in your hand, Most store holders will allow this. See how you connect.. Does it feel good in your palm, is it hot or cold to the touch.. What do your senses feel about it..

I have a lovely smooth piece of Rose quartz that I often carry around, and when I get stressed I hold it and rub my fingers across its surface. It helps calm and reassure me. As that is one of this stones natural attributes.  If I am going anywhere new, or I am lacking confidence, this stone helps and reminds me of the unconditional love and peace.





To direct a crystal’s energy towards a specific, clearly defined goal you need to programme it. This will always be most effective when your intention matches the natural quality of the crystal.

Programming a blue crystal to radiate red energy is possible, for example, but it will go against the flow of energy that crystal possesses.

Always get to know your crystal well before you consider modifying its function with programming.

Remember that a crystal that has always been used for healing energy will always be better suited to healing rather than being used as a meditation stone. A meditation crystal will come to enhance and amplify energies of the meditator each time it is used, and will be less useful as a healing stone.


There are two ways to programme a crystal. The first way is exposure to a type of energy, such as light source.

A clear quartz that is exposed for a prolonged amount of red light, for example will after a while begin to resonate that frequency.

The second programming technique is to redirect the stone’s energy through strong intention and affirmation. Hold the stone in your hands, or to your heart or brow, and project your intention into the centre of the crystal. Repeat this process several times until you intuitively feel that the crystal can now hold and broadcast the thought of intention. For successful programming, it is important that your project is as clear and precise as possible. Vague or muddled desires bring vague and muddled results.

Once the crystal is programmed, place the crystal where it can be seen to remind you of your goals.

To remove the programming, repeat the process with intention that the stone reverts back to its normal state. Cleanse the crystal and thank it for its help.

In a Blink of an Eye

How often do we go about our daily lives, taking everything for granted?.. Well hands up… I’m guilty.. …….One lesson this last week has taught me….

 In a Blink of an eye.. All can change in an instant.

That instant was last Wednesday when my Husband collapsed and was rushed to Hospital… He was very poorly having lost a lot of blood from internally Bleeding all night from an Ulcer..

The outcome,- he is now recovering well…

These words I wrote the following night.


In a Blink of an Eye.

My strong man  buckled,  in a heap he did fall

Flashing lights and sirens, an Ambulance was called.

Along the Hospital corridors we quickly sped

With everything and nothing, spinning in my head.


Please God and Angels, Let him soon be well,

Fearful thoughts in my head, trying not to dwell.

Needles and tubes and oxygen mask

Each Medic performing precisely each task.


My Son and Daughter rushing to our side

Their worry and shock, trying hard to hide.

My better half no longer with a twinkle in his eye

And I swallow hard, trying not to cry.


Today I saw the NHS performing at its best

Pulling Hard together, completing all their tests.

A prognosis was given, ‘You have an internal Bleed’.

He reached for my hand, reassuringly I squeezed.


Procedures were performed, Drips were put in place

And slowly the colour was returning to his face.

Who would have thought how quickly life can change

Schedules, and Life styles, now will be rearranged.


Each Angel was thanked, as back to heaven they did soar.

You never know when fate comes knocking at your door.

His calling card delivered a reminder to us all,

Enjoy each precious moment, as Mr Grim could pay a call.


For in a Blink of an Eye, all you had could be lost

So Hug and tell your dearest you love them the most.

A happy ending has this Saga, and Love I so send.

My better half is recovering well and truly on the mend.

Life can slip through your fingers, just like a grain of sand.

So reach out and hold each others hand.



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