A Special Communicator.

None was more surprised than I, when I realised who this communicator was. I have posted it for its message is clear..  As those from the Ethers are sending their vibrations of Light into the Negative spots around or globe..

October 18th 2006.

Upon waking up I felt very refreshed, unusual for me, as I can still wake feeling drained. I thought I needed to continue doing some clearing exercises, so went to town on my aura clearing for half an hour. At the back of my mind all the while was the thought I need to write. So I started by writing these words..


 I wanted to start our communication again last night, but decided upon some sleep as I was tied. So I’m here first thing, this morning if you wish to add anything from yesterday? The pen then as usuall started its journey across the page.


“Welcome child of Eternity, you have another who wishes to speak to you at this time. Because you have cleared your energies they are now awaiting in the outer realms to draw close. Are you ready to receive their vibration?”


The above writing was like I have had before not the usual link. As the writing was more scrawled and each letter and words were all joined together with out a break in them.


I wrote,

Yes thank you I am honoured.


“It is I El Morya,”


Good morning, I’m honoured.


“Honour matters not, to honour myself. But to honour one another is very important. For to honour the life you have been given, you honour the pledge you make to your own soul.

            For at a soul level you came to this plane to assist the progress of the planetary system and allow the necessary changes to take place, by par taking in those changes.

            Gather together your thoughts, and clear your mind of impurities. We upon our realm are sending the needed frequencies to dilute the build up of negativity. But our problem arises as you all have been given free will. And that must not be interfered with. However the waves of light are helping bring positive changes even though not apparent to you at this time.

I El Morya along with others, who have been assigned the task of bringing knowledge and Truth to your plane, will endeavour to open up the portals of communication with the astral plane.

WHERE THESE PORTAL OPEN, WE ALSO SEND TO EARTH NOT ONLY knowledge, but we are able to alter and transmute energy. Therefore changing the frequencies of the build up of what you term negative pockets of energy.

We say transform or transmute, because in truth your negativity is still prevalent.  But the Light particles as such will transmute it into higher frequency.

            To use a term you upon your earth can visualise, we give you this analogy.


We give you a piece of black cloth. And upon it we put it within a form of liquid. The cloth is then soaked within a bowl. The liquid is the energy surrounding all. A part of the cloth is then impregnated with a drop of your detergent, bleach (light). The black cloth then becomes white where the source of the bleach touches it.

But the cloth is still the cloth is it not?

The colour of the cloth has disappeared, but is still within the water / energy surrounding the cloth. And so too is the detergent bleach is still within the water. The rest of the black cloth may eventually turn a little lighter shade of grey.

            You follow our meaning?

We could not upon our realm pour in the whole bottle of bleach. For this would eventually rot the cloth. For too much of either vibration at this stage would cause the ruin of the cloth—your Earth. The balance is required at all times.

            We would ask that all cleanse their cloth regular, and then await the pouring of knowledge from within. For we can work only with those whose frequencies are suitable.


The Dawn is breaking, you will pour out our message.

And Bring Calm Before The Storm that is about to break, in the changes ahead on your planet.


This is El Morya.”


Thank you El Morya, for bringing this message.



* Note the capital letter was not deliberate but I have left, as that is how it came when typing up.( Back in 2006)..

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chantal
    Apr 20, 2008 @ 01:21:34




  2. Teira
    Apr 20, 2008 @ 08:11:33

    A beatiful message indeed…
    There is much truth is in these words…
    I like the analogy of the cloth and the bowl of water….Very apt…
    Have a great sunday..



  3. Lynn
    Apr 20, 2008 @ 15:02:53

    Thank you Dreamwalker, beautiful words xxxx



  4. soul
    Apr 20, 2008 @ 18:31:29

    oh wow the great master El Morya………………… when the student is ready the master will appear. amazing message he gives. thanks for sharing and not being too scared to share his words.



  5. Kingfisher
    Apr 21, 2008 @ 11:19:59

    Thank you DreamWalker this message is clear !



  6. Kingfisher
    Apr 21, 2008 @ 11:21:07

    El Morya’s etheric retreat is located over Darjeeling, India. Well done you !



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