Healing Meditation with Colour



A Healing Session in Colour


Several of my friends have been feeling a little low lately including myself. So I thought I would write about some self-healing techniques that will only take 10 minutes to do once you have read and mastered them..


I thought the easiest way to share a healing technique is through a visualisation.. And all of us can visualize colour.. We all know what red and green etc look like. And even if we suffer from colour blindness,  whatever your visual perceptions for a particular colour just go with that, it will still have the same affect.

Colour is part of our lives; we absorb the white light of the Sun and its healing properties, and now recognise the SAD syndrome.

As I have said before we are surrounding by our Auric field of light, this light has seven different layers which surrounds the human body.

The quality and depth of our Aura’s vibration depends upon our physical, mental, and spiritual health and well being. Our Aura can become clouded and have varying degrees of colour swirling around that are invisible to our naked eye.

 I have had my aura picture taken several times now at mind-body-spirit fares and each time the colour of my aura has changed. This has been done through special photography called the Kirlian photography in which our electromagnetic energy field is able to be captured on film.  On one occasion after a illness, my Aura was dark red in the main, with dark black holes, splashes of orange and mauves. And another picture 3yrs later it was green and orange and yellow, showing a much lifted halo of light above my crown chakra.

( Here is a picture like the one I had taken I found on photobucket..Thankyou who ever you are 🙂 )



OK Here is my 10 minute Healing with Colour.

Find a comfortable chair, but try not to slouch.. Place your feet on the ground, close your eyes… after you’ve read the instructions lol.. And we’ll begin..



Begin to breathe from your diaphragm a few times, nice deep breathes, each breath going a little deeper and slower than the last one. To get the experience of this meditation using colour, learn to go through the colours that correspond with your seven chakras first.

With your eyes closed, see a mental picture of yourself before you. Hold this picture of yourself and breathing in deeply, take with the breath the colour Red directly into your solar plexus, your stomach area, see this colour distributing throughout your body to where it is needed. 

Breathe in each colour through the approriate chakra.. use the above picture to help you.

Next, holding a mental picture of yourself as before, breath in the colour Orange go through the same process breathing it in and letting it come in through your abdominal area, and see the colour go into every part of your body, paying particular attention to all the parts you know need healing.

Go through the same process with the colour Yellow  and watch the ray flow through your entire body, healing and cleansing you.

Again repeat with the colour Green followed by Blue then Indigo and Violet.

Finally concentrate on White light entering the top of your head and cascading down into your entire body, cleansing the entire system.

When you have got to this stage, sit for a few minutes, letting go of your own image once you are satisfied that the colours have been integrated into your whole being.

Gently start to focus your attention back to your upright body in the chair and become aware of yourself again, feeling your feet once again firmly grounded on the floor.

Now open your eyes and have a drink of water, but take your time at standing up.

By using this meditation in this way with colour you are helping to enhance your etheric  layers(the outer layers our aura’s surrounding our body)  via the chakra’s and this helps to recharge our physical  bodies.

xxxxSending You all Healing Vibesxxxx



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sweet
    Mar 12, 2008 @ 06:24:42

    Thankyou for that..and your kind comments..love always Suexx



  2. T
    Jun 05, 2008 @ 22:53:33

    Nice post from you! I think I did that some years ago when I was taking classes of Yoga. It\’s good you remind me on this meditation, so I can do it again. Thanks!



  3. LiL'Kt
    Jan 25, 2009 @ 03:46:36

    Very good healing practice xxx



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