Throughout the ages there have been many prophecies for us to think about, The Millennium was one, where we were told computers would go on the blink and some thought that the world would come to an end..  All Prophecy is fluid and changeable.

Our future is not set in stone..Why is that? The reason is that we create our own reality through our thoughts, through our collective thinking, known as mass consciousness.

What a profit sees is only one of the probable outcomes of our future, if we don’t like what the profit has to say then we have the power to change it.

Many books are being written and have been wrote about the forthcoming Earth changes and you have only to click onto the net to see the many that have been written about the pending changes which are supposedly to happen in the year 2012. When the Mayan calendar ends

Many in the past believed that our earth’s demise would come from an asteroid, or nuclear bombs, or a shift of the poles so as the Earth tips on her axis. Who knows?

But the Mayans knew about the cosmic cycles, and scientists are now acknowledging that the Earth is far older than was first thought, and that civilizations were thriving on Earth way before ‘the cave men’.

The scriptures of the Indian Vedas also describe cycles of creation that span millions of years, including civilizations that flourished and then decayed and perished. The Mayans themselves appeared out of the mist some 4,000 yrs ago, and just as mysteriously disappeared back again.

So are we not just such another civilization? The thing is we think we are invincible, untouchable with our technology.   We have created our weapons of destruction, and seem hell bent on destroying each other. Warring factions want their power and control over others fuelled by greed by those few who are in positions of power.

Several years ago I wrote a poem called Earth, I described how the Earth is a living organism as if she has feelings, which she does and we as humans were her irritants on her back..

I feel that it will be nature we have to look to. And not because of global warming, because who knows if civilizations have been as advanced more so than us in the past, then has not the Earth gone through global warming before?

The Mayans described at least 5 different ages or cycles in the past each lasting just over 5,000 years, and each ended in a cataclysmic cleansing of negative Karma created by man. And then each new era mankind would start again from scratch form, from the survivors.

But as I said in the beginning, nothing is cast in stone, and that is why many are writings books on enlightenment and we are getting messages from our Angels, Inspirational speakers, life coaches, and healing and the alternative therapies are all coming to the fore  along with our Indigo and crystal children.

Because our mass consciousness CAN make a difference to this world.. For thought creates.. Unfortunately what is being generated around this world is so much negativity. The Media thrives on churning it out, and we get caught up in its negative web.

What has brought this home to me more now than ever before is the Earthquake we had in the UK this week, whereby I, who live in the centre of our country felt the earth shake and shudder. It made me think how very fragile we are in the face of nature and her wrath, and how in the blink of an eye all that we know could change.

And as I write this the wind is howling a gale outside as if to reiterate her might.


The Hopi whose name means ‘people of peace’ have traditions that date back thousands of years. These teachings point to prophecies that would manifest just before what they termed a great purification of the Earth. It would be a time when the Earth would shudder and tremble causing much destruction in order to cleanse the planet of karmic negativity. Not too long ago I played a video on my in which the Hopis said that those prophecies have now been completed.  I hope to dig it out again and post above. 

The Hopis also said the weather would become unpredictable and would ‘cleanse away many things with wind and rain.’ They said we must each be self-sustained and go back to growing our food from Mother Earth. Above all, they said, man needed to go within himself in order to gain spiritual understanding of what would be happening. Their prophecies matched the Mayan prophecies."  

Here are some of the Hopi signs heralding the coming purification telling us that it is near…

Trees everywhere will be dying (it’s going on right now).

People will build a house a throw it in the sky (Skylab, Mir, the current space station)

Cold places will become hot and hot places cold (that is happening with global warming, global weather patterns are changing)

Land will sink beneath the sea and rise above it (such changes have already begun)

The appearance of a blue star (in 1987 a blue star made its presence known when a hot blue super-giant exploded and made world history as a spectacular supernova)

There will be paths in the sky (airplane contrails and chemtrails)

There will be cobwebs in the air (power lines all over the United States)

A "gourd of ashes" will be dropped from the sky to burn the land and boil the oceans (atomic bomb)

These signs are pretty obvious and all have come to pass.

What do you think?


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  1. Jayne
    Mar 02, 2008 @ 02:29:03

    Well, in my humble opinion, every generation has predicted the end of times. The first Christians who were Jews predicted it in Acts and every generation since has been told by someone, that we will see it in our time. As a Christian, I don\’t spend to much time thinking about when it will come, I just concern myself with doing what Scripture tells me and, thats to be ready, because it will happen in the twinkling of an eye.
    As for the latter things you posted, I would never be so arrogant as to totally dismiss it, so i keep an open mind. My personal feelings about that are, I think these natural disasters have always happened but, are highlighted more today because of the technological world we live in. An earthquake happens in China, we have the technology to know about it within 30 mins, via internet, Sky news, ect ect. In the days of our forefathers, news like that would have maybe taken days to reach us and sometimes, if we go back further, it could have even been weeks before we would have known anything about it via newspapers. So, even though i would never deny that climate change is happening and a very real threat, i think a lot of these natural disasters have always happened, we just know a lot more about them today.
    Could be wrong though and will always keep an open mind 🙂



  2. She Wolf
    Mar 02, 2008 @ 05:53:46

    Thank you for posting this Dreamwalker,
    I have to say i watched the wee video first, and everything he said made perfect sense to me, i totally understood where he was coming from and why he was saying the things he did. Don\’t you just wish our people in power spoke that way? They would get a lot more respect from me that\’s for sure. What i liked about him was the fact that he refered to the Spirits, Mother nature, and other people may call that God….ect    What i would like to add, the Spirits NEVER tell nor dictate to you what to do, born a catholis, i was always told this was right, that was wrong, in the end i got too confused and always hated the fact it was so matter of fact. I always new there was something out there as i was growing up, still believe that too. After watching the video, i know now what i belived in all those years was true afterall, even when people thought i was a crazy woman…lol   That is what i sooooo love about the American indians, they seen the earth as sacred, never killed any more than needed, used the earth the way Mother Nature intended. That is the life i have always wanted to lead, in this day and age of computer, high tech, plastic bags, excess packaging….ect Oh yes, and i know you know the list is endless.
    Which brings me onto the other posts. Everyone has their own opinion that they value, even when others may think it wrong. My opinion over the years has never changed, even my hubby now sees where i am coming from. I have always said that Mother Earth will get really, really peed off with mankind, his greed, his eagerness for power and so forth, we only need to look around. How many of us recycle? How many of us have a garden? How many of us watch TV morning, noon and night? Thankfully i do not allow myself that torture each night…lol   Yes i have a computer, which in a way contradicts the way of life i want to live. We are always trying so hard to put the blame or onis on someone else, when really, if we search deep inside of our souls, the onis is down to each and every single human being on this Earth, if everyone of us decided that we no longer want to live like this…What would happen? If we all went Solar what would the power companies do, but alas, it is sooooooo much harder to live that type of life for people in this tech world that each of us chose to use the easier version. I always say, i enjoy the things in life that take time, determination, will and the pleasure of knowing that i did this with my bare hands. I respect myself a lot more when i do things without the aid of modern technology. Do you?
    Anyhoo, here i go again blabbering, i guess this is a subject that i do hold close to my heart and feel very strongly about and try, as much as i can to live my life this way. I know, yes, i know as i have felt it, that Mother Nature will no longer be able to continue with the demands that man has out upon her, she is being sucked out from the inside. Who knows when it will happen, but happen it will, she will self destruct leaving only an ample of good humans she trusts with her resourses to yet again make a better world for us to live in.
    Ok, it\’s time for me to get off my Soapbox….lololol    Sorry
    Diane xx



  3. Lee
    Mar 04, 2008 @ 16:51:46




  4. Lynn
    Mar 05, 2008 @ 15:15:38

    Hi Dreamwalker,
    Thank you for giving us food for thought, a really interesting blog again,
    thank you for sharing ur gift friend…much love Lynn xxx



  5. debbie
    Mar 08, 2008 @ 04:24:25

    hi dream walker well what can i say but wow all that he say\’s is true u should look after mother earth and she will look after u
    that is one of the things i always put in ether my open prayer or closing prayer
    and i am a grat believe of  all spiritual things as bein a spiritalist medium i have a very good relationship with the spirit worls and it can blow ur mind some times as the messages that they have given me 4 people is unbelieveable
    i have quite a few guides and my house is never empty
    i would love 2 now how i can get the video onto my profile from ur mind body and spirit
    thank debbie xx



  6. lorriebowden
    Oct 05, 2014 @ 00:27:13

    I think it is hard NOT to see it!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person


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