Daring to walk through the doors,

When a door opens, walk through it. Trust that the door has opened for a reason and you have been guided to it. Sometimes we have a tendency to overanalyze or agonize over the decision, but it is quicker to simply go through the door and discover what’s there as that’s the only way to know. Even if it doesn’t seem right at first, opening this door may lead to another door that will take us where we need to go. 

I have a very stubborn streak inside of me, and have clung to the familiar because I fear insecurity. And have stayed in jobs too long, and suffered with stress and put up with obnoxious bombastic bosses who revelled in clicking their fingers to make me jump, and I complied with how high, because I was always trying to please and cope. And I failed to use one little word… “No”.

Because of my mediumistic skills some of my colleagues and acquaintances often seek advice. Thinking I perhaps should hold some magic key to show them the correct doorway in their lives helping them make their correct choices..  I wish I did have a Magic Key, for I would have used it long ago.

But what I do have is my intuition.. I know when something feels right, I know when it feels wrong..  And the biggest thing I have learnt to do is to TRUST those gut feelings.

So my advice to anyone who is embarking on going through a new door in their lives is to ‘Listen’ to your ‘Gut’, not the voices of others. And if it Feels right then dare to step through your door and see where it leads..

Several Years ago I dared to step through a door to an alien world of working with disabled people. If I had listened to my fearful voice, If I had listened to others, I would never have made the change and I would have stuck with the career path I had been on for the best part of thirty years….I stepped through the door.. And what a wonderful world I found.

There are many doors that open in the course of our lives, leading us into new relationships, jobs, friendships, and creative inspirations.

 Our lives up to this point are the result of all the doors we have walked through, and our continued growth depends on our willingness to keep moving into new spaces. And as one door closes another is always opening..

I’ve found that when I hesitate, and hover in the doorway, I neither move forward or back. I get stuck in the middle. And I’m reminded of the quote, “He who hesitates is Lost”….I need to once again grasp the door handle and push the door open and step forward with the faith that what awaits on the other side is meant to be.

 Every time we walk through an open door, we create a sense memory that encourages us to move into the new fearlessly.  Each doorway is like a new chapter in our lives.

When we enter the new space, we almost always feel a thrill and a new feeling of confidence, in ourselves and in the universe. We have stepped across the threshold into a new life

Enjoy your journey.. 


My Appologies if You have read this poem before.. But I have resurected it to add to my poetry section..



Earth gave her body, she gave it us to share.


Her breath once sweet, now pollutes the air.

Her waterway of veins, once were crystal clear.

Now they hold our garbage lifeless pools and mires.

Earth gave us her body she gave it us to share.


She gave us animals for pleasure, and yes for food.

Not to be hunted to extinction, penned up and abused.

She gave us her forests, for shelter and for fuel.

Not for mass developments, useing greed as cutting tools.



Earth gave us her body, she gave it us to share.


The soil she gave for harvest of plants that now are rare.

For medicine and minerals. silver bronze and gold.

Her treasure chests of beauty, We’ve pillaged, raped and sold.



Earth gave her body, she gave it us to share.


Now her tears are falling, can’t you see her pain.

The bombs that we are testing, fall out — floods– the rain.

Wars between each nation, like stabbings in her back.

Earthquakes,————thunder, lightening, she’s crying with each crack.

“Enough” she cries “enough”, as planet earth disrupts.

Her breaking heart that bleeds, volcanoes then erupts.

Her breath now rages anger, toradoes swirl revenge.

Beware the human race, planet earth could still avenge.



Earth gave her body, she gave it us to share.


The beauty is all around us, forever standing there.

Let’s not take her for granted, for some day she will rebel.

Treat her with some kindness, our fellow man as well.


Earth gave her body, she gives us life.


Lets stop all our hateing, stop the greed and strife.


Earth gave us a garden, she gives us love.

Love is the only answer, God tells us from above.


Earth gave her body, give her your respect.


For she might rebel, turn her back, sooner than you’d expect.

So help her through her torment, heal her wounded sores.

We can start by healing each other around her windy shores.

Love her and those upon her, take away her tears.

Her promise in return…Rebirth…”The Golden Years”.

by Dreamwalker, 

On the Mend..


On The Mend.

Finally turning around the bend.

Today I’m truly on the mend…

Healing from all quarters given

Showering down like Angels from heaven.


Peace within to balance with love

Gifts are shared, that are given from above

Feeling the kindness of those around

Overwhelm and sometimes astound


The cup of human kindness is not lost

We can share we each other, at no extra cost.

A kind word or maybe a smile

We reach out across the miles.


Never have I lost faith in the human race.

We just need to go at a slower pace.

For rushing around we forget to drink in.

The beauty this Earth has in her offering.

So stop just a while and look all around

The spring time upon us burst forth from the ground

Stop and admire, in your interlude

And give her you Thanks with much Gratitude.

By Dreamwalker

Kick-start Therapy~ Poem




Today I woke and try as I may

To greet with joy this brand new day

I peep through the window to see it was fine

And asked my Lord, to get into my mind.

To shake my leg, but also my head

To lift me up and to get me out of bed


My heart some days is fit to burst

At others I feel low, and at my worst.

I know you’re with me each step of the way

But sometimes it’s hard as I greet a new day.

For somewhere inside me is a  twisted knot

And sometimes I wonder, have I lost the plot.


Where is the girl that laughs and has fun?

Where is she now, when my day has begun?

I lack nothing, yet I’m empty and sick—

Of these feelings inside I wish I could lick.

Once before I have travelled down this road

And once again I know I’ll shed this load.


So with hand held out, to my Lord I do ask

Take hold of my heart; take hold in your grasp.

Give it a squeeze, once more to beat

Lift me up from my bed the morning to greet.

I know this phase will pass, in an hour I’ll be fine

I just need a kick-start today in my mind.


…Well it’s several hours since this poem I wrote

I kick-started myself, giving me a jolt.

I took myself off for a visit into town,

And treated myself to shampoo and cut crown.

Along to M&S I did go to the sales

And ‘Retail Therapy’ put the wind in my sails.

Back home now and writing this Blog

So thank you for holding me tight Dear God.

🙂 By Dreamwalker 🙂

Prayer Circle


Prayer Circles..

Prayer Circles are now global phenomena and possibly the main means of bringing people together in unity for the purpose of healing and reconciliation.


I believe that the power of prayer works. As it enhances the power of our thoughts. Our thoughts in them selves are living energy, and if used in this collective way, can bring about an amazing energy shift to a person or situation it is then directed to.


If we could but realise, that surrounding our, what looks to us like empty space. Are millions of tiny particles of energy, which react and conform to the expectations and beliefs that we have about our world.

If we could all but realise that all of us are connected to this intelligent field of energy. And that by attuning those thoughts, or directing them, we then create our own reality. Which is our experience.


By turning those thoughts into a positive vibration of thought, this can lead to miracles in healing to take place. For that belief and therefore manipulation of ones own energy field to alter the molecular structure of our own healing process.


If we could all accept with out any doubt, that this energy surrounds all of us. And that we, by our very thoughts bring to us what we experience.


If we could allow our thoughts to change from our perception of a world where we are limited in our beliefs of what is not possible, to one that anything is possible, we could change our lives, to become healthier, and fuller in every sense. By manifesting by that power of thought.


I now try very hard to manifest the positive into my life. This is the most difficult. For each of us are conditioned by our belief systems that have been indoctrinated into us since early childhood.

But scientists are now discovering that we are not limited to the laws of physics and biology, as we know them today. And that our very DNA of life, is a code that may be changed by choice.


My Prayers go out, and I tell people daily whom I come into contact with. Our Minds are the greatest gifts we have. We are only just becoming aware again of the Power of Thought.



At this moment many places around our globe are in need of healing prayers. 

 And Darfur is one in Africa and Tibet, Iraq, Palestine and Israel are just a few

of the many place in need of our prayers.


Use the power of your own prayers, your thoughts, to bring about that change to your own,

 and ultimately to the whole world.


Peace and Health to you all.

Quote of the week.

Life is a song—Sing it

Life is a game—Play it.

Life is a challenge—Meet it.

Life is a dream—Realize it.

Life is a sacrifice—Offer it.

Life is Love—Enjoy it.

By Sai Baba.

Two Weeks to kick start!


To say that I didn’t go to bed until after the bewitching hour, I have awoke feeling much better than I have in the last four weeks.. Two of which I’ve spent doing hardly  anything except painting and blogging.

Last night I had a wonderful sleep, and it makes such a difference. On Wednesday my G.P. said I should rest up for another two weeks and see how I feel..

So I have mentally given myself two weeks to Kick start me back into action.

I am always telling others health is mind over matter, and for the past few years I have been mainly on top of my FMS. I laid in bed last night before going to sleep, and thought Yes you are feeling sorry for yourself, and then I thought well I’m entitled as I hurt.. But then I thought each morning I wake I send out the same mantra, saying to myself –“God I hurt,” so sure enough I do.  

So last night I said a prayer and I asked that when I woke I wouldn’t Hurt and to please let my first thoughts be positive.

Today I awoke and these were the words that came into my mind…


Today is a brand new day

And this is my mantra, what I need to say.

Today is a day I will truly kick start

And mend myself, starting with my heart.

Today my water I will label with Love,

And know that I can change, with help from above,

Today the pain of past and of now

Can fly through the window I care not how.

Fed up am I of my body’s rebel

For victory soon, I’m determined to repel-

This condition I’ve let too long take a grip

It’s time for action and give it the kick.

So my mantra today is “I am alive”


And my body will heal and thrive.

So come on girl, get out of bed,

Today we start and shake that leg

To kick start yourself to bring back your health

For Health.. is our true Wealth….

So instead of waking and saying “God another day”

 I shall wake and “Thank you God for another day”…

Dreamwalker back on her road…


The Journey……with Friends.



A Journey with Friends.


Many times along our road,

We struggle onward with our load.

Forgetting when at low ebb tide

The many friends which around us reside.


For when in doubt, or feeling low

It’s good to share with the friends we know,

The often buried pain we suppress and hide,

Those hidden tears, we keep inside.


A trouble shared is split in two,

A piece for me and a piece for you.

Sharing thoughts we often find

Our friends experience is just like mine.


We all experience the highs and lows,

Not knowing the direction of our roads,

We just keep travelling to journeys end.

Helping each other around our bends.


But isn’t that how our journey should be

Helping each other, the likes of you and me.

What have you got packed within your case?

That helps us all in this ‘the rat race’.



For what do we take with us at journey’s end?

It’s not the Mansions or the Mercedes Benz.

Packed in our hearts is the love that we share

It’s showing our family and friends that we care.


These are the treasures of perfect pure gold,

That remains intact when we cross the threshold.

And into the ‘Light’ we once more will step

Thankful for friendships and love ones we’ve met.


So whether your experience is taking its toll

Remember the friends with along whom you can stroll.

For each has a blessing even though in disguise,

We share with the old, the young and the wise.


The knowledge that wherever we are on the road,

We can always shed a burden and offset the load.

And if we pray hard, a heavenly hand you will find.

Has walked in your footsteps, carrying you in the sand.

By Dreamwalker


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