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Automatic Writing


I have posted several pieces now on my blogs of what I term  My Automatic writing. Many may say this is nonesense, But evidence from around the world has left scientist baffled with proof that such phenomena exsists.

 It is recorded that in the first  three decades of the 20th Century automatic writing was used apparently as a tool in diagnosing and treating mental disturbances by professional bodies of the time. One such pioneer was Dr Anita Muhl who encouraged patients to express their hidden thoughts.

When I do what I term my Automatic writing it can work in one of two ways, either the pen flows that quickly over the page all words are joined together and my mind is unaware of what word will be written next. Or as has happened on several occasions the pen/pencil is so slow as the word is being formed I know what the finished word will be, but even though I want to speed things up the pen slowly forms the finished word. This can be very painstaking requiring patience.

When I first started experimenting a decade ago. I would get lots of scribble at first with the odd word that could be made out. But whatever comes don’t discount it as very often it’s our higher selves communicating

 Today I read a feature in a magazine which you might find interesting which spoke in depth on the subject of a Brazilian man called Francisco Candido Xavier, who was an old Portuguese speaking  gentleman who had spent the last 50 years spending 5hrs a day using automatic writing, channelling works by deceased Brazilian authors. He has published several books for which he has received no payment  and has channelled over 130 books from various deceased authors.

What really amazed me was that this gentleman was not all that literate himself.


“ And the final proof as if any were needed of his gift of this phenomena was through the use of co-authorship where Xavier was writing a chapter at a time of the book Two Worlds on evolution. Meanwhile, alternative chapters, making no sense at all and out of synchronicity, were being written by another Dr Waldo Vieira, hundreds of miles away from where Xavier was situated.

It was only when Xavier was told by his spirit guide to contact Dr Vieira after he’d completed the disjointed chapters that it became clear that the two were working on the same title- a process which continued on to create another 17 books.” End Quote.

And as the magazine ends it article it shows that those in spirit can inspire and show us there are no limits on their endeavours to show us when they wish to communicate,  Bringing us together and that the Pen is truly mightier than the Sword.

Please click on red links.. The last Link being a book co-authored by the above gentlemen.


Garden Of Life.


The Garden of Life.  


In every lovely garden, with flowerbeds and lawns.

Hidden among the flowers, are nettles and sharp thorns.

And so in life, we have the good and bad.

Nothing is ever perfect, there’s happy times and sad.



We can’t always have the sunshine; we too must have some rain.

To bloom the flowers need water, in life we have our pain.

For sometimes while we’re gardening, we feel the nettles sting.

We’re reminded to be careful, when we plant our bulbs for spring.



Then once your garden is planted, and you think your work is done.

Along comes another shower, and with it weeds have sprung.

Who said gardening was easy? Just waiting for things to grow.

We have to clear out the boarders, to reap what we do sow.



For if you look at nature, life’s answers you will find.

Everything has a cycle; we can’t bloom all the time.

Never think that the grass is greener, on the other side of the fence.

By comparing both life’s problems,

 Your neighbours might seam immense.



You don’t have to be a Saint, to be a special person.

Just to smile and say hello, can help someone who’s lonesome.

So pick a bunch of flowers, and hand them out with pride.

It will surely be remembered, when we reach the other side.

By Dreamwalker

Stength Within.


Strength Within.


Where do we find the strength to carry our daily load?


When our burdens seemed too heavy along life’s rugged road?


From which deep well, do we draw up the water of our life?


When our troubles are too many and our lives are full of strife.


Our strength is right beside us, and is always shinning bright.


Our Lord will help and guide us. A burden shared is light.


The answers lie within us if we search that deep dark well.


For our beloved Spirit Farther in each of us do dwell.


So whenever you feel alone, troubled or afraid.


Remember the friends around you,


 And our Lord in whose image you were made.


By Dreamwalker

Healing starts with ourselves


Everything in nature vibrates, The ocean with the tides, Our heartbeats, pulses, our brain waves.

Have you tried reducing your heart rate?.. I remember doing it unintentionally. I went for a hospital appointed a couple of years ago, and was very stressed. So I sat in the waiting room. And decided to slow my breathing as if going into a meditation. The trouble was, the nurse came along, took my blood pressure and nearly had a fit, saying her machine must be wrong, as my blood pressure was so low.Ooooops!

Mothers use the sound of their voices to sooth their children singing lullabies.

I had purchased a set of audiotapes of Deepak Chopra’s ‘Magical Mind Magical Body’. In it was some Ayurveda techniques too. I think I was a Vita? Having done the test in the book! any how it recommended singing the vowel sounds..

I remember driving to work in the late 90’s singing the vowels. A.E.I.O.U. Singing , well if you could call it that, probably sounded like a ‘cat in pain’…  But at least no one can hear you…… Just get a few strange looks at traffic lights Lol.

The Human body is a great conductor for sound, as at least 70% is made up of water.

Even modern medicine uses sound-waves to break up Kidney and gallstones. I believe they call the machine a ‘Lithotriper’ I suppose in basic principle it is much like the Opera singer who uses her voice, matching the same sound wave vibration of the glass, building the pitch to shatter it.

A few years ago I had Ultra Sound on a painful shoulder in which sound was set at a pitch higher than we can hear which is projected into the muscles to help relieve pain.

The Earth is made up of Vibration.. Every thing in it vibrates at different speeds.. If a scientist was to magnify a million times objects around your room for example. you would see that Nothing is solid. And that all objects are moving with spaces between them. A wooden chair is virating at one level, a metal spoon at another.. Remember the man who made the spoons bend?>..  I’m trying to but his name has gone for the moment.. hee hee.. Maybe i have a bigger space in my brain than I thought hee hee….

Arrgh yes Uri Geller

If you magnified a tree, a flower or a rock.. all would reveal energy particles moving rapidly in the space.. And All of us has this same energy. All are connected.. The Universe, You and I… every living creature, every living thing, whether you think a rock is inanimate and dead, well think again.. Those who believe in crystal healing will understand that the properties and energies given out by crystals help balance that energy field around and through ourselves.

Those who go to StoneHenge will feel the energy around the stone circles and those who sit with their back against a tree will feel the energy of the tree and the wood.

Why do you suppose we feel much better when we have been near water..

What atrracts us to places surrounded by water?

The Energy…

For water is another Healing force which I’ve spoken on before..

And what about flowers.. How many of us ‘talk’ to our flowers and plants and see the results?.. Because all around us is this unseen energy that binds us all together..

Now our thoughts are also a very Powerful energy source.. and Like radio waves are contantly being transmitted around our globe…

If any of you understand the laws of the Universe.. then you will know that one of them is the LAW OF ATTRACTION. What we think is what we create.. What goes around.. comes around… what we do unto others we ultimately do unto ourselves… Because we are all connected.. All of us..

So when we want to change the way the world is.. the only way to do that is to change ourselves..

If all of us did acts of kindess.

If all of us cared..

If all of us stopped judging others…

IF Only….

IF we only changed one thing it would be a start..

If we smiled at a stranger,

If we cared about our youth….

If we respected each other…

If we stopped fearing….

IF ONLY  It all starts with SELF. 


Love and Blessings

© Sue Dreamwalker

Each of us are Flowers




What I am about to Blog, many may feel is the wandering mind of an unhinged women. I can assure you I am quite sane…

But my intention when setting up this space was to reach out to people.. And I have found some very wonderful friends on these spaces.

I could I suppose just keep clicking the ‘invite as friends’ button to reach out to many more.. But that’s not my way.  

If I just make a difference in one life then my job is done.. But to make a difference is what I want to do.. And at the same time being a ‘Medium’ can cause some to rebuke and point the finger crying ‘fake’.. I can also assure you I am very genuine. And I will be the very first to admit I am not the world’s best. But what I get in the form of messages from Spirit IS very real and I have given very evidential evidence within my services.

But when I need a message none is usually forthcoming, for I like you must tread my path and be lead by instincts of which road to follow.

I promised some time ago to add more of the writings that I get, and at later dates with my circles permission I may add the conversations we have had in our Trance sittings.

Although what I am about to post is about me.. As I was searching for answers… I believe all who read may take on board what has been said..

We all have to weather the storms in life, and sometimes have to stand and do battle.  So if anyone is out there hurting or just tired of doing battle.. Know that we are never given more than we can handle and we are never ever alone.. And that each of us are the flowers upon this God given Earth..

I am just starting to sew the seeds……

This was communicated to me in November 10th 2006…

I had a tired feeling sweep over me along with the heat from head down to my toes. I began to perspire, but then felt very warm and calm.

There was a very long pause while I waited with pen in hand and then I started to write. It was very slow and very small writing, and each word took along while to write, even though I knew a second before I formed the word what it was I couldn’t just scribble it down I had to wait while it was slowly written. The energies were different and they began with these words.


Sister we are the Council of elders. We bring the answers to only a few of your questions. Our vibration has had to be slowed down and toned down so you may tolerate our presence. The heat is uncomfortable we are trying to adjust.

            Firstly we speak of your group and the disruption you feel has been caused. Let me and my council explain. The paths of each are upon its course. Doubt not in that sister. For your warriors will grow stronger as time progresses. Each is a small petal. Folded within a tight bud. It is only awaiting the sun’s rays to shine forth and then the petals will unfold revealing the centre of much inner beauty and harmony, that is the main part of the group. This has had to be protected for if the cold frosts touch the delicate petals, shall it not wither and die?

So sister the elements are being changed, the frosts are withdrawing and the sunshine will embrace the folded petals so all shall unfurl their true beauty. But sister, when petals are plucked and separated from the flower, do they not quickly fade and die? Each petal, although as an individual has much colour, beauty and softness. It matches not when stood proudly around the centre stamen. For while the flower is made to radiate its fragrance and beauty. Each petal knows its place.

There are many such flowers opening up to the rays of the sun. They are spreading their seeds across the land. And soon more will want to partake in their beauty.


You sister are no longer a petal. You are the stem. You are the leaves opening your arms to welcome spirit, giving support to the whole. Bending in the wind and putting your roots deep within Mother earth, drawing upon her energies and drinking of her nectar.

            Smile little one, for we are proud. We smile with you, as you stand tall. You have stood firm, your resolve is true. You should doubt not in your strengths to hold the group—those petals aloft, and say ‘we shall serve’.

            The tests are not over sister. The storms will try to knock you down—but your roots are deep.

            At all costs the heart of the flower is to be protected, for it is from this, that the seeds shall fall. Those who know the rarity of such flowers shall gather them up. They shall be nurtured and fed, in order for new seedlings to sprout. For sister we wish to create a meadow. We wish the seeds of hope to replenish those who are but lost. We wish the seeds of Love to blow into the empty hearts. We wish the seeds of Peace to shower down upon the troubled waters. You sister the flower of hope. The Marigold of nature, will marry the two together, for sister you cannot see what we see. You do not see the Golden Heart. Believe and it is so.

            We hear your many questions. Did we not say at the beginning of this dialogue that only a few of your questions would be answered?

            To see too much too soon, you would not undertake such tasks. But sister, know you have the Council to support you. You need not be fearful.

            Allow yourself to dream sister. What is it you dream of?


( I wrote… ‘ To make a difference in the world and to bring about more peace and kindness’).


Do you not say Manifestation works? … Then sister doubt no more… Trouble yourself not of those who are departing and those who are embarking upon their own journeys. For sister have we not said you have been chosen? Believe this is so. And know if you have been chosen, do you not think we will protect that flower from the winds. Do you not think we will protect that flower from the chill of thoughts? We have nurtured you and have watched you grow. Do you think we would allow the flower to be neglected, unfed and watered, left to wither? When the bloom is all but ready to flower/

Sister we are full of joy, for we know what beauty is about to unfold. We know the colour of its heart. We know of its fragrance and we know the seeds are precious.

            So little one, we give you our thanks this eventide. For we shall shine upon you. Enjoy. For you have been gathered together, hand picked. We will bloom and grow together.

Peace be with you, and our hearts are as many, forever entwined. And so it is.


Love And Blessings

Finished the Masterpiece….

I have finished my painting to hang over my  fireplace… I did this from a photo.. and I am so pleased it has only taken me two days to finish..
Hope you like it..
Here is the unvailing…….. da….da…….drum roll…………..
Bamford Wier

Bamford Weir

I’m Pleased with it……. (My Hubby says I should take commissions).. hehe!!

Love to all my friends xxx

Warriors of Light.


Well I have had a relaxing weekend.. I went walking by a lake Sunday enjoying this beautiful spring like weather.

Yesterday was a bit more hectic I had several appointments with the Doctor’s then the Hospital, but in-between went to my Son’s and did some curtain sewing, then started work on my painting for over the fireplace

I have looked high and low for one that I think would go with the new decor and saw the price of some and thought I could do one just as good..

So I spent all afternoon in my little study room painting my metre square canvas.. I am painting an Autumn scene of a river with weir .. So far so good.. I will return to it this afternoon.


Then Last night was my circle night.. And we had some old visitors from Spirit who came to say hello.

I often get messages in my Automatic writings from those in spirit. And this morning as I was looking through an old journal of my writings and came across this poem that I know they gave me, because it came so swiftly when I wrote it, with no errors.

 I wrote this nearly a year ago on March 3rd 2007. As our circle had taken a new path, we were all feeling a little strange in our new roles within our trance circle at the time. I feel this was given as reassurance. But the message it contains has a message for all of us….So I will share it with you

I gave it a title of

Warriors Of Light.


Warriors Of Light.


Warriors of Light are you on Earth,

Looking for answers searching for re-birth.

Look not to the Heavens for your Answers.

But look within stop taking chances.


You’ve embarked upon your journey this is true.

All that’s surrounds you is created by you.

Lead by example of Truth and of Good

Stop your worrying, stay out of the wood.


The wood that blinds you full of material things.

Trust us we’ll help you our fellow Earthlings.

Your Warriors of Light, of this you’ve been told.

Be brave of heart, be steadfast be bold.


Hold up the Banner of Truth and Love.

You are your own Saviours, not we up above.

To change your world of the plight it is in.

Know how to master your thoughts you think in.


To reshape and build you need to create

With vision of hope, get rid of the hate.

We surround you with Love, release your Ego,

And the Warriors Cry will be for PEACE LET GO.


Happiness after all is just a state of mind

Allowing it to happen brings joy you’ll find.

Caretakers you are of this world called Earth.

Imagination and Vision are yours at Birth.


Know you are but spec’s who light up the way,

The journey is long you are Warriors we say.

We bring you our shield of transformation.

Your beginnings are small but spread to All Nations.


Hold up your Banner Of Truth and Love.

You are the Saviours, we observe from above.

You’ll pierce those hearts with Light of Truth.

We bless you and leave you Warriors of Youth.

By Dreamwalker

Cupid’s Little Arrows


As we approach Valentine’s day,… last week I was asked by one of the ladies I look after to purchase a card and post it to the one she admires from afar.. After some time of finding out who this secret love was I went about helping her choose her card.. She was so excited giving me a sloppy wet kiss. Upon returning home I helped her put her name upon it.. Just so there would be no mistake who the card was from..

I told a colleague who then went on for half an hour about her failed love life and all the trouble men had given her in her life.

This led me to writing this poem.. For each of us have had Cupid’s arrow of Love directed, aimed and caught, or rejected at some point in our lives… Cupid’s Arrows may start off full of love and have a happy ending, but some can be tipped with poison turning into bitterness and hatred

I saw it first hand in my own family as a child and witnessed the bitter fights, the happy make-ups, and the jealous accusations…..

One thing I have learnt throughout life is to LET GO! It is sad that upon reflection you can now see how the views of life and family have a hold on lives that surrounds us and has its effect especially if we are brought up in bitter surroundings.

If we are not careful it is easy to get caught up in hanging onto old wounds, or old thought patterns. It can be easier said than done sometimes to say ‘Let Go’ when one has been so hurt.

But  ‘Let Go’ we must. We must start and learn to ‘Live’ in the Now moment. And realise that our past has shaped who we are in the Now. And that we have come to experience our ‘Now’ by coming through the past. As all experiences good or bad have come to strengthen and teach us upon our life’s path.

Are there any mistakes in life? Or are we pre-ordained to make our mistakes in order to learn from? And do not those who we feel have hurt us or have been dealt an injustice, have we not lessons to gain from these episodes also? And what about all the people we have hurt along the way?

A friend of mine once said. “ There are no wrong turns in our roads of life, only detours” For All roads lead us HOME! So whether you learn to let go or hang on. We have to experience all to move forward and progress.

We must also remember that we may not all be at that stage of evolution in our souls progression where we want to ‘Let Go’. And by the very act of Not letting go, like my relation. She taught me my own valuable experience to Live in the ‘NOW!’

So here is my poem to all the Cupids out there…

Cupids Arrows

Cupid arrow’s does have a strong bow

Aiming for the heart, turning limbs to doe.

Cupids bow does have many strings

He never tells you the hurt that love brings.

Cupid’s hands do hold a tight rein

Squeezing you tight, feeling you’ll go insane.

Cupid’s arrow’s can strike any time

Cutting you deep, no reason or rhyme.

Cupid can be charming helpful and kind

Lulling you into that safe frame of mind.

Cupid can have a sinister side

A jealous streak that is a mile wide.

Cupid himself can feel insecure

And demand your attention to love and adore.

Cupid is tugging away at heart strings

As you bite your lip at the arrow that stings.

Cupid is loving and can be full of fun

An angel from heaven, your life just begun

Cupid can change and not be himself

Seeking comfort in a bottle upon the high shelf.

Cupid is hurting, yet cannot see clear

That he is the one whom you’ll always hold dear.

Cupid is the one we do give of our soul.

And is the only one to make us feel whole.

Cupids may come, and Cupids may go

The lessons of Love each of us know.

The next time Cupid his arrows do aim

Remember each one is never the same.

You never can tell when Cupid’s arrows will strike.

Some make you melt, while others you’ll fight.

But one thing we girls will agree and I’m sure

Is we’re glad that Cupid came to knock on our door.  

By Dreamwalker

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Each of us, carries within us the capacity to change the world in small ways for better or worse. Everything we do and think affects the people in our lives, and their reactions in turn affect others As the effect of a seemingly insignificant word passes from person to person, its impact grows and can become a source of great joy, inspiration, anxiety, or pain. Your thoughts and actions are like stones dropped into still waters, causing ripples to spread and expand as they move outward.. I hope that I can send a few ripples out via the web of life, as we each of us weave the threads together... Welcome to my Sanctuary of Peace and Love... May we each spread our Lights around our World....Sue Dreamwalker

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