Healing Hands.


The New Healing Frequencies.


As we expand our knowledge and become aware that we are so much more than physical matter. We are not merely flesh and bone. But we are energy, and have what we term as ‘a Light Body’.

We discover that for our physical bodies to become ill, that our energy within that ‘light Body’ has somehow been blocked or disconnected in some way. That we have become ‘ill at ease’ with ourselves, creating that Dis-ease to manifest in physical form.

As a healer, I am fully aware of the energies that are there for all to tap into. And recently have been privileged to experience first hand some of the energy that has been channelled towards myself.

Some of us I feel are more able to access this energy than others. But it is still there never the less for all to use and tap into.

 A couple of years ago I read a book by Dr Eric Pearl called ‘ The Reconnection’.And found it fascinating, as he found how to heal his patients manipulating this energy with his ‘hands off’ approach.


In the last chapters of his book. Dr Eric Pearl describes how anyone can ‘Reconnect’ to this energy and heal themselves as well as others.

I find that a simple exercise he used to show how we could feel this energy is to bring your palms up to face one another. Allowing a space of around 6 inches between them. Imagine you are holding a ball. Allow your hands to naturally rotate. So that the fingers of your right hand are pointing to 10 o’clock and your left hand are pointing to 2 o’clock.

Concentrate on the space between your hands, and wait for a sensation to arrive. You may feel a subtle change like cold, or heat, tingling, it may feel as if you have an invisible balloon that you can gently push in and it expands out, gently pushing your hands back.


When I do my Qi Gong exercises, I have used this same pose, rotating my hands back and forward. And also facing my palms together till they almost touch, and slowly pulling them apart, and pushing them slowly back again. You can feel the energy thicken between your hands. I have also on some occasions, not all, been able to see this energy, as it appears around my hands, and extends from palm to palm.


 I was interested in reading that top medical researchers and Doctors are now taking this ‘Reconnecting’ healing seriously that has been founded by Dr Eric Pearl. With research programmes being conducted at the University of Arizona in the U.S.


Many Healings are reported to have been achieved such as Cancer, AIDS Cerebral Palsy, Addictions, Arthritis, Depression and many more.


As a Spiritual healer myself I tune into the healing energies and my guides bring their healing energies, which are past from their Spirit to my Spirit to the ones who are requiring healings spirit. I have had ‘patients’ who has felt the energies and sense it whether it be heat or cold. And they have felt another pair of hands touching them the same time my hands have been on them. We have to realise it takes many things for us to become ill. And sometimes the route cause is deep seated due to our own thought process, allowing the dis-ease to manifest as disease within our system.


I have on rare occasions seen the energy, with my physical eye. But I mainly perceive this energy within my mind’s eye. And the nearest I can describe it is as the pictures I have posted.

Most feel intense calm and peace, and all usually say they sleep extremely well after a healing session…


If you think of hands on healing… what does a Mother instinctively do when her child tumbles down and hurts his/her knee.. They say lets rub it better. Instinctively you are giving your child healing.


What did Jesus do when he healed the sick and suffering.. He laid his hands upon them, and they were healed.


To find out more click onto my book section in The Mind Body & Spirit section. and click on The Reconnection, Heal Others and yourself and you will link to the website of Eric Pearl.. And read for yourselves.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn
    Jan 28, 2008 @ 05:07:32

    Hi Dreamwalker,
    Now this is something in which I truly believe in, without any knowledge of the power in our hands I actually felt something…In 1990 Kes had a bad lorry accident and it damaged his spine, he really was in bad pain..After a while of him being ill he asked if I could feel anything on his spine as he was getting bad headaches…I held both hands out about 2" away from his spine, and I suddenly felt a heat radiating up through my hands…I knew this was the area which was causing his headaches, sounds daft but I knew…
    Anyway sure enough when I touched the area with my hands his pain (headache) vanished..Still do it for Kes until this day…
    Thanks for sharing one or your wonderful gifts with us again…Goodnight for now, much love always Lynn xxx



  2. Donna
    Jan 28, 2008 @ 11:14:29

    I found the write up. "Reconnective Healing", very interesting. Energy is a very underestimated power!!



  3. ann
    Jan 28, 2008 @ 15:13:06

    Hello Dreamwalker,
                                 I am going to come back later and read the piece you were talking about  I find the subject  very interesting thankyou for sharing it . Love Ann xxxx



    Jan 30, 2008 @ 22:20:07

    Hi dreamwalker hun xxxxx.I am going to try the excercise and rebuild my energy.Thankyou for sharing.Its true from my point of view that I throw everything into all that I do and feel so drained when I have time to myself.Thankyou so much for sharing because what you say makes sense and the very things we do naturally as mothers are the most comforting and instinctive features we have.Hope your well…hugs and love as always ali xxxxxxx



  5. LiL'Kt
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 01:06:07

    Hi, You know as a child i always used to say about Jesus being a healer and he had healing from his hands, i was only little so it was how i explained it best!.Over the years a forgot how much i used to say things and how much i used to do the healing myself, of course now i do channel healing for others but im actually now looking at having some help for myself from another healer because i have done the not so good thing of forgetting about myself over the past year..Very good post xxx



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