Listen to Our Angels

 Listening to Our Angels.


You can very readily buy so many Angel books today that help you connect to your Angels..

(Thank you Lynn for your story on how you listened to your Angel voice and avoided a nasty accident)..


I too listened to my Guardian Angel While driving to work very early one morning around 7-30 am. It was along a narrow country lane, as I was about to approach a bend I heard quite clearly a voice say “Slow down Now!”.. I wasn’t driving that fast, and put my foot on the brake pedal, only to feel the pedal go further down to almost bring me to a halt, I hadn’t intended to slow down to almost stop. And I know I hadn’t pressed the brake with such force.


But as my car came closer to the bend at a slower pace. Another car came speeding around the bend as such speed it was on my side of the road. If I had been travelling my usual speed with out slowing down my car would have had a head on collision with his for sure.  I thanked my Angels on that day let me tell you, and it taught me a valuable lesson, to listen when your Angels Talk.. But in my case it was more of a shout..Lol.


Every one has the ability to communicate with their Angels, As each of us have that sixth sense whether we have learnt to use it or not. Some are just born more psychically aware than others are. But trying Too hard can also become a block to hearing them, as you can put all your energy and strain to desperately want to connect, then when you do not see results your thoughts become anxious, so the more able you are to relax, the better becomes your communication.

Have you not ever sat among very young children and listened to their conversations.. How many children do you know who may have had invisible little friends.. And please don’t discourage them saying this is nonsense. For the innocent mind of a child accepts unconditional what surrounds them.. it is only Adults who put blocks up when with ego’s that blokes out your natural Higher-Self’s gifts.

And when you keep getting repeated ideas, or a voice from within that prompts us and inspires us, then don’t ignore it. For our Angel’s will use many means to help get their message across to you…


I am Clairsentient, which means I sense and feel those in spirit around me. I see with my clairvoyant eye, not my physical eye. Which means I am shown pictures within my mind. Coupled with intuitive feeling, and I let my thoughts just run with it, the more you can relax the better the connection. But its not easy, and many factors need to be brought together for good clear communication links.  I trust my ‘Gut’ feelings now implicitly and they have never let me down.

 If you wish to ask me anything then please feel free to do so. I will endeavour to try my best to answer I am still learning each and every day.

Guardian Angels


Guardian Angels.

Guardian Angels


Each of us have a Guardian  Angel watching over us. He/she Loves us unconditionally despite how badly we behave. We will call your angel ‘he’ for he is appointed to us at birth and watches over us. He knows why we incarnated and the lessons and experiences we wished to learn here on Earth. And tries  to remind us constantly..But the moment we are born we get amnesia, and forget. So his task becomes doubly hard, for he is bound under spiritual law not to interfere in our lives, as each of us has free will. So unless we ask him directly or cry out to God to help he cannot interfere. Unless for instance you were in danger and it was not your time in destiny for you to die, only then could your Guardian Angel step in to save you.

He is constantly nudging us in the right direction helping to smooth our path, whispering thoughts in our minds and sending messages to us through impulses and impressions we call intuition.

I have been connected to spirit for many years, and yet only in the past year have I really started to listen to my angel messages. They can come in many forms. How many of us listen to the radio or turn on a piece of music and the lyric suddenly has a meaning?.

Last year I bought a little book called Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue and Lynnette Brown. In this little book are numbers from 1 to 999, by looking up the number combinations Doreen has put interpretations of their meanings . No sooner  had I bought this book I was suddenly aware of number plates and couldn’t believe that the same numbers were constantly on the cars or lorries.. I remember thinking Ok then if this is an Angel message then let’s see this Number on the next vehicle coming the opposite way.. You know what It was a Lorry and it had writing on the front had the biggest numbers that just jumped out at me. I’ll not forget them for the numbers were  43..the message I read when I got home was this;

“Angels and ascended masters are with you supporting and loving you. Mentally talk to them about your Hopes Dreams and fears. And ask them to help you. They always come to your aid when invoked.”

This has happened not once but many times.. I wake and the digital clock will always be the same time. A book will fall open at a page number, or a bill will have the same numbers jump at me.

Angels find many ways to connect to us. Be it through a page in a book falling open where we need to read a passage. From finding a shiny coin, a small feather, I now have my parking Angel.. You may think Angels have much better things to do than find me a parking place. But why not try it. Before your journey ask!.. visualise where you are going and roughly where you need to park.. The only time I’ve been let down is when ive forgotten to ask!

When we get upset or angry our aura’s as I have spoken of before become influenced by our thoughts. And react accordingly. Our aura are electromagnetic fields of energy that surround each of us, these when upset are erratic and sent discordant signals out. This can cause difficulties for our angels to connect with us. So when you do try an connect try to make sure you are calm, breathe deeply, I visualise a bright white light coming in through the top of my head or a gold light, filling me up from head to toe with each breath. And then ask them to draw close and help you with your situation


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