Unite for Peace..

Hi My Friends , thank you for all your get well wishes..it is so good that we wish each other well…
As we start another New Year.. what do most of us say to each other just after Christmas? Happy New Year! and for most of us we wish each other a prosperous and peaceful and healthy one..
I visited a friends space today and she brought home to me again the ravages of war with her posts. We just can’t seem to escape it. Some times I despair at mans inhumanity to man..We have it come and visit us in our living rooms daily through our T.V.s radios and computers. Ive been searching for a quote from Mother Teresa .. but cannot find the one I want. But i know that she said that she was Pro Peace, and not Anti War.. Why was that do you suppose?
Well Mother Teresa knew that our thoughts create, and by consentrating on Anti-War you are giving your energy to to the one you are thinking about. So by saying she was Pro Peace, she was giving her energy to Peace, Not War.
If any of you care to go to my book section you will see a book called ‘The Secret’ it expalins that what each of us thinks so we create into our reality. by the simple laws of attraction.
Each of us one way or another contribute to the pool of destruction…or  creation…. I’m going to contribrute again in amoment with a posting of a poem.  I like many others want Peace.. Yet here I am conentrating on war. WHY?….Because it is all around us.
We see it on TV we watch street crime programmes, Our Soaps are full of hatered and violence..I caught a glimpse of one such soap tonight where a gang of youths were terrorising an old lady and having fun doing it, and another had been given a flick knife!!…
Fiction it may be.. but in the area where I live this street crime is taking place..
They say what we sow, So shall we reap.. are we now reaping the seeds we have sewn?
And yet what has Changed in our History.. We have always had wars to conquer and defeat, to gain power over another. Is this not how the British Empire was built?..
I gave a talk last Sunday in which my guides spoke of the need to change the way each of us think. For as our thoughts create, so too every action has a reaction, And we must start and realise that each one of us upon this Good Earth, has one thing in common. That we are all Human Beings!.. And each of us are connected by our thougths and actions..
Maybe my poem will be contributing to a negative pool of thought. but I hope it inspires more positive thoughts, For Life On Earth is precious, We are all brothers and sisters in a family called the Human Race..
And we can all help despell the Wars by starting much closer to home.. Lets look within our selves at our own petty disagreements and make our own peace with our friends and neighbours and families.. We can only try.. and meet in the middle. we can only do our best… So here is my poem.. ‘Unite For Peace’.
Unite For Peace.
Everywhere around the world is darkness and despair,
Lord Help heads of Nations a better future to prepare.
I cry from the Heart to All of those in power.
Look to your people in their darkest Hour.
Leaders gather together, Listen and unite,
Stop this senseless slaughter, end this bitter fight.
What do you gain? Tell me whose the winner?
Who pays the price? Whose the greater sinner?
Where is the glory in the torture and the death?
Where is the victory for the homeless and bereft?
Families and their homes are ripped and torn apart.
Broken bodies, tortured minds, A Mother’s broken heart
War has always been a part of Man’s lurid past
Peace only seems to be a myth, never meant to last.
Why is there distrust, Anger, Hate, and Greed?
Has Man progressed? Or has he become an ugly breed?
It only needs a spark of faith to kindle and to brighten,
Those embittered souls who deal in death, their reason to enlighten.
Healing Hands of friendship held out for our tomorrow
Show them that the Power of Love can wipe away our sorrow.
So leaders of the World, Lets stop all this oppresstion
Only Peace and Love will guide us through to Man’s Progression!
By Dreamwalker.
Mother Teresa Quote:
If we have no peace, it’s because we have forgotten that we belong to each other”

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn
    Jan 19, 2008 @ 06:21:22

    Hi Dreamwalker,
    Such a powerful meaningful poem, it\’s captured the heart of all that is wrong in the world…So much hatred, greed, lust…These things should be no more, love has more power of any of these if only everybody could let it in…It would be such a beautiful world if people could look through your eyes and take in what Mother nature has given us…The beauty of love and wonder…Much love and gratitude…Lynn xxx



  2. Polly
    Jan 19, 2008 @ 18:33:05

    Hi Dreanwalker ..Lynn says it all hun, People dont take time out anymore to reflect on this world of ours, this poem has been put so beautifully by you, from my heart i say thankyou for sharings of your poems with us hun…god bless you ..love and hugs ..Polly xx



  3. johncoyote
    Apr 05, 2013 @ 21:44:53

    A powerful poem for peace and hope. I hope we don’t have to reach the braking point for us to understand. We are one people on one planet. We must protect her and help the people in need. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I pray for peace for all children. I believe no logical parent want to send their kids to war.



    • Sue Dreamwalker
      Apr 05, 2013 @ 21:49:39

      No John, they do not… This world and its wars are contrived for other gains as Im sure you are aware… Our thoughts should not be of destruction but of conservation because the way we hare going we will not have a world left… I look at my two year old granddaughter and wonder what sort of a world are we leaving for their generation to come… It breaks my heart.



  4. aFrankAngle
    May 21, 2014 @ 12:29:42

    Well done, Sue! To me, you captured 4 main causes of war: Distrust, Anger, Hate, and Greed



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