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This is the time of the year when we start with good intentions, trying to put into practice our New Year resolutions, what ever they are. And usually by the beginning of February we have forgotten what they were.

If I have anything at all to promise myself to do this year it is to give to myself some ‘Me Time’.

Now that may sound selfish, and especially today when I’ve had plenty of me time.

But I do not just mean to spend my ‘Me time’ on my own. I mean to spend it really looking ‘in on me’.

Closing my eyes, and allowing me to be, to be in this moment.

How many of us experience the moment?

We are all too often thinking about tomorrow, what we have planned, we are thinking about what we did yesterday.

How many of us go out into nature, close your eyes and listen to the sounds that surround you.?

How many of you listen to the sound of silence, that rushing noise inside your head?

How many of us sit in silence full stop?

How many of us put on a favourite piece of music and get lost in its rhythm I mean get really lost?

Why not try it.

I had a beautiful  Music Album bought me for Christmas, Krishna Das Greatest Hits. A selection of chants and songs, I cant under stand one word, but it carries me to another realm. As I close my eyes and sway with its musical rhythm.

Starting anew is so powerful when we choose to create in the moment. Making a choice to start anew has its own energy. It’s a promise made to you by you.

We may not all be able to keep that promise to ourselves. But we promise to try. And trying our best is all we can ever do.

We can start anew anytime. In any moment we can choose to either have a bad day or a good day.

Today nothing went to plan. I wrote a letter to a friend, My study didn’t get done; I dropped things, and got angry with myself. Then I burst out laughing.. I laughed and laughed, because it didn’t matter. I chose to turn my day around, and I had such fun, I wrote another poem, I made a new friend. I listened to great music, I’m alive and Singing and so Happy to Look In on myself.

We can choose to start anew any time,

 For Today IS the Best Day of my life… if  I  let it be.

A Visitors View


Today I should be studying, well I can do that this afternoon, But looking at my clock its this afternoon already, Golly where does the ‘Time Go?’


Once again I’m drawn like a magnet to this space of mine.  And I have two whole days to please myself.

I’m sure some of you will be drawn to ‘The Sales’ looking for that bargain, But My cueing in the sales days are over, and what I haven’t got I can do without. And as I pass the 50% off signs I ask myself ‘Do I need it?’  And usually the answer in ‘No’.


We spend, and spend….. I thought that ‘Food’ was going on ration at Christmas a people pushed and piled into the supermarkets emptying the shelves. Where no doubt most of it would end up in the dustbin. And then I think of all those who are in need of food. While we are so wasteful!


It got me to wondering…. Always a bad sign, lol.

And so was born another poem.


I Imagined a visitor from outer-space, and wondered just what he-she-it. Would make of the Human race as we rush about ..

  A Visitors View


If I was a visitor from outer space.

Then what would I think of the Human Race.

Viewing from above, cars racing down tracks.

With two legged beings, carrying plastic sacks.


Rushing into buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Hurrying on home with their newly bought prizes.

Items they have longed for, by working very hard.

Paid for at the counter, with a little plastic card.


For those who live on earth, possessions seem a must.

Yet they steal from each other, and fight and distrust.

Possessions aren’t important, that’s not why you were born.

Its caring and helping others, these are jewels you must adorn.


For you take not those possessions, you strive for here on earth.

 In Heaven you look within you, to seek out your true worth.

It’s the actions in your life of which you are responsible for.

That dictates your progression, when you pass through the door.


But you know it’s never too late, to change the error of your ways.

For God is waiting beside you, to walk with you all your days.

So help your fellow beings, learn to give, and to love

You’ll be blessed with your riches in Heaven, from God above.

By Dreamwalker


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