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Hello my friends,
Forgive me if I havent got around all of you this evening. I have been sending you all my thoughts and good wishes. Again I thank you for your wonderful responses to my posts.
I’ve had a rather long shift over the past two days, and didnt sleep that well last evening. and wrote another poem at 2am. but just knew it wasnt finished. And have just put the finishing touches to it.
I came home and the TV news stated that Benazia Bhutto had been shot and killed. It saddened me greatly as this Lady was trying her best to bring democracy to her land. She knew she had a struggle but like many who come to this Earth to make a difference I feel her death will  not be in vain.
For many years now I do not like to read the newspapers  I do not buy them,even though I’m always abreast of the news. The reason being that news papers are so negative in their vibration for they feed on all the violence and bad that happens in this world.
Yes many may well say well that is ‘the news’. But its not. For just as many beautiful people out there are doing wonderful deeds of kindness, sacrificing their time and skills helping each other. But these stories do not sell newspapers.. And who is to blame? We are for buying the papers.
Its not that often I get on my soap box. But the media have a huge impact upon our society and also a huge responsibility.
And if only every one were to realise that our  thoughts have such power. And when our mind mass is collective in its vibration of negative or positive energy how is can have a tremedous affect upon our world.
Let me ask you all one thing… When a country is taken over by a military force or the like.. what does it usually take control over first?.. ‘The Media’… it either silences it or tells it what to print.
Oh gosh..I didnt mean to go on , but I’ve started so I’ll
I will climb down off my soap box now and paste my poem.. and then you will see what I mean.
Good night all. peaceful thoughts and even more peaceful dreams..



Has the world gone mad, gone mad today?

If you switch on your TV’s just what does it say?

Murder, Assassination, Benazia Bhutto was shot,

Can you tell me what’s happening, have we lost the plot?


Teenager with Gun goes out on the rampage,

Killing at random in ‘Shopping Mall Rage’.

Blood-curdling tales now reads the headlines

While cameras watch the most horrendous of crimes.


Has the world gone mad, gone mad today?

Can I tell you what I think, if I may?

We sit in our homes watching a box that is square

And much of the violence pours forth from there.

Spreading out tendrils for film stars and fame,

Beatings and killings and mind chilling games.


Our children sit glued memorised by its lure,

The X Box and Wii, can they ever be cured?

The violence is fed in the home from a spoon

Even cartoons for infants are filled with such gloom.


Have you ever wondered how different life would be?

If this little box beamed out Love to you and me.

Tales of joy not often does it tell,

Instead were kept fearful, with tales of more hell.


If I had my way shall I tell you what I’d do?

I would have a ‘Good News’ channel and beam it to all of you.

Showing all the good deeds and that many of us care.

And that Love and Compassion are out there to share.


If we didn’t have ‘the box’ or the film within a can.

Today we’d be no wiser as to what happened in Pakistan.

Its fine to have the news beamed live around our globe

But would our lives be any worst if we were never told?


So next time you reach out and grab at the remote,

Remember the good things, which bring a lump into your throat.

And try not to spread sad tales that add to the worlds gloom.

But share the happy times, make it shine and make it bloom.
By Dreamwalker.

 Here is a Good News Channel Link. Click here

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn
    Dec 28, 2007 @ 06:11:33

    Well said Dreamwalker…Beautiful poetry once again from your heart….Keep shining your light on others….Many, many thanks, love and hugs Lynn…Have a good night\’s rest xxxx



  2. Andrew
    Dec 28, 2007 @ 17:34:37

    I totally agree with you, you take the words right out of my mouth. I don\’t read news papers and haven\’t done so for over 15 years for this very reason..apart from bad news they are full of adverts anyway. Your poem backs up a story I wrote published in my shared folders section on being constantly bombarded by ads and news from the media, something I had been critisized for and branded as being bitter, they couldn\’t have been closer to the truth!! Keep the light shining within Dreamwalker, Andy xx



  3. Amberlight
    Dec 28, 2007 @ 22:00:07

    Wooo, Dreamy, you gotta voice of a politition too,  …may I express my thanks, its good to hear that media is a burdon on us all, please though, don`t let it pull you down, I am sure it won`t.
    i have to say your wisdom is amazing, I am learning all the time , Might go now…blow some pink bubbles..
    Loving you as ever. larry xxxx



  4. Vanessa
    Dec 30, 2007 @ 02:55:37

    I agree with everything you say sometimes it can be so worrying and depressing.  I think we should vote for you to run the country what a lovely place it would be. Loving you always Nessa



  5. freckles
    Jan 04, 2009 @ 04:39:25

    i followed this from my last comment seeing what else i had missed- think this must be a year old post ? ope you are ok ~x~



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