We are watched over always!

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I just want to share this piece of writing I received. Sometimes we forget the simple pleasures in life, as we get caught up with our material lives. Here I am being reminded that the faults Isee in others, are also a mirror of my own faults. And while I’m an avid reader of books ,nothing teaches us greater lessons than Life itself….. And while I’m busy searching for the meaning of life, I am also failing to enjoy it!
A good Lesson for all.

 We welcome you- Listen well my sister to the words we speak tonight, for tonight we pause not for breath.

The Air you breathe in –each breath you take- you ask not where it is from. But your body continues to breath its rhythm of life that forever goes forward in its never-ending cycles. Believe me when I tell you that as you take in each breath, we watch over each breath you take. You feel us not, and yet we are everywhere ever watchful, ever thoughtful.

 You want answers to many questions. Books you read that is good, and you learn much knowledge from these books that have already been in spirally written but we try to inspire your thoughts we try to let your higher soul self realise we are there helping and guiding and yet your physical self gets in the way too much. Too concerned with the humdrum of life.

Alter your thoughts and the humdrum of life will not seem so bad. You will see colour in all you do. You shall feel joy in all you do. You will wonder why on earth you felt so lost and alone in the world.

 When you come to realise the fullness of what life on earth can be, when you surrender to love. Surrender to loving yourself. All those about you who are but mirrors of yourself. Who so ever doest unto me shall also do so unto himself. For remember, that what you do unto another you also do unto me. Who art you? For we are all as one, now and ever more and ever shall be.

Think of yourself as a shinning light. Let not your light be dampened out by others who’s thoughts pull you into their dark shadow. But stand quietly, say nought if you so must. But shine none the less.

You need your beauty sleep again.

Think yourself beautiful thoughts.

For you will travel far tonight.

Sleep well little light.


From your friends on the lighter side.  


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Andrew
    Dec 11, 2007 @ 15:58:03

    A lesson for us all. It is frightnening to think every one around me is a mirror of me, especially when you see the darker side, and yet again this is more proof of my last comments about astral travel. I hope you slept well, love to you. Andy



  2. Lynn
    Dec 11, 2007 @ 17:19:26

    Hi Dreamwalker,
    You really shine so brightly and glow it on others, thank you so much for helping me stop and think…Life is what we make of it, much love Lynn xxx



  3. Amberlight
    Dec 12, 2007 @ 03:20:20

    Thank you Dreamwalker
    Spending time to love the unloved, giving to those who have less, giving to those who want more, all that is me is yours, somehow nothing seems more eloquent than how you have put it here this day, may your heart remain true always larry



  4. xxJackiexx
    Oct 28, 2008 @ 18:59:05

    Its funny how things as a child I felt I always knew, now as an adult I are confirmed.. thank you very much for your words .. may you have all the love you need for the love you give out.. hugs Jackie xxx



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