Grain of Sand are we.

 I found this Video link which speaks of the Earth and the changes.


 Below is an entry from my journal, which I had channelled in writing in Aug 2006. the italics are my words, as I was  waiting for communication from my friends in Spirit. The first paragraph is a message about my own health concerns at the time.The …… dotted lines are where there were pauses in the communication.


Well here I sit once again. I have put down my roots and surrounded myself in purple and gold. And although I am tired I ask that there be some communication tonight.


Good evening little one.

The lessons begin.


Communication is difficult and intermittent, but we shall navigate the divide.


Throughout your history man has placed himself as all-powerful. Man will learn that he is but a grain of sand. A spec in the Universe.

We prepare the way, but you still little one have much in the way of preparation to do, for your energies are weak, we said in our last communication did we not that you must look to your health. We ask that you do. Be not afraid of the future and your health, for all is as it should be. Did we not state that? So we ask you not to fret for all is as it should be.


In your earth’s history, man thinks that he is progressing. You look back and see how far you have developed in your technology, the building of your cities, and scientific knowledge that has sent humans into outer space.

Yes we agree, you have come so far. We say so far, because man has come so far before and thought himself to be invincible.

We smile, not to laugh you understand, but we smile because you as yet, still are liken to children, for children love to play, do they not and have their toys.

You, and by you we mean mankind are just playing, you have not yet learnt how to grow. Yes you have come far in your technology in its present form. But aeons ago so you came further, much further than that stage of development you are at in the now.

You are a race that loves your toys, you love your gadgets, and your transportation vehicles, your communication devices, and you think your medical technology has developed to an all time high in excellence in care.


We view your world a little differently.

We acknowledge the term progress as you see your selves as having progressed as viewed from a date in your history.

But we ask you to step back and look at your selves through our eyes as we see your progression.

Is it progression when one has all, when others have nothing?

Is it progression when one wastes, while others want?

Is it progression to take life, when you profess it to be so precious? 

Mankind thinks himself to be ALL-Powerful, You are but the same, as you were in your history, Mans Ego has not gone from him, and it plays with him, urging him forward to strive for excellence.

That cannot be a bad thing we here you say. But excellent in what?

Excellent in building cities, excellent in building communications excellent in making a profit of wealth that buys him what?

Yes he has progressed if he measures his progress in status, like the pharaohs in ancient Egypt. But at what costs?

We said earlier those aeons ago you had progressed further. This you did with the tools of your mind. The very gift that is God given.

Your measurement of development then was in the way in which you used the mind.

For you used the mind for communication, you used the mind for transportation; you used the mind for perfect health. you used the mind in Love.

This is why we communicate with you, and take up your precious time, for we wish to develop the mind.

For the mind, and the mind alone is the key. The key that unlocks all knowledge. For all knowledge is locked within.

All one has to learn to do is to open the mind, trust and connect to the source of all things, that which you know as God. The God source. The unconditional loving energy that permeates all things.

NOW is the time!

For there only is the NOW.  Never Doubt the Now, for all is created in the Now.

Open up your minds, strengthen the mind, expand the mind, create with the mind, and know thy mind.

The mind is the key to ones progress; the mind is the tool of your future. The mind connects to all. We ask that all of like mind join together and think as one, to think of love, and harmony, and peace for your world.

We can only advise and watch. We are the watches who are helpers but helpless. You are in control of your own destinies. We are merely awakening you from your slumbers, so you can stride forward and do battle, not with swords, but with arrows of truth..

Watch you night skies little one, watch and wonder. For you are but a grain of sand in the Universe.


Your messengers from Spirit. 
Here is a poem I wrote called Earth. I wrote this back in 1996.




Earth gave her body, she gave it us to share.


Her breath once sweet, now pollutes the air.

Her waterway of veins, once were crystal clear.

Now they hold our garbage lifeless pools and mires.



Earth gave us her body she gave it us to share.


She gave us animals for pleasure, and yes for food.

Not to be hunted to extinction, penned up and abused.

She gave us her forests, for shelter and for fuel.

Not for mass developments, useing greed as cutting tools.



Earth gave us her body, she gave it us to share.


The soil she gave for harvest of plants that now are rare.

For medicine and minerals. silver bronze and gold.

Her treasure chests of beauty, We’ve pillaged, raped and sold.



Earth gave her body, she gave it us to share.


Now her tears are falling, can’t you see her pain.

The bombs that we are testing, fall out — floods– the rain.

Wars between each nation, like stabbings in her back.

Earthquakes,————thunder, lightening, she’s crying with each crack.

“Enough” she cries “enough”, as planet earth disrupts.

Her breaking heart that bleeds, volcanoes then erupts.

Her breath now rages anger, toradoes swirl revenge.

Beware the human race, planet earth could still avenge.



Earth gave her body, she gave it us to share.


The beauty is all around us, forever standing there.

Let’s not take her for granted, for some day she will rebel.

Treat her with some kindness, our fellow man as well.


Earth gave her body, she gives us life.


Lets stop all our hateing, stop the greed and strife.


Earth gave us a garden, she gives us love.

Love is the only answer, God tells us from above.


Earth gave her body, give her your respect.


For she might rebel, turn her back, sooner than you’d expect.

So help her through her torment, heal her wounded sores.

We can start by healing each other around her windy shores.

Love her and those upon her, take away her tears.

Her promise in return…Rebirth…"The Golden Years".

by Dreamwalker, 



7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn
    Dec 03, 2007 @ 03:55:00

    Hi Dreamwalker,
    Such strength this poem has got, hope it rubs off a bit on me, lol, have a beautiful night and a great Monday, thankyou 4 sharing your precious gift, much love and thanks 4 the healing, hugs Lynn xxx



  2. Romeo
    Dec 05, 2007 @ 00:48:45


                                                ~  6  ~                      ~  6  ~                                   .          \’  i  `      . – ^ – .        \’  i  `                               _.l,_         !    !      /   . – .   \\      !    !                                 \’l`          ! _ ! .   l    ( – `  )  !    ! _ ! .                               /    \\   ___) _ (__  ! __ ` – \’ __ !__) _ (_______                             / ` , o \\)__________________________o_(                            /_ *  ~ _\\ [ ___ ] ___[ ___] ___[ ___ [ _ [  \\ ` – .                                                            /   o   . \’ \\ [ _ ] ___[ ___] ___[ ___] _ [ ____ ) ` – )                         / _ , ~ \’  *_\\ _]                                        [ _ [   (     (                                  / ` .   *     * \\ _]                                     [ ____\\  _\\                               /   `   ~ .   o   \\ ]             ;  (    (   ;           [ _ [ _ ] ` – \’                                                       / _    *       ` ~, _\\        ( (  )   (  ;   ( ;         [ ____]                    /          o    *   ~ \’ \\          /\\   /\\   /\\   /\\        [ _ [ _ ]                   /  *            . ~ ~ \’   o\\      ! ! _ ! ! _ ! ! _ ! !      [ ____]                               / ` ~ . .     o                  \\ : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : \\              /   *        ` \’ ~ . .         *      \\ : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : \\            /_            o         `  ` ~~. , , _\\ =========\\_/=========\’           /      *              *             . .~ \’ \\                                    / *          o      _ . . ~ ~ ` \’ *     o \\  have a fantastic Christmas                                    ` – . __ . ~ \’ ` \’       \’\’        ___ . – \’——————————————        




  3. Miss
    Dec 05, 2007 @ 03:09:56

    i love this poem,
    i wake everyday amazed at how beautiful the place we live is and what a shame we are killing her.
    love always



  4. Vanessa
    Dec 07, 2007 @ 15:07:56

    We are so complacant when it comes to the damage we are causing I will try harder. Thankyou for your share. Love Nessa



  5. Earth
    Feb 15, 2008 @ 16:42:32

    Wonderful message.
    Glanced at the news this morning about US wanting to shoot down rogue satellite before it crashes to earth! Just another example of what we do to our lovely Earth planet and crazy to think they have all this technology about sending things to space but haven\’t worked out as good a way as bringing them back..bit like wars.
    Also  caught a programme last night about sharks and how they too are disappearing by mans greed. they have survived millions of years when man wasn\’t even here and now man is their enemy and forcing them too into extinction.
    Love to you
    eleanor xx



  6. LiL'Kt
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 00:31:46

    You now as soon as i glanced onto this post i saw and aura of colis – Intense deep blue with flashes of silver. This reminds me of an exact channelling by myself to my guides also, very clear and true post xxx



  7. LiL'Kt
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 00:32:13

    Sorry i meant colours not colis!



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