My New Year Wish.


My New Year Wish.

 The bells have rung the New Year in.

And so our New Year resolutions begin.

For this New Year one wish do I make

In the hope that all mankind will partake.


A wish for peace to dwell on earth.

For man’s progression, to learn self worth.

But before there can be peace on distant shores.

We first must make peace, within our own doors.


Lets look at our selves lets look deep within.

Lets start with our families, and bury our pride

At the jealousy we harbour, for brothers and neighbours.

So quick to condemn, yet too proud to ask favours.


We may not have guns that kill, or can maim

Our weapons are words, they wound just the same.

Some words are like daggers, to the ones that are close.

They cut like a knife; they’re the ones that hurt most.


And so my wish to the world is learn to tolerate.

For anger and hatred will destroy and obliterate.

So let love and harmony be your families song.

Side by side together they mould and make you strong..


In that strength of unity, as a family together.

Like the ripples on a pond, lets hope they spread forever

And so my message is, to give a helping hand.

Then perhaps my wish for peace

Will spread across the Land

By Dreamwalker

Time goes by.

Another Year is over and as I look back what a wonderful year it has been.

My Spiritual work has never been so busy and to top it all I have some wonderful friends who have helped me see through out this year, that no matter how insignificant we feel, We are ALL important to the scheme of things.


I look back and I’m amazed at how this year in particular has flown. And then I look back even further, and see how my life has flown. And along with it my Two children who have now also flown the nest.


I reminisced the other week looking through old photo albums when the children were small. And now here we are at the end of 2007 and they have now got homes of their own. And if I hadn’t got those photos how hard it would be to recapture those memories of years gone by. Although I’m sure they are logged in my brain cells somewhere.


I would just like to say a big Thank you to ALL my friends who have helped me through this year.

To my new space friends… who have made Dreamwalker’s space so special.

And that also goes to my special friends in the Spirit realm, whom I have developed a special bond with.. And I will reunite with in the New Year.

And to my very Special friends who sit with me in my circle, your love and devotion is beyond words.


Here is a poem to end the year called ‘Time’.





Our lives are ruled by the hands on a clock.

Slowly moving forward with a tick that never stops.

Displaying the time, as we rush here and there.

With never a minute left over to spare.


The minute we are born, our weight and time recorded.

One year later, arrives our Birthday date as ordered.

When we are young and unaware of time.

 The days seamed longer, the weather seamed more fine.


Nothing seamed to matter, but the content of your day.

Playing and laughing, having fun was the way.

Just when did time take over? Take control.

Was it in the schoolyard, when the bell tolls?


Time is a condition that man has worked out.

We wake up in the morning to a bell or a shout.

But have we lost something special in time along the way.

We’ve no time to listen, or give the time of day-

To someone who might need just a minute of your time.

One kind word is all it takes to make a person shine.


Time marches onward and soon we are old and grey.

As we look back in our memories, regrets before us lay.

Don’t let it be too late to put right all the wrongs.

And don’t harbour bitter grudges, let harmony be your song.


For time creeps on, and might catch you unawares.

Then you’ll wish the time you had were more lovingly prepared.

For God gave you this time, to use for love always.

Use it wisely and you will find contentment all your days.

By Dreamwalker


The media

Hello my friends,
Forgive me if I havent got around all of you this evening. I have been sending you all my thoughts and good wishes. Again I thank you for your wonderful responses to my posts.
I’ve had a rather long shift over the past two days, and didnt sleep that well last evening. and wrote another poem at 2am. but just knew it wasnt finished. And have just put the finishing touches to it.
I came home and the TV news stated that Benazia Bhutto had been shot and killed. It saddened me greatly as this Lady was trying her best to bring democracy to her land. She knew she had a struggle but like many who come to this Earth to make a difference I feel her death will  not be in vain.
For many years now I do not like to read the newspapers  I do not buy them,even though I’m always abreast of the news. The reason being that news papers are so negative in their vibration for they feed on all the violence and bad that happens in this world.
Yes many may well say well that is ‘the news’. But its not. For just as many beautiful people out there are doing wonderful deeds of kindness, sacrificing their time and skills helping each other. But these stories do not sell newspapers.. And who is to blame? We are for buying the papers.
Its not that often I get on my soap box. But the media have a huge impact upon our society and also a huge responsibility.
And if only every one were to realise that our  thoughts have such power. And when our mind mass is collective in its vibration of negative or positive energy how is can have a tremedous affect upon our world.
Let me ask you all one thing… When a country is taken over by a military force or the like.. what does it usually take control over first?.. ‘The Media’… it either silences it or tells it what to print.
Oh gosh..I didnt mean to go on , but I’ve started so I’ll
I will climb down off my soap box now and paste my poem.. and then you will see what I mean.
Good night all. peaceful thoughts and even more peaceful dreams..



Has the world gone mad, gone mad today?

If you switch on your TV’s just what does it say?

Murder, Assassination, Benazia Bhutto was shot,

Can you tell me what’s happening, have we lost the plot?


Teenager with Gun goes out on the rampage,

Killing at random in ‘Shopping Mall Rage’.

Blood-curdling tales now reads the headlines

While cameras watch the most horrendous of crimes.


Has the world gone mad, gone mad today?

Can I tell you what I think, if I may?

We sit in our homes watching a box that is square

And much of the violence pours forth from there.

Spreading out tendrils for film stars and fame,

Beatings and killings and mind chilling games.


Our children sit glued memorised by its lure,

The X Box and Wii, can they ever be cured?

The violence is fed in the home from a spoon

Even cartoons for infants are filled with such gloom.


Have you ever wondered how different life would be?

If this little box beamed out Love to you and me.

Tales of joy not often does it tell,

Instead were kept fearful, with tales of more hell.


If I had my way shall I tell you what I’d do?

I would have a ‘Good News’ channel and beam it to all of you.

Showing all the good deeds and that many of us care.

And that Love and Compassion are out there to share.


If we didn’t have ‘the box’ or the film within a can.

Today we’d be no wiser as to what happened in Pakistan.

Its fine to have the news beamed live around our globe

But would our lives be any worst if we were never told?


So next time you reach out and grab at the remote,

Remember the good things, which bring a lump into your throat.

And try not to spread sad tales that add to the worlds gloom.

But share the happy times, make it shine and make it bloom.
By Dreamwalker.

 Here is a Good News Channel Link. Click here

A Whisper Apart.

A Whisper Apart


How can I smile now that you’re gone?

Remembering your eyes, that twinkled and shone.

The way that your laugh would echo around.

Never again will I here that familiar sound.


Those habits that annoyed me, I already miss.

I would endure them forever, than go through this.

A part of me died, when you went away.

The Lord thought he’d take you, yet here I stay.


I know that we are but one thought apart.

But it still does not comfort my grieving heart.

I close my eyes and pretend that your still here.

Only to open them in a flood of tears.


Time is a healer, I’m sure that must be so.

Yet no one is prepared, when its time for them to go.

Its only knowing that your there in a different existence.

Bound by a love that will conquer all distance


That keeps me strong for the path I must tread.

Finding strength in memories of what you once said.

“If ever we should find our selves lonely at heart, remember we are only but a breath of a whisper apart.”

By Dreamwalker


Love To you Dad

Happy Christmas Dad!


Our loved ones never leave us.

In my spare time I told you I am a medium. I say spare time, but really this means all the time. For my spare time I devote to attending my circle of development in clairvoyance and trance. And most weekends you will see me travelling around the East Midlands giving demonstrations of mediumship to Spiritualist Churches or centres, sometimes with members of my group whom are called fledglings as they flex their wings using their gifts.


It is wonderful to be able to bring evidence that loves ones are still alive all be it on the other side of the divide. And I love to get feed back that what you have said confirms undeniably to the person who is receiving the message that the evidence you have brought is from their nearest and dearest.


Last night I received such proof.. I couldn’t sleep yet again, so browsed around my friends spaces..  And there was my message,…., my proof.  In a lovely poem.. 

I had been told a week ago that I would find such proof. That my late Father would bring me a Message for Christmas, and would use his calling card. His calling card being Ho Ho Ho!.. As he would always ring and play Santa even though I was  all grown with a grown family.. It would be our shared family joke., as he would disguise his voice asking if I’d been a good girl…


I’m still shedding tears of Joy that he found a way to send me his lovely Christmas message through my dear friend Lynn’s Poems.. Whom I’ve already shared this story with.


Christmas is such a poignant time for families whose loved ones are no longer there to share the festivities..

But please know that I know from personal evidence and that of others that our loved ones who have transcended to the realm of love and light can find ways to communicate to us through the divide.

That they are only ever a thought away.


This verse is one a friend bought me years ago, which I have always treasured. It was written by Henrey Scott Holland who lived between 1847-1918.. He was the Canon of St Pauls Catherdral.


“DEATH is nothing at all.

 I have only slipped away into the next room.

 I am I, and you are you.

 Whatever we were to each other that we still are.

Call me by my old familiar name,

Speak to me in the easy way, which you always used.

Put no difference in your tone,

Wear no false air of solemnity or sorrow.

Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together.

Let my name be ever the household word it always was,

Let it be spoken without effort, without trace of a shadow on it.

Life means all that it ever meant.

It is the same as it ever was; there is unbroken continuity.

Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?

I am waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near,

Just around the corner.”
Remember that our loved ones who have passed to Spirit are only ever a Whisper Apart.

Natures Colours

 Nature’s Colours



Colours are all around us, but do we really see.

We take every thing for granted, and act so seriously

Have you ever stopped to think, if the world was black and white.

Close your eyes for a minute think! What if you had no sight?

Never to see a tree full with shades of green.

Never to know the blues of skies and ocean seas.



Come with me on a journey, back to nature and discover

Open your eyes see afresh full of colour.

Collecting sacks of yellow is our busy bumblebee.

Making lots of honey in his hide amongst the trees.

Surrounded by the flowers, whose colours are so bold?

Colours of a rainbow, now there’s your pot of gold.



Rose red, primrose yellow, oranges and apples green.

Tell me, who created all these lovely scenes.

Dazzling bright, smoothly blending, colours of the spectrum.

Every colour you can imagine is Gods almighty emblem.

Eagles circling with effortless ease, around a snow capped mountain

Reflecting sunlight upon a lake. Cascading like a fountain.


Wildlife in our forests before they cut the trees,

Tiger, Bear, and Panda and swinging Chimpanzees

Icecaps snowy beauty of Seal and Polar Bear,

Icebergs that comes crashing in the warming sunny glare.



The fish deep in the ocean, the salmon in the stream.

All full of beauty, much better than any dream.

So when you next open up your eyes.

Look and SEE you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

At the beauty, which surrounds us, and it’s absolutely free.

For which I pray to thank our Lord, most gratefully.

By Dreamwalker



At the weekend I went out with my friends for a social night out at a local Pub.

This group of friends I have known a number of years now, they are all in my circle.

We went out with our partners, and we never stopped laughing.

I laughed with them, and at them, they at me, we shared our stories until my jaw ached!


I am so gifted to have such a circle of wonderful friends.. And now through these blogs, I have made more wonderful friends.


My partner in marriage is also my best friend, and I speak of us both understanding each other, for what is a marriage without that understanding? Our greatest bond, our greatest treasure, is simple friendship.


Friendship is a way of interacting between two people. It’s being completely honest with each other. It’s about being able to say things to each other without tiptoeing around issues. It’s about being able to talk truthfully about feelings and faults.

It’s about being there to comfort and show sympathy.

It’s about being able to put to one side one’s own depression in order to be optimistic for the other. It’s about always wanting to be together. To share and do things together……. (Well apart from these blogs lol  Embarrassed)..

Friends take joy in sharing the simple pleasures like this morning we spied a Herron perched on top of a tree spying fish in a neighbour’s pond. Going for walks. Laughing together.. Crying together…


                                                         So here’s to My Circle of Friends…Old & New..



What is a friend I hear you say?

Someone who stands by you come what may.

They do not judge or lay down the law.

But encouragement they often implore.


When we are down and at low ebb.

A friend will make us laugh with words they’ve said.

Keeping us firm upon our path.

Helping to lighten us with their laughs.


Many a time when I’ve been in doubt.

My world in turmoil, I hear them shout-

Words of upliftment, scolding my fears.

A shoulder to cry on, sharing my tears.


True friendship is talking for hours on end.

About every thing and nothing, just wishing to blend.

Even when it hurts they are truthful and honest.

This is the value of a friendships promise.


Keeping a secret with only you that they share.

Knowing when to keep silent and stay out of your hair.

To find all the above in one I am blessed.

I thank you my friends you are truly the best.

By Dreamwalker


The Merry-Go-Round of Life.

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Life can be full of struggles as we experience our ups and downs in life. But we all must realise that we grow from such lessons. And as we grow we progress on our journey through life.

Many of my best life’s lessons have been through the darker patches of experience. For they have made me realise the richness of what surrounds me at all times. In the form of family and friendships.  

This was one such poem I wrote way back in 1993.      





Life is like a merry-go-round

Spinning and turning, up and down.

Living on Earth is all about learning

Knowing yourself, seeking and earning.


A place for the soul to grow and expand.

For eternal progression, in a promised land.

We learn every day with kind word or deed.

Secure in the knowledge, its heavenly received.


So do unto others, as you would have done to you.

As what goes around comes around too.

So next time you moan, rant, rave or shout.

Stop and consider what life is all about.


We all have our worries, and say we’re discontent.

We forget all the gifts that from heaven are sent.

There’s the gift of laughter to brighten up our heart.

To smile when you’re down hearted, is the hardest part.


So look, and learn, from all past mistakes

Life’s pathway to heaven can be full of heartaches.

But yesterday’s troubles will soon pass away.

Knowing God is beside you, come what may.


Life’s struggles are hard, but it all becomes clear.

That the stairway to heaven is though shedding a tear.
By Dreamwalker

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