Lets not forget the Children around the World.



As we approach our festive season, most little ones that we know will be thinking about what Santa will be bringing them for Christmas. Probably the latest gadget or toy on the market.

And we as Parents try our best to oblige. Digging deep into our pockets to give them probably what we as children never had. 

I always remember with fond affection the Love my Father had, who would Yo-Ho- Ho us all with his impressions of Santa at 3 am Christmas Eve. As Santa made his delivery. And even though I never had much in way of expensive presents, I remember my Dad’s love and affection.



 This Christmas I hope your loved ones have the perfect Christmas, But before we get carried away and over indulge, I would just like to ask you to send your prayers out to all the children of the world who are not so fortunate.



Lets send our thought out to the African Nations where small children are caught up in the terrible conflicts of tribal wars   in Samalia. Where they are so cruelly abused and made to pick up a gun and fight or be killed. And through the wars they are starving to death.


Lets send a prayer to Bangladesh for those children left with no parents or homes.


Lets send a thought to the children who are used in child labour picking our coco beans so as we can consume masses of cheap chocolate on Christmas day.


Let us send our thoughts and prayers out to those in Institutions who are pushed to  one side because of their disabilities. Especially  Help for Bulgarian Children ( click on Video link the same title on  BBC News Page.)


  Children Are Children Where Ever We Go.


Children are children wherever we go.

Help them enjoy life, help them to grow.


Help them to know that so many of us care,

Stop them being fearful, hungry and scared.


Heal all their hurts and dry up their tears

Take away the trauma of such tender years.


Children should be laughing, free from all this pain.

Lord send your Angels to protect in their domain.


Our thoughts and prayers are with you, though your unaware,

Our prayers now join together to show that we care.


And if you should wonder, if now in heaven you be,

The Lord said Suffer Little Children Unto Me.


So know you have a place that will set you far apart,

For you will always have a place that’s special in Gods heart.


By Dreamwalker





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn
    Nov 30, 2007 @ 05:14:43

    Really loving poem, so sad that so many suffer in this way…Lets hope they have chance of new beginnings, thanks always Lynn xxx 



  2. Vanessa
    Dec 08, 2007 @ 04:36:06

    I hate to think that so many children suffer. We should not accept this so lightly.  I would hate to be God I don\’t know what he is thinking. He must really hurt when we ignore others in their plight. I could shake myself sometimes for being so appathetic. Well we all need a good talking to. Trust me to get on my soapbox lol sorry. Love Nessa



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