We are Light Beings

 WAre  LighBeings


We Are Light Beings. We are all made up of vibrating molacules. As you know colours are Light fragments of vibration  that spin together at different frequencies. Going through the colour spectrum. To Infa Red… We are not much different as our own bodies vibrate. With in all of us our our Chakra centres are vibrating  and rotating at different speeds. creating different colours. Some who can see these centres can see the wheels of energy swirrling around. I sense, I do not see! If you took a microscope  and looked through our bodies and magnified  it billions of times. You would see that between our cells we are made up of energy. This same energy permiates all things in our world and the Universe. We are made up of microscopic particles vibrating together.


As my Blog on Chakra’s caused such interest I will endeavour to try and write down the knowledge I have on the subject.


All of us are made up of energy. Our very thoughts control this energy flow around our bodies. Hence if we are feel sad, anger or hurt, our energy levels drop and we may fall into bouts of depression.

But when we are joyful, loving and on top of the world we have more energy. So we say we are more energetic.


Our thoughts have much if not all to do with the way our energy fields react. And this in turn determines how we feel. We have different energy field around our bodies and these are influenced by our thinking.


The Chinese have long ago known that these energy centres around the body correspond to different parts of our bodies. And affect our health. We have hundreds of them. But for most of us the important ones are the main ones I have already mentioned.

The lower Chakra’s correspond to the material world, while the upper ones are more focused on the spiritual.


Now also attached to our Chakras are ‘Etheric Cords’. These cords extend to chakras of people with whom we meet. With whom we have had a relationship perhaps. They also extend to our siblings, Mother, Father, ex-lovers, ex-spouse, and current spouse, our home and our friends and so on.

Etheric cords act like hoses. And energy is passed back and forth. These cords are usually formed from Fear based emotions, such as attachments, abandonment, dependency or unforgiveness.

If the person with whom you have a cord attachment is for instance having problems in his or her life, they will draw energy through these cords and pull energy from you. You will then feel drained with out even realising why.


If for instance you had a bad relationship, where by you carried all the weight. This can be a trigger for shoulder or neck pain. As etheric cords go out from your shoulders attaching to whom ever you are carrying! Or as in my own case which has manifested over the past few weeks where I have experienced shoulder pain in the form of a frozen shoulder. On looking at it objectively I have been worrying over my own siblings and several old Aunties who have been unwell. And within my working day I have felt under pressure… The phrase ( carrying the world upon your shoulders) should ring a few bells here.  So you see how by these attachments and our thinking we then create our health issues?


Have you not also heard of the term cutting your old ties, or cutting the old cords than bind us?

Cutting cords doesn’t necessarily mean having nothing more to do with the person concerned. It simply means we have to release ourselves from the ties of dysfunctional relationships.


I use a simple method of cutting cords. And that’s by asking Archangel Michael  to come and clear away the cords that are draining you. Archangel Michael’s role is one of protector. And he will come and clear away negative or dark energies. He has the ability to be with everyone simultaneously, so just call him by name remembering to give your thanks as you ask him to cut the cords..

Another way is to visualize your self-holding a pair of scissors or sword. What ever feels right to you? Sometimes the cords in your imagination can feel thick and you can feel a resistance in cutting through them. If this happens then you could say. “ I release all my fear, and any unforgiveness so that I can feel peace instead of pain”.

Once you have done this exercise, you can call upon Archangel Raphael. He is the angel of healing. Ask Raphael to bring his energy of beautiful healing green light around you and correct any imbalances and clear any left over negative energy…


Musical tones also opens the Chakras. Tuning forks are very effective. I can speak from personal experience as having received ‘Sound Healing’ from a dear friend.


 I came across these musical notes, which metaphysicians generally agree that each chakra corresponds to these musical notes.


Crown… B…..Third Eye A…. Throat…. G……Heart…….F……. Solar Plexus….E

Sacral…..D….and Root….C.


But I have to say I haven’t as yet tried the musical attunment of Chakras.


I have used Crystals though to align chakras in healing sessions. For example I have used.


Root Chakra I have used tigers eye for the or red jasper or if you have one to hand.. a Ruby!

Sacral Carnelian.

Solar Plexus. Citrine, Amber, or Yellow Jasper.

Heart. Adventerine, Rose quartz, Green and pink Tourmaline.

Throat. Turquoise, Blue lace Agate.

Third Eye. Clear Quartz, or Moonstone.

Crown. Amethyst. Sugalite.


These can be placed over your chakra’s or as I often do, I simply place under my pillow at night, allowing balance to be restored while I sleep. Remembering to ask help from Archangel Michael and Raphael also.


We also have to remember that some times our cords can reach out into past lives situations this is where perhaps some experience discord with strangers! But my knowledge upon this subject is best left for the experts.

 I hope this topic has been of help and interest.

I have added here a link for a meditation with music.



Please leave me your Thoughts!.. and add your Beat to my Drum

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