Crystals and their properties.




Quartz crystals can be used to amplify both body energy and thoughts. They can be used to activate the energy centres of the body. It attunes well to the third eye or brow charka. Placing the crystal in the area of the third eye, during mediation, seems to enable one to focus more clearly with the mind. Placement of the crystal upon the heart charka can help clear emotional disturbances from ones being; it also enhances the states of self-acceptance and self-love


Lapis Lazuli crystallizes in masses, cubes, and dodecahedral crystals. The colour is deep blue. Lapis is a combination of minerals.

Lapis provides activation and energizing of the throat and brow charkas. It enables one to obtain relief from that which has been pressed into the shallow recesses of the mind, providing objectivity, clarity, and mental endurance during the release of emotional bondage. It helps for the diminishment of the internal smouldering fire, which leads to dis-ease. It stimulates the communicative facets of the self, providing for clarity.

It can assist one in the organization of ones life and in the daily routine day-to-day activities in which one is involved.

Lapis can be used in the treatment of the throat, bone marrow, thymus, and immune system. It can help in the symptoms of insomnia, vertigo, and dizziness. It can be used to stimulate cellular re-structuring with respect to both hearing loss and the Eustachian tube.


Picture Jasper helps bring hidden thoughts, grief, fears and hopes to the surface so that one may face the cause of the disorders.

It can be used to stimulate the proper functioning of the immune system, and can be helpful in the treatment of disorders associated with the skin and kidneys.

Jasper is very good in the treatment of internal organs such as kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver, and stomach. And can also be used to treat the loss of sense of smell.


Fluorite or Fluor Spar. The colour ranges include pink, blue, green, yellow, purple, magenta, red, black and colourless and shades of all. This mineral can help with the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energies. It can bring order out of chaos.

Blue, helps eye problems, blocked tear ducts inflammation of nasal passages, inner ear, throat and speech.

Colourless, helps clear eyes, to eliminate obstructions from the area of the iris and pupil and to stimulate the eyesight.

Green helps ease colitis, heartburn, sore throat, and similar maladies.

Purple it is excellent in helping to prepare the physical, emotional, intellectual, and/or spiritual realms of ones being for healing.

Yellow used in the treatment of unbalanced cholesterol, disorders of the liver, and mental discontinuity, and to assist in the release of toxins from the fatty deposits within the body.
Crystals And AtlantisAmethyst Skull

I believe that the Atlantis was an ‘Age’ of rather than the ‘City’ of. An age of Spiritual Awareness in every sense of the word. Where communication was done through telepathic skills, and could be done over long distances. Where teachers and priests would teach children to use these skills, and crystals were programmed with projected thoughts. (The Crystal’ Skulls Phenomena). 

  I have read somewhere that during the time of Atlantis thirteen such skulls were created, using technology beyond our capabilities. Into these crystals were poured the knowledge and history of that ‘Age’ One was made out of amethyst and contained information that said Atlantis was no longer in the physical dimension. 

And when it is time for the Earth to raise her vibration, it will re-materialise and bring back the energy of Atlantis once more.

It is said that this knowledge was then downloaded onto smaller crystals, which the Atlaneans held to their third eye. (Not unlike our Internet with our square eyes). In fact when you think about our (micro-chip) and the amount of info contained therein. Crystals are used within our computers; they keep our watches in time. And we still use them today for healing I have one sat on my pc collecting any negative vibes. And I use crystals with in my healing work.

From early ages I believe Atlanteans used the art of ‘mind control’ using their energy to move objects light up crystals and programme them. And I believe they were masters of energy fields being able to levitate, and bi-locate. Moving themselves with the power of thought. (This was how I believe the great pyramids were built, some with huge stone slabs that are so precisely aligned that you can hardly get a thin piece of card between them. Now our engineers to day would find that a task) also they were natural healers using crystals to balance the charkras.

 It is said crystals were used as lasers, using light passing through them. Used for psychic surgery!

I have no doubts that as with any such powers, there were those who misused that power. And upon my reading several books about Atlantis, and linking into the realm of Universal knowledge my self. Feel that Mind Control was misused.

I feel that as our awareness  progresses, we are being drawn back to the Atlanean ways.  Spiritual Healing  is now  accepted by the medical profession and alternative therapies are not just dismissed. And on visiting my local Hospice, found that Reiki was on offer, patients were given crystals to hold. Animal therapy in the form of a lovely Dog was just what the Dr ordered!. And a ‘Light’ therapy room and body massage was available also.

 Our newborn are also being labelled ‘Crystal Children’ and although they appear to take longer to verbalise the spoken word, seem able to communicate their needs telepathically. The Book by Doreen Virtue PhD’ The Crystal Children’ illustrates the stories beautifully.

I feel that many of these children may well have chosen this time to reincarnate back to the earth, to bring back the teaching of Atlantis.We have ‘numbed our minds’ for we now only use a portion of them. In fact we only use a fraction of our actual brain.  So maybe in time, when we awaken fully from our ‘sleep’ and our ‘Awareness’ of the ‘Light’ returns. Our Vibration will then be lifted to a level once achieved before IN the ‘Age of Atlantis’


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn
    Nov 13, 2007 @ 04:03:12

    Hi dreamwalker,
    The pyramids have always been a mystery to me, i\’d go to Eygypt tomorrow if I could as I feel they hold some kind of clue in which only certain people are aware of such as yourself, really enjoyed what you wrote on this subject, thankyou for sharing and thanks also for the comments you made on my space, have a good week, hugs Lynn xx



  2. Andrew
    Nov 15, 2007 @ 17:34:26

    Hi Dreamwalker,
    I really like this article, I read several books on it and strongly believe in Atlantis and the powers they had mastered. We are slowly drifting back to those vibrations and it will be wonderful. Have a good week , speak soon, Andy xx



  3. ann
    Jan 28, 2008 @ 23:56:11

    Hi Dreamwalker,
                                I find you space so very interesting thankyou for sharing all your knowledge it is fascinating. Love Ann xxx



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